Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Days

On Memorial Day we got home early enough to get a little yard work done. We needed to cut grass and trim some bushes and trees. Thankfully we had these two little helpers ;) They helped us take twice as long-Ha!! Even though it took forever our side and back yard look so much better. Sometimes we want more land but it is so nice that we can get most of our yard work in an hour or so. 

 We have just started going to the pool...the water is finally warm enough that I can get in too. Wade is great and can get in alone but my crazy one year old is a mess and has no fear at all. So needless to say I have to get in with her. We went to our friends pool that has a kiddie pool and it is really perfect for her age. Our pool is over her head when she steps off the steps. Thankfully Ashley went with me to help. WK went under twice but she did great and held her breath. Of course it didn't scare her at all-I think she liked it!!

Sweet friends WK and McKinnley playing-they are about a week apart in age!!

My wild child wanting to go to the big pool

Love these kids!!

My little flower girl...I thought she looked so cute in her little black and white outfit

Have I mentioned how much I love this sweet face

My two sweet babies before Ashley's gender reveal party this past Saturday. Ashley and Zach went that morning to find out what they are having and then they had everyone over for lunch and to tell us. They are having a sweet baby boy in November. I was kind of hoping for a girl since her and WK will be so close in age but I think it will be great for Wade to have a boy cousin to play with. Since he is not going to have a little brother this will be the closest thing to a brother for him. His name is going to be Hayes Anderson. Wade and his cousin Peyton are SO close-I never thought being a boy and girl that they would be this close but they are really best buddies. Westin Kate and Hayes will be less than two years apart too so I am hoping they will be really close also. Can't wait to hold that sweet baby!!

This little girl has a sweet tooth for sure. She was enjoying her cake at the party. She dressed in all pink thinking she was going to have a girl cousin :)


Josh and I had to serve this past Sunday in the Walkers room and this little girl was getting so tired. It is hard being there over 2 hours for her. We have never rocked her to sleep but thankfully Josh was able to rock her and she was so tired we just laid her down on the changing pad while we cleaned up the toys. 

Here are a few more iphone pictures from the lake.

I have one like this of Wade from the last three years. I still can't believe she is this big!! It seems like yesterday it was Wade who could barely see over the railings.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

We had such a great time at the lake for Memorial weekend. The weather was great and not too hot and we spent a lot of time outside. WK loved it-she was so little last year but this year she is really going to enjoy it. She is an outside girl for sure. When we were leaving the lake we told her to "tell the lake bye" and she waved at the lake the entire time we drove past it. Josh got a new paddle board and we are so excited to try it. The water was cold so we didn't get in yet. We are hoping that we can try it when we go this weekend.

We grilled out, rode the boat, spent time with family and relaxed!! WK is following in her brother's footsteps because she LOVED the golf cart. If we were not riding on it she was at least standing and playing on it. I think she liked it better than the boat. She did enjoy running back and forth on the pontoon from my dad to the front of the boat. Wade of course loves driving the boat and sits right with dad the entire time.  He is actually getting pretty good at driving the golf cart. On Saturday while we were there there was a boating accident on the lake. It was so sad-a speed boat was going to fast and hit a pontoon boat. It killed a pregnant mom and her three year old son. The dad and brother were also on the boat but they were ok. Everyone was so sad for that family-such a sad tragic accident.

Love this sweet face and cheesy smile...Wade did not want to cooperate with pictures :)

 Wade also got to shoot a BB gun for the first time. Dad and him had a great time shooting at a paper cup!!

I got to spend some time with my Grandma and I was so thankful for that. We sat and talked while Wade played for a long time. I think she is doing ok but she is still so sad. She told me that its hard because he isn't coming back. She also told me that before he died he told her that "he didn't know what he would have done without her all those years." So sweet. I still can't believe he is really gone and feel so bad for her. It has to be hard to loose someone after being married for 67 years. I did find out that Wade is a family name after all-funny story because Granddaddy even said that Wade was named after his first cousin and I never even knew he had a cousin named Wade. His name was Wade Thompson and Grandma said he was a great man. I can't remember if I already blogged about this but it looks like we chose a family name after all!

I just love this picture of my Dad and his family. I think this is one of the most recent one's that we have. My grandparents neighbor (who is wonderful and takes great care of them) Rick is also a photographer on the side and he took a lot of the pictures that we have of my Granddad and Grandma. We are so thankful he took all of these!!

She is a Pops girl for sure!!

And this one is a Daddy's boy!!

 Love this picture of the three of them and WK looking up at them and smiling. She was so funny in the life jacket. It was a little big for her and she just wasn't sure about it!

 Poor thing...she kept falling over when she would try to walk around while the boat was moving :)

 My crazy Aunt and mom trying to get some sun while we were riding!!

Such a tired girl!!

I have the exact same pictures with Wade and Pops. My kids just love riding on lawn mowers and golf carts. They always have so much fun!

Rick was down at the lake with my Uncle and he took these three pictures for us!