Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! 2010 was a great year for us but I am looking forward to 2011 as well. We really didn't have anything really exciting happen in 2010. We got married in 2007, had Wade in 2009 and moved to Apex in 2009. My sister got married this year but other than that I can't really think of anything too exciting that happened. I was hoping to say we closed on our new house in 2010 but that is going to be 2011!! What a good way to start off the New Year. We have house plans...yay! So now once we get them approved we will close. My wish for 2011 is that our family will stay safe and healthy. Please pray for my grandad he is in ICU with a GI bleed that they can't seem to stop.

I don't usually do New Year's Resolutions but I do have some this year. I want to try to be a better wife, mom, daughter (in-law), sister and friend. Life is just going by too fast and spending time with my family and friends is so important. So here's to not worrying about the little things like cleaning, laundry or even facebook and focusing on spending time doing the things that matter the most!! I also need to really work on a consistent time for my bible study and not just here and there.

My second one may shock some of you!! We are giving up diet soda at our house (gasp for air- now.) We love diet soda and that is mostly all we drink but it is time for a change. Now don't get me wrong I may have a diet coke every now and then when we go out to eat but you will not find it in our fridge. We are getting rid of artificial sweeteners in our house except for Splenda. I have just not heard great things about Aspartame and Sweet and Low so it is time for a healthy change. I will be drinking lots of water, koolaid, and maybe some Diet Rite (it is made with Splenda.) We want to make this change before Wade gets older so he will never have this problem. I don't drink coffee but I LOVE diet Mt. Dew. It is close to an obsession. So today I have to enjoy my last of it!! Here is my dilemma because I work evenings and chase a toddler I may need some caffeine (Diet Rite is caffeine free.) I think I am going to have to start making unsweet tea some to help me get through the day feeling alive!! This is going to be a major change for both Josh and I. Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2011 is a great one.

We had a great time at Marbles with the Nicholson's today. We were busy chasing babies so I only got a couple of pictures. I will post those tomorrow when I post pictures from our New Year's Eve party.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The things this kid says!!

My little chatter box has been so funny today. Wade wants to watch Barney all the time. We have two episode's recorded on our DVR and he wants to watch them multiple times a day. To say the least I am tired of Barney!! Well tonight we went out to eat at Pizza Inn and they have a few big TV's that were on. At first wade was excited and said "basketball" because there were some games on. Well I guess he got bored with basketball. Our waitress was talking to him and he looks at her and says "watch Barney?" Of course we laughed and then explained to him they didn't have Barney (Thankfully!)

After dinner we had to return a few things and I wanted to get a new top to wear for tomorrow night. Josh's parents are coming to spend the night and watch Wade and we are going to one of our couple friends houses for a New Years Eve Party. I am really excited because we all always have so much fun together. Anyways while I ran into TJ Max to return something Josh and wade were talking. I got back in the car and Josh says "Tell mommy" well I was a little worried because wade has learned the word "loony" (thanks uncle Zach) and "dookie" this week. Josh thought it would be funny to teach him that!! So I was concerned about what he was going to say. Josh asked him "Do you love daddy?" and I hear this sweet voice say "No love mommy" Oh I could have just eaten him up. He said it about three more times and I loved every bit of it. I was shocked he wasn't saying the opposite because he loves Josh so much! A few minutes later he finally admitted he loved daddy too!

I think I may cry...

It is quite possible that I could cry on Monday when Josh has to go back to work. We have had the best week doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and hanging out. We got all cleaned up and organized on Tuesday and since then we have been pretty lazy. Josh has been so helpful with wade, laundry and even cleaning up! But don't let him fool you... I think he has gotten a little rest as well!! About 1pm every day you can find him and Charlie resting/sleeping on the couch while wade sleeps!! We have taken turns getting up with wade each morning but luckily he has slept until 8am most days. Today we took wade to Hopper's House (an inside play area...we were not impressed) because we really haven't done anything fun with him. Tomorrow we are so excited that we are meeting the Nicholson's at Marble's in Raleigh and Saturday we are taking wade to Monkey Joe's with Josh's parents. I think that will make up for our boring week!  I know someone has to work but man it has been nice to have Josh here all week.

Here are a few pictures from our week. Wade and Josh and enjoyed playing and making "houses" or "forts!" I am not sure if wade will have a harder time Monday or if I will?  Wade has just been over the moon excited that Daddy has been here all week. Here's hoping that the next few days to go by slow. Today wade got in trouble for something he said but its too cute not to share..I wanted to watch tv and I told him we were not watching Barney (again!) He tells me..."watch Barney" and I said no not yet and he says "No Right Now!! Needless to say Daddy even jumped in on this one but it was pretty funny!

Oh I finally added a ton of pictures to our Christmas posts. I have been quite lazy the past few days but finally got around to it today!

Monday, December 27, 2010

So sad its over!

Hopefully I will get all my pictures uploaded tomorrow for all my Christmas posts below. We had the best Christmas ever. Last year was great too but this year was so fun...Wade's age really made it special! Yesterday Josh's mom and dad were so nice and babysat Wade for a couple of house while we did some shopping. I love the day after Christmas shopping. Josh and I do it every year. I get everything I need for the next year. We got such cute wrapping paper, bows, Christmas plates and napkins, boxes and gift bags and even a cute white artificial tree for Wade's playroom next year. I even got a Christmas present already for next year. Josh of course laughed at me because it isn't even January and I have already started shopping for next year. I got ornaments for the girls that I do the ornament exchange with. They were so cute and on sale too! I also got all of Wade's Christmas books for next year. Barnes and Nobles had some great books on sale.

Last night we all decided to attempt to go out to eat. It is always a little scary when you have a 3 yr old, almost 21 month old and two almost 9 month olds!! We went to East Coast Wings and it was so good. I love their food. Much to my surprise all of the kids were GREAT!! Other they Wade trying to stand up in his high chair a few times they were perfect. Wade and Peyton wanted to sit beside each other and they were precious. Wade even leaned over to give her a kiss and hug at one point. We all had a great time eating and talking. It was so good to all get to spend some time together this weekend.

We went to Josh's Mamaw's house today to give her her gift and spend some time with her and then we went to my grandparents house in Thomasville to do the same.  I love that they only live 30 min away from Josh's family. It was so good to see them all. Wade also got to play with Madison and Taylor (my second cousin's) at my grandparents house. He loves those two and always says "hey girls."

My favorite after Christmas sale thing is something I found today. Family Christain Bookstore has their "Little People" Nativity Scene on sale for $19.99 and I had a coupon for 25% off. I was so thrilled because it is normally $29.99 and I almost bought it last week. I will go ahead and give him that to play with this year for a little while and that way we can get it out after Thanksgiving next year. I love all the books I found today at Barnes and Nobles. My favorite one is one about Marley's Christmas. Wade loves dogs and I know he will love this one. We got so many great things for next I just have to wait a year to get it all out!!

Christmas Day Night (Christmas part 3)

After taking a nap and relaxing some it was almost time for Matt, Kendal and the kids to come over. Josh's mom fixed the best meal and we all ate Christmas dinner at 6pm. Peyton and Wade were so cute sitting at their little picnic table. They are going to be best buddies. They had so much fun playing together this year.

This is what wade and peyton love to do at Nana's house....ride on the treadmill!! They sit at the top and Josh's mom turns it on real slow and they ride down to the bottom. Oh the things kids love!

After eating way too much it was present time. You can only imagine how fun and crazy it was with four kids all under the age of 3. They older two had a blast and opened theirs quickly and then headed to the den to play and watch Bee Movie. The boys enjoyed playing with their toys as well. Sweet Nolan fell asleep while I was holding him. Rylan was too busy playing with his new toy from Nana to sleep! We all got so much great stuff and had so much fun. We opened presents pretty quick this year because they needed to get home before the roads got to bad. I can't believe it snowed all day.

When Matt and Kendal were leaving we all went out to play for a few minutes. We didn't stay outside very long because we didn't bring great snow clothes. Wade loved it and would have stayed out all night if we had let him. He loved running around in it. It is so funny the difference in boys and girls. Wade was soaking wet and could have cared less he just wanted to stay outside and Peyton was so cute and wanted to come in because her hands were so cold and wet. She is just precious and such a girly girl!

I just love this picture of Wade and Nana. We were all watching Nemo and wade decided to climb up and sit with Nana and cross his little legs like her!

Christmas Morning (Christmas part 2)

Wade woke up about 730am on Christmas morning. I don't think he remembered it was Christmas or really understood until he went out into the den. He was so excited to see what Santa had brought him. Wade's kitchen set, toy food, Mickey Mouse book bag, piano toy, and a book were from Santa (so we did not wrap these.) I always loved having some things unwrapped that you saw right when you walked into the room! His books, potty, DVDs and a few other things were from Josh and I so we wrapped those for him to open. His favorite gift from us was his toy food. He was so excited to get it all open and start playing with it in his new kitchen. He also really liked his toy cars. We played for a couple of hours and also watched some of the "Bee Movie." This went right along with his toy food. This is his favorite movie these days. He was so excited when he opened it...he yelled "Bee Movie!" Our little family had so much fun spending time together Christmas morning.

My parents, Ashley and Zach came over around 1030am for breakfast. They brought Wade's basketball goal and his tool kit over for us and Wade was thrilled to see those again. We all ate breakfast and Wade played with all of his new toys. Our house was destroyed but I didn't even care because he was having so much fun. Josh and Zach were like big kids playing basketball on Wade's little goal. I am so happy we all opened our gifts Christmas Eve this year. It was really nice to have our own family time for a few hours and then for us to all have breakfast together. Wade loved showing everyone what he got from Santa.

We cleaned up a little bit and loaded the car up to head to Winston around lunch time. Wade was so excited to go to Nana and Poppy's house. We had such a great surprise when we got close to was snowing!! How much fun is a white Christmas. Winston got a good amount of snow and Wade was so excited to play in it when we got there. It snowed all day and it was so neat to sit inside and look out to see it snowing. It really made it feel like Christmas. We relaxed and even took a little nap before we had Christmas part 3 with Josh's family.

Christmas Eve (Christmas part 1)

Well we are back home from a wonderful Christmas weekend. Wade was spoiled beyond belief!! He is so lucky to have so many people who love him. Even though he was spoiled rotten he was the sweetest little boy ever. He was so good all weekend. I was so proud of him.

I got off work at 6pm on Christmas Eve and headed to my mom and dad's house. My mom fixed a great dinner and we all ate and laughed at Wade the entire time. He was quite the comedian during dinner and quite the show off! After dinner we got ready for present time. Wade had a blast and got so many great things. His two favorite things were his Handy Manny singing tool kit and his basketball goal. He didn't even want to open anything else once he got these. Josh and I also got some great things from my parents and Ashley and Zach. After presents we got Wade ready for bed (we had a little melt down about getting his PJ's on!) and then headed out for our family tradition of going to look at Christmas lights. We all piled in Josh's car and had so much fun.

This year we saw something we have never seen before. There are two house's in Cary that have somehow hooked up their Christmas lights with local radio channels.  You can sit and watch a light show that goes along with the song playing on the radio. It was amazing. It was so fun to wait for a new song to come on and watch how the blinking of the lights changed. I have no idea how in the world they did this. I guess they had to play the same songs over and over again. Wade's highlight of the night was seeing "Santa." One of the house's that we stopped at to watch the light show had "Santa" walking from car to car passing out candy canes. Santa was crossing the street to come to our car and had to run across because a car was coming. All Wade has talked about for the past two days is "Santa run!" I think Wade had a great time going to look at lights.

We dropped everyone off at my parents house and headed home to put Wade to bed and get ready for "Santa." We had already put everything together ahead of time so we just had to set it all up. Josh and I had such a fun time playing Santa again this year. Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve!