Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Well I am happy to say that a month has not gone by this time. Things are fun and busy but we just love this Holiday season. The house is well....taking forever! At this rate I feel like we will be in by Christmas next year. I have to say though even if it is crazy at my parents house it is nice to be there for Christmas and not worrying about decorating. It is a nice break this year and we are able to slow down and enjoy things a little more.

We had a great Thanksgiving and we have so much to be Thankful for. We spent lunch with my parents, sister and her family and my cousin and her daughter. It was fun having a one week old baby around too! Hayes is still so sweet and they are all doing well and I love being an Aunt again. I really miss my niece and nephews that live in Clemmons, NC and it has been nice to have a new nephew just 5 minutes down the road. Josh and I have been loving the fact that we hold him and play with him and give him back when he needs to eat. It is so fun having a little baby around but we are thankful it is not us doing it this time.

We packed up and headed to Winston after lunch time and had the best time with Josh's family. We always do lunch with my side and dinner with his side and it works out so nice. The kids nap in the car so we have a quiet car ride every year. One day they will grow out of those naps and we will be so sad. Wade doesn't nap much at home but he will fall asleep in the car. It was loud and crazy with 5 kids under the age of 6 but it is always fun. Josh's mom cooks the best meal and we just enjoy playing and eating. We put the kids to bed and Josh and I went out shopping. The stores opened up at 8pm this year on Thursday so we shopped from 9p-12a and actually got most of our shopping done. I only have one more present to buy!

Friday and Saturday we spent a lot of time playing and relaxing and visiting the great grandparents. Wade also had his first sleep over at his cousins house. Kendal has been wanting to have him over and he LOVES them especially Peyton and was so excited. We wanted to try it when we were close for the first time in case he did get scared and need us. He did great. Besides his grandparents he has never spent the night anywhere so this was a big deal for us :) I had to leave Saturday afternoon to get to work but Josh and the kids stayed and had a blast. I was SO sad because I missed the train ride with Santa. They took all 5 of the kids to Spencer, NC and they had a train ride with Santa and his elves. Wade loved the hot chocolate and cookies best. I was just glad Josh got a picture of both kids with Santa. The mall did not go well this year our little one did not cooperate and not only that she was HORRIBLE at the picture place and we could not even get one picture of the two of them. So this year the Foltz family will not be sending Christmas cards. She screamed and cried (in her defense she did not feel well) and we couldn't even sit her down with Wade. Wade of course did great and smiled so nicely. I am going to try to take one of them at our new house soon and maybe mail those out??

Mom got her tree up and the kids are loving it. WK is being really good and has not messed with it very much at all. Our elf Jack Frost "Jack" is back and Wade is really excited about him. I just hope we remember to move him!! Wade had a Thanksgiving program at school and they got to pick their own Indian names and you will never guess what he picked...."Steaming Fast Red Fox!!" We just laughed and laughed when he told us his name that he picked. He sang great and we were so proud. He is also having a nativity program and they got to pick their character and our outgoing boy picked Joseph. He looks so cute in his pillow case costume. He is having that next week and we can't wait to go watch. Wade LOVES his sister so much and she has not been very nice to him lately and he was so sad the other day. He asked me "mom can you put her in time out and then give me a hug!" Some days she says "Wade" all day and loves him and some days she does not want him around. She will say "No" and try to hit him. Wade is so sweet and sensitive and Westin Kate is not at all.

WK is talking so much more and saying a lot of things. Today she said "hat on" and she says "oh me" all the time. Sometimes when we tell her "no" she will say "oh me" in the cutest little voice. She actually went poop on the potty today but I think it was an accident. I saw she was getting ready to go and we ran into the bathroom and she did it. She is not a big fan of the potty yet and at 22 months I am not going to push it yet. She says "I stink" when she is wet or dirty and its really funny. She also yells "UN UH" all the time if she doesn't want to do something. Some days though she is as good as gold and I could just eat her up. Then we have other days where I can just imagine what our teenage years are going to be like.

This weekend Wade has his second basketball game and he is pumped. He made 7 baskets at his last game and he was so proud of himself. We also have the downtown Apex tree lighting on Friday night with Santa and the Christmas parade on Saturday. We love that we can sit on our front porch this year and watch the parade. Sunday is the tour of homes and Dad and I are going to go. They have asked us to do it next year so I wanted to go this year and see the houses. Its a busy weekend but such a fun one. Christmas is so fun when you have two little kiddos to enjoy it with. I promise I am putting pictures up soon!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am trying not to let a month (or two!!) go by without blogging. I still won't have any pictures yet since life has been crazy and I am SO behind on pictures etc. One day I will get it all together. One day many years from now :)

The kids had a great Halloween and have really been enjoying this Fall weather. Wade was Batman this year and WK was a cupcake. She was so proud of herself and her little bucket. Wade says Halloween is his most favorite time of the year because of the candy. WK was a big fan as well. We made it downtown this year and walked around for there "trick or treat" day. All the stores pass out candy to the kids. My kids loved it but it was actually really crowded this year. It was so nice though that we got to walk downtown from our house. We also took them trick or treating to our old street and it was so good to see all of our old neighbors. WK tried to walk right into our old house- it made us a little sad. We have really missed our neighbors so it was great to see them some. The kids were worn out by 8pm but they had a great time.

Wade is finishing up soccer and actually starts basketball this week. He like soccer but I would not say he loved it. Bless his sweet heart he is not aggressive at all. He is great with the ball and can dribble so well but he will NOT go after the ball or try to take it away from anyone. He is such a sweet spirit and doesn't think it would be "nice" to take the ball away. Oh Josh just hates this, ha ha!! He would rather just wait for the ball to come to him! He is excited for basketball and is excited that he is playing with his best friend Chase. We are going to try soccer again in the Spring but we are doing it with the Town because he is finally old enough. I think he will like it better because it is outside this time.

WK well she is just Westin-Kate and she should have been a boy she is so crazy. My mom found her up on the island in the kitchen this week. She climbed the bar stool and got up there all alone. My mom calls her a "walking tornado" and that is pretty much the truth. This child pretty much destroys every room every day. She is still so smiley and sweet (most of the time!!) She is finally getting a little more hair and I don't even want to say it but it looks like it is curling up on the sides and around the back. It is a dirty blond color. She has much darker hair than Wade. Wade was white blond and curly but now he has lost his curls and his is turning much darker too. Its funny because I always wanted her to have blue eyes like Wade because I always wanted blue eyes growing up :) I have to admit though I LOVE her big brown eyes. She may not have much hair but she has these great big brown eyes that are so sweet.

The house is still a work in progress. Things have been moving pretty fast. We finally found an electrician and we decided to have the entire house re-wired to get rid of all the old nob and tooth wiring. It took forever to find someone to do the work but we are so happy with this one. He has 4-5 guys that work for him and they have all been there working together which makes it go so much faster. It is pretty expensive but it is so worth it to us to have it up to code and have all new switches and outlets. Once they are finished we will finish with the wall and painting and then start on the floors and kitchen. The kitchen is all gutted and we have ordered our cabinets and counter tops. We can't wait to see it finished. We had a ton of landscaping done and it is a huge dirty mess but it looks so much better having all those old bushes and weeds pulled. We even found a really big stone patio under all the yard mess. We were pretty excited about that because now we have a place for our table and for a fire pit. We still don't know when we will finally get into the house but we are hoping by January at the latest. We added to our fence and now it goes almost all around our yard. We just have a  small part in the front yard to fence in. We can't wait to see the finished project one day. It may be years from now but hopefully it will all be worth it!!

And last but not least baby Hayes is here. Ashley had sweet Hayes early Friday morning. She actually worked all day and went in after work and they sent her home and told her she wasn't in labor. Well she proved them wrong because she came back in and had a baby in less than two hours. She did it natural because she labored at home so long she didn't have time for her epidural when she finally came back in. He is so cute and so quiet. I know he may not always be this way but the child has not cried for more than 5 seconds total. He is the most content baby I have ever been around.  He is really cute and looks so different than my kids. He is little and skinny and has a lot of hair. Mine were both chubby and big with hardly any hair. I am trying not to be a baby hog but he is so sweet you just want to cuddle him all the time. Hoping he stays this quiet for them all the time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I felt like I needed to dedicate an entire post on this subject. I have NEVER in my ENTIRE life seen so much stuff in one house except on TV on the show Hoarders. I feel like our life the past months could have been a reality show. We never imagined that buying this great big house would mean we had to move the older couple out and deal with EVERYTHING else that they left for us. Every room was full and every closet was full. Every barn and shed (all 5 of them) were full. I mean floor to ceiling full in most of them. Boxes and stuff everywhere. I just can't even explain except that it has taken us a month and a half to clean out this house. We could have never ever done it without my parents. They have helped so much!! They have helped with moving everything, cleaning and watching the kids so much. We are so thankful!

We also could not have done it without Mr. Carl and his family/workers. He was the one who did the auction for us and he did so much. I don't think his 30% was nearly enough. It took his guys 3-4 days just to clean out 3 of the sheds/barns. Pictures don't even do it justice but I will tell you we are on our 5th dumpster and these are HUGE 40 ft dumpsters and that is just for the "trash." Josh took a large trailer full to Goodwill and we sold a lot at the auction/yard sale. They made a decent amount of money. They got out the best...they didn't have to do any work and still made money, haha. They were the smart one's in all of this. Of course we don't mind helping them because they just can't do it but it was a long long weekend. You just don't know how happy it makes me seeing our yard clean. We had tents and stuff everywhere that entire week.

We also have had a problem with people coming onto the property and trying to take things or even coming into the house. We had to hang a Private sign on the front door to try to keep people out. People have been trying to come in and buy stuff that is not for sale. I think because we had a three day sale there people just thought everything was for sale and that they could just come take things that were in the yard. Thankfully now everything is locked up outside and we head over there every night and lock the house once all the workers leave. We have painted the upstairs and done a lot of the trim work already and the plumbers finished last week. Now we are just trying to find an electrician to re-wire the house so we can finish up the upstairs. This weekend we pretty much got the back room done that we are using for our attic and started moving stuff in there. After we get the upstairs lighting done and the bathroom done we will be all ready to have the floors done and then we can start moving stuff up there. We still have a few inspection type things to get done and I am hoping we can do that this week sometime. We are also working on the kitchen now and that has been the most fun getting to pick all of that out. I can't wait to post some before and after pictures soon!!

Some old one's from our last lake weekend of the Summer!!

Back Again!!!

Well I am going to try this blogging thing again. I am ashamed to admit that my new computer that Josh bought me this past June is still in the box. This weekend we are getting it out I promise. For now I will just try to blog some at work. Honestly though it has been a nice little break from blogging and Facebook. I don't have an I phone (so behind I know!!) so I don't have any internet access now during the day until Josh gets home. I can't believe it has been two months since I last blogged but it has been the craziest two months ever!!! Here is what we have been up to...

We have bought a new house, sold our old house, moved most of our house into storage, moved the rest of our things and ourselves into my parents house, moved an elderly couple into their new house, packed up 1 million items from their old house and tried so hard to find a place for ALL of their stuff. Cleaned our 4 of the 5 sheds/barns at our new house, had an auction/yard sell to get rid of everything they could not cram into their new house, had a baby shower for my sister, went to the fair, celebrated Halloween with a school party, went trick or treating whew I am tired just thinking about how busy this past month has been. Oh we also started renovating our new house which means meeting plumbers, contractors, painters, electricians you name it we have had them in our house!! We just love making ourselves crazy. Even with all this going on we have actually had a lot of fun too. Oh Josh also turned 32 in the midst of this busy October month. We love love Fall and October is my favorite month but I think that for some reason it is also one of our busiest month's too!!

We LOVE our new house. It is our dream house and one day it will be so worth it. Right now it is still a little overwhelming but slowly it is getting there. I am just so thankful that we have finally gotten almost everything out of it that was Ron and Anne's (the elderly couple that we bought it from!) I think we have on more trailer load to take them and we will have it all at their new house. The shed's look amazing-you could not walk into any of the barns/sheds before because they were so full-now they are organized and makes my type A personality happy.

I have seen more "stuff" this past month and a half than I ever care to see. If I see one more box of junk I think I would just scream. It is so fun seeing it empty. We really do love our new house and we will love it more once we are living there. It is going just fine living with my parents but you can imagine moving our entire family into their quiet house has been a big change for everyone. It is just a season and I know in a month or three we will be living there. The kids have really really done well with all the added stress.

Wade is loving school and loves going 5 days a week. He had his little song fest this past week for Halloween and it was so cute. They wore their costumes and sang a few songs for the parents. Wade was Batman this year for Halloween. He is really into Super Hero's still and Ninja Turtles. I was actually shocked that he wasn't a Ninja Turtle but he picked Batman. I was happy with it because we already had the costume. He is so funny at 4.5 year old. We had a 1/2 birthday party for him and he told me "mommy you ruin all the parties!" he told me this because I made him go to bed, Ha! Such a bad mommy! He loves his sister so much and tells her she is the cutest girl ever. He loves sharing a room with her and even today I found him napping in her bed with her. He really doesn't nap much these days but occasionally he will once or twice a week. Wade is at such a great age we can take him anywhere with us and we usually don't have any issues with his behavior. He is so sweet and gets so embarrassed when I want to sit and hug him and kiss on him. He loves to run around our new big yard and climb trees and pretend he is a ninja. He is really fun to watch and still keeps us laughing. He is funny and his sister really takes after him. He LOVES ropes and tying things up and playing on the big dumpsters we have. Gross I know, he is all boy for sure. He has seven girlfriends this year and is very proud of that.

Westin Kate is so cute and so crazy. She is going to be 21 months this week and she is WILD. She is sweet as pie one minute and hugging and kissing and she is saying "bite" and being mean the next minute. We literally laugh at her all the time. She still doesn't like to talk but she can talk. She said "I do it" this week and has started saying "oh me" and "oh Wade" and it is so funny. The other night they were taking a bath and Wade was telling her all about his new boo boo and I heard her say "Oh Me!" Josh and I died laughing. She climbs on everything and falls all the time. She doesn't sit still for one minute and still isn't into TV. She will watch it for a minute if she has a snack but other than that she does not sit down. She has this huge brown eyes and the longest eyelashes and is finally getting some hair. It is coming in think and crazy and maybe a little curly. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be curly like Josh's. Everyone just loves her and makes a big deal over her and sometimes it really makes Wade sad. :( He will say "why didn't they tell me I am so cute!!" She is silly silly and her Sunday school teachers tell us every week that she just "runs the show" in her room. She is sassy and I am pretty sure a little bossy too. We just love her! Our favorite thing that she says is "Mo" "Mo" means "no" and she says it all the time. Its funny because I know she can so the N sound because she calls my mom "NiNi" instead of "Mimi" We always say, "Westin-Kate are you ready to go to bed?" Just to hear her say "Mo!!" She also says "Un-uh" all the time.

I am really going to try harder to keep this up. I do love looking back at our blog books and I really want to document our house transformation on here. Hoping to finally get some picture post done as well. I have a lot of pictures to get on here one day.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to a routine-Wade's first week of 4yr preschool!

I have to say I was a little worried about getting back from the beach and starting school the next day but thankful things have gone pretty well this week. We left Friday evening for the beach and the kids were so excited. Josh and I were also very excited because our house sold on Friday. We are so thankful that is sold (again!!) Hopefully these people will not back out-they are probably in their 50's and moving from Tennesse and they loved this house. We are closing on October 14th. I am thankful we have another month to live here.  We still haven't closed on our new house but hopefully we will be able to close by October 1st. We have been waiting to see if interest rates will go back down a bit but of course it seems like they are still up.

We had a great time and the beach. Wade still loves the pool more than the beach but he got to go on a long bike ride with Nana and Poppy and had a great time. He did great and even rode over 5 miles-his little legs were worn out after that. WK is still as wild as ever and loves the ocean and playing in the waves. Still fearless and buys!! My family was also down for the weekend so we got to spend some time with them as well. The kids always love having both sets of grandparents around to spoil them. We came home Monday afternoon and I don't know why we didn't wait until evening because traffic was horrible and the kids of course sleep less than 2 hours. They did great though considering it took us 4.5 hours to get home.

School started that Tuesday and I just knew Wade was going to have a blast in the Duck class but I was wrong. There is a little boy named Caleb in his class who is picking on him. He told us he pushed him, stepped on his toe, called him two names, hit him twice, and put mulch in his hair. All this happened on the first two days of school :( Josh and I were furious and of course emailed the teachers right away. We are hoping they will handle it so we don't have to get involved but rest assured if they don't handle it we will have no problem at all getting involved. That is something we are not going to tolerate in 4 yr old preschool.

Caleb was not in school on Friday so of course Wade had a great day. I am a little anxious to see what happens next week. I really didn't want to show myself the first week of school but now we are into the 2nd week so I will not have an issue at all :) Wade of course is too worried he will get in trouble if he tells on him but his teachers had a talk with him yesterday and we are hoping if it happens again he will go and tell his teachers. Of course Josh told him to "punch him in the face" which isn't a bad idea but probably not the best idea for preschool. I have a feeling Caleb and I are going to become good friends in the near future if he keeps this up. I told my mom I would have no problem getting in a 4 year olds face and telling him to leave Wade alone. Wade is so tender hearted and this has made him so upset. Hopefully though it will all work out his teachers will handle everything so Josh and I don't have to.

We started packing a little bit this past week and oh my how did we ever get so much stuff. It is insane how much stuff you can have after six years of marriage and after having two kids.  I have alsmost finished the kitchen which will be a huge help. I did get the dining room all packed except the furniture. We are getting movers this time who will move us into a storage unit but it will save time and money if we have everything boxed up. My goal this weekend is to finish the downstairs and get the attic mostly done. The attic is going to be a nightmare but we need to go through it all and have a yardsale. I know after we finish packing this house we will be so thankful that we are moving into our "forever" home. I will not ever want to see another box again.

They started painting the outside of our new house this week and it looks so good. I can't wait to see it when they get it all done next week. At least the outside is going to look good even if the inside is a mess for awhile. The landscaper starts sometime next week and that is where we are going to see the biggest difference. The yard is so overgrown and I can't wait to see it all cleaned up. It will take them a long time to get it all done but I know it will be worth it. We still need to find a tree company to come cut some huge branches that hang down on the house. Josh's company is going to start replacing the gutters sometime in the next two weeks. They are not your normal gutters they are internal ones so it is going to be a big and expensive project but one that has to be done. I will be so glad when we get all the outside stuff done (and paid for) so we can start on the inside!! Can't wait to post pictures soon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet the teacher and a boo boo!

Last night Josh and I went to open house/meet the teacher at Wade's school. I am SO excited for him. He is going to LOVE his teachers and they are really really getting them prepared for real school. He is going to have 18 kids in his class just like he will next year. There are 10 girls and 8 boys. Josh was working really hard on getting Wade excited about this ratio :) He has two teachers that will be in there all 5 days. Then he has three floater teachers. One will be in there 3 days (M,W,F) one will be there 2 days (T, Th) and one will be with them on Fridays. Basically he will have 5 teachers and three will roatate. I am so excited about his Friday helper because she was his 2 year old teacher and we love love her! He was so happy when I told him Ms. Susan was going to be one of his teachers. His two main teachers are fantastic and I really don't know the other two floaters well but I am hoping they will be just as great. He is going M-F for 3 hours each day and he will take his lunch twice a week. This is different because the last two years he has had lunch every day. On the days he doesn't bring lunch they will have snack time instead. He will also have chapel and music just like last year but they add science for the 4 year olds. I know he will love going to science class. I am so thankful for RLP and I can't believe this is his last year of preschool. Oh and just because this never happens my sweet/wild boy is napping today and has been for almost 2 hours. This is RARE around here these days so I thought I should document it!!

My sweet baby fell today and had her first "big" accident. Now I should say I am so thankfully that our kids have never really had a major accident so to us a busted lip is pretty major. She fell off the lower part of the playground today when I was being "mom of the year and talking on the phone to our relator!" Talk about feeling horrible. I turned away for just a minute to grab my phone and she was playing on the lowest part where she always does and she lost her balance and fell off. Her little tooth went into her bottm lip but thankfully it didn't go threw it. It looks like she just bit into her bottom lip pretty bad. It bled forever and bless her heart she cried for a good little bit. Now let me tell you why this wild child was crying, after the first two minutes or so she was crying because I wouldn't put her down. Oh not because of the big gash in her lip or the blood pouring out, oh no.  She was crying and reaching to get down and go play. This girl is crazy! I couldn't let her get down or blood when have been all over the playground. Plus I was a nervous reck after that and felt so bad that I turned away from her. I am so thankful she was just on the bottom part and not up at the top near the slide when it happened. Needless to say I have learned my lesson and I won't walk away again for a long time :)

Our realtor is meeting with the couple who wants to buy our house again right now. I am hoping to hear from her any minute and hoping for some good news. Today is the first day in almost a week that we haven't had showings and it has been fantastic. I am ready to get this house sold so it can be messy again!!! Hoping to finally post some pictures of my sweet babies soon. I think I am in denial that they are growing up and I may always call them my "babies" even though I really have a preschooler and a toddler. However in about 3 months we will have a little baby in the family again. Ashley is doing good and Hayes will be here sometime around Thanksgiving. We can't wait to spoil him and send him home!! The funny part is he will probably sleep better than WK as a newborn. Oh well you win some and you loose some.

Monday, August 26, 2013

What we have been up to!

I can't believe it that we have actually stayed home the entire month of August. The last time we traveled was in July. We have had so much going on with our house stuff that we have really enjoyed not doing too much. We are heading to the beach this weekend for Labor Day. I seriously cannot believe it is almost September. I feel like Wade just got out of school and now he is getting ready to start next week. I am so not ready for Kindergarten. Preschool 5 mornings a week will be enough for me. I am really going to treasure this last year that I have him home with me-even if he drives me crazy some days!! I am sure it is hard for any mom to send their first baby to school but I think it is extra hard for me because he has been home everyday with me since he was born. Besides 3 hours in the morning here and there I have had him at home so I cannot imagine him not being here next year. Thankfully I LOVE the school that he is going to go to now and I know two of the kindergarten teachers and one of them just happens to be my sisters best friend. Her mom works in the office and helps with putting kids into classes so I am about 99.9% sure I already know who is teacher will be :) Tomorrow night Josh and I have a meet the teacher night at preschool and Wade goes for one hour with me on Friday morning. We are heading to the beach Friday evening and staying until Monday and he starts school on Tuesday. It is going to be a busy week. I am praying this house will sell before then because I am not sure if I can handle getting ready for school and picking up all before 9am.

We have had a ton of showings lately and we have one couple who is really interested in it. We are hoping that they will make an offer. They saw it today and I have seen them drive by again this afternoon to look at it. Hopefully we will get some good news soon on this house. Josh took our application in today for the new house. We have to have all the work approved because it it a Historic house and it is actually on the National Registry too. It was a little stressful at first but once they came out to the house and we explained everything we felt a lot better about it. They approved everything we wanted to do today except the screen front door that we picked out. They said it was too "Victorian" and we should try to find one that was more "classic!" Talk about picky picky!! But we will do as they say because well we have too :) It's funny because I feel like selling this house has been stressful but we probably haven't even gotten to the stressful part...renovating with small kids!! I just have to remember that it will be worth it when it is all done.

Wade said the funniest thing tonight and I want to remember it...he ran into my parents house and grabbed a couple of cookies. I said something to him about it because he had just had fruit snacks and he knew I wouldn't want him to have cookies also. He said "I am just a little boy and I didn't know any better!!" Pretty sure he had a huge smile on his little face too when he said this. He always keeps us laughing. Now that he isn't napping he always tells me at nap time "I am just too tired to rest" when I tell him that doesn't make sense he will say "yes it does mommy I am right-I am too tired to rest" then he will say "well what can I do then when I am laying there?" So needless to say we are working on this new stage of having quiet time daily. I am hoping once preschool starts next week he will be worn out and he will fall asleep some.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

18 Months Old- August 6th 2013

I can't believe our sweet girl turned 18 months old this month. Summer has just flown by and she is growing so fast. Thankfully she is still little and doesn't talk much or have a lot of hair so she really still seems like a baby to me. We are keeping this one "little" for as long as we can. Here is what she is up to at 1.5 years old.
-weighs 23lbs (40th percentile)
-height 31.5 inches (47th percentile)
-wears mostly 18-24 months clothes and size 4 diapers
-size 4 shoe
-eats three meals a day with a couple of snacks-does not eat much at meal time-she is SO picky
-loves fruit pouches and snack type food best
-takes one good nap a day-usually 2-3 hours
-still does NOT sleep great at night-goes to bed great at 8pm but usually ends up in our bed by 2am (here we go with keeping her a baby-we would have never let Wade do this!!) We will sleep train when we move :)
-LOVES dogs and animals
-loves books and loves to look at pictures of animals
-loves to be outside
-runs everywhere (her little chubby cheeks shake when she runs!!) these days and is SO busy-much busier than her brother (I am physically tired with her)
-does not sit and watch tv at all but will watch praise baby
-is so sweet and cuddly but can be stubborn and mean when she doesn't get her way
-has been known to hit, scratch and pinch her brother and then hug and kiss him a minute later
-does not like it when Wade cries and will rub his back and lay her head on him
-does great in the church nursery now and rarely cries when we drop her off
-has the biggest smile ever and lots of teeth-still waiting for her 4 I teeth but has all her others
-is so girly and always wears a bow but most days you can find her playing in the dirt or carrying a stick around
-has NO fear and scares me daily-she loves to climb to the highest part of the play ground and lean over the edge of it and laugh because she knows it makes me crazy
-she is clumsy and falls a lot
-waves to people all the time and we always know when she is ready to leave because she starts waving
-doesn't talk much in public but can say-mom, mama, dada, dad-ee, love you, pops, yes, pease, by-ee, uh oh, more, mi (mine), zach, ball, law mo er, ba-oon (balloon), bubble, bubba (brother), ade (wade), rock rock, night night
-loves to swim and loves bath time
-she knows a lot of her animal sounds and can point to her eyes, nose and mouth
-loves to rock in her rocking chairs and she will sing "rock rock" while doing it
-LOVES music so much-she sings or hums all the time-I have got to sign her up for a music class this fall
-goes to sleep at night listening to her music and sings and dances all the time in the car
- makes this silly face now where she scrunches her nose up and sniffs 4-5 times- she does this when she is mad or wants something
-she puts her little hand up to her ear and lays her head down on it when she is ready to go "night night"
-loves blowing kisses to everyone
-everytime we are at my parents she will look at me and say "byeee" and wave-meaning she wants me to leave- haha!!

Westin Kate,
I can't belive you are one and a half. You are still our sweet baby girl and we love you. You are a WILD woman and you make us laugh all the time. I have to say you have the funniest little personality just like your big brother did at this age. You are so silly and so sweet and oh so stubborn. You always know just what you want and you have just started this screaming (loudly) thing when you aren't getting your way. You also will arch your back and lay in the floor when you are mad. We just think you are the cutest thing ever and you keep us on our toes all day long. We love you so much and love this crazy fun age.

House part 1...

Another month has gone by and I am finally getting around to blogging again. This past month has been CRAZY for our family. I have so much to catch up on. Part of this blogging break has been my computer issues but Josh bought me a new laptop and once we get it all set up hopefully the problem will be solved. Of course we won't tell anyone that he bought it in June and it has been sitting in its box since then. I need him to set it all up for me but that involves calling At&t because our wireless is acting up and we just haven't had a spare 2 hours to sit and talk to them on the phone. Tonight I am working and thankfully have a few minutes to catch up from my work computer.

I have been taking pictures here and there of the kids and I will have a few picture post to catch up on once I get my new computer up and running. I don't even know where to start about our house stuff that has been going on. Somehow Josh and I decided that if we were going to move this would be the year to do it. Now when we moved into this house we planned to stay 5-10 years...I guess God showed us that he had other plans. I had been praying about moving here and there and we just randomly would search houses and go see a few here and there. We knew we wanted two things-a house we could stay in a LONG time and more land. We also knew that this next move was going to be it because we didn't want to move the kids once they started school and Wade starts next year. So we played around with the idea but did not put our house on the market. We actually made an offer on a couple of houses but those did not work out. The one house that we loved at first was just too expensive for all the work it needed. They ended up calling us back and telling us a mont later that they would accept our offer but once we went back and looked at it again we decided to wait.

Somehow I got it in my brain that it was a great idea to try to find a house near downtown Apex. We LOVE downtown and I just thought "why not try" so I randomly called a few people in town that I knew and asked them if they wanted to sell or knew anyone that was thinking about selling. The thing about these historic houses is you have to catch them before they go on the market because it is a biding war once that happens. Well a few weeks went by and nothing really came up. We went and looked at 2 but they just didn't work for us. Randomly I called the owners of my old house and asked if they were planning on selling anytime-they had mentioned moving before to my parents. They said they weren't right now but that I should call "Miss Ann" who used to live two door down from us. They said that they were both not doing well and just couldn't keep up their big house. So I randomly looked up their number in the phone book and called her one afternoon. I told her who I was and where I grew up and that Josh and I LOVED their house. I asked her if they ever decided to sell would they let us know. Well God must have worked this one out because we talked for an hour and they had just been talking about selling. It is too big and too much work for them. I almost died....we walk/drive by this house almost daily and we both love it. I could not even believe this was happening. Ann has a very rare disease and cannot walk anymore and her husband Ron is not in good health either. It took a few days for them to talk about everything-he later told me "their heads were spinning" when all this happened. I don't think either one of us every saw this coming. They also told us that God planned this at the perfect time. Close to a week later they had us come over and see the inside of the house and we signed a contract that day-July 28th, 2013. We had seen the outside and talked to Mr. Ron about a price but we had to wait a couple of days until Ann was feeling better to get inside.

I would have probably signed a contract without even seeing the inside but of course we waited until we got to go inside. We LOVE this house it is really our dream house and I cannot imagine that we will ever move. It is on .84 acres and has a garage and 3 barns/sheds on the property. It was built in 1900 and is about as close as you can get to downtown Apex. I will get to walk Wade and WK to school and we can walk downtown and get dinner. I have to keep all these positive thoughts in my mind because it is going to take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make this our dream home. One day though it will be all worth it.

House Part 2...

Now to say this has been an easy task would be an understatement. It started out fairly smoothly but quickly changed. We quickly learned that this sweet couple is pitiful and needs someone to help them. They have two adopted sons-one they speak to often one they don't talk to at all (that's an entire post in itself.) They really have some finiacial issues and actually we are helping them by buying the house because they just can't afford it anymore. We did not tell anyone about this house except our parents until we had a signed contract that was delievered to the attorney's office. We knew this type of house/location would have caused a huge biding war and we really wanted to get it. This has proven true-since people have found out about us getting the house we have already heard all types of stuff like..."we stole it away from other couples that wanted it" So not true, or better yet "my dad was the only reason we got it" Not true again I randomly called this woman and she has told us we are the first family to ever ask about buying it. We have also heard good things about how people are so excited we are getting it and that we are fixing it up. I think people think it wasn't fair that it didn't go on the market but anyone could have stopped and asked about it. I think the timing was just right and she knew my family and that we would raise our kids there and not move.

So we got all that worked out then they tell us they want US to find them a house. They don't want to use a relator but us. You can imagine my face. Here I am with two small needy kids and Josh who works long house and now we are there agents as well. This was NOT an easy process but thankfully we have found them one. They wanted a brick ranch near downtown Apex and wanted it under $175,000. This was almost impossible. Thankfully someone told me about a man who had just bought a brick ranch to fix up and sell. Here is how I know this was a God thing...I had met this man a few weeks before this. One day I was riding my bike near downtown and he was outside and I randomly stopped to ask him if he knew of any houses in the area for sale. He told me he was a builder and gave me his card and said to call him he was working on getting a house near downtown, I kept his card but didn't think anything else about it.  Little did I know a few weeks later a friend of the family would tell me to call him because he just bought a brick ranch. I remembered that I kept his card and I called him and guess what. It is a brick ranch, perfect location, in their price range AND it already has a wheelchair ramp. Talk about giving me chill bumps. He said he actually thought about me stopping by that day but he didn't have my number; he was going to let us know about the house but I called him first. So he is going to fix up this house for them and they are going to move in on Oct. 1st. It is the perfect house for them. When Mr. Ron went over to see it a couple of weeks ago he loved it and they signed papers that day. Of course we had to have a little drama and the poor sweet man fell down the steps and hit his leg and head really hard.  I have taken him to the ED twice since the fall but thankfully today he is much better. They have pretty much adopted us as their kids and they LOVE my babies.

When I call Ms. Ann it has to be nap time because we talk a hour almost every time. She will ask "how are my babies doing today?" My kids love going over to see them and we try to take them food at least once a week. Today I went and got them some stuff from the grocery store and they are always so grateful. They really need family in the area but their kids are out of state. They are a little needy but I don't mind helping when I can. Mr. Ron calls us "angels" which clearly we are not but it does make me happy to know we are helping someone out. I am just so thankfully that they have a new house to move into. For awhile I thought we may never find them one. Of course Mr. Ron said he "never worried for a minute" when one house didn't work out because he knew this was part of a plan that God had for all of us. I agree totally. They aren't able to close on the house until Dec because of their loan but the sweet man who is fixing it up for them is going to let them rent it back from him for two months.

Now moving them is going to be insane. They have 4100sq ft of  "stuff" in their current house and they are down sizing to 1800 sq ft.  I think Ms. Ann could possibly be called a "hoarder." All of the barns are full of stuff too. I know it all can't go with them but she doesn't want to sell it so I don't know what we are going to do with it. She is leaving some amazing antique furniture for us and I am SO excited about that. I am still hoping and praying they will agree to an estate sell for the rest of it or we may never get moved in.

Here is the other part to the story...our house was put on the market about a week after we signed papers and it sold in less than 12 hours for full asking price. We were SO excited but nervous because at this point they did not have anywhere to go. Well I knew it was too good to be true but everything was going ok until the inspection. They didn't want to work with us on fixing things and they backed out. So now I am trying not to worry but we still haven't sold our house. We have had tons of showings but no other offers yet. Josh isn't too worried and I am really trying but it makes me nervous because we close on our new house in just a couple of weeks. Praying that our house will sell soon. We have started work to the outside of our new house but we won't be able to do the inside until we move them out. We are really hoping to be in by Christmas but we are sure if that will happen or not. This has been a fun, stressful and crazy ride that we have been on but I know this house was meant for us to have because of the way it all happened. We can't wait to raise our kids there and make new memories. I am going to be so sad to leave our house and our neighbors but we are only moving 2 miles away so thankfully we will still see them often! Hoping to post pictures soon of my babies and catch up on a few more posts.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where do the days go?

I was just talking to a good friend yesterday and we both said "where is this Summer going?" I feel like the days are just flying by and we are so busy. This poor little blog has been a little neglected over the last month and a half!! We are really enjoying our Summer and it has been nice spending our days playing outside at the park or the pool. We have had great weather but it seems like over the last couple of weeks the 90's are here to stay. I love Summer but I love 80 degree weather and under!! I wish I could go back and write down everything we have been up to but it would take forever so here is a quick update...I can't believe I haven't posted since June :)

  • Josh and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on June 9th...we went to the lake for the weekend and mom and dad kept the kids one afternoon/evening so we could have a date night. Now if you know the lake you know that there are not a lot of options so we went out to eat Mexican and walked around Belks (Ha-they don't have a mall but they have a strip mall with a Belks!!) and then we watched a movie. It was simple and perfect!!
  • Josh got a new paddle board and he got to spend some time trying it out at the lake. The kids had a blast and we spent most of our time outside. The LOVE the golf cart and the boat so much.
  • We have spent lots of time playing outside and hanging out with the neighbors at night-the kids love riding bikes and playing in the cul-ti-sac
  • On June 20th Wade went to the dentist for the first time (we were a little behind on getting him there but thankfully his teeth looked great) We went to one of our best friends-Brandon-he is the best :)
  • After the dentist we took the kids to the park and we were having a great time-Wade was running around with Tanner and Stokes and all of a sudden I looked over and he was laying on the ground-I ran over to him and the guy who saw it said he was sliding down these parallel poles and his arms slipped off and he landed on his back. I knew it knocked the breath out of him because he would stare at me but couldn't talk/breath normally. I was handling it ok until his little eyes rolled back into his head and closed. Then I screamed for Brandon and he literally sprinted over and right when he started talking to him he woke back up-so far that was my scariest mommy moment. I was so close to calling 911-I think he just landed so hard on his back that it took his breath away and then he passed out. He was sore and a little out of it but a little ice cream fixed him right up :) So thankful he was ok!!
  • After we got him settled and knew he was ok we headed to the beach. Josh took Friday off and we spent a long weekend there. WK was CRAZY and loved the beach and the water. This girl is not afraid of anything! Wade of course had a blast too. Josh's parents came down on Friday afternoon and we all had a great weekend. We can't wait to go back next month.
  • Josh traveled out of town the first few days of July and he got back on the 3rd. We had a cookout here in Apex with our wonderful small group friends, it was so much fun. We came back to the neighborhood to watch fire works that night-you can see them from one section in our subdivision. We went with neighbors and planned to have a great time but plans changed the minute we got there. First Wade realized he left his light up sword at home and he wanted to show the boys how it lights up in the dark. He had a MELT DOWN because we wouldn't walk back home and get it. So nearly 10-15 minutes later he got himself back together and we started to watch fireworks. Well all of a sudden WK throws up ALL over our blanket. So needless to say it was time to go-we missed the fireworks but there is always next year :) She only threw up once but it was a huge amount. We figured we were all fine to go to the lake on Friday night because she never got sick again. 
  • So Friday night we packed up and drove to the lake around bedtime. We had a great day Saturday and then after dinner Saturday night Wade told me his stomach know what happens next. He got the stomach bug, then around 11 pm I got it and around 12 am Josh got it. Thankfully Wade only threw up a few times and then he slept all night. This was NOT the case for Josh and I...I am pretty sure I prayed for God to just go ahead and take me to heaven. Of course I didn't really mean that but that is how bad we felt. Let me just say we also only had one bathroom to share and that was not fun when Josh and I were getting sick at the same time. We felt horrible the next day and even the day after. I don't think I ate for 3 days. I don't know how kids bounce back so quick. So thankful for our family who helped and so so sorry that we shared it with Ashley and Uncle Buddy. Mom, dad and Zach did not feel well for a couple of days but I don't think they ever threw up. So this wasn't our best July 4th weekend to say the least :(
  • Wade started swimming lessons after the 4th and he is doing great-he is swimming everywhere-under water and even has mastered doing the breast stroke a little bit. Tomorrow is his last lesson and I am going to video it. So proud of Wade he is growing up too fast. Riding without training wheels since April and now swimming by himself.
  • Westin-Kate is also a little fish and would swim under water as well if we let her. Of course I keep a little life jacket type suit and water wings on her at all times. She is quite the sight in her get-up!!
  • Sometime in mid June we noticed that Charlie was limping. Well we gave it a week or so and when we got back from the beach he was not putting any weight on his back leg. So I decided I better go ahead and take him in. We took him to our vet here in Cary and they said he had some type of torn ligament. So almost $250 dollars later they told me he would need a $2,000 surgery. Well I love our dog but that was just outrageous. Well he gets his shots yearly at North Davidson vet when we are home for Christmas at Josh's parents house. We do this because it so SO much cheaper than our vet here. So I just called them to see about it and my dad was able to take him to his appointment for me (HUGE help!!) and of course they agreed that he needed surgery. I almost died when they told me how much it would cost...$350. Why yes we will drive one hour and 35 minutes to save $1600. Cary is outrageous people. So this past week I took the kids up to Josh's parents house Thursday night and we dropped him off Friday morning for his surgery. Things went well and we picked him up Saturday. He has a long two weeks in a cone and can't put weight on it yet but hopefully he will start feeling better soon. His poor little leg looks pitiful :( Even though it was a little crazy while Josh was at work we had a blast. The kids were so excited to spend two days with their cousins and to get to see Nana and Poppy. Friday we spent some time at Kendal's and then she kept Wade all afternoon while I brought WK home to nap. Saturday we all went swimming and had lunch by the pool. The kids had a blast and were worn out. We all ate dinner together and then we headed home Saturday night. I couldn't swim because I had a lovely burn accident.
  • Last Wednesday I was cooking dinner and pulled something out of the microwave and the water splashed out and went all down my chest. It was not pleasant. I got cold water on it fast and my sweet Wade ran over to get our neighbor so she could watch WK. I guess the old cold water trick works because the top of my chest is really red but did not blister. There is one spot that I didn't see underneath and it is a huge blister. Thankfully it hasn't hurt too bad but I am SO ready to start exercising again and going to the pool. 
I think this pretty much covers what we have been up to this summer. Wade has been playing basketball one day a week and has been to two VBS's. He went to the one at his school in June and this week he is going at night with his buddy Chase to his. He is having a blast and is always so sad when they end. I think he will be ready for school to start in a few weeks!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Days

On Memorial Day we got home early enough to get a little yard work done. We needed to cut grass and trim some bushes and trees. Thankfully we had these two little helpers ;) They helped us take twice as long-Ha!! Even though it took forever our side and back yard look so much better. Sometimes we want more land but it is so nice that we can get most of our yard work in an hour or so. 

 We have just started going to the pool...the water is finally warm enough that I can get in too. Wade is great and can get in alone but my crazy one year old is a mess and has no fear at all. So needless to say I have to get in with her. We went to our friends pool that has a kiddie pool and it is really perfect for her age. Our pool is over her head when she steps off the steps. Thankfully Ashley went with me to help. WK went under twice but she did great and held her breath. Of course it didn't scare her at all-I think she liked it!!

Sweet friends WK and McKinnley playing-they are about a week apart in age!!

My wild child wanting to go to the big pool

Love these kids!!

My little flower girl...I thought she looked so cute in her little black and white outfit

Have I mentioned how much I love this sweet face

My two sweet babies before Ashley's gender reveal party this past Saturday. Ashley and Zach went that morning to find out what they are having and then they had everyone over for lunch and to tell us. They are having a sweet baby boy in November. I was kind of hoping for a girl since her and WK will be so close in age but I think it will be great for Wade to have a boy cousin to play with. Since he is not going to have a little brother this will be the closest thing to a brother for him. His name is going to be Hayes Anderson. Wade and his cousin Peyton are SO close-I never thought being a boy and girl that they would be this close but they are really best buddies. Westin Kate and Hayes will be less than two years apart too so I am hoping they will be really close also. Can't wait to hold that sweet baby!!

This little girl has a sweet tooth for sure. She was enjoying her cake at the party. She dressed in all pink thinking she was going to have a girl cousin :)


Josh and I had to serve this past Sunday in the Walkers room and this little girl was getting so tired. It is hard being there over 2 hours for her. We have never rocked her to sleep but thankfully Josh was able to rock her and she was so tired we just laid her down on the changing pad while we cleaned up the toys. 

Here are a few more iphone pictures from the lake.

I have one like this of Wade from the last three years. I still can't believe she is this big!! It seems like yesterday it was Wade who could barely see over the railings.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

We had such a great time at the lake for Memorial weekend. The weather was great and not too hot and we spent a lot of time outside. WK loved it-she was so little last year but this year she is really going to enjoy it. She is an outside girl for sure. When we were leaving the lake we told her to "tell the lake bye" and she waved at the lake the entire time we drove past it. Josh got a new paddle board and we are so excited to try it. The water was cold so we didn't get in yet. We are hoping that we can try it when we go this weekend.

We grilled out, rode the boat, spent time with family and relaxed!! WK is following in her brother's footsteps because she LOVED the golf cart. If we were not riding on it she was at least standing and playing on it. I think she liked it better than the boat. She did enjoy running back and forth on the pontoon from my dad to the front of the boat. Wade of course loves driving the boat and sits right with dad the entire time.  He is actually getting pretty good at driving the golf cart. On Saturday while we were there there was a boating accident on the lake. It was so sad-a speed boat was going to fast and hit a pontoon boat. It killed a pregnant mom and her three year old son. The dad and brother were also on the boat but they were ok. Everyone was so sad for that family-such a sad tragic accident.

Love this sweet face and cheesy smile...Wade did not want to cooperate with pictures :)

 Wade also got to shoot a BB gun for the first time. Dad and him had a great time shooting at a paper cup!!

I got to spend some time with my Grandma and I was so thankful for that. We sat and talked while Wade played for a long time. I think she is doing ok but she is still so sad. She told me that its hard because he isn't coming back. She also told me that before he died he told her that "he didn't know what he would have done without her all those years." So sweet. I still can't believe he is really gone and feel so bad for her. It has to be hard to loose someone after being married for 67 years. I did find out that Wade is a family name after all-funny story because Granddaddy even said that Wade was named after his first cousin and I never even knew he had a cousin named Wade. His name was Wade Thompson and Grandma said he was a great man. I can't remember if I already blogged about this but it looks like we chose a family name after all!

I just love this picture of my Dad and his family. I think this is one of the most recent one's that we have. My grandparents neighbor (who is wonderful and takes great care of them) Rick is also a photographer on the side and he took a lot of the pictures that we have of my Granddad and Grandma. We are so thankful he took all of these!!

She is a Pops girl for sure!!

And this one is a Daddy's boy!!

 Love this picture of the three of them and WK looking up at them and smiling. She was so funny in the life jacket. It was a little big for her and she just wasn't sure about it!

 Poor thing...she kept falling over when she would try to walk around while the boat was moving :)

 My crazy Aunt and mom trying to get some sun while we were riding!!

Such a tired girl!!

I have the exact same pictures with Wade and Pops. My kids just love riding on lawn mowers and golf carts. They always have so much fun!

Rick was down at the lake with my Uncle and he took these three pictures for us!