Monday, February 22, 2010

Just a Thought

So have you ever had one of those days when nothing is going your way. Example: the house is a mess, dishes need to be done, there's a mountain of laundry staring at you, the baby won't sleep or the baby won't let you put him down or leave the room without crying, the dog needs a walk, dinner needs to be cooked, you need a shower or even just need to brush your teeth, bills need to be paid. Well the list could go on forever! I have to say some days I am guilty of just wishing I had even one hour to lay on the couch and do nothing. I asked Josh the other day, what did we do before Wade? I can't imagine what we did on the weekends with all of our free time. Now don't get me wrong I would not change one thing. Wade is the best thing and I am so blessed to get to spend my days with him. Some days though I tend to get frustrated with everything that needs to get done. I know the house will get picked up later and stuff will eventually get done and spending time with him is so much more important than all that other stuff. I came across this story and wanted to share it with you guys. (I am not sure how many mom's read our blog but this story really touched me) It was something I found at Kelly's Korner blog. I don't want you to think I am sharing this to make us all depressed or feel bad but it really touched me and made me think. This mom would probably give anything to have one of those days again. Josh always asks me why I read such sad stuff on people's blogs and I have no idea. But this sad story had an impact on me and I thought I would share it with you in case you didn't see it. Here is her story She is such a strong person for being able to share this! Just something to think about. I am so grateful everyday that God has allowed us to be the parents of such a precious child. I also have to remeber that each day is a gift and we are not promised tomorrow. Sometimes I think I take that for granted. Oh... girls get the tissues out when you read this.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh how times have changed!

Well things have changed drastically around the Foltz household. For the longest time I just assumed Wade would not crawl and he would just walk. I never thought he would just start crawling one day. Well he has and boy oh boy are things different. I can no longer sit him in the living room and clean the rest of the house while he plays or watches TV. Yes I know it is not great parenting to have the TV on but Wade loves it!!! He gets so excited when we put Nick Jr. on. He will just smile and stare. He used to sit and watch but now he will crawl around and then take a break and watch TV. This morning I had the TV on and I thought I would try to sweep the floor and make my bed. Well of course I came back into the den and he was not where I left him (this is no surprise these days). Instead he was eating the cheez-it out of the trash pile that I had already swept up. So I quickly checked inside his mouth to see if there was any other "trash" in there but only the cheez-it; thank goodness. So I vacuumed up all the trash and took him into the kitchen to get some water. He loves to sit on the floor and play with the toy we have on the fridge. So once again (not sure what I was thinking) I went to clean up the trash off our bedroom floor before he got into that. When I came back he was having the time of his life splashing in Charlie's water bowl!!! I could not help but laugh. So we changed clothes and I decided to just wait until nap time to do anything else! The only bad thing about this crawling thing is he wants to crawl and pull up in his bed instead of sleeping these days. He is really fighting us hard during his afternoon nap and even during the night some. Last night was better he only woke up once at 10pm and then I didn't hear him until close to 5am. Maybe I will finally loose this last 6lbs or so since it seems I will not be sitting as much anymore.
 Here is what he likes to do at naptime ...

 and this

Here is an action picture of him crawling to get Charlie's toy 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

 I hope everyone had a great V-Day. We had a really nice day even though I had to work that evening from 6p-12a. I can't complain though I have the best work schedule ever. I work every other weekend and Saturdays I work from 4-8p and Sunday from 6p-12a. I love that with this job I do not have to leave Wade all day. I especially do not miss the old 12 hour shifts. It is great to have most of my weekend day free. I always try to pick up more time either during the week or maybe a shift during my weekend off if we don't have plans. It is great during the week because we don't start work until the office's close which is 5pm. So if I work I usually do a 6p-11p. Here is a picture of our house. I have been meaning to post one for awhile. We really like living here we just wish it was a little bigger. But we know we are just renting for now until we sell our house in Greenville. (hopefully in September- we have our fingers crossed that the renters we have living there now will buy it)

On Valentines Day we dropped Wade off at mom and dad's and we headed to church. He has been well for a few weeks now so I am still not taking him to the nursery yet. We are going to start taking him in March when the warm weather finally gets here. After church mom and dad grilled out a Valentines Lunch for us, Ashley, Zach and my Grandad. He is just precious and brought all of us a heard shaped box of chocolates! We were not able to stay too long because someone was getting tired. That someone was Wade but once we got home Josh and I decided to take a nap as well and it was wonderful. 

Josh took Wade to target after I headed to work but before going he took some of these great new pictures. He took Wade to pick out his Valentines Gift. We were the slack parents who waited until V-Day to actually get him something. Josh says that he gave Wade a choice between two things and he pointed to the one he wanted!! He got him the V-Tech alphabet train and it actually is really neat. Wade seems to love it.
My Big Boy

Friday, February 12, 2010

Big News!!

We have some big news around here today. As of today Wade will be moving up to the crawlers room in church! He decided today that he would not only crawl some but he also pulled up three times by himself. Our church is huge so he will be in the late crawlers room but thats ok. We had given up on crawling and figured he would just walk like Josh did. But he really wanted to get the remote today so I guess he decided to go for it. Now don't get me wrong it is not fast crawling by any means. Actually a couple of times he stopped after doing a few crawls and rested. I have never laughed so hard... he was out of breath! I am thinking he will not be our track star. He did great pulling up though. He has been so close the last few weeks and today he pulled up on the couch and chair. So I guess the baby proofing finally begins. Another new thing he is doing is pointing at EVERYTHING. He points like he wants to show us stuff and grunts until we acknowledge it. We have to say, "yes that is the light switch" or "yes that is the picture on the wall" You can tell as soon as that little finger points and his arm stretches out he is excited about something. I hope it doesn't take him as long to learn to talk as it did to crawl or we will be hearing this grunting forever. Actually I probably will look back and be so glad he didn't crawl until 10 months because I have not had to chase him around. Josh walked at 9 months and I walked at 10 months but I don't think he is quite ready yet. I am thinking by his first birthday he will be walking. He is cruising while holding onto the couch. Maybe after seeing all the other kids crawling at church this Sunday he will pick up the pace a little and not have to take rest breaks!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally Rested

Today was the first day since October that I have gotten up and felt rested!!! I think I have finally started to catch up on my lack of sleep. Since last week Wade has only woken up one night!! And yesterday I realized why... he has a new tooth and another one that is almost in. I could not believe it usually he is fussy and I had no idea he had a new tooth that had come in. Somehow Josh and my mom had seen it already but I must have missed it somehow because it is really in??? Now is almost has 8 teeth in. We are so happy he is sleeping so well. We have been in bed by 10pm every night and it has been wonderful. 

Wade is doing so many new things these days and everyday he surprises me with how much he is learning. A couple of days ago he was wanting to play with Charlie's toys and I kept telling him "no" those are not yours they are Charlie's. Well I did not think he understood well as soon as I said it a second time he looked at me and the turned around and pointed to Charlie... he had this look on his face like yea I know who Charlie is and he doesn't care if I play with these. I just laughed at him! This morning when we were playing in bed he was pointing to my chapstick on the dresser. Well I figured it wouldn't hurt to let him play with it. So I gave it to him and when I layed back down he took the chapstick and put it up to my lips like he was putting it on me. It was so cute! I guess he has been paying attention when I put it on in the mornings. Here are some pictures from last week and my family birthday party.

This was before our dinner date to The Melting Pot (which was wonderful)


I think he is hinting to us that he would like a pillow!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forgot to post these

I just found these pictures on my old camera and couldn't believe I forgot to post them. This was Jan. 5th when Wade had his tubes put in.

Here we are trying to distract and entertain him(he did great even though he was hungry)

Reading with Daddy

Time to put his gown on

My sweet angel right before surgery

Birthday Pictures!

Here are some pictures from today! This is the only half way decent one that I got with him in his bed. He was all over the place and grabbing the sign in the others so we took some outside when Josh came home for lunch.

10 months old
He will not smile for the camera!

28 and 10 months

Finally got a little smile (excuse the hair it was windy)

Looking everywhere except at us

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well tomorrow I will be 28 and Wade will be 10 months. I don't know which one is harder to believe. I feel like I just turned 21 yesterday. We have a busy day planned. We are meeting some friends for breakfast and music at Brueggers Bagels then having lunch with my mom, and Josh and I are going out for a dinner date. So I decided to go ahead a post today. Here is what our wild man is up to these days. I will take his 10 month picture and post that tomorrow.
-He weighs 20lbs
-wearing 12-18month clothes
-size 3 diapers
-I am still nursing 3 times a day and he gets one sippy cup with breastmilk at 3pm
-he is eating solids like a champ these days- he loves puffs, yogurt melts, crackers, graduates little crunchies. He still loves all of his baby food. He loves water in his sippy cup, we haven't given him juice yet and not sure if we are going to for a long time?
-he tries so hard to crawl but has only done three little "crawls"
-he can pull up if he is already on his knees (can't quite do it yet from sitting but he is close)
- he loves to walk while holding our hands and is really good at it
-he has stood by himself a couple of times but only for a second.
-he will cruise around the couch while holding on
-he says, "hey, mama, dada, and yum"- he says mama, dada, and yum all the time
-he has had one busted lip (not sure how that happened) and today fell and his tooth started bleeding a little bit, and he has had one surgery (he may be our accident prone child)
-he loves playing ball and is pretty good at throwing and will even catch it sometimes
-he loves to read and he takes our fingers and points to the pictures and words.
-he plays peek-a-boo and he will clap his hands when you sing "if your happy and you know it"
-he loves to clap and wave bye bye
- he will give you a kiss when you ask for one( it is my favorite thing that he does)
-his best friends is my dad (pops). He will hardly ever let me, Josh or my mom hold him when my dad is in the room. He cries when I take him away from him!
-he loves Charlie and loves to pull his hair
-he still takes a morning nap and afternoon nap
- he is finally back to sleeping in his bed all night (most nights he still cries but he stays in his bed). I actually feel rested these days!!! He slept 12 1/2 hours last night!
-He is starting to "get in trouble" he throws everything and when I tell him "no or stop" he looks at me and grinds his teeth together with this mean look on his face and then usually throws something else.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tick Off Tuesday

One of my best friends Carrie has started a cute post called Tick Off Tuesday. It's when you blog about something that bothers you or "ticks" you off. Well today I thought I would participate.

"Not every child cries for only three nights when you are doing sleep training"

If I hear this one more time I may scream. When I am telling people that we are making Wade sleep in his own bed now, I hear this every time. "Well the good thing is it only takes three bad nights and then they will sleep" Well come on over to my house because we are well over two weeks of crying it out and he still does not sleep all night without crying. I do understand some kids will stop crying after three short nights but not mine.

He had not been picked up at night since last Friday and I think we may be making some progress. Most nights he will wake up and cry about 30 minutes. Last night he went to bed at 7:40p and woke up at 11 and cried until 1130 and then woke up at 1am and probably cried 15-20 min. The two nights before last he only woke up once. He still wakes up at 530am to eat and I am not even trying to change that yet until we get him sleeping. To be honest it doesn't bother me that much because I feed him and change his diaper and then put him back in his bed and he sleeps until 8am. I think I will stop doing this in April when I am not nursing him anymore. I am thinking I will start giving him a sippy cup with water in it and see if that stops him from waking up so early??? Most people say the night time feeding is the hardest to drop but it will for sure be the 530am feeding for us. I go to the gym a lot at night so Wade is used to getting a bottle (well a sippy cup now!!!) before bed. I have also dropped his 3pm feeding and he gets a sippy cup with breastmilk instead. I have a freezer full of milk that I needed to start using so it didn't go bad. In a couple of weeks I am going to drop either the 11am feeding or the 7pm feeding I have not decided which one yet? Hopefully by March I will only be feeding him twice a day and then in April I will drop those as well and put him on whole milk. Its hard to believe it is already almost time to be doing this. He has grown up too fast. Sorry kind of got off on a tangent but remember not all kids cry for just three nights there are some strong willed children out there that do not like to give up and we have one of them!!! At least he is staying in his bed all night so we are making progress.

Not Me Monday (Tuesday)

I am not posting this a day late because I was too into the Bachelor last night to post.

I do not have a million other things like laundry that I should be doing now.

I do not have a baby that is back to his two nap a day schedule finally after being so sick (Yeah!)

I do not let my sweet baby cry it out every night because I am not making him stay in his own bed. He is not doing better and only crying 30 minutes most nights.

I am not thinking about buying twin beds for our master bedroom because my wonderful husband does not have restless leg syndrome and it does not drive me crazy at night.

I do not have 6 more pounds to loose to get back to what I weighed when we got married!!

I am not determined to get it off before May when I do not have to wear a bathing suit in Mexico

I do not wish most days that we still lived in Greenville (although I am starting to like Apex a little more).

I do not wish my husband could work from home because he is not so helpful with Wade.

I do not look forward to 6pm everyday because I know he will be home to play with our wild man.

I do not think I have a very smart child... he is not saying "mama, dada, yum, & hey" and this morning I did not ask him why he was such a cry baby last night because he did not cry at 11pm and 1am and he did not point to my T-shirt at the baby when I said "cry baby!"