Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being Selfish

Today may shock you...I am not talking about Wade being selfish but rather me. When I titled this post I thought it sounded perfect for a certain 2 year old OR for a 14.5 week pregnant girl. My mom and I had this argument discussion last night.

Now let me start by saying I 100% agree with my mom. She has asked me the past two nights "what are you cooking for dinner?" My answer "nothing." Then she explains to me that my hard working husband deserves to come home to a nice home cooked meal. Now this is the part that I agree with. Josh works so hard to provide for us and if it were a perfect world he would come home each night with candles on the table and dinner ready for him. News is not a perfect world!! I nicely tell my mom "I have this all day sickness and the smell of food kills me especially in the evenings!" So her response is "put something in the crock pot and leave it." Well Monday night we had sandwiches and last night we ate out (we used a coupon though!) so I decided tonight I would try to cook because I do love my husband.

Well I tried...right now I am sitting upstairs with the fan on trying not to get sick because the pork chops are smelling up the entire house and the smell is killing me. So let me go light some candles and make some rice because this may be "the last supper" for a few weeks!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Picture Updates

I finally uploaded a picture to my 12 week post. It is so funny to me when I look at it because I know how little our sweet baby is and I know that he/she is so low in my pelvis but I am showing really high this time. I can't remember exactly how I carried Wade but I do not think I carried him so high. I will have to go back and look at pictures!  Here are a few random pictures from the last two weeks.

Wade thought he was something special when he got to ride in my car without his car seat. He loved putting the seat belt on. He has never been one to cry about riding in the car seat (so thankful for that) but he loved riding like a big boy...even if it was only to the house next door !

Wade with my uncle's old car

We went out to eat last week with friends and Wade played this game after dinner. He won three prizes and even gave one to baby Luke!

Josh taught Wade this "pose" and of course everyone laughed so he kept doing it!!

And just because I love those cheeks!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our big boy!

We have had a pretty lazy weekend at home! We were thinking we were going to have really bad weather but it really was not bad at all. It lightly rained pretty much all day yesterday and we had some gust of wind here and there but other than that it was not bad. We were very thankful that our house in Greenville looks ok too. Greenville got much more rain and wind than we did but our sweet friends drove by our house and said everything looked ok. I worked from home last night and it was so nice to just stay in. Josh and I were in bed by 930p watching a movie.

We are just so proud of Wade. We have had to sleep train many times in our house. It seems like every few months he goes through spells where he cries at bedtime etc. We started putting him to bed awake when he was so little and we would let him put himself to sleep. This has been the best thing we ever did. Sometimes I would want to sit and rock him but then I would always think...I don't want to be rocking him when he is 2. Well he has done GREAT transitioning to a big boy bed. He has slept all night since we moved him in there and has not gotten up once.

Well the only thing that changed was that he wanted one of us to lay with him. We did this for the first little bit thinking he was scared well it quickly became a habit. So it was time to break that habit. Josh loves laying with him but what would happen was this. They would lay down together and it would take Wade forever to fall asleep. If Josh tried to sneak out Wade would wake up and cry. So Josh usually ended up falling asleep to and I would have to go wake him up. Some nights it would take a hour or more to get Wade to sleep so Josh and I did not have any time together before we went to bed. We have always been so used to having a couple of hours together before we went to sleep.

Monday night our mission began. It went so much better than we thought. We had three nights of crying. The first two nights were the longest about 15-20 minutes and the third night was so much better. By Thursday night Wade and I talked and decided he was a big, strong and brave boy and that there was no need to cry. Well sure enough he did great and since Thursday night he has not cried! We put him in bed at 815p and we read or tell stories and then we leave the room by 830p. It is heavenly. He ususally "plays" in his bed once we leave. He doesn't get down so I am totally fine with this. He "reads" his books or tells stories to his animals. We have got to video it. Josh heard him tonight and he said "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Dora, a boy names Boots and a boy named Diego," that just makes me smile thinking about him saying it! Josh and I both hate hearing Wade cry but oh we are so happy at 830p when he is happily in bed!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Catching up!

Do you ever feel like you just need to catch up? This week has made me feel that way! We had such a busy weekend and this week has been crazy too. Between working, a concert, and a meeting at church I am worn out. Not to mention a busy little 2 year old who needs lots of attention!! Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing to complain about...I just feel like I could use an assistant this week! Josh just laughed and rolled his eyes when I asked if we couldn hire one! I think I will ask again when this second baby comes!!

I think being 14 weeks pregnant, still feeling nauseated/getting sick AND getting a sinus infection this week has just worn me out. Luckily I started antibiotics yesterday so hopefully I will feel better soon. I just need a magic fairy to come deep clean my house, do some laundry and upload all my pictures and videos!! Wouldn't that be nice? I am so thankful I get to stay home; I don't know how mom's that work full time get everything done. So one day I will get my 12 week picture up, do a 14 week post/picture and blog about my wild child. For now I am just enjoying my boys...the cleaning and laundry will get done one day!

I will share with you what wade said yesterday. I had to go to work (off course my computer messed up this week to.) Wade was being so cute and had my two bosses laughing, well he started getting wild so I knew that was our cue! I said "bye Maryann" as we were leaving and wade Yells "bye boobies" and laughs. I thought to myself, would I go to jail if I beat him in public? Thankfully they both have a good sense of humor. Actually one of them emailed me and said she was so glad she was there and got to see wade because he was so cute! Cute was not the word that I had in mind at that moment!! I really don't beat my child but at that moment happy thoughts were not going through my mind.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy Weekend

We had a busy busy weekend. It was fun but we had a lot going on. Mom and Dad helped us and took Wade on Friday night to the lake. He was SO excited and kept telling us "bye." I was sad to see him leave but knew I was heading that way Sunday. Friday night I didn't have anything to do and it was great. I got a movie and some pizza and relaxed!

Josh and I had a bachelor/bachelorette weekend for our friends Dale and Lauren who are getting married soon. The guys got together Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the girls decided to do ours Saturday afternoon/night. We both had so much fun and were worn out after the weekend. We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday and realized we are getting too old to stay up so late! We are used to being in bed at 10p!! I headed to the lake Sunday around lunch time so I could see my sweet boy.

Sunday  my mom, grandma and I went to my cousin's baby shower in Thomasville.After the shower we went out to eat with Ashley and Zach. It was so nice because they had a separate room with a TV playing Nick Jr!!!!! We actually all got to sit and talk while he watched TV. It was so nice for all of us. I wish more restaurants had rooms like this for kids/families.

As soon as we left dinner I started feeling bad and got sick once we got back. Ugh...I am so ready to start feeling better. I was thinking I was getting better but Sunday and Monday were rough. Mom, Wade and I stayed at the lake on Sunday night. I felt bad all day Monday. It was so nice at the lake (much cooler) so we played outside some but mostly I stayed on the couch. Thankfully my mom was able to help with Wade. One day I will feel like a "normal person" again.

And just so I don't forget...I thought I was loosing my mind today. Wade was asleep for his nap and I was watching TV in our room. All of a sudden the bed was vibrating/shaking. At first I thought Charlie (all 8lbs that he is) was under the bed making it move. I stood up and the floors were shaking. I was thinking either I am about to pass out, or someone was breaking into the house, or we were having a earthquake. Then I thought I was loosing it because NC does not have earthquakes. I called Josh almost freaking out that something was wrong with me and he said something like "did you feel that?" I still can't believe that happened. I was thankful no one was hurt and thankful I wasn't loosing my mind!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

12 Weeks (almost a week late!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 12 Weeks- I am carrying this baby SO much higher than I did with Wade!!

Size of baby: 2.1in, .49oz

Gender: not sure yet...we find out in a few weeks! Most people are guessing a girl; but Josh and I feel like it is a boy.

Maternity Clothes: Yes- shorts and pants. Wearing some regular tops and some maternity.

Weight Gain: According to my scale I haven't gained. According to the doctors scale, 1 lb!!

Movement: I know its early but I am pretty sure I have felt movement once or twice

Sleep: This is a hit or a miss. Some nights I sleep horribly and some nights I sleep great. I am always awake by 645am for some strange reason??

Symptoms: Headaches (daily), nausea-pretty much off and on day/night (taking zofran and it helps occasionally), this week my ears and throat have started hurting...maybe allergies? Acid reflux is back in full force (much earlier this time around)

What I miss: Feeling "normal." I have been nauseated so much since week 6 I have forgotten what its like to not feel nauseated. I also miss sleeping good most nights.

Cravings: Not at all! It is actually just the opposite; nothing sounds good at all. I am just eating because I know I need to.

What I am looking forward to: Moving into the 2nd trimester and finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Brother!

I still couldn't get him to smile for me but these turned out a little better than the last ones!!


Here are some random pictures from last week/weekend. I just love this one of Wade eating his watermelon on the porch. I am so ready for Fall but this is one reminds me so much of our fun Summer.

Speaking of Summertime...this is the best way to get clean after eating Watermelon!

Josh took Wade on Saturday night to his first real baseball game. Our sweet friends, the Kent's, invited us to go with them to a Muscat's game. They had these great box seats and the boys had so much fun. I wish I could have gone but I had to work :(  The Nicholson's went to with their boys. I heard that all the boys and sweet Hailey had a blast. They enjoyed the game, good food and I think the highlight for Wade was meeting Muddy the Mudcat and Scooby- Doo. He even asked if he could go back!! Here are a few pictures from the game.

On Sunday the Nicholson's came back to Raleigh so we could all get lunch. I am so glad they did since I didn't get to see them on Saturday. We met at Crabtree and took the boys to the Kanki. This was Wade's first time and I think he enjoyed it. He loved seeing them light the grill on fire! He asked our guy to "do it again!" He actually ate pretty well too. He ate an entire bowl of the white sauce with a little rice and shrimp mixed in. I am amazed he didn't get sick. Thank goodness I had my saltines with me because he like dipping them in the sauce better than anything. We are so glad we got to see our sweet friends and their boys. The boys were all so good! However... we already have plans for the Nicholson's, Kent's and us to meet in September for a adults only night out. We are really excited about this too. I feel like we can actually sit and talk without the sweet little one's around!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The past few weeks!

Since I have not been blogging yet about the new baby I have been keeping a little log of what has been going on so I will not forget. This is most likely going to be our last little one so I want to remember as much as I can. I really didn't get into blogging until after Wade was born and now I wish I would have done better when I was pregnant. This pregnancy is SOOOOO different than my last one. I have felt horrible pretty much 24/7 since about 6 weeks. It has to end sometime, right?
  •  3 weeks and 5 days- positive pregnancy test!!
  •  6 weeks- told our parents/brothers and sisters. We had planned to wait until 7-8 weeks but I was sick at the lake and could not hide it.  I was nauseated pretty much off and on all day (I don't remember feeling this bad with Wade?)
  • 7 weeks- Uhhhh week 7- got sick for the first time at my granddad's house after lunch...came home and was sick most of the afternoon. My poor grandad said "just make yourself at home" after I told him I got sick by the side of his house!!  I am thinking it was food poisoning or a stomach bug; I have already gotten sick more with this baby than the entire time I was pregnant with Wade.
  • 8 weeks- 1st MD appt- had a U/S and saw our little peanut. HR was 169. Got a Rx for Zofran- Halleluiah!! Zofran helped very little- still pretty nauseated off and on. Told some close friends and told some family. Horrible stomach bug again? Sick all weekend. Mom and dad took Wade to the lake and Josh took care of me. It was a bad weekend. 
  • 9 weeks-told my dad's side of the family- feeling about the same... very nauseated off and on all day- zofran is helping some. Wasn't planning on telling but was so sick at my grandma's house. It is hard to hide when you are sick all the time!
  • 10 weeks- starting to show some.  Nauseated pretty much all the time-had one afternoon well I felt ok for a few hours!! No weight gain at this point! Started talking to Wade about baby- he now says he doesn't want one!
  • 11 weeks- Most of our close friends know. Actually had another day this week that I felt somewhat normal for most of the afternoon. Headaches almost daily now. Really tired this past weekend. No cravings at all- food just does not sound good to me. Wish I had cravings...I am pretty much having to make myself eat.
  • 12 weeks- Guess what...still nauseated. Only got sick once this week but nausea is still bad. Come on 2nd trimester!! Usually at least one headache a day. Had our 2nd appointment yesterday. According to my scale I have not gained any weight... according to the doctors scale I have gained 1 lb. I think I'll go with my scale!! Either way I am happy with only gaining 1 lb during the first 12 weeks. I had gained much more by this point with Wade.

This is Claire and I a few weeks ago. With Wade I took pictures at 4, 8, 12 weeks ect. I realized this is the only picture I have taken so far of our new little one. I was 9 weeks in this picture. I am showing much more now. I am planning on taking another one this week since I am 12 weeks now.

Lets just say at this point Wade is NOT excited about this baby. Before we got pregnant if we asked him about a baby he would say he wanted a "sister to play blocks with." Well this has now changed. Now when asked if he wants a brother or sister almost all of the time he will say "I don't want anything!" When you ask where the baby is going to sleep he says "at her house" and here's the best part. When you ask where her house is he says "in Greenville!" How in the world my 2 year old came up with this I do not know. All he knows is we sometimes go to Greenville to visit friends and Peedy the Pirate lives there. So my Greenville friends I guess our next baby may be living with one of you guys.

If you ask him what is in my stomach he will usually say "a sister" and he says her name is "Abby." No we are not using the name Abby if it is girl. He got the name Abby from his Elmo book!! One day I randomly asked him what he would do if his "sister" cries. I thought he was going to have this sweet answer for me. Not Even Close. He said he would "hit her or knock her down." Oh my poor 2nd child; I hope you are a tough one! Wade will be about 35 months old when the baby is born so I am really hoping all this changes and he will start to get excited about a brother or sister. Even though Wade always says "sister" Josh and I really feel like this is a little boy!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Wade (and Josh and I) have been waiting to share this with you...

Wade is going to be a big brother!!!! ( I could not get him to sit still or smile. He has only worn his shirt one time and these were the best two pictures I could get. I am going to try again tomorrow!)

I know some of you already know this but just in case you didn't...we are pregnant!! We knew we wanted to wait until after our trip to Jamaica to start trying again. I have always wanted our kids around 3 years apart so we knew we better get trying. Plus we are all settled in our new house! (another reason we waited a little bit!!) Well we were pleasantly surprised that we got pregnant in June; our first month officially trying! We have been so blessed to have to gotten pregnant so easily both times. I am so thankful for this.

I didn't even have to take a test because I just knew I was. I was SOOO tired and I was actually getting in our bed and sleeping that entire week while Wade napped. The other reason I "knew" was because I was so irritable and I could tell I was not as patient as I normally was with Wade. Poor guy... one day he even said "You still mean mommy?" I kept trying to "talk" myself out of it and blame something else just in case I wasn't. I really didn't think it would happen again on the first try.

Well Josh got a great surprise on Father's Day Weekend (even though he was telling me I was the entire time.) I found out on Saturday, June 18th (three days before I even missed my period!) I took three tests and they were all positive!!! One had a really faint line so I bought two more. Before I took the test on Saturday I woke up nauseated and that's when I really knew for sure. I had taken a test 2 days earlier and it was negative but I figured it was just too early!

Saturday morning I took Wade out of the house so Josh could have some time alone and we went to Kohl's and got him a "Big Brother" shirt. When Josh got home from his facial (spoiled I know) Wade had his shirt on and I had the video camera going. Josh was SO EXCITED! We didn't tell Wade so he just thought we were giving daddy a Father's Day surprise. He kept saying "Surprise" and "Happy Father's Day." We can't wait to add to the Foltz family again!!! I am due on February 26th 2012!

Friday, August 12, 2011


It is pretty sad how excited I get on Friday's. I guess it is because I know Josh will be home all weekend. Wade has so much energy these days and it is so nice to have help on the weekends. So needless to say I am thankful for the weekends. We don't have anything planned this weekend and that makes me even more happy. I love lazy weekends at home. Here are a few random pictures from our week. Josh and Wade built a huge "house" one night in the playroom. Wade was so excited about his house.

I love this one...Wade was thinking hard about how he could stay up late with mommy and daddy. This was the day he took a 4 hour nap and I had to literally drag him out of bed at 520p. So you can imagine that he was not in bed at his 830p bedtime. We finally got him down close to 945p. I just can't imagine letting him stay up this late normally. I really appreciate his early bedtime and that Josh and I have a couple of hours together before bed. I just knew he was going to get sick since he slept so long but luckily he did not!

We really did not use the pool but once or twice in July. It has just been so hot. We went a lot in June and now we have started going at night after Josh gets home and it is the perfect time for us to go. It is not hot and I don't have to worry about sunscreen! We are hoping to use the pool a lot more in August.

This was Wade after his haircut yesterday. He said the funniest thing while we were there. The girl doing it must have asked me if I thought she took enough off because a few minutes later Wade says "I think that's enough now!" I couldn't believe he told her this. He said it twice and I was a little embarrassed. I guess he knew when it was short enough!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! (literally)

Wade has really gotten into movies these days. Right now at 28 months old his favorites by far are: Toy Story 1, 2 & 3. He has pretty much memorized these movies. Today he even says to me "Ride like the wind Bulls Eye" and then he will tell me who says it in the movie and what part of the movie. The things he can remember amaze me. He also said "You talking to me?" and told me this was from the movie as well. Well Buzz is his favorite by far. Josh came home from work two days ago with a big surprise for Wade. He bought him his very own Buzz...he is just like the one in the movie and Wade is on cloud 9. We have taken him everywhere. He loves to fly Buzz all around the house!

 I love that he says "To fenity and deyond" (deyond is so much cuter than beyond!)

Well two nights ago I just thought I would mention the big boy bed again and tell him that Buzz is a big boy too and he wants to sleep in Wade's big boy bed. Not for one minute did I think this would work. My parents were here and wanted to see his "new bed" too. Well sure enough what did Wade and Buzz do...they both climbed right on in and slept all night. The next day we made a big deal about it and he seemed happy too. Well not so much at nap time; he wanted his "baby bed" for nap time. I tried to bribe him back to his new bed but realized it wasn't worth the struggle. Well since that nap he has only been in his big bed. He slept great last night and took a 3 hour nap in it today. We are so proud of him and thankful for his new friend Buzz. Here is Wade on his first night in his new bed.

Of course the first thing he grabbed when he woke up was Buzz!

Even though I was pushing this transition it makes me a little sad because he is really growing up fast. Potty trained and sleeping in a twin bed means he is really a big boy now. Even though some days I would not admit this... I love this toddler age. He is so cute and still a little chubby (this makes me sad too because he is getting tall and has lost a lot of his little baby fat) and he LOVES him mommy lately so I am eating this up. He tells me every day "we are buddies" or "we are best friends" and gives me a hug. I need to video him more because I know one day when he is rolling his eyes at me I will want to go get a old video of my cute and sweet toddler who loves us!!

Here is our happy boy after his first night in his pirate room

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Saturday we decided to take Wade bowling for the first time. Ashley and Zach were in town and we also met Wade's little friend Chase and his family there. At first Wade loved it and was so happy. However that was short lived. After about 30 min he found the game room and that was it. He was much more happy running around and playing in there. Needless to say we only bowled one game. I think we will try it again for sure but probably when he is a little bit older.

We went to Ashworths for lunch. If you are ever in downtown Cary you must go there to eat. It has been there forever. Ashworths is a drug store that has a little restaurant in it.  It really makes you feel like you have gone back in time when you walk in. They have the best hot dogs, old fashioned milk shakes, orangeades and lemonade. I forgot to take my camera in....Josh was so happy I left it in the car! Here are a few pictures of Wade bowling. I thought he looked so cute with his little bowling shoes on.

Wade had so much fun "playing" the dance game

I am not sure how he got all these tickets but I am guessing Daddy and Mimi had something to do with it!

Donuts for Breakfast!

Friday morning Josh was working in Apex so we decided to meet him for breakfast before the gym. Now don't judge but Wade has never had a donut. I know it is a little strange that he is almost 2.5 years old and has never eaten one. We are just not big donut people...we would rather eat cookies or ice cream!! So we decided to take him to Dunken Donuts. He was so excited to get one with "sprinkles." He has had one of the little white powered sugar ones at my parents house but that can't compare to a "real" donut. Josh was totally embarrassed because I brought my camera. I thought we should document for the blog!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Emerald Point

My mom was off on Tuesday and had this great idea that we should take Wade to Emerald Point. I have been wanting to take him but I was not brave enough to do it by myself. Josh and I wanted to take him but we knew that it would be way too busy on the weekends right now. So...when mom mentioned it we decided to take him. Well he LOVED it. He loved all the slides, the kiddie pools and really loved the big wave pool. We met Kelly (one of my very best friends) and her boys there. They live about 20 min away and we do not get to see them as much as I would like. We packed our lunch and spent the day there. It was the first day ever that Wade has skipped his nap (don't judge nap time is really important in our house!!) He did great, he only had a few moments of whinny behavior but by about 2pm he was over being really tired and he made it until 4pm. He was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. We even went to see Ashley at work and we carried him through the hospital and he stayed asleep the entire time we were there. He was worn out. I can't wait to go back with Josh. I took lots of pictures but here are some of my favorites.