Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend away!

For some reason the two posts that I copied and pasted are spaced crazy. I tried to fix it but it just won't work. I think I have finally caught up on everything that has been going on around here lately. We aer headed off to the lake this weekend and we are excited to get away and relax. I am taking my mail and my computer and I am going to try to get everything organized. I need to get all my newer pictures into folders and get them saved on my back up hard drive. I would just cry if my computer crashed and I lost some. I also need to get all my videos uploaded because I am taking my video camera to downtown Apex to a new store that will put all my videos onto DVD's. It is long over due. I need to delete them off my camera too so I have room to record more. I don't know why I am so scared to do that. I have them on my hard drive and on DVD's but it still makes me nervous not having them on the camera for some reason.

I think it is going to be a little cooler this weekend and Josh and I can't wait to just sit outside and relax. He bought a new paddle board and we are going to try to get out on that and get some exercise while the kids nap. Well as long as I don't have to get wet. We will let him try it first. Of course I must first pack the entire house to get us all ready but it will be worth it. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Weekend!!


For some reason life has been flying by lately and I just can’t seem to stay caught up. If you saw our 
master bedroom right now you would think that we were either robbed or that something exploded. 
School is now over for Wade and we have one sad little boy. 

I am sad because he loves it so much but I will love not having to rush out the door three mornings a 
week. Next year he is going 5 mornings a week.  I am going to enjoy having him home so much this 
Summer. I get so sad even thinking about him going to kindergarten!! Even though he drives me crazy 
at times I just love having him home with us. I think we are going to have to just do year round so I still 
can have him home some!! Westin Kate is as busy as ever and so funny. She is started to get this little 
attitude (no idea where that comes from!!) and just today she didn’t want something and she threw it 
down and looked right at me.  She will do something she is not supposed to and look right at you with 
her huge brown eyes and just stare… after a few seconds she will grin as big as she can and show her
sweet little teeth and dimples. She is just rotten.  She still doesn’t talk much but she did say ball and 
tried to say bird this week. Surprisingly she is saying ma-ma more than dada these days. Josh finished up 
his fiscal work year  and we are so proud of him. He had a great year and did a great job.

 We have been 
tossing with the idea of finding a house with a little land but we haven’t put ours up on the  market just 
yet.  We love this house and only want to move if we find something in Apex with some land. It is close 
to impossible but we have been enjoying just looking for now. Our Greenville house is on the market as 
of two weeks ago but the market there seems to be much different than the market here.  Here stuff is
selling in 12-72 hours and there we haven’t even had a showing yet. Hoping that will sell sometime this 

We played in our water table one afternoon and the kids had a blast. Now that it is finally getting warm enough we are loving it. We haven't been to the pool yet because I don't like freezing cold water but we did go to the little splash pad at Waverly place yesterday. It was WK's first time going and I think she like it!

First time at the little splash pad/park. We are hoping to get to the bigger splash pad next week. 

Phone Pictures

Here are some pictures that I forgot to post from Josh's phone. This one is from the pond across the street from my Aunt's house. I went and took some pictures for my cousin and their prom and had to sneak in one of my babies!

Wade the day he got his t-ball medal

This was taken on Mothers Day 2013-we took this at my Grandparents house. This was the day after my Granddad died. It was a hard day but these two made it better!!

 We took WK with us to Granddaddy's funeral. Josh just kept her out during the service. We left Wade with a friend but this little miss does not do well staying with others unless its family! She looked so sweet in her little green dress. Granddaddy loved his garden and loved the color green so I thought it would be perfect for her to wear this. I am sad that she won't remember him.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A great year!!

Yesterday was Wade's last day of 3 year old preschool. Where in the world did this school year go? I feel like he just started in the Frogs class. He has had the best year and I am SO thankful for his school and his teachers. It was extra special because it was both of his teachers last year teaching and I was thrilled we had them this year. Oh how I wish they would still be there when WK goes through. They were fantastic. I have got to take a picture of the book they made us. It was a book from last September through this past week and it had pictures of the kids throughout the year and crafts that they did. I loved having a preschool teacher that is also a photographer. We got the neatest stuff this year.

He looks like such a little boy in this picture :(

 Wade has grown so much in the last nine months and sadly has lost most of his curls. I forgot how long and curly his hair was until I went back and found his first day of school picture. We keep it shorter now because it looks so much better...even though I do miss those blond curls.

They had a little ceremony yesterday where the kids sang 4 songs that they have been working on in music class and then they all got certificates. We sat right in front of Wade and he was so bashful and smiley when he first saw us. I love that sweet face and those hands in his pockets!!

In the Fall when Wade is going to school 5 mornings a week I am going to put WK in Kindermusic  She loved watching them sing and clapped the entire time!

 Our big boy after getting his certificate. I don't know why these were all so dark but after I turned the flash off they came out much brighter.

Wade and his wonderful teachers. I hope Wade always has teachers as great as Miss Minda and Miss LeAnn. I have to say his teachers in the two year old class were just as fantastic. His poor teachers next year have a lot to live up too :) Miss Minda did tell us that Wade literally smiled all day every day. This made me so happy to hear. So proud of my sweet boy.

This was the best we could get! After school we played at the park and Wade got a milkshake. That is a very special treat around here and he was thrilled. We came home and they took naps and then we played outside. The neighbors brought out ice cream and popsicles to kick off Summer break. We had some happy kiddo's. Westin Kate is also currently obsessed with bubble and wants to hold them (dump them out!) all the time. She was covered in bubbles by the time we went inside for baths.

My mom came by after baths and brought the kids new sunglasses. Of course my little girly girl loves hers. Yesterday at the park she did the funniest thing. This lady was telling her how pretty her bow was. Well she smiled and then started pulling at her dress like she was showing it to her. I said something about her showing   her dress and the lady said "oh what a pretty dress too! WK smiled so big. I knew that is what she was trying to tell the lady when she was pulling at her dress. She loves anything girl or "pretty" and loves it when we tell her that. Its funny because she doesn't talk I have just learned what she wants with her grunting or pointing. I actually love that she doesn't say too much right now because she really still feels like a baby to me. Trying to keep this one little as long as I can!

Last T-ball game!

Last Saturday was Wade's last t-ball game. He played for 7 weeks and loved it. Josh coached and Wade loved that too! This was the first sport we signed him up for and he was just too cute playing. He did gymnastics last Summer but this was his first team sport. He had lots of his friends on his team and made some new ones! We just signed him up for basketball for the Summer. We have decided to just do one activity per season so we are running around crazy every night of the week. Right now it is great because when they are this little they practice for 30 minutes and then play for 30 minutes. It was so nice not having practice on a different day than games. 

Wade got his first trophy and I think his face says it all. He was so excited about it. I just know Wade and Chase will have lots of years of playing sports together and I can't wait to look back at this one day when they are older. So thankful he enjoyed playing and is already looking forward to trying new sports. I think we are doing basketball in the Summer and soccer in the Fall. 

After his game we went to the Farmers Market downtown and then walked down to get Pizza (Wade's choice of course!) Outside one of the restaurants is this bouncy bench and the kids just love sitting and bouncing on it.

This picture is priceless to me because we have the exact same one of Wade at the exact same age. They were both 15 months when we took this. I have Wade's on a canvas already in the I need to go ahead and order hers so I can hang them together.