Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where do the days go?

I was just talking to a good friend yesterday and we both said "where is this Summer going?" I feel like the days are just flying by and we are so busy. This poor little blog has been a little neglected over the last month and a half!! We are really enjoying our Summer and it has been nice spending our days playing outside at the park or the pool. We have had great weather but it seems like over the last couple of weeks the 90's are here to stay. I love Summer but I love 80 degree weather and under!! I wish I could go back and write down everything we have been up to but it would take forever so here is a quick update...I can't believe I haven't posted since June :)

  • Josh and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on June 9th...we went to the lake for the weekend and mom and dad kept the kids one afternoon/evening so we could have a date night. Now if you know the lake you know that there are not a lot of options so we went out to eat Mexican and walked around Belks (Ha-they don't have a mall but they have a strip mall with a Belks!!) and then we watched a movie. It was simple and perfect!!
  • Josh got a new paddle board and he got to spend some time trying it out at the lake. The kids had a blast and we spent most of our time outside. The LOVE the golf cart and the boat so much.
  • We have spent lots of time playing outside and hanging out with the neighbors at night-the kids love riding bikes and playing in the cul-ti-sac
  • On June 20th Wade went to the dentist for the first time (we were a little behind on getting him there but thankfully his teeth looked great) We went to one of our best friends-Brandon-he is the best :)
  • After the dentist we took the kids to the park and we were having a great time-Wade was running around with Tanner and Stokes and all of a sudden I looked over and he was laying on the ground-I ran over to him and the guy who saw it said he was sliding down these parallel poles and his arms slipped off and he landed on his back. I knew it knocked the breath out of him because he would stare at me but couldn't talk/breath normally. I was handling it ok until his little eyes rolled back into his head and closed. Then I screamed for Brandon and he literally sprinted over and right when he started talking to him he woke back up-so far that was my scariest mommy moment. I was so close to calling 911-I think he just landed so hard on his back that it took his breath away and then he passed out. He was sore and a little out of it but a little ice cream fixed him right up :) So thankful he was ok!!
  • After we got him settled and knew he was ok we headed to the beach. Josh took Friday off and we spent a long weekend there. WK was CRAZY and loved the beach and the water. This girl is not afraid of anything! Wade of course had a blast too. Josh's parents came down on Friday afternoon and we all had a great weekend. We can't wait to go back next month.
  • Josh traveled out of town the first few days of July and he got back on the 3rd. We had a cookout here in Apex with our wonderful small group friends, it was so much fun. We came back to the neighborhood to watch fire works that night-you can see them from one section in our subdivision. We went with neighbors and planned to have a great time but plans changed the minute we got there. First Wade realized he left his light up sword at home and he wanted to show the boys how it lights up in the dark. He had a MELT DOWN because we wouldn't walk back home and get it. So nearly 10-15 minutes later he got himself back together and we started to watch fireworks. Well all of a sudden WK throws up ALL over our blanket. So needless to say it was time to go-we missed the fireworks but there is always next year :) She only threw up once but it was a huge amount. We figured we were all fine to go to the lake on Friday night because she never got sick again. 
  • So Friday night we packed up and drove to the lake around bedtime. We had a great day Saturday and then after dinner Saturday night Wade told me his stomach know what happens next. He got the stomach bug, then around 11 pm I got it and around 12 am Josh got it. Thankfully Wade only threw up a few times and then he slept all night. This was NOT the case for Josh and I...I am pretty sure I prayed for God to just go ahead and take me to heaven. Of course I didn't really mean that but that is how bad we felt. Let me just say we also only had one bathroom to share and that was not fun when Josh and I were getting sick at the same time. We felt horrible the next day and even the day after. I don't think I ate for 3 days. I don't know how kids bounce back so quick. So thankful for our family who helped and so so sorry that we shared it with Ashley and Uncle Buddy. Mom, dad and Zach did not feel well for a couple of days but I don't think they ever threw up. So this wasn't our best July 4th weekend to say the least :(
  • Wade started swimming lessons after the 4th and he is doing great-he is swimming everywhere-under water and even has mastered doing the breast stroke a little bit. Tomorrow is his last lesson and I am going to video it. So proud of Wade he is growing up too fast. Riding without training wheels since April and now swimming by himself.
  • Westin-Kate is also a little fish and would swim under water as well if we let her. Of course I keep a little life jacket type suit and water wings on her at all times. She is quite the sight in her get-up!!
  • Sometime in mid June we noticed that Charlie was limping. Well we gave it a week or so and when we got back from the beach he was not putting any weight on his back leg. So I decided I better go ahead and take him in. We took him to our vet here in Cary and they said he had some type of torn ligament. So almost $250 dollars later they told me he would need a $2,000 surgery. Well I love our dog but that was just outrageous. Well he gets his shots yearly at North Davidson vet when we are home for Christmas at Josh's parents house. We do this because it so SO much cheaper than our vet here. So I just called them to see about it and my dad was able to take him to his appointment for me (HUGE help!!) and of course they agreed that he needed surgery. I almost died when they told me how much it would cost...$350. Why yes we will drive one hour and 35 minutes to save $1600. Cary is outrageous people. So this past week I took the kids up to Josh's parents house Thursday night and we dropped him off Friday morning for his surgery. Things went well and we picked him up Saturday. He has a long two weeks in a cone and can't put weight on it yet but hopefully he will start feeling better soon. His poor little leg looks pitiful :( Even though it was a little crazy while Josh was at work we had a blast. The kids were so excited to spend two days with their cousins and to get to see Nana and Poppy. Friday we spent some time at Kendal's and then she kept Wade all afternoon while I brought WK home to nap. Saturday we all went swimming and had lunch by the pool. The kids had a blast and were worn out. We all ate dinner together and then we headed home Saturday night. I couldn't swim because I had a lovely burn accident.
  • Last Wednesday I was cooking dinner and pulled something out of the microwave and the water splashed out and went all down my chest. It was not pleasant. I got cold water on it fast and my sweet Wade ran over to get our neighbor so she could watch WK. I guess the old cold water trick works because the top of my chest is really red but did not blister. There is one spot that I didn't see underneath and it is a huge blister. Thankfully it hasn't hurt too bad but I am SO ready to start exercising again and going to the pool. 
I think this pretty much covers what we have been up to this summer. Wade has been playing basketball one day a week and has been to two VBS's. He went to the one at his school in June and this week he is going at night with his buddy Chase to his. He is having a blast and is always so sad when they end. I think he will be ready for school to start in a few weeks!