Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture Post

Here are a few pictures from our phones over the past few weeks. This one is OLD because she was sleeping in her bassinet beside our bed!! She was probably 4-5 months here. She fell asleep propped up on her paci.

I love these of Wade. This boy loves life and is mostly all smiles all the time. We butt heads sometimes because he is stubborn and has lots of energy but I wouldn't change it for a minute. He is just full of life and so so funny. He is all boy for sure!!

This picture just cracks me up...if you go back up to the picture of my wild child running and splashing in the water you would never guess he could sit still at the library and do his yoga poses. We took Wade and Chase to a Tot fusion class (kids yoga) that they did at the library. He did great and had a good time too.

My sweet girl sleeping with her legs crossed. The next picture was from a few weeks ago when Josh and I had a date night. We had a great time getting out with our couple friends without kids. I will say it is harder to get date nights now that we have two little one's; but we still try for at least once a month if not more.

Its funny because I have always heard that the 2nd child is so different than the first (personality wise.) WK was a much easier baby the first few weeks because she hardly ever cried. Wade cried in the evenings most nights until he was close to 8 weeks. Sometimes it was just for 30 min and sometimes it was 2 hours. She never went through that stage. Wade was a MUCH better night time sleeper however. He never woke up at 11-12 to eat and until he started getting ear infections we never heard him at night.

However I have to say overall they are SO much alike. Wade and WK are/were the happiest babies during the day. If either one of them cry/cried it was so rare. And now I am starting to see that she is going to be funny just like him. Their silly personalities remind me so much of each other. Both of them started making these silly faces at 6 months old and they both just crack up after doing it. WK is now doing the same fake cough that Wade did and she laughs so hard afterwards just like he did. Both of our kids are just silly I guess. I am hoping she will be funny and witty like Wade.

These pictures are from last night and she was WIDE awake and playing from 11pm-12a. Every time I would go in her room and say "go night night" she would smile and bust out laughing at me. If I put her on her back she would lift her little legs in the air and slam the down onto the bed and laugh. Finally around 1215 I just fed her just hoping it would put her to sleep-nope-she played until 1am. I have no clue what got into her?

She went to her first chiropractors appointment yesterday (we are trying to help with reflux-get her off meds and prevent ear infections) and maybe she just felt great after being adjusted?? Or maybe it was because this momma had a little more caffeine?? I am trying so hard not to have much but I am not able to get through the day awake without it. Everyone says "just let her cry it out" but what do you do if they don't cry and are just playing? Good thing she is cute!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I can't believe I have not taken any pictures since the beach. I think I took so many at the beach that my poor camera needed a break!! I did take a few new one's from Josh's phone so I need to get those uploaded. We have had a good couple of weeks since vacation. It has been nice to be at home and not have too much too do. We have had lots of play dates and pool days and have been trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer.

This past weekend Josh and I had some of our old friends over from ECU for a cookout. Its funny because Josh didn't know them in college (I cheered with them) but they all get along great. Jamey one of the guys that I cheered with has just been hired at Josh's company. Josh is so excited to have some help and he thinks Jamey is going to do a great job. Saturday morning Josh played golf with his old college roomates and had a blast. I am so thankful he has such great guy friends. I am also thankful that we had a girls night Saturday night!! It worked well because I didn't feel bad for leaving him with the kiddos that night because I had them most of the day.

Saturday was a surprise party for one of my very best friends ever. Kelly turned 30 and her family had a surprise party for her. I hate that I had to get there late but I had to work :( Kelly and I have been friends since we were 5 and we used to live beside them. Now if I can just get them to move back one day!! After her party I went out with some girlfriends for a little while. It was nice to sit and catch up for a little bit. Sunday Nana and Poppy came and we had a great day. Wade was so excited that they were coming. He enjoyed their visit so much. He is even more excited that we may get to see them again next weekend.

Last night Josh and I went to open house at Wade's school. We got to go into his classroom and meet his teachers. I am SO excited for him this year. Miss Minda and Miss LeAnn seem wonderful. They are all about learning but in a fun way (which I love.) They said they "get messy" every day and that they will be playing in "shaving cream, pumpkins, and even pudding." They also said that they paint almost every day and that they hardly ever use a paint brush!! Basically they told us that they are going to do a lot of things that we would never let them do at home. My thoughts exactly!!!!!!! Wade still says he is going to be a bumble bee and isn't quite sure about getting new teachers. He LOVED his teachers from last year but after last night I think he is going to adjust quickly to the Frog class. We go Friday so he can meet his new teachers. This was Wade last night opening his present from his new teachers!

Wade trying to help his sister learn how to kick the soccer ball. I love that these sweet babies are starting to play together more and more.

This one is one of my new favorite's. Oh and Wade has been picking out his own outfit when we play at home...can't you tell? Just look at him in the last picture-super hero pj shirt with his plaid shorts :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sleepy Land

Far Far away from here is a wonderful island. We will call it Sleepy Land!! One day Josh and I will take a trip there. On this island ALL the kids LOVE to sleep. They go to bed at 8pm and their parents have to wake them up at 8am. They never make a sound at night and always sleep perfectly. There is no teething-one night they go to bed and the next day they wake up and have all of their teeth!! Babies do not loose their paci's in the crib; they magically stay in their little mouths all night. Toddlers never wake up and yell "I have to go potty." They don't have bad dreams or wake up crying. Of course they always wake up happy and in the best mood after sleeping perfectly for 12 hours each night. It may be a couple of years before we travel to this magical place but one day we will be there!!

Don't we all wish this island really did exist. I love my sweet babies so much but oh my I am tired lately. I swear that they "talk" to each other each night before bed and plan out their attack on us. They decide which one is going to wake up and need us. Josh and I are so thankful that we have been given these sweet babies and that we have them here to wake us but we are tired. I don't need much but just a few more hours would be perfect. WK is going on 7 months old and I have not slept more than 5.5 hours straight. Now this is partially my fault but I just cannot make myself go to bed at 830p when they do. I need a few hours to unwind from my day.

So we are in the process of sleep training a certain little girl and overall it is going well. I am "encouraging" her to drop her dream feed and I am trying hard not to feed her before 5-6am. She was a great sleeper from the beginning (which I am so thankful for) but she just hasn't gotten better if that makes sense. She was doing 5 hr stretches when she was little but now it is time for her to be doing 10 hr stretches. So one step at a time we are getting there. It is SO much easier to just feed her and put her back down but I am really trying not to do that. So for now we will keep dreaming of that special place called Sleepy Land and one day we will all sleep through the night.

Teething hasn't helped our situation and yesterday (8/22/12) when she woke up she had her second little tooth popping through. The first tooth that came up was her bottom middle tooth on the right side and now there is a little corner of her bottom left tooth popping through. I can't believe she is old enough to almost have 2 teeth.

Wade normally sleeps great-usually around 11hours. He is doing great and not wearing night night underwear anymore and some nights he wakes up around 4am to potty. He also talks or yells in his sleep and it is so funny but it tends to wake us up. Every time we go in to check on him he is sleeping!! One day many years from now I will be dragging them both out of bed!

Friday, August 17, 2012

6 month stats!

I took Westin Kate in today for her 6 month well child check and to re-check her ears. WK is such a little ham and the girls in the office just love her. Basically after we got there I passed her through the window to the secretary and I didn't see her for a good 10 minutes. They just all passed her around and she loved all the attention. I went in with the nurse and did all her health history stuff and then when the NP came in to see her she actually brought her to me. I love our office and that they love our children.

Her right ear was still a little red but hopefully it will get better after a few more days of medicine. She otherwise checked out great. She said she was right on track for her age so we were happy with that. She weighed 17lbs and 8oz (75%.) She was in the 84th percentile at her 4 month so she was down a little from that. She was 25 3/4 inches long (43%).

We are having a weekend at home and I am off work too!!!!! We are so excited to just get a few things done around here and to enjoy a quiet weekend at home. Josh and I are having a date night tomorrow night and my parents are watching the kids for us. Here are a few more pictures that I had forgotten to upload. Have a good weekend!

Wade and "his" Ipad!! I feel like I am always behind the camera and that I always forget to stop and get Josh to take a picture of me with the kids so I made sure to get one before we left. Of course Wade did not want to join in!! We only got 1 family picture the entire 9 days we were there and it was on our last day. It actually turned out ok but of course WK wasn't looking.


This is the amazing shell that Wade just randomly pulled out of the ocean right before we were leaving. He was getting ready to throw it down and Josh stopped him. It is a perfect conch shell.

Wade has been so sweet with his sister the past few days. He "babysits" her and loves making her do her belly laugh. This little girl is so close to sitting on her own. She can sit alone but is still a little wobbly so I can't leave her alone without the boppy. LOVE the 2nd picture and the way she is looking at her brother!

Wade was twirling and dancing around and Westin was laughing so hard at him. He is such a clown.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The week after...

Oh the dreaded week after vacation-thankfully it is Thursday. Everyone is unpacked-except Josh!! We have gotten back into our night time routine with Wade (so thankful for this.) We have had some play dates and even made a trip to the doctors.

Westin Kate has her first ear infection :( Oh here we go-Wade was 6 months old when his started. She started with a little cold the last few days of our trip but what made me take her in was her waking up screaming at night. Classic sign of an infection in our house. Wade did the same thing. So Tuesday morning I took her in and sure enough she has an infection in one ear. I have my fingers crossed that this is a one time thing and it will not turn out the way it did for wade. He had 6 infections in three months and ended up with tubes. We go back this Friday for her 6 month appt and a follow up with her ears. She slept in her crib all night last night so I am pretty sure the abx is working. I guess I should be thankful that she is 6 months old and this is her first time on medicine. I honestly was expecting it sooner with her being the 2nd child.

My phone decided to jump off our stroller and into the swimming pool this week. So I have been without it for a couple of days. I had to jump in and save it like I was saving one of our children. Of course it floated all the way to the bottom so I am sure it will never work again. Currently it is sitting in a bag of rice.

Wade tells me today "you have asked me that one million times!" Oh this child...I guess I am asking him too much if his sister is awake or asleep in her car seat. He also told me today "I need you to work on this yelling thing" I almost busted out laughing at this one. I told him if he would stop with the whining I wouldn't have to raise my voice at him. He just smiled. He was one of those children who was so good at the age of 2. He never threw a fit, never had a tantrum in public-nothing. Well now we are making up for it because he is extra whinny lately and just not listening like I want him to. I think it is time for him to get back to school and back to having some structure. Or maybe we just need that 4th birthday to hurry up and get here. Of course I am just kidding-I don't want to wish time away because it goes too fast already. However I do hear that age 3 is the worst age for a lot of people and it gets better when they turn 4!! I really really try hard not to yell at him but occasionally it is needed-today was one of those days :) We are just going to say "its the week after vacation-back to reality!"

Beach Pictures- Take 2!!

Just a few more to share... its hard to see in this one but this is WK trying fruit for the first time (she has some around her little mouth!!). She tried applesauce and seemed to enjoy it! She also had her first Mum Mum this past week at the beach.

And here is our little fish-he has just taken off with this swimming thing!!

These next two pictures crack me up-this would be our 3 yr old pouting when he did not get his way. Oh bless you if you are a mom of a 3 year old!!

"I want a different sucker, I don't like this flavor!!"

I love these sweet pictures-if it was closer to Christmas time I would use one of these for sure for our Christmas card.