Sunday, February 19, 2012

We have survived...

Well we have survived our first two weeks with a new baby. The sad thing is she has been the EASIEST part of it all. Between Wade being sick and just adjusting to his new life as a big brother and me getting sick I was worn out. Of course after having the lovely upset stomach I now have Wade's cold and have had no voice for the past 2 days. One day I am going to finally feel good again!! I really hope that I feel better before Josh leaves for his work trip on Tuesday.

WK has been doing great. She is still so sleepy but has been awake more the past few days. She does so well still at night and only eats every 4 hours. She is eating every 3 hours during the day. She only cries when she is getting her diaper changed or clothes changed. Her belly button fell off on V-Day when she was 8 days old. She is just like her big brother and loves looking at ceiling fans and lights. She LOVES to hear Wade's voice and will turn her head and look for him. We had her newborn pictures taken on Saturday and I can't wait to see them. Wade did not want his taken so I am not sure if we got any good one's with both of them but the one's she took of her were SO cute. She came to our house to take them and it was so nice not to have to take her anywhere.

We haven't taken her anywhere except outside and she went over to my parents house for the first time this weekend. We have only left her with her grandparents and the longest we have left her was for one hour while we went to Target. We took Wade to lunch today by himself and had a great time. I am trying to wait until March to take her anywhere inside. Today Wade was so sweet with her. When she cries he will always say "its ok sister" and today he said "its ok sister; I love you!" Sometimes he will say "I have to take care of my sister" when she is upset.

WK does the funniest one would ever believe me so I am glad I have three witnesses. Josh, Josh's mom and my friend Holly have all heard her do this. Sometimes when WK is sleeping she will laugh or chuckle in her sleep. It is like she is dreaming about something funny. It is the cutest thing ever. She smiles in her sleep a lot but she has only done this chuckle a few times. Here are some pictures from our second week home.

This is how I found Wade napping on Valentines Day...he is always doing something to make me laugh!

 1st time in her bouncy seat

 Once again...our silly boy

 1st tummy time

Valentines Day 2012

We had a great Valentines Day this year. It was so different than the last few years because we stayed home and ate dinner. Josh and I usually go out to eat but because of this sweet new addition we stayed home. We didn't do much during the day but Josh got home early and surprised me with some new running shoes. I am so excited to start walking again. We had a great family dinner (thanks to Nana-who cooked for us before she left) and then we watched Wade's new movie that we got him. Wade LOVES to have "movie night" and turn off all the lights and watch a movie. This was WK's first Holiday and she was 8 days old. Here are a few of our V-Day pictures. Wade was sick and did not want to cooperate with having his picture taken.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A few more pictures

I had to add this one of my sweet boy getting his Valentines ready for his party. I was so sad that he had to miss his school party because he was sick. He was so excited about his Valentines.

He has said the funniest things lately. Yesterday in the car he says, "My sister is not sour anymore" I said "What does that mean?" He said "she is not red anymore, now she is the color of a hot dog!" I guess because the redness and jaundice have gone away now she is brown like a hot dog!!

I still need to post about Valentines Day but we had family movie night because Wade got a new movie. Well while we were watching it he says "Daddy give WK to mommy to hold" then he says "See (as he shows us his hands) my hands are empty, you need your hands empty like mine!" I think he is a little jealous when daddy holds her.

Josh travels over night for work twice a year. Of course this month would have to be one of those times he has to travel. He leaves next Tuesday for 5 days and I am so sad. Mom has not taken any time off yet to help us because she was waiting so she could take next week off. I am so glad to have her stay with us but we will miss Josh for sure. Wade is going to be so sad that daddy will be gone for a few days. I am so thankful that we were all sick last week because there is not way I could have done it without Josh. I am hoping next week will be better.

We survived our frist week!!

So we have survived our first week home. I may regret saying this but Westin Kate has been the happiest, easiest baby ever. She never cries, she sleeps great, and is just so sweet. She will cry if she is wet/dirty and she cries when we change her clothes and that is really it. I had a hard time with her latching on last week (which shocked me because Wade never did) so I went to target and bought a nipple shield and it has made it so much better. I wish I would have thought of this earlier. With Wade being sick this week he has actually been so much harder than her. We were up more with him than I was with her. He is finally feeling and sleeping better. He is still acting out for attention-I am hoping this will soon get better. Here are a few things about our sweet girl.

She had her first doctors appointment when she was 4 days old. Things looked great. She was a little jaundice but not too bad and she had lost some weight but he didn't seem to concerned since my milk had just come in. She weighed 7lbs 10.5oz- I can tell that she has gained weight though because she felt heavy to me today. I bet she is close to her birth weight by now.

 On her way to her first doctors appointment!

She is so so strong. Wade was never this squirmy or strong. I cannot lay her down without her almost rolling over to her side. Her head is so strong and you really have to hold her tight.

To add to the sickness around here I must have picked up some kind of GI bug at the doctors office (its the only place I have taken her) because I have had a upset stomach the past 2 days and so has she. I hate that she got it too. She doesn't seem to feel bad and is eating great but she is just having lots of bad diapers. I am so ready for everyone to get better. I could tell a couple of times at night that her tummy hurt and I felt so bad for her. I feel better today so I am hoping she does too. Hopefully Wade won't get it.

She has been doing so well at night and she really sleeps most of the day. I cannot keep her awake during the day. Last night she only ate once during the night and it was wonderful. She went 4 hours between both feedings. I am really hoping that this doesn't change!!

I had my first two days alone with both kids and we did pretty good. We even managed to get to the park yesterday for a little while. It does take so much longer to get out the door now!!! I will never be on time anymore. I have had lots of help too and it has been wonderful. Josh's mom came and spent three days with us and it was so so nice. She was so helpful with Wade so I could rest and she helped with cooking and cleaning. Thanks Nana for everything you did, we really enjoyed it!! My parents have been so helpful too. They really haven't seen her so much but have been getting Wade almost every day for a little bit so he can get out of the house. Thanks so much to them and Ashley and Zach who have helped us too. Our great family and friends have all signed up to do dinners for us and we appreciate it so much. I haven't had to cook anything since she was born and it has been so helpful.

Monday, February 13, 2012

First few days...

Here are a few more from the hospital...she looks so little with Dr. A!

 Love my sweet family

Have I mentioned those cheeks

All ready to go home...

So you may want to just skip this post...just something for us to look back on one day when she is a big girl! We left the hospital around lunch time and got home on Wednesday at 1pm. Wade came running down the steps ready to see us. He was so happy to hold her but he had started coughing so it has scared me because I don't want her to get sick. He acted out for sure once we got home...trying to get some attention. He did not want to nap and we should have just let him stay up but we finally got him to sleep. I wasn't even thinking about his doctors appt and we had to wake him to get him to the doctors. He had been coughing and telling us his ear hurt. So poor Josh had to drag him to the doctor just screaming. Wade has been well this entire Fall/Winter until the week we bring a new baby home. He had a ear infection :(

I am just hoping she does not get sick. He has coughed on her and he had his fingers in his mouth and pulled them out and dripped spit all over her. Welcome to the world Westin Kate!!

Our first night home we had a horrible time at bed time. Poor Wade is so confused and doesn't feel good. I know if he felt better things would have been so much easier. We let him lay with us and he finally fell asleep around 930p. It just makes me so sad to see him sick. He wants to hold her all the time and is always bringing her toys. It is the sweetest thing...he will even share his special toys with her.

WK did pretty good her first night home-she didn't cry much just didn't want to sleep in her bassinet. At some point I picked her up (do not remember doing that) because we woke up to my alarm going off (it was time to feed her) and I was holding her and we were both sleeping. I was so scared when I woke up because I didn't remember putting her in bed with me. She ate about every 3 hours. During the day she ate every 2.5-3 hours and sleeps a lot. She never cries and is such a sleepy little thing.

This is what we did our first couple of days at home!

Day 2- she stayed awake for a little while in the afternoon. We gave her her first bath at home and she did pretty good. Didn't love the bath but she cried less than Wade did. She loved getting her hair washed. We went for our first family walk-she did great and loved it. It was nice to get outside for everyone. Wade said the funniest things when we were walking. I was walking on the road with her because it was less bumpy and he wanted to ride his bike on the road. We wouldn't let him so he stopped his bike on the sidewalk and looked at us and said "Its not fair!!!" He has never said this before but oh how true it is these days. We laughed so hard at him.

She seems to like her paci thankfully. My milk came in and she has been eating well. She goes anywhere from 2.5-4 hours. She has a little newborn congestion when she eats but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. She is such a sweet girl and has only cries when we change her diaper.

1st bath at home

Night 2 was one of those nights we will look back and laugh about. Wade was up all night crying/screaming because he just feels horrible and she was a little gassy and had three huge diapers and fussed a little bit. We were all in the same room and Josh and I just looked at each other and laughed. We were both so tired and we couldn't seem to get them happy. I think I slept maybe one hour the entire night. Thank goodness we have some help during the day.

Wade has made up a name for his new sister. He calls her "Bobby Westin Kate" and it is so typical for Wade. He told the security guard at the hospital that he had a brother and his name was "Bobby" The only person he knows named Bobby is Zach's dad!! His teacher at school asked mom if we named the baby "Bobby Westin!" Oh this kid just cracks me up. He loves her so much and has been perfect with her. He has been acting out with us and doesn't understand why all of our attention is not on him. Josh and I left WK with mom and dad the other night and took Wade by himself to Sonic to get ice cream. We watched a Mickey movie in the car and he had a great time. We are going to try to do this every week until he gets used to the transition. He keeps telling us "I'm the boss" or "your a bad girl/boy" and we just smile and correct him.


Of course we took so many at the hospital but here are a few favorites...

 Last family of three picture!!

 Our big girl-8lbs 5.8oz

She was so alert and so so cheesy!

1st time meeting his new sister-it was so sweet 

 Our sweet nurse who missed our delivery

 1st bath

 Love those sweet cheeks

 My babies!!!!!!