Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

So my goal was to blog once a is the 31st and this is my second blog post for July!! Even though it takes a little time I LOVE looking back at my old books from when the kids were babies. So so glad I started blogging when Wade was just a few months old. Talk about a tear jerker though-I just looked back at his 8 month post :( I know I am repeating myself but HOW is he going to Kinder in 3 weeks. This mama is just not ready for this. We are going to enjoy these last three week so much. I have to say we have had a GREAT Summer and the kids have gotten to do a lot of fun things!

Here is what we have been up to this past month: The first week of July we went to the Lake for the 4th and had a great time with our family. The kids love playing with Hayes and going for boat rides. WK hid under the towel for the start of the fireworks and then she warmed up to it and she kept saying over and over that "she loved the purple one the best!"

Here are some pictures from the Lake. WK rode the tube for the very first time but those pictures are on my big camera. She liked it ok...she was much more afraid at 2 than Wade was but hey she tried it. Wade loves to ride the tube and he also tried to ski for the very first time (however we won't talk about that!) Basically a lot of water in the face and nose = not a happy 5 year old!) This was the first Summer than we had a full blown fight about who would drive the boat. Sassy pants right here didn't want anyone else but herself driving with Pops.

I remember when Wade could barely see over the top of the door :(

Cousins!! Happy July 4th!

The 2nd week of July Josh and I went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico!! (without kiddos!) It was amazing and we had the best time with 2 of our best friends Carrie and Brandon. This was our third trip out of the country with them and we had a blast. It had been 3 years since we have traveled like this so it was time. We are hoping to travel with them yearly from now on. The kids did great and spent two days with my parents and three days with Josh's parents. Lets just put it this way-they cried when we got home and not because they were so happy to see us. They cried because they didn't want to leave Nana and Poppy's house. Oh and it didn't stop there-Wade woke up the next morning and cried for 20 minutes because he "couldn't take it anymore" he said "I have to go back to Nana and Poppy's house right now!" Note to self lets make our next trip 6-7 days please :)
We came home and had a week to relax and then the third week in July Wade finished up swim team and went to VBS at his old preschool. He loved it was so sad when it ended. He is getting so excited about going to school which makes me a little happier about everything. WK is so excited too she will say "my school, my school!" when we go by there. She is talking so much and learning something new every day. She sings her ABC's all the time now and knows some of her letter too. Just the other day on tv they asked what number is this and I heard her little voice say "eight" and she was right! I had no idea she knew her numbers. I know tv isn't great all the time but both of my kids have learned quite a bit from watching some tv. Here are some of my favorite pictures from July!
Here are a few more from the Lake!

This is an old one but I laugh every time I see it; this is the face Wade made every time we looked at him during his performance at school. He told us he could sing in front of other mom and dads but was too embarrassed to sing in front of us!
Here is Dora/WK :) This child LOVES Dora and when we saw this mask/cape in Mexico we knew we had to get it for her. Wade got the spider man one but he wasn't in the mood for his picture being taken.

We love Summer nights at the park. I love Fall and am getting more ready for Fall weather but I know I will miss Summer once its cooler.

Time for a little dance party

Not only did Wade get a back to school lunch box but Westin Kate just "had" to have one too.

Chase came over for his very first play date alone. He has been over a million times with his mom but this day she let us bring him home from VBS and spend a few hours at our house. Everyone had a great time.

Last weekend we had a lazy weekend and home and had some time to squeeze in a quick trip to Marbles. The kids had a great time.

Ice cream sandwiches on the porch after dinner last Sunday night.

My big 5 year old ready for action. WK was a MMO so this was today when I had a few hours with just him. I have loved those Thursday mornings. We went to Toys R Us to get two new water bottles for school.

Can't believe tomorrow is August already. I have got to get some pictures of the kids swimming before the end of the Summer. WK has been saying the funniest things and one thing I don't want to forget is whens he says "neva neva (never)drop paci in the potty again!" she did this by accident one day last week and it made her so sad. She loves that paci. So now when she wakes up and goes potty with her paci she takes it out of her mouth and finds a special place in the bathroom for it so it is safe. She also says "I good girl I not hit" every time we pick her up from  MMO or the gym daycare. It really traumatized her that day she got in trouble at the gym daycare. Poor thing is so worried about getting in trouble again. We keep telling her how she is a "good girl" but she will not forget that day she got in trouble :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And a few more :)

Wade and his best buddy Chase playing soccer this Spring-Josh and Chase's dad were the coaches and these boys are old enough to play for the town of Apex. Its crazy that they are 5.
Maybe WK will be a photographer...

And lets just all wipe a tear away-this is Wade when he started in 2 year old preschool on the left and on the right was his last picture in 4 year old preschool :(

Preschool best friends-Sebastian and Collin  ( and of course little sister!!)

 Here is one of my very favorite pictures of these two-our first beach trip of the season-we went down to Josh's parents place for Memorial weekend and we just went down this past weekend. We try to take the kids once a month during the Summer months and in the Fall.
So if she isn't a photographer maybe she will study fashion. It was only 80 degrees this day so she picked out her tank top and shorts with her boots with the fur (pretty sure there is a song about that!!) Lets not forget her pocket book for the day. I love this because I never carry purse or hardly even dress up anymore and she is so girly and wants to all the time! She will say "oh no my hair bow" if it is falling out or we don't have one.

After soccer ended we started swim team at our pool and I LOVE it. Even if its not something he loves and wants to continue for years that is totally fine with me. I really just want him to do it for a couple of years so he can be a strong swimmer. We are around water so much and it is so important to us that our kids swim well. With the beach and the lake and Josh's parents having a pool it tends to make me nervous. Here is Wade at his very first swim practice and first time jumping off the block. He had a meet last night and he did really well.

Silly Wade at his 5 year check up. He did great and didn't even cry when he got his shots. We may or may not have bribed him with a milkshake afterwards. He is growing up too fast. The one with his new book bag makes me so sad. How is he going to Kindergarten...we only have 54 days until school starts!

Ready for brothers last soccer game. Please don't let Josh take our kids to Dicks. Our two year old came back with her own umbro soccer shorts, her own cleats and her own ball. I am sure she really did need them :)

Picture Post!!!

I have a "few" pictures from my cell phone that I wanted to go back and post on. The first two are from Easter 2014. This was the first year we let WK help with egg decorating. I think she loved it- Wade loves to dye eggs. This year we just used food coloring instead of those silly dye kits and they turned out so much better.

Such a girl already-she has her boa on and her purse in hand!

So sad that this is my only grandparent still alive. We really miss having them all around. WK wanted to be difficult-if you can even imagine so my mom had to do in the picture too. Hope we have a few more years with Grandma!

Here is my sweet boy at our Moms day at preschool. His teachers gave us the cutest gifts and oh how I love that little smile and dimples.

Wade and Westin-Kate got asked to be in a fashion show. Wade was so bashful and I thought WK would do horrible but she walked right on down by herself and even did a little turn and walked right back. She was so cute! Wade did great too but he said he "didn't want people to look at him!"

Our poor back yard is a work in progress these days. It was SO overgrown and we still have weeds everywhere. We finally got the weeds out of the patio and cleaned it up a little so we let the kids eat dinner outside for the first time. They think its so fun to do this and I love that the kitchen doesn't get so messy :)

This one is a little fuzzy but here is WK and all her glory...Pocket books on the potty is the new trend!

Nana and Poppy came and brought Peyton for the day and these kids had a great time. My little monkeys.

Here are my sweet babies on Mother's Day-we went to church and stopped by the park on the way home after lunch. It was a great day.

And...this is how these two sleep. We moved to a 5 bedroom house and they share a room and I love it! WK does have her own room but they just play in there mostly. She naps and sleeps in Wade's beds. I know they won't like doing this for too many more years but I am so glad they enjoy it now.