Monday, September 15, 2014


Well we are surviving the first couple of weeks of school around here. Wade is loving K and is pretty excited to go each day. He has been a little more tired than normal but he really has adjusted better than I ever thought he would. The first week was the worst but he really wasn't that bad. One night he cried because we gave him water for dinner-haha he always drinks water :) I have to say it has been an easier transition than I expected. He is doing well and seems to be learning a lot too. He does go to bed early and that seems to really help. We usually have him down by 745p. His sister has been missing him and gets so excited when it is time to go pick him up! He loves drama and computer specials the best. He was so excited last week because an older boy told him he was "fast" on the play ground. Here are two pictures from the night before K.

These pictures still almost make me tear up!!

WK is really liking school too. Just last week when we were walking home she randomly says "I love my peeschool!" However the first day of school she did not want to go and we got the best pictures of her proving that. Some days she will still say "I not go peeschool today!" but she does go and she always comes home happy :) Her teachers seem great and they say she is adjusting and behaving well which makes this momma happy. At home she is 2 years old in full force. Wade called her "little Shannon" the other day when she was whining and I couldn't help but to laugh and call Josh. Josh of course agreed with him. This weekend though her name has changed to "little cray cray (crazy)" and "little fireball!" She was a pistol to be around this weekend needless to say. My girl knows what she wants and if she doesn't get it when she is ready she will let everyone else in the entire world know it to. Loud is an understatement. Its funny what age will do because Wade is at the sweetest age and I can tell he is working so hard on good behavior and wild woman could care less. So maybe just maybe 5 is the magic age where it just clicks :)
Typical WK!!

This one will be in her senior year book for sure! Her very first day of school picture :)

We are loving this cooler weather and I LOVE that I can walk both kids to school. It is amazing not to sit in carpool for the moment. I know when it is freezing that may change but for the next couple of months we love walking. Wade has started tball and really loves playing. Josh also started playing soccer for the town of Apex and poor guy got hurt last night in his game. It was only his 2nd game so I am hoping his muscles will heal quickly so he can play again. I am waiting another month or two but then I will start WK in gymnastics-probably after October (its always a busy busy month for us!)
And just a few of my favorites!! Until next month :)

And all because we told her "No" Poor child hears the word "no" and immediately she falls face first into the floor and acts so pitiful! We turn our heads and laugh-parenting at its finest right there!!