Monday, September 26, 2011

18 Weeks!

How Far Along:  18 weeks

Size of baby: 6.6 in and 6.7oz (Westin is a little bigger than average, she was 8oz on u/s Friday)

Gender: It's a girl....Westin Kate

Maternity Clothes: Yes- shorts and pants. Wearing some regular tops and some maternity. Still wearing my regular dresses.

Weight Gain: not sure exactly but somewhere around 6lbs- finally starting back exercising this week!!

Movement: Yes, but only a few times, nothing regular yet.

Sleep: This is a hit or a miss still. Some nights I sleep horribly and some nights I sleep great. I am always awake by 6:00am for some strange reason??

Symptoms: Still have earache's and a scratcy throat, I am starting to think this is just going to stay with me :(
The abx don't seem to be working. However on a positive note it seems that most of my morning sickness is FINALLY gone. It only took 17 weeks!! I am still living on Tums as well.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach!

Cravings: No cravings but I can tell my appetite has really started to increase this past week.

What I am looking forward to: getting to the half way mark in two weeks!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's still a GIRL!!

Today we had our anatomy ultrasound. We were so thankful that everything looked good on ultrasound. We saw two arms/legs, fingers and toes, and heard a good strong heartbeat of 146! We were also excited because we got to have second look to make sure she is really a she. I feel so much better after today; we got two great shots and it is indeed a little girl. So thankful that Westin Kate looked healthy!!

My mom and sister went with us and we took Wade. He was so excited to see the baby. He kept asking me "you going to lay on that chair?" and then he would say "we see baby's heartbeat?" He has heard her heartbeat before with the doppler at home and he put two and two together that we were going to hear the heartbeat again today. The sweetest thing happened. I told Wade yesterday "maybe she will wave to you" and he would get so excited last night and this morning and say "maybe she will wave to me?" Well I was really hoping she would throw her little arm up so we could tell him she waved. Sure enough only about a minute or two into the u/s that little arm and hand went right up and it looked just like a wave. The u/s tech got a great picture of her "waving" and froze it on the screen and told Wade to look. He was SO EXCITED that she actually waved to him (we were too!!)

He was really funny and actually pretty good going to his first appointment.  He was a little loud in the waiting room but had everyone in there laughing at him. When she called us back he says "mommy sit on the chair...but not me!" Then he said again "but not me" bless him, he wanted to make sure she knew it was not a appointment for him. He was also worried about the gel she put on my belly!! Poor guy has to go today and get two shots and I am already dreading it :(

Westin Kate measured right on track. I am 17 weeks and 5 days and she measured one day ahead at 17wk and 6 days. Right now she weighs 1/2 a pound. Our little peanut!! I have been thinking she is smaller than Wade was because I have not started feeling her move yet. I was feeling Wade move when I was just over 16 weeks. I went back and looked (this is why I LOVE blogging!!) and Wade was MUCH bigger than her. I had my u/s with Wade at 18 wks and 4 days and he was 11.5 oz. Westin was 8oz today. I can't believe he was this big at 18 weeks. Westin measured one day ahead and our big boy measured 2 weeks ahead. He has just been big from the beginning!! Maybe this is a good thing and I will have a 7lb baby this time!! We are so thankful for a good report today and so excited to see our sweet girl!! I even had to go out and buy a couple of little things today for her. Wade managed to get a few cute things too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am not sure who is more excited about school...Wade or me! Wade started school on Monday (Sept. 19th) and he did great. He immediately walked in and went right to the train table and started playing. I had to make him give me a hug and a kiss. I was worried because we missed the first week but he teachers said you would have never known it was his first day. Of course he loved outside time and he talked about lunch time. He told me "that girl had a pop tart and it had sprinkles!!" I LOVE that they take their lunch. They go from 9:15-12:15 and eat lunch at 11:45am. It works perfect because once we get home it is close to nap time and I don't have to worry about lunch. If I don't get him down by 1pm he gets overly tired and does not nap.

There are 12 kids in his class and three teachers. I think its great that they have three teachers in the two year old room. He was most excited about taking his lunch in his new lunch box. Mom got him a toy story lunch box and he thought he was pretty cool. He never wants his picture taken and for some reason he was so excited about taking "first day of school pictures," he even stood and posed for a couple!! He goes back tomorrow and seems pretty excited about it. I am hoping he has a great day tomorrow too.

Wade did embarrass me pretty bad on his first day. We were in the hallway waiting to go in and some mom's were introducing their kids to Wade. Well the one mom says, "this is Hillary" so I told Wade to say "hi" to Hillary and what does he say..."Hey Boobie" pretty much as loud as he could. I was so embarrassed and just apologized and made him say "hi" again the correct way! Oh this boy is going to keep us busy.

I guess it was a good sign that Wade did not want to leave his room when we got there to get him. I was the second mom in line and we ended up leaving last because he decided to stay in the room a little longer. Bless his heart he thinks I wait outside for him while he is in school. He says "you wait outside for me?" and sometimes he asks if I wait in the car for him. I told him yes I wait for you while you are at school (just didn't mention that I wait at home) I do LOVE the fact that I can now make hair appointments, OB appointments and run errands child free ( for the next 5 months.) It is so nice that I don't have to find a babysitter to do those things.

Wade was so happy that Daddy was able to come pick him up from school too!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My big boy!

I feel like I have been blogging so much lately about my pregnancy that it is past time for a Wade post!! He is just a mess these days. Overall he is pretty good but he has so much ENERGY and is really ALL BOY! He can be the sweetest thing one minute and then he is like a raging animal the next. I know that this is due to the fact that he is almost 2.5 (well I hope so at least!) He has been talking for awhile now but just in the past month or so he has advanced even more in talking. It is so nice we can have a entire conversation with him; he is like a little person now. Now this will bore most of you but here are the funny things he has been saying the past few weeks.

  • "See all my toys, its a mess."
  • "come on upstairs and play with Wade"
  • "I can't be a big brother ANYTIME!"
  • "Aww you don't have chocolate?"
  • "you got a mad face still?"
  • " I stay at Mimi's house just 5 more minutes!"
  • "30 more minutes to play"
  • "but not now," he says this when he doesn't want to go somewhere...then he says "we go there next week!"
  • "Best friends...ever"
  • "Orange is my favorite color in the whole world" (this week it is white and it was blue last week!!)
  • "You paying bills mommy?" (I must do this too much)
  • "guys lets roll" ( I have no idea where he got this from, he told this to Josh when he was ready to go!)

I forgot to blog about Wade hurting his eye last month. He was running and playing and ran down the hall into the playroom and tripped and hit the corner of his eye on the bottom (hard) part of our couch. I was at work so I didn't see it but he had a nice red/black eye the next day. He was so tough and only cried for a few minutes Josh said. I think this was his "first" real accident and I hope it is his last for awhile.

He also said something that I was not proud of but I wanted to blog about it so I wouldn't forget. We were at the beach and he asked why he was getting a baby and I said "Because God wanted to give you a baby." Well I didn't expect to hear a response but he says "Well then God would be mean!!" Bless this sweet baby's heart. I will say this week he seems a little more excited and ok with having a sister. I did explain to him that God was not mean and that God was giving him another friend!!

In other big news Wade is going to start preschool on Monday. He has been on a couple of waiting list for preschools in Apex but I found one in Cary (only 10 min away) that had a spot open in the M/W class. He will go for 3 hours and he has to take his lunch. That makes me smile; I can't wait to see his little self carrying his lunch to school. They only do this in the 2yr old class because they are all hungry before 12p. He goes from 915-1215p. We went today for a tour and I was really pleased with it. He will have Chapel once a week and music class weekly. They get outside time each day and do a craft each day as well. He already says "you stay with me on Monday mommy?" I am a little worried about leaving him but I really think he is going to love it. I think he is so ready for this. He needs some socialization and some STRUCTURE!! I LOVE our playgroup and we will keep doing that but I want him to have a little stuctured play/learning a couple times a week too.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Westin's Party

When we first told my mom and sister we were pregnant, Ashley immediately asked about doing a gender party. I thought it would be a fun idea and some of our family had never been to our new house so it was a great time for them to come see it. We did it last Saturday afternoon at 3pm and had finger foods and cake.

Everyone got there and we all ate and then it was time to cut the cake. About half of the people knew it was a girl and the other half were surprised. We just couldn't keep it from our parents or my sister (plus she was the one doing the cake!) The inside of the cake had a layer of pink icing and everyone was so excited. Most people were guessing a girl anyways so they were happy to see pink. We got some REALLY cute clothes for Westin Kate! It seems so strange to see all this pink stuff. There is so much cute stuff for girls to wear and it is almost overwhelming. Boys are so easy to dress...polo's and shorts or jeans. I have never had to think about matching tights, shoes and hair bows so this will be a fun/new experience!!

Here are some pictures from our party.

16 Weeks

How Far Along: 16 weeks (I am actually posting on time this time!) I have always heard you carry girls different and boy is that true for me. With Wade I was mostly all out in front and this time I am already carrying her "wider" if that makes sense. I feel like I am growing side to side just as much as I am growing out!

Size of baby: 4.6 in and 3.5oz

Gender: It's a girl....Westin Kate

Maternity Clothes: Yes- shorts and pants. Wearing some regular tops and some maternity. Still wearing my regular dresses.

Weight Gain: 4.5 lbs- I have really popped out this week too. I did the same thing with Wade but at 20 weeks!

Movement: I really thought I felt something once or twice but nothing regularly yet

Sleep: This is a hit or a miss still. Some nights I sleep horribly and some nights I sleep great. I am always awake by 6:00am for some strange reason??

Symptoms: Headaches seem to have gotten better!! Nausea comes and goes, still throwing up at least once a week or so :(  Acid reflux...lets not even go there. Still having some throat and ear pain but its better. The round ligament pain is here!!

What I miss: feeling good, I do not want to complain but between the nausea, acid reflux, and sinus infection I haven't felt the best. However if it means a healthy baby I'll take it!

Cravings: not too many of these...I did want some skittles one day this week but didn't get any!

What I am looking forward to: having our anatomy scan next Friday and making sure she is growing and healthy! Also getting a second look to make sure "she" is really a "she!"

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby # 2 is a.......

So even though I am only 16 weeks we decided to go ahead and share what we are having. I go back in a couple of weeks and I will feel much better after "double checking" again. However we asked the US tech about sharing this early and she really felt pretty certain about the sex of our baby. Our sweet baby gave us two really good shots so we are trusting her expertise on this one. If we go back in a couple of weeks and find out she was wrong for some reason we will all get a good laugh!! We don't care either way boy or girl as long as we have a healthy baby.

So here is the name we will be using for baby #2....

Westin Kate!!!

I have to say we were both pretty shocked. I have always thought we would have 2 boys and boy was I wrong. I was wrong with Wade to...I thought early on he was a girl. I guess I had them mixed up. I was watching the screen and said "oh are those boy parts" and she said hang on one second let me get a better shot. Then she says "nope those are girl parts" She showed me the three little lines and got a great shot. It does look totally different than Wade's U/S pictures. I am still a little nervous to tell just because it was so early. I am also a little nervous about having a girl. I am so used to "boy everything" and I am not sure what to do with a girl. Really though we would have been just as excited with another boy. I am thankful that Wade was first and that she will have a big brother. I always wanted a big brother. We really haven't bought her much; (a couple of really cheap outfits) I am waiting until after our 18 week scan. Now my mom and sister have gone crazy. I think they are more excited than me. A girl makes since considering I am STILL SICK! She is making her presence known already. I did get a little sad because I know this is most likely our last baby and I have so many boy things that I can't use. I don't mind buying new stuff but it makes me sad because Wade is growing up and will never use those clothes/blankets again :(

Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog help

I would love to hear what you guys think about our names but for some reason I can't get the comment section to work, when I changed my template it stopped working. So if anyone's knows how to fix this please let me know. When I try to comment it tells me I don't have permission to do so. Even though I have it set up so anyone can comment?

So I just tried it again and it will let you comment under "your name" or anonymous. For some reason you still can't comment under google account? At least I know it works now!

Baby Names

Its funny because most girls I know love talking about baby names. I remember even in high school we would "pick our baby names" and share them with each other. It is so funny because over the years the names I always thought I would use are not the names we have picked for our kids. Josh and I agree on a lot of names thankfully. He tends to like the more "normal" or popular one's and I like the names that are not very common.

Now with that said Wade was a name we both LOVED because it was not popular at all. We even researched it and it had not been on the top 100 list in many many years. Actually not since the 1970's. Since we moved to Apex we have met two Wade's. One lives in our cul-ti-sac (he is 12) and the other is actually in Wade's Sunday school class. I never thought he would go to church with another Wade. Our Wade is "blonde Wade!" After this week though he will go back to being the only Wade at church because Josh, Wade and I are moving to the Apex campus. Our church is HUGE and it is launching a third campus and we decided to move because it is in Apex and we wanted to be part of the core group starting this church. Most of our close couple friends from church are moving too so we think it will be great for all of us!!

Baby #2 has actually had his/her name picked out for awhile now. Even before we found out we were pregnant. We decided we wanted to stick with a "W" name because I have LOTS of cute monogrammed clothes and bags and I wanted to be able to use them again. Well it took us a little while because "W" names are hard. There are not many that we like...especially for girls. The name we picked ironically works for a boy or a girl. I have always loved boy names for girls. I love Ryan for a girl or Charlotte/Charlie; I just think it is so cute. Thankfully Josh liked this idea too. So here are our names for sweet baby #2....

Westin Hayes


Westin Kate

If it is a boy I wanted him to have the exact same monogram as Wade. Wade is Wade Harrison. For a girl I just needed the "W" because I wouldn't be using the boy clothes anyways.  I love my handmade diaper bag and it has a "W" on it too. I also have a couple of sleepers that could go either way and they have "W's" on them. And you know their bathroom towels will have to have a monogram on them as well! Josh loves my addiction. If it is a girl we will probably call her both names "Westin Kate" at least for a little while. I just love using a double name for a little girl. A double name, a big hair bow, and a smocked dress....oh a girl would be expensive! We went back and forth with how to spell Westin but we decided we like it best with a "i." Westin is a little more popular for a boy name than Wade but we love it. However I have not heard it yet for a girl.

And yes we do know already what this sweet baby is but that post will have to wait until tomorrow. We are having a little family party and doing a gender cake. We had a early ultrasound at 15 weeks and the baby had their legs spread wide open for us. Much more cooperative that Wade was. I know it is still early but the US tech was pretty certain about the sex. I will feel better after our next ultrasound in a few weeks.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

So sweet

Wade has been so sweet the past few days so I just had to blog about it. When he wakes up each morning he has wanted to hug me and then he gives me this big smile. When we lay in our bed together to watch cartoons he will just move close to me and put his arm around me and usually give me a couple of kisses. Today he leaned down and kissed my leg and says "do you feel better after I kissed you?" I am loving this behavior. Now don't get me wrong he still tried to hit me in Trader Joe's yesterday because I was trying to wipe something off his ear!! We had a LONG talk about hitting on the way home.

Before we went grocery shopping yesterday we went to the park. Wade met a little friend there. I think this was his first time meeting someone that he didn't already know. I love that he is really starting to interact and play with other kids. It is so cute to watch. Wade was SO good and nice to him yesterday and I was so proud. Sometimes he acts like a normal selfish 2 year old at the park but not today. He played so well and it was too cute. He kept pointing over to me and telling his new friend "that's my mommy," its the little things like this that make me smile!

He is also telling us "I will be right back" all the time now. He will say "you stay here" and " I will be right back." It always makes us laugh. He is getting so independent! He is going potty alone too. I have a little stool that he uses and he wants to do it alone. He just needs help getting his underwear pulled down and up.

Nap time has been interesting lately. Wade now wants to get out of his bed and sleep on the floor with his animals. I tried to tell him he can put his animals on his bed but he wants to sleep on the floor. He actually sleeps great there and the past two days has slept for 3 hours. The first day he did this I moved him and he woke up and did not go back to sleep. So for now we are just leaving him on the floor!

He has also started wanting to answer the phone when it rings. It is too cute. He can't say L's great so he says "Hewwo" Last night I went to see my friend Claire who had sweet baby Haley a couple of days ago. Haley is so sweet and cute- I forgot how little they are when they are born. Well on my way home I called Josh and Wade answered the phone. He says "Hi mommy" and then he says the best thing "I miss you." I thought Josh told him to say it but when I got Josh back on the phone he said it was all Wade. He made my day....I hope this sweet behavior sticks around.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

We had a great Labor Day Weekend. We were getting a little worried that we may not get to the beach because Wade and I were getting over sinus infections but luckily we were better by Saturday. We left Saturday morning and headed down to N. Myrtle to Josh's parents place. Our "summer plans" were to go once a month to the beach but that of course changed in June when we found out I was pregnant. July and August were ROUGH for me so needless to say we had not been to the beach since June. Wade was thrilled and talked about it all Friday night. I am so thankful we were able to go and that we get to go one more time in October before it gets cold. October is my favorite time of the year to go. I love that it is warm during the day and cool at night. Plus it is usually never very crowded.

We spent most of the afternoon on the beach Saturday and came in for a late nap. Wade and Peyton had so much fun playing together. I always wanted a boy cousin and I love that they are getting to grow up together. We were all worn out by the end of the day. It is busy busy when you have 4 kids all 3.5 and under!! Not to mention I am just more tired these days. I really didn't feel too sick until Sunday night...I got sick at dinner. Saturday I had the normal headaches and acid reflux but I think the nausea is finally getting a tad better.

We went to Barefoot and ate and let the kids play one night. Wade loves the Carousel and he LOVED seeing the tigers. Sunday Josh had to go to New Bern for work...they had to work this weekend because of all the bad weather we have been having. We spent the morning on the beach and we missed having him around. Thanks to Josh's parents for helping out so much with Wade so I could sit under the umbrella some. The weather was perfect. We stayed until Monday and Monday evening my college roommate got married at Carolina Beach. We had a great time at the wedding and Wade did pretty well too. Luckily it was outside so that helped a ton. It was good to see old ECU cheerleader friends. It is always so nice to catch up with everyone. I am so mad I didn't take my camera to the wedding because Wade was so cute and funny. He even did the "worm" after he saw a little boy doing it. He was making everyone laugh and he loved the attention!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

14 weeks

How Far Along: 14 Weeks- Once again I am late posting...I will be 15 weeks this weekend!

Size of baby: 3.4in and 1.5oz

Gender: not sure yet...we find out this week! Most people are guessing a girl; but Josh and I feel like it is a boy.

Maternity Clothes: Yes- shorts and pants. Wearing some regular tops and some maternity. Still wearing my regular dresses.

Weight Gain: 1.7lbs...why round up if you don't have to!!

Movement: I really thought I felt something once or twice but nothing regularly yet

Sleep: This is a hit or a miss still. Some nights I sleep horribly and some nights I sleep great. I am always awake by 6:00am for some strange reason??

Symptoms: Headaches seem to have gotten better!! Nausea comes and goes each day still but I am taking my zofran only once or twice instead of three times a day. Acid reflux...lets not even go there. I also have a lovely sinus infection this week; starting my second Z pack to try to get rid of it!

What I miss: feeling good, I do not want to complain but between the nausea, acid reflux, and sinus infection I haven't felt the best. However if it means a healthy baby I'll take it!

Cravings: Ruby Tuesday's salad bar one day this week...this was my first time really wanting something. Most of the time I have a hard time trying to decide.

What I am looking forward to: finding out if we are having a boy or girl this week! We also know his/her name but we will wait until next weekend to share it when we have our gender reveal party. We are using the same name boy or girl so it makes it easy!!