Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am not sure if that is a word but that's what this post is about...random things. Today started off a little rough for us. I was walking out the door to go to playgroup and my mom called me asking me to head up to the hospital. My grandad had to go back in this morning. His hands were numb and his stomach was hurting. It is a miracle he is alive because when they got there his heart rate was between 27-35 beats per minute. A normal HR is anywhere from 60-90. He usually runs low due to his beta blocker and stays in the mid 60's but 27 was way too low. Mom freaked out a little when they threw him on the bed and started putting the defibrillator pads on him so she called me crying. We found out his potassium was out of whack causing his heart to do this. He is still not in a normal sinus rhythm but he is stable tonight in the 50's. Please keep him in your prayers. My mom too she is really worn out from taking care of him and being back to work at the office.

I am obsessed with pictures and keeping them organized, it is quite a problem for me. Anyways tonight I finished Wade's last shutterfly book and I am all caught up!!! This makes me so happy. I now have one from his birth, first Halloween, first Christmas, first Birthday, this past Halloween and Christmas. I have also got my second blog book all ready to print but I am just waiting for a coupon to come out!! I love my little shutterfly books because they have pretty much all been free except for shipping. I always wait for them to send out their great coupons. However after seeing one of my good friends 12X12 shutterfly book I am done making a little one's. I am going to copy her idea of doing a yearly 12 X 12 book. I am just going to put a couple of my favorite pictures from each month in it. I just started mine for 2011 and did two pages for January and can't wait to put some Valentines Day pictures in it for next month. I also print a lot of pictures but I just keep those in photo books since I have my picture books that we keep out. Wolf camera runs a special on T/W each week and you can print pictures for 7 cents a picture. This is such a great deal!!

Tonight as I was finishing up Wade's fall book from 2010 I got so sad. It was only 3 months ago but he looked like a little baby. It amazes me how much he has changed from 18 months until now. It just made me realize how fast he is growing up. Next month I have to order all his stuff for his 2nd birthday. That just seems unreal. I have been horrible about taking pictures this week but hope to get a few cute one's this weekend!!

We are officially house hunting again :( We are a little sad but its ok. We talked to the owner and it looks like he is giving us our money back without any arguing. That was our prayer...if it wasn't meant to be we would get our money back and go from there. Actually the more we talked about it the past few days we just can't imagine putting all this money into our "dream" house when we are in the toddler stage and planning to have another little one. Wade is great but he is messy and bangs up the walls and even today I noticed a picture he drew for me on our wall with a blue crayon!! So we are planning to find something nice that we love and stay there for a few years and then once our kids are older (and not coloring or running their push toys into the walls)we can build our dream house!!

On a good note our marriage bible study was GREAT. I feel like we are going to learn so much from the great leaders and also the people in our group. We were shocked when we started talking with everyone and started hearing stories. Even in the church you would have been amazed at the people who came from alcoholic or abusive families, the couples who were ready to give up on marriage, and the ones who mentioned if something doesn't change this is it for them. Josh and I felt so blessed when we left and so thankful for the families we have!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Around here...

Wade is feeling much better today and we even made it to the gym and story time at the library. Wade LOVES story time so much. I love that it is something structured for him to do. They sing songs, listen to a story or two and have a puppet show. Toddler time is twice a week and we always try to go. I think that his favorite part is that they always get stamps on both hands after story time is over. We try to get there early and read a couple of books before it starts. I just love this special time that we have together!!
Tomorrow night is our first night of our marriage bible study at church and we are so excited. It is a 8 week bible study that our church is offering. We are doing it with one of our couple friends from church Britt and Erin.

Wade has become quite the little dare devil these days. He only walks down the steps now instead of sitting on his bottom and sliding down. He is such a big boy. He also "swims" in the bath tub...he lays down on his stomach and acts like he is swimming. He will even put his face down in the water and laugh. I have no idea why he got the idea to swim but he started doing it Saturday night. He even tried to turn over to his back but I had to grab him because he still has tubes in and I really want them to last through this winter! He is singing his little bible songs all the time and his favorite these days is the B-I-B-L-E. It is so cute to hear him spell it. His other new favorites are his Corduroy book and Popsicles. He loves to eat his popsicle in the bath! Tonight he says "come on daddy get popsicle" and grabbed Josh's finger and pulled him to the kitchen. He is just talking away these days!

Weekend trip!

It feels like I just blogged about my mom's bday and now it has been a week! I am not sure where the time goes? Last week I was really busy pretending to be a single mom...Josh left Thursday morning for his mid-year meeting in Charlotte and came back Saturday night. I have to say I am so glad he only travels once a year. I couldn't imagine him being gone all the time. Friday at nap time mom, wade and I headed to Thomasville to go stay with Ashley & Zach for the night. We went by my grandparents house and spent some time with them. Wade LOVES is so funny because he doesn't see them much but when he does he is so excited. He wanted "mema" to do everything with him. (not mommy or mimi) After hanging out with them we took wade to Greensboro to the Children's museum. It was pretty neat but I probably would not go there again. I really like Marbles better and it is surprisingly cheaper too! Wade had a good time playing in all the exhibits. We met Zach for dinner and then his parents came by to see Wade before he went to bed. He was wide open and showing off the entire time!! Bedtime was a nightmare because he was so excited to be at Ashley's house. He got in bed at 9pm and talked until 10pm!! Luckily he slept in until almost 9am after staying up so late. Saturday we all went to breakfast and then just hung out until lunch time. We took my grandma to get some lunch since she doesn't get out of the house much. It was a quick trip but we had a good time.

Wade and "Uncle Donnie" putting together Wade's new inchworm riding toy that they got Wade for Christmas. We didn't get to see them since it snowed on Christmas this year! 

We got home Saturday afternoon and Josh got home that evening. I went out for a girls night with some of the girls I cheered with. We had not all gotten together in almost a year and it was time for sure. I just love these girls!! Wade started getting a cold on Saturday and we did not get to go to church. I hated to miss but we could not take him to the nursery coughing like he was. He didn't have a bad cold but with his Asthma he coughed pretty much all day Sunday. I just felt so bad for him. Yesterday he coughed quite a bit and it seems like the inhalers are FINALLY working today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. She had to work so we really didn't get to see her until after work but Wade wanted to take a balloon to her work. He took her a Mickey Mouse one that said "Happy Birthday." He was so cute when he walked up to her to give it to her he said "Happy Birfday Mimi!" We could only stay a minute or two because they were busy but I think she liked it.

Ashley came in town and we had a lot of fun hanging out and going to the gym and lunch yesterday. We headed over to my Papaw's house for my mom's little family party. I think she had a great time. My Aunt made a ton of homemade vegetable soup and some grilled cheese sandwiches. It was the perfect dinner for such a cold night. Here are a few pictures from the party. Of course I forgot to get one with Wade and my mom :(

Happy Birthday Mom...thank you for all that you do to help us out. We appreciate it so much and hope that you had a great birthday.

Weekend Fun (a little late)

We all had a really good weekend. Josh and I had a date night to go bowling Friday and then spent the rest of the weekend with our sweet boy. I think I worked the most I ever have since Wade has been born this weekend  so Josh and Wade had lots of fun boy time. I worked extra on Saturday from 4-10p then worked my normal 6p-12a on Sunday night. I didn't realize when I signed up to work MLK Holiday that it would be the Monday after working all weekend. So I also worked 5-11p on Monday too. To say the least I have been worn out yesterday morning and today!! Josh laughs because it is only 18hrs in 3 days but that is a lot for me because I usually only work 10hrs every other weekend.

 This was Wade playing in the hallway the other night...he would throw one of his little men toys and chase it down the hall. He loved it and it kept him entertained for at least 20 min before bed!

Wade said some really funny things this weekend. Saturday night my mom stopped by after leaving Papaw's house and Wade was lying with his animal in our bed watching TV before going to bed. Josh was watching football in the den while Wade was resting. Anyways mom came over and was back in our room with Wade when Josh came in to talk to them. Well I guess Wade wanted some alone time with "Mimi" because he said, "Watch football Daddy" and pointed to the other room!! He is a bossy little thing!

Sunday morning I got up with Wade and Josh slept until 8am or so. When Josh got up and came into the den I said "I am really tired and may go back to bed for a few minutes." Well 10 or so minutes later I was trying to talk to Wade and he says, "go back to bed mommy!" I just died laughing because he must have heard me talking about being so tired. Oh he cracks me up. His sentences are getting so good these days. Then he looked at Josh and says "go night night daddy" we had to explain to him that although it sounded really nice we didn't think he was quite old enough to take care of himself while mommy and daddy went back to bed!!

We had really nice weather on Sunday and finally got outside for a bit. Wade looked so cute in his little basketball shorts and t-shirt. Josh and him matched so of course I had to take a few pictures. We all went for a run outside and it was great (we are running a 5K in Feb. and are trying hard to run outside at least once a week!)

Here is what the boys did when I was at work all weekend...built lots of houses, forts and made a big mess!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


So our day did get a little better yesterday (after I wrote the other post about it!) Mom offered to keep Wade overnight since she only saw him on Tuesday this week when we went to the Lion King. So after dinner Josh and I got him ready for bed and dropped him off at mom and dad's and then headed out to go bowling with our friends. We went with five of the six couples that we do stuff with. We had a good time and laughed a lot. Mostly at me because when I was attempting to bowl the second game as I was bringing my arm back the ball dropped behind me. Graceful I know!! Hey at least everyone got a good laugh. I bowled a 117 the first game and actually tied with Josh but the second game I got somewhere around a 60 so I was going down hill quickly. We got home around 11pm and had a wonderful nights sleep. I got up to get Wade and Josh slept in until almost 10am!! What a special treat.

He met with the new guy today and it went well. We are in the process of getting pre-approved AGAIN and he meets with the loan specialist on Tuesday to figure everything out. Either way we are just ready to know something soon!!

What a Mess!

If someone could describe our day yesterday it would have been best described as "a mess." Lets back up to Thursday... we were really excited that FINALLY our house plans were complete and our builder was taking them to the town of Apex so they could approve them. It has taken forever to get here but it seemed like we were finally making some progress.

Now fast forward to yesterday morning. Josh had a final meeting with the man at the bank (who we will never use again or recommend to anyone) about the loan. As of two or three weeks ago everything was great and we were approved according to him. We knew we had to put down 23,000 for closing because we were doing a construction to permanent loan. Basically this whole loan process has been a big nightmare because the house is already there just gutted. If we had just bought land without a house on it would have been much easier or if we had built in a new neighborhood. So today when Josh met with the loan person (I won't say any names because he is a friend of my dads) he tells us the only way to do the construction to perm loan is to put 47,000 down now, put 10,000 in a CD and then when the house is done put another 5,000 down for that closing. Well add it all up and that is 62,000. I am not sure about you but to me that is  quite a bit of a difference of a down payment. is possible that we could end of not getting the house. Josh went and talked with the guy that owns it (who has been really great during all of this) and we are trying one more person tomorrow at Wells Fargo. We are just praying if it is meant for us to have this house that it will work out and if not then so be it. The only other issue is...we already gave him 10,000 as a down payment and we are hoping he is understanding and will give it back to us if it doesn't work out. We just can't justify putting all that money down and having nothing in savings and nothing extra to put into the house. I have to say this has been a big headache and I am ready just to know something either way. We are also ready to add another member to our little family but have decided to wait until all this house mess works out. I know this will be our last baby and we want to enjoy every minute of it and not be stressed out about a silly house.

How could this sweet little kid....

make a mess like this?


I told you "a mess" is the best way to describe our day!! However I have one cute little boy and one great husband so I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Day

Thursday's are our fun but busy days. We have playgroup every Thursday from 930-1130 and I am not sure who has more fun the moms or the kids. We had six moms in our group last year and now we have added two more!! It works out great because not everyone can come each week because kids get sick or have Dr.'s appt etc but we usually have at least 4 or 5 moms there.

We met at our church today. It is huge and has an indoor play area (kind of like Chick-fil-a) but much bigger. It is wonderful because the room has tables, a bathroom and a sink. The only problem is the playground thing is big so kids Wade's age are too small. It is much better for a 2.5-3yr old. They still had fun running around though. Wade was playing with this little boy (we did not know him) and for some reason he decided to hit wade. It seems that Wade is always the one to get hit. So anyways I did not see it but wade comes running over to me crying and saying "that boy" "that boy" he cried for a good 3-4 minutes and then told me "that boy" "knocked me" (if you could have seen the mom's face...I don't think she thought wade was old enough to tell me what happened. Well she came over to make her (4 or 5 yr old) apologize and then had the audacity to blame wade. She said that wade wasn't playing the game right. Oh I am sorry that my 21 month old doesn't understand how to play the air hockey game yet...we will work on that this week right after I teach him to read!! Now remember that playgroup was being held in MY church. Had it been in someone else's church I may have caused a scene. So I swallowed my pride and said "yea he is just a little bit younger and doesn't really understand" and then just left it at that. Now it is a shame that God already knew what I wanted to tell her but I decided it was not the time or the place. I have to admit what I wanted to say was not very "Christian like."

Here is mistake #1...I told Josh this story. Well he has had it with kids picking on Wade and Wade being sensitive and crying about it. So I got home from my facial tonight (a wonderful treat thanks to groupon) and wade and Josh are talking about what he is going to do next time this happens. Wade is telling me "knock him" then he says "knock" and takes his little arm and swings it. I have very mixed feelings about this. I do not believe that teaching our 21 month old to hit back is a good thing but I don't want him to always be picked on either??? Any advice on this one is welcome!! So I told wade it wasn't nice to hit and to come get mommy when this happens just like he did today. So we will see what happens next time.

On a good note we went to the gym today (before Wade learned to knock someone back!!) and when I picked him up his was having a blast playing with some friends. He hasn't cried in a long time but normally when I pick him up he is just playing alone with toys. Not tonight; he is running around holding hands with this cute little black girl named "Winter" and they are going up and down the slide laughing with the other kids. He kept saying "one more time" and running away from me. When I finally picked him up after three more times the little girl ran up to us and said "give me a hug" so wade got down and gave his new friend a hug. I love that he is getting to the age that he is starting to play with other kids.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just like Daddy

So I pretty much look just like my Daddy (except maybe for my eyes...they are more like mommy's)

On weekends you can find me relaxing around the house with a drink in my hand just like daddy (except I prefer organic milk in a sippy and daddy likes his drink in a can!)

Around lunch time we finally get dressed...sometimes I wonder why daddy doesn't need mommy's help getting dressed like I do because mommy will often ask him if he  "is really wearing that?" Then its back to our recliner's (daddy taught me to put my arm up like this)

He said something about the "chicks really digging this pose?" 

We always make time to play with toys!! I found these really cool glasses so I can be just like my daddy now. Mom said something about them belonging to Mr. Potato head...not sure if she was talking about mine or daddy's? Daddy says all the girls love a smart man and these are really doing it for me. 

Here I am driving my train super fast...Mommy told daddy he would be able to drive better if he wore his glasses so I am going to wear mine while driving so I can be just like him!!

I love my daddy so much and want to be just like him one day!! Daddy says he may even try to borrow my glasses because they look so good on me. I told him "its hard looking this good!!" (but he can try if he wants!)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Its the little things!!

So I have had quite a few people ask me lately about Josh and I's date nights so here goes...when we were pregnant with Wade we decided that we would make time for just each other every week. Now the first 8-12 weeks were much harder to get away so I think we started this when he was around 3 months or so. Now don't get me wrong we love wade more than pretty much anything (now diet mt dew is a close second and by the way I only had one last week when we ate out...I used to have one or two daily.) Obviously I am only kidding but diet Mt Dew is high on my list of things I love. So back to the point. A girl that I used to work with in Greenville taught me a lot about the type of parent I needed to be. Unfortunately I watched as her marriage pretty much fall apart after they had a child. Her little boy became first in her life...she did everything for and with him, showered with him and slept with him every night instead of her husband. When I left Greenville he was 4 and she was still sleeping with him. So after watching how this could really destroy a marriage Josh and I decided to always put each other first. I will tell you God has really blessed our marriage so much from doing this. Is it hard sometimes when it is 815p and Wade is crying in his crib because he doesn't want to go to bed, Yes. However we know that is an appropriate time for a almost 2 yr old to go to sleep and it gives us time alone every night before we go to bed. Or when he whine's the entire way to church and says "no church." It would be easier not to go but I always tell him "daddy and mommy need to go to church together."

So we try to do something each week that is for just the two of us. It may not be an exciting date night out on the town but it is time alone. It actually may be Subway or McDonald's but hey its the alone time that counts!! We are so blessed to have family so close that wants to watch him once a week for us. Sometimes mom wants to keep him during the day and even though it does sound so nice for me to have alone time during the day I would rather save it for when Josh is home.  Most of the time it is not over night instead it is just 2-3 hours that we have without a child. Some weeks we may even just rent a movie and make some popcorn when he is in bed. The part that counts for us is...I am not on the computer and he is not watching sports and we are doing something together. It is so cute because Wade already knows about date nights. For instance last night I said "you are going to go stay with Mimi for a little while while mommy and daddy have some alone time." Wade says "mommy daddy date." Please please don't think I am bragging but it just works for us. Wade is so important to us but our marriage is more important. The best part is how we race from the car to my parents house when we get home from our date to try to be the first one in to see him. I think it makes us better parents to get out and have some time away. So here's to date nights!!

Our weekend

So these days wade has an obsession with movies. He loves to watch them and always seems to change his mind about 5 minutes into them and wants to watch different one. Here is the problem. He is scared of some of the parts. Yesterday we were watching Nemo and when Nemo's dad and Dori are looking for him there is a scene with a shark. Wade quickly crawls on the couch and says "its scary" and cuddles with me. I told him "its ok buddy he is a nice shark not a scary one" trying to help the situation. He looks at me and smiles and says the cutest thing..." its little bit scary." I love that he is starting to figure things out. It is so fun to sit and watch him think of what he is going to say. I thought it was too funny that when I told him it wasn't scary he realized to him it was still a little bit scary. Love that sweet boy!

We are having a great weekend at home. It is so nice after the busy Holidays to stay at home for the next few weeks. My mom has been so busy with my Grandad since he came home that she hadn't seen Wade in 3-4 days. I know that is not a long time but she was used to seeing him almost daily when she was keeping the kids. So between going back to work and being at my granddad's she was have wade withdrawal. So she kept him last night for us to have a date night out to eat. We haven't had one since New Years (I know its not that long ago we are so blessed to usually get out at least once a week alone!) and it was so fun. We went to dinner and to Barnes and Nobles for a little bit. Today we went to the gym and now wade is napping and Josh is playing poker with the guys. We are going to church tonight because we are keeping the little babies at church tomorrow. I am hoping wade does well like he did last week. Oh and sometime I have to find a nice outfit to wear for Tuesday night (we have a fun date night planned.) I am so excited; the six couples that we get together with are all going out to dinner in Durham and then we are going to see The Lion King at the DPAC. I can't wait. I know it is not Broadway but I have heard it is great. I will let you know how it is!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I forgot!!

I knew I would forget something on Wade's 21 month post. When Josh got home he quickly reminded me that wade says "how bout" all the time. He will say "how bout this one" or "how bout raiolli" (ravioli). He also says "ok" all the time too.

Thanks for the prayers my grandad came home today!! Ashley was so sweet and came home and spent the entire day with him until they discharge him since mom and my aunt had to work. I met them at his house and we got him all settled and went and got his medicine for him. We are a little worried because he lives alone and is not walking well but we are all pretty close by if he needs anything.

Tonight Josh and I went to the gym and Ashley wanted to keep wade. We told him we were going to take him to Pops house for Ashley to babysit him. He was so funny and said "mommy daddy date?" We both laughed and said yes we were going on a date to the gym. When we were leaving they were watching tv and wade yelled out "he naaked." (naked) I ran back down to see what they were watching and it was just a guy with his shirt off. Oh how he cracks us up these days.

I feel like I have had lots of prayer request lately. One of our secretary's from 1 west (the floor I worked on in Greenville) that I loved dearly past away yesterday. She was young in her 30's and has two children who were there with her when she collapsed and watched her boyfriend and neighbor doing CPR until EMS got there. They got her to the hospital and intubated her but pulled her off life support yesterday because she had no brain activity from the lack of oxygen when she was down. I loved working with her and she will be missed dearly on 1 west. I just hate so much that her children will always remember seeing their mom like that. It really makes me appreciate every minute I have with my family because you just never know when it is going to be your time to go.

21 Months (yesterday)

In three months I will have a 2 year old. Even though that is hard to believe with Wade being so big and talking so much I almost feel like he is already 2! It is wonderful that he can communicate with me; he has been talking for awhile now but these last two weeks he has started talking so much more. Even my mom mentioned something last night about how much he is saying. The nice part is he is pretty much talking in sentences and it is so helpful! He doesn't get all the words perfect but he is getting close. His favorite sayings are: "Mommy/Daddy watch this" "Wade needs it" and "right now." I think he picked up the "right now" from me when I say... "come here right now!" He says it in such a country voice too??? It sounds like "noow." It is so hard not to laugh because he will say "granola bar right now" then he will say "needs it" and I have to explain over and over that he needs to say please instead of right now. The other saying we hear quite often is "no no Charlie that's wade's" that one always makes me laugh because it is usually related to food! Here are some other things he is up to:

-weighs 30lbs (we went this week when we had to get his new inhaler) I have no clue how tall he is. We are going to measure him tonight.
-wears almost all size 2T- shirts are a little big so he wears some 24mo shirts too
-size 7.5 W shoe
-loves to eat everything except veggies (has been eating with utensils for awhile now but is getting so much better at it these days)
-takes a 2-3hr nap every day
-sleeps from 8/830p until 7/730am -has been waking up between 4-5am for the last few weeks now :()
-talks all day long all the time...he repeats EVERYTHING
-loves to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" "ABC's" "Bumble bee song" "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
-loves to play with his kitchen food, his animals, cars, and play basketball (his other balls have taken a back seat to these toys)
-loves fire trucks, ambulances, rocks, big trucks, lawnmowers, school buses, and construction trucks
-loves the gym day care!!
-has not cried at church the last two times we have taken him (this is a first in our house!)
-loves to run and jump and can get both feet off the ground now
-LOVES- Mickey Mouse, Barney, Nemo, Bee Movie, Elmo, Chipmunks (loves watching tv and movies)
-LOVES bath time and when we try to get him out he says "take a bath again"
-hates having his diaper changed
-will sit on his new potty but has not done anything yet (he sits there for a second then gets up and asks for M&M's!)
-counted to three in Spanish three days ago with Nick Jr. ( I was shocked and sat with my mouth open, I have never heard him do that before)

This is my attempt of trying to take a picture of my 21 month old! Jumping from furniture is much more fun than sitting still for a picture.

 I am sure there is more I am forgetting. Josh and I both said two nights ago we wish he would stay this age for awhile. He is actually really good almost all of the time. I am sure they are coming but he hasn't had any "fits" and if he does cry about something it only last a second or two. He is so sweet most all of the time. His new thing to do is "hug" and "kiss" he will ask for them and it is so cute!! I even had to tell him the other day he couldn't kiss Tanner in the mouth!!!! Every now and then he will still want to hit and kick things but he is getting better about that. I think I will keep doing his monthly post until he is two and then I am going to do them every three months or so. This is the only way to take a picture of him (strap him down!)

We love you Wade, you are such a big boy and you are so much fun. I can't wait to see what you are doing next month!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sleep is over rated!

I have to admit I was a little frustrated at 130am when wade was wide awake and talking to us! Here is the issue. Wade has RAD (Reactive airway disease) or Asthma is what it will be called in a year or so when he is old enough to be diagnosed. So every time he gets a cold it usually turns into a breathing issue. Well with his last cold he has kept this lovely cough for almost a month now. The problem is he coughs at night anytime between 1am-4am. He has coughing spells and needs his inhaler. Here is problem #2...albuterol makes him hyper. So after getting home from work at 1230am I layed in bed for about 15 min before he woke up coughing. Well we gave him his treatment and what do you know, he was wide open. I was a little ill because I was tired and I was nicely encouraging him (without yelling) to lay down and go to sleep. Even in our bed he would not settle down. In the midst of my frustration I sneezed 4 times and then I hear this sweet little angel's voice saying "Bess you mommy." Oh I just felt so bad for getting frustrated and gave him a big hug and kiss and told him thank you for being so sweet. Then he looked at Josh and said "night night Daddy."

He finally settled down and went to sleep. I know it is not his fault that he is coughing and that he needs his medicine I am just over the cough!! So I called the office this morning and the nurse is going to ask the MD on call about getting him a flovent inhaler that is a preventative inhaler instead of a rescue inhaler. I am really hoping they will call one if for us so we don't have to be seen. There are so many germs going around I really don't want him in that office. Hopefully we will all be sleeping through the night again soon and that his flare ups will get better once Spring and Summer rolls around.

Please keep my sweet friend Jessica in your prayers, she had baby Tyler last night and he was 10 weeks early. I haven't been up to see her yet but he is in NICU and doing ok now but will just have to stay 7-8 weeks. He weighed 3 lbs and was 14 in long!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

We had a great time on New Years Eve. We met the Nicholson's at Marbles in Raleigh and all the kids had a great time. Of course the grown up didn't get to talk as much as we would have liked because we were chasing little ones around! It was so good to see them had been way too long. Here are some pictures from our day.

After Marbles we came home for nap time and rest time for mommy and daddy. Wade fell asleep in the car but luckily stayed asleep when we moved him into his bed. After nap we all headed to the place where I get my hair done for Wade and I to get a haircut. I also decided to "go dark" because I am tired of getting highlights. It is much darker but I do like it. She did it a shade darker than my natural color so as it grows in it will not look too bad. I am sure in the summer I will go back to getting a few highlights here and there but for now its close to my natural color. Wade did great getting his hair cut. When we told him we were going to get his hair cut he said "sucker?" It is amazing the things he remembers. He got a sucker in October when he had his first hair cut. He sat perfectly still and was in heaven eating that sucker yesterday. He looks so cute with his hair cut short.

Josh's parents got here yesterday while I was getting my hair done. They picked me up and we all went downtown to eat. We had a great time at dinner and Wade cracked us up when he said "thank you little girl...hotdog" to the waitress. The waitress was tickled because she was probably in her 40's. I was so proud of him because he has been saying "thank you" so much lately!! After dinner we headed home to get ready to go out to our friends house. Wade was so excited to stay with Nana and Poppy and could have cared less that we left. I was happy he was so good and slept pretty well for them. He woke up at 4am coughing (like always) and got in bed with them until 830am.

Josh and I had such a fun time celebrating the New Year with our great friends. We ate too much, played some games and watched the ball drop. We even managed to stay out until after 1am!! Thanks again to Nana and Poppy for coming and spending New Years with Wade. We got to sleep in until 9am which was wonderful. We did have to go to the hospital to see my Papaw this morning because he wasn't doing great but as of tonight he is doing better and his GI bleed seems to have stopped. Thanks for the prayers. I didn't do a good job taking pictures last night but here are the two that I got.