Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to a routine-Wade's first week of 4yr preschool!

I have to say I was a little worried about getting back from the beach and starting school the next day but thankful things have gone pretty well this week. We left Friday evening for the beach and the kids were so excited. Josh and I were also very excited because our house sold on Friday. We are so thankful that is sold (again!!) Hopefully these people will not back out-they are probably in their 50's and moving from Tennesse and they loved this house. We are closing on October 14th. I am thankful we have another month to live here.  We still haven't closed on our new house but hopefully we will be able to close by October 1st. We have been waiting to see if interest rates will go back down a bit but of course it seems like they are still up.

We had a great time and the beach. Wade still loves the pool more than the beach but he got to go on a long bike ride with Nana and Poppy and had a great time. He did great and even rode over 5 miles-his little legs were worn out after that. WK is still as wild as ever and loves the ocean and playing in the waves. Still fearless and buys!! My family was also down for the weekend so we got to spend some time with them as well. The kids always love having both sets of grandparents around to spoil them. We came home Monday afternoon and I don't know why we didn't wait until evening because traffic was horrible and the kids of course sleep less than 2 hours. They did great though considering it took us 4.5 hours to get home.

School started that Tuesday and I just knew Wade was going to have a blast in the Duck class but I was wrong. There is a little boy named Caleb in his class who is picking on him. He told us he pushed him, stepped on his toe, called him two names, hit him twice, and put mulch in his hair. All this happened on the first two days of school :( Josh and I were furious and of course emailed the teachers right away. We are hoping they will handle it so we don't have to get involved but rest assured if they don't handle it we will have no problem at all getting involved. That is something we are not going to tolerate in 4 yr old preschool.

Caleb was not in school on Friday so of course Wade had a great day. I am a little anxious to see what happens next week. I really didn't want to show myself the first week of school but now we are into the 2nd week so I will not have an issue at all :) Wade of course is too worried he will get in trouble if he tells on him but his teachers had a talk with him yesterday and we are hoping if it happens again he will go and tell his teachers. Of course Josh told him to "punch him in the face" which isn't a bad idea but probably not the best idea for preschool. I have a feeling Caleb and I are going to become good friends in the near future if he keeps this up. I told my mom I would have no problem getting in a 4 year olds face and telling him to leave Wade alone. Wade is so tender hearted and this has made him so upset. Hopefully though it will all work out his teachers will handle everything so Josh and I don't have to.

We started packing a little bit this past week and oh my how did we ever get so much stuff. It is insane how much stuff you can have after six years of marriage and after having two kids.  I have alsmost finished the kitchen which will be a huge help. I did get the dining room all packed except the furniture. We are getting movers this time who will move us into a storage unit but it will save time and money if we have everything boxed up. My goal this weekend is to finish the downstairs and get the attic mostly done. The attic is going to be a nightmare but we need to go through it all and have a yardsale. I know after we finish packing this house we will be so thankful that we are moving into our "forever" home. I will not ever want to see another box again.

They started painting the outside of our new house this week and it looks so good. I can't wait to see it when they get it all done next week. At least the outside is going to look good even if the inside is a mess for awhile. The landscaper starts sometime next week and that is where we are going to see the biggest difference. The yard is so overgrown and I can't wait to see it all cleaned up. It will take them a long time to get it all done but I know it will be worth it. We still need to find a tree company to come cut some huge branches that hang down on the house. Josh's company is going to start replacing the gutters sometime in the next two weeks. They are not your normal gutters they are internal ones so it is going to be a big and expensive project but one that has to be done. I will be so glad when we get all the outside stuff done (and paid for) so we can start on the inside!! Can't wait to post pictures soon.