Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our week!

We have just been too busy. I love going places and having fun things for us to do but I think after this week I just want to stay home for a little bit!! I feel like we have had something almost every night of the week/weekend.

Wade and I had a great time in Greenville this week. We went for one night to go see Melissa's sweet new baby, Avalyn and had so much fun. Normally I would NEVER take Wade with me to go see a brand new baby. However Melissa is more like family to us and she has a 2.5yr old and we wanted them to get together one last time :(  I am so sad because they are moving closer to home and heading to Michigan next week. We will miss seeing them so much. Wade and Tyler play so well together. I know we will keep in touch and go visit some but it isn't the same as the short 1.5hr drive that we have now.

After spending the day with them we headed over to our "hotel" in Greenville. We always stay at our best friends house when we go. We are so thankful Carrie and Brandon always let us stay with them!! We have so much fun getting to spend time with them and their boys. Josh didn't get to go this time because we went during the week. I thought Josh was going to have the best time having some "alone" time at home. He was so sweet and called us Tuesday night and wanted us to come home; he said the house was too quiet!! I just love my extroverted husband. We couldn't be more opposite on this aspect of life. Sometimes I just love to come home to a quiet house and sit on the couch by myself and do absolutely nothing. Wednesday morning we got to go to a play date with all of our old bible study girls and we had a great time. I miss Jennifer, Stephanie and Carrie so much. I have to say I don't miss Greenville as much as I used to but I do still miss my sweet friends so much.

We got back Wednesday and Josh had a work dinner so he was so sad he didn't see Wade for two full days. Wade was already in bed when Josh got home. Thursday night we had Wade's 2 yr old pictures in downtown Apex and I am so excited to see how those turned out. He did so great and I was so proud of him. He was so funny and after the first two or three pictures he stood up and said "now all done!" Little did he know we had a few more. We took his gold clubs and dinosaurs (two of his favorite things) and got a couple really cute one's with those. I can't wait to share them all.

Last night we had my Papaw's bday party and had a great time. Poor Josh left work yesterday to go to the doctor (that NEVER happens) because his ear was hurting so bad. He has a really bad ear infection :(  Hopefully he will start feeling better soon.

This morning we had our neighborhood yard sale. We really didn't have much stuff but we wanted to try to get rid of the few things we did have. We made about $70 and I was pretty happy about that! So needless to say after being a "single" mom for two full days and being so busy I am worn out. Wade was so good the entire time we were gone but having him by myself for two full days made me appreciate weekends and 530p when Josh is home from work!!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Not funny!

So my now 2 year old is starting to get a little more testy! He has started saying "no" and "now" and I am trying my hardest to put an end to it. He actually yelled "NOW" a couple of times this weekend and one time his wonderful daddy stopped the car to set him straight!! I love seeing Josh that way; he is usually the most laid back easy going person I have ever met. However this one sweet little boy who has started talking back really gets daddy worked up. I had to hide my face in the car because I was laughing so hard at Josh. Actually after disciplining wade Josh was laughing too. We just want to try to stop the talking back before it gets out of hand. Spanking is not really working because Wade has started wanting to hit after we spank; so we need to figure out something else? I am trying now to get down eye level with him and telling him "no" in a stern voice without yelling. Hopefully this will work.

Today we were in the playroom and I was telling him "no" and I hear my sweet 2 year old saying "I said yes." I tried not to laugh while saying "excuse me?" and he said it again "I said yes!" Oh I was not thrilled about this one.

We went to the gym and of course he behaved perfectly...I ask them daily to make sure he isn't pushing or hitting or anything like that. I would much rather him be well behaved around other people. We were in the car today and he said "that boy say NO" and I asked him what boy and he said "boy at the gym." He then told me "that not nice" and then he said "not nice to hit, not nice to push, not nice to say now" I was so glad he is understanding...even though he says those things and pushes some at least he is learning that they are not nice things to do!!


We had a great Easter. Our church service was amazing (as always!) I am so grateful for such a great church. Wade did great and was smiling when we dropped him off and they said he was so happy the entire time. Of course he is getting used to his room and he moves up to the two year old room in two weeks. We went by my Papaw's after church to see him for a little bit and then headed home for lunch and naps. We love Sunday naps at our house and today wade slept 3 wonderful hours for us.

Here are some pictures of him playing with his "Easter Bunny" surprises. I think he really loves his little farm.

Wade really was over the picture taking by this point, he was more interested in the flowers and running in Papaw's yard. This was the best family picture that we could get!!

 Oh how I love this picture...This is the sweet little way he runs (Josh asked if he was going to outgrow this!!) He runs and his little arms move twice as fast as his legs. The funny part is my mom runs the same way, she says she moves her arms like that to get her legs going!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday Wade had his second Easter Egg hunt for the year. Some of our good friends go to church at The Creek and invited us to go with them. They had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, inflatable jump toys, face painting and food. The weather wasn't so great but the kids still had a good time. Wade is really into these Easter Egg hunts and loves his eggs. He also got his face painted for the first time and did so great. He sat perfectly still and got a blue football on his little cheek.

I just love this picture of Wade climbing up the bouncy slide. Josh really did not want to take his shoes off and climb up the slide with wade so we told him he was too little to climb it. Well I guess Wade didn't like that answer because he sure did prove us wrong!!

Good Friday!!

We had a great Good Friday! Anytime Josh is off work we are always so excited!! We had a busy but fun day planned. We all went and had breakfast at Bojangles with my parents. After breakfast we headed to the Life and Science Museum in Durham. Wade was so excited and kept saying "the muuuuuseummm!" He was most excited to see the dinosaur exhibit. He loved the train ride as well but he did not love that everyone screamed when we went through the tunnel. He told mom and dad today "that scare wade!" He also loved the little area where kids could play the drums. He is still talking about playing those drums! After the museum we all took naps and then headed to the mall to see the Easter bunny (who of course was on an hour break when we got there!!) I didn't get a great picture of wade but did get one cute one where he is looking up at the bunny. After that fun adventure we decided to decorate Easter eggs. This was Wade's first time doing this and he had so much fun. I just love that he is getting to the age where he is understanding and enjoying all this fun stuff. It is so fun to see the excitement in his little eyes. Here are some pictures from our day.

Here are Josh and Wade getting ready to start the egg dying process. The color didn't turn out great because we didnt have any vinegar. For some reason the purple color turned the eggs pink as well so we have more pink eggs than any!! Wade enjoyed putting the stickers on just as much as dying them!!

 Wade did really well with the Easter Bunny; at first he grabbed onto Josh's neck and didn't want to sit down but once Josh sat him down he did great.

I can't even believe this is what my sweet boy looked like last year! He loved his eggs last year too!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One proud Momma!!

I know I have blogged about this before but for some reason Wade is always the little boy who gets picked on in Chick-fil-a's play place. Someone either pushes or hits him almost every time we are there. For another strange reason...the child's parents are never in there with them. I had already said something to this one little boy and asked him to stay away from Wade. He was probably 3 or 4 years old. Well then he started doing "karate" and pretending like he was going to hit wade. Well I told better not hit him. At this point I was getting ready to go have a chat with his mom!! Well all of a sudden I hear my sweet child's little voice and he says "Go away" "No!" Wade is yelling at him at this point and I was so proud because he did not hit him but he told him to get away instead. Well then the little boy called wade a baby...well if you have been around wade at all lately he tells EVERYONE that he is a big boy. He turned two and now he is big!! Well I was just waiting for this one and sure enough I hear Wade yelling "I'm a BIG BOY!!" I was one proud Mom. The little boy never hit him but he was bothering him and not acting very nice; I am just glad Wade stood up for himself and did not hit him.

He is also getting very funny about Josh and I doing things when we are "supposed" to be playing with him. Well yesterday I had called Josh when they were at the park and I guess I interrupted their play time. Wade says "that's mommy" and Josh said yes I am talking to mommy and then wade decided to tell him "put that phone down!" Well we finished talking so they could play and then wade tells Josh "that's better!" This kid just cracks me up.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday Wade had his first Easter Egg hunt for this year. I knew he would understand sooooooo much better than last year and he did!! He had a blast and is still talking about finding his eggs today. He is so worried that "baby Gray" only got one egg. It is so funny...he will say "Wade got all" "Drew got all" "Katelyn got all" and "Gray got one blue one!" This is still bothering him; I do have to say I love that he is being compassionate (even though yesterday he would not give up one of his eggs to share with Gray!!)

We met in Wilson at Claire's parents house and the kids all played so well. Between the three of us we have 4 kids all under the age of 4 and one little girl on the way!! I just love how close they are in age. We played inside and outside for a bit and then Claire's sweet Momma made us all a great lunch. After lunch Claire "hid" all the eggs and then they were off. It was so fun to watch the little one's get so excited over something so simple. I am so glad Claire's family is moving this way...we need to get these little one's together at least once a month.

I love this nosy child is looking to see if Katelyn has more than him!


Here are some random pictures from the last week or so. I am so behind on pictures and video's because we have been so busy at the new house. My goal is to get all caught up in the next week or so. I have so many pictures to print that it is ridiculous!! Printing pictures, uploading video's, cleaning out/organizing our attic and getting our will done is on my big "to do" list before we go on our trip in May.

 Wade is obsessed with being naked. We have always said "get some air" when we are changing his diaper because he is so prone to diaper rash. Well he always wants to "get some air" and run around for a little while. He wanted to take a hop on "Blue" while getting some air!!

I just love our playgroup girls, we hosted this week and had so much fun. There were kids and toys everywhere. The second picture is of Wade and Braden, they are buddies!!

Wade and Charlie just love laying on our comforter in the mornings when I am getting ready. I hope Charlie lives a long time because Wade just loves him.

This is Wade last Friday night. This is when the ear infection/not sleeping well started. We got him out of his bed and let him come downstairs because we were watching a movie. Well he was wide open for awhile but he eventually passed out on the floor while holding his drum sticks. He favorite things right now are: dinosaurs, drumsticks, Easter eggs, Petsmart and Barney. He will take those drumsticks and say "One and two and here we go" (he learned this from Barney) And yes I did say Petsmart- we pass it daily on the way to the gym and for some reason the sign caught his attention. For about a week he would say "I go there one day" Well finally one day came and oh my goodness. I wish I could video his face every time he goes in. He loves the fish, lizards, and guinea pigs the best!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Busy

Ok so it seems like I do a million posts and get caught up only to get behind again!! We haven't been doing too much but it sure does seem like we have been "busy!" We are slowly getting all the little things taken care of for the new house. Now I still needs some stuff for the walls in the dinning room and in Wade's new room and play room. We also have to get the wainscoting done in the dinning room, get our new blinds (one day!!) and get our glass front door. Its amazing how these little things add up. One day we will be settled. I took a couple of updated pictures of the new furniture and new bedding in Wade's big boy room. We have enjoyed playing outside so much and are loving this weather.

Last weekend we went to the lake and had a great time. We stayed home on Friday night because we thought we had our family pictures Sat. morning but they got rained out. So we left for Ashley's house on Sat. morning. We spent the day with Ashley, Zach and mom. Ashley was so nice and had a FABULOUS thirty one party for me on Saturday night. Josh took Wade to the lake for some fun boy time!! Ashley had a great party...almost a $1,000 party. It was my best party yet. She had a good turnout and we had so much fun. Mom and I headed down to the lake later that night. Wade started getting sick on Thursday night...of course after we hosted playgroup and after the Nicholson's and Kent's came to town to visit. At least we were all playing outside the entire time. We had so much fun with out friends. Anyways I didn't take him in because I thought it was viral but Monday he was still not feeling well so I did go ahead and take him in. Well what do you know, his tubes are out and his ears don't look well :( We had been over a year without a ear infection or antibiotics until now. So we will just have to wait and see how this summer goes and keep our finger crossed that we won't have to go back for tubes again. We follow up with ENT in May. Even though Wade did not feel well we had a great day at the lake on Sunday just relaxing. It seems like he feels so much better during the day than he does at night.