Thursday, June 21, 2012

End of the week Randoms...

Sometimes a good random post is needed so here goes,

  • got my 2011 blog book yesterday and I LOVE it. Even Josh commented on how neat it is!!
  • tomorrow is our 3rd day at the pool this week and we are loving it. WK got in the water for the first time today and loved it
  • my parents have moved out of their house this week and into their new house (my papaws)
  • my sister and Zach closed on my parents "old" house yesterday and are moving all their stuff in this weekend
  • WK thinks Wade is funny and was doing a "belly laugh/chuckle" at him tonight and it melted my heart
  • Josh and I are watching some of our church sermon's online that we missed. Josh falls asleep tonight when we are watching "Happy Wife, Happy Life" (go figure he would sleep through that one!!!) We will have to watch this one again tomorrow night.
  • I have decided Wade looks too big for a sippy cup so tonight he got three new big boy cups!!
  • I am not sure how this happened but it is the end of June already-School will be starting again before we know it :(
  • Wade is going to VBS at his school next week and he is so excited
  • We are leaving for the beach tomorrow night and I can't wait
  • We went to Walmart the other night to get a big tent for the beach and randomly in Apex they had a ECU tent for $99-Josh and I got way too excited about this!! I almost ordered him one for Father's Day but they were over $250-so glad I waited
  • Today I got really upset when a little boy decided it would be funny to push wade down and hold his head under water while he struggled to try to get up- I won't even go there but you can imagine how I felt. I didn't see it but my friend Courtney grabbed Wade and pulled him out of the water as I was running over.
  • Today may or may not have been the first time I told Wade, "if someone does that to you again you punch them"
  • Westin Kate is on a schedule-PRAISE!!! It is wonderful. She eats at 6a, 9a, 12p, 3p, 6p, 8-9p (depending on how tired she is) and sometimes I feed her again at 10-11p. Hopefully I can space her out to every 4 hours once we start solids
  • I love when I get to sleep through the night
  • I love that my kids both nap at the same time every day-nap time is a great thing!!
  • Wade makes me laugh more than anyone I have ever met (Josh is a close 2nd!!) This kid is so funny and fun to be around
  • Today he did get into a lot of trouble for saying "boobie, booger and pee pee" over and over again at the pool- He also got lots of hugs when he said "I missed you mommy when you went to the store" or "I missed you when I rode home with Daddy"

  • I love this picture of WK in the swing- it was her 2nd time and she loved it. Of course I didn't have my camera with me today so the next picture isn't a great one but it was her first time sitting down in the pool water. We have put her feet in before but today she actually "got in" the water. She was so happy and kicking her chubby little legs. It was so hot so I know she felt so much better in the water. I love how easy she is and that she will take her morning nap at the pool!! The boys were showing off their muscles in the last picture.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Year Ago

One year ago  (yesterday) we found out we were going to be having a sweet baby. I still remember telling Josh the day before Father's Day and we were so excited. Little did we know it would have been our sweet girl. I went back and looked at my post from then and couldn't believe how little Wade was. He was so chubby too!!

Here are Wade and Braden at "Wind down Wednesday" at Waverly place.  Every Wednesday through July they have free concerts. We love going and meeting friends and listening to the bands. There is a park there and our favorite frozen yogurt place too!

 They don't interact too much just yet but I love it when they do!! Wade just loves her. I can't wait until they start playing together. The next picture cracks me up. Josh had them both in the playset while I was working on Saturday. Wade was making his silly face for the camera. He said WK loved sitting up in the playhouse with Wade.

WK is putting everything in her mouth and trying to rub those teeth. I can see white underneath the gums so I don't think it will be too much longer before they pop up. We gave her an ice cube the other day and she loved it.

Father's Day 2012

Well Josh had a great Father's Day until about 4pm on Sunday. I had to work all weekend so Friday I packed the kids up and we left Josh a note that said we were gone for the evening and that there was soda and beer waiting for him and the pizza was on the way. Josh had to really help me on Thursday when I was so sick so I wanted to give him a "night off!"

We left him some goodies and ordered a pizza and told him to watch Sports Center or take a nap. I took the kids and we had a great time playing. We got home a few minutes before 8pm so Wade could see Josh before bed. Josh was sleeping when we got home and I think he enjoyed his time alone. He put Wade to bed and then went with Zach to play golf.

Saturday we went to the Farmers market, the park and then the pool. It was such a fun morning. WK and I went to a baby shower and Josh got all the yard work done while Wade napped. Sunday we all went to church. We both served second service and then went to Mexican for a Father's Day lunch. We love eating Downtown. After lunch we came home for naps and then Josh had a 4pm massage. I was so excited about his hot stone massage because he has been having some shoulder issues. Well he said it would have been the best massage he had ever had except...he started feeling sick right before it started. I wish he would have canceled but he was already there.

He called me from the parking lot after he was done and he was throwing up :( Now normally this wouldn't be an issue but it was 5pm and I had to leave at 515p for work. So I frantically called my sister and she and Zach came and got the kids and watched them until bed time. I am so thankful they live close by now and can help us. I thought Josh would be fine to put them to bed but he was so sick. I actually had to call my sweet neighbor and she had to come get WK and feed her and get her to sleep. Josh could barely stand up to fix her bottle. WK was screaming and I felt horrible. We were short 2 nurses until 10p and I was in charge and couldn't leave until 10p. So my sweet neighbor Patricia kept WK at her house until I got home. Thankfully she got her fed and settled down and she went to sleep. I am so glad she was home (so was Josh!!) So the first part of his Father's Day was great and the 2nd part was not so great. I am glad we celebrated early on Friday!! Love this picture of my two boys. Wade was SO excited to go with me to get breakfast Sunday morning and to eat in bed with Daddy!

I just love this picture of them. Happy Father's Day Josh. We are so thankful for everything that you do for us. These two are so blessed to have such a great Dad!!! 

4 Month Stats...

Westin Kate had her 4mo appt last Friday and she looked great. We have a big girl on our hands!! She weighed 15lbs and 10 oz (84%) and was 24 1/4 inches long (42%). She wasn't much smaller than her brother at this age. She is actually 4.5 months old...I told her not to worry about her weight because I am sure she was only 15lbs at 4 months :) Blame mommy for the extra 10oz because I was 2 weeks late with her appt!! We love our chubby monkey. Everything checked out great and he gave us the go ahead to start some solids if we want to. I am thinking we will start rice cereal in the next week or so. I will probably wait another month or so before we start baby food.

She is rolling over like crazy every time we lay her on her back. Wade always napped on his stomach (bad I know) but she has never liked sleeping on her tummy. Well the first night she rolled over she slept on her stomach and she hasn't gone back since. AND...she is sleeping even better. She is not waking up at night now to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still usually dream feed her around 930-1030 and then she sleeps until 630am and then goes back down until 9am. She has also spaced her day time feeds out and is doing 2.5-3.5 hours now.

I forgot to put this in her 4 month post but she LOVES her baths. Her little legs just go crazy and she splashes so big every time we put her in the water. She also loves when we read books. She will kick those little legs like crazy. I also think we are going to have our hands full with her. She "talks" all the time and has started getting so loud. She has even started making a yelling noise like she is mad when we are not paying attention to her. Bless her heart she is already dramatic!!

Well Wade did have a stomach bug after all. I got it last week on Thursday and felt horrible and Josh got it Sunday. I cleaned and sprayed Lisol on everything yesterday and we are ready to get it out of our house. I am praying she doesn't get it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Blog Book/Schedule

I am so excited because I ordered my 2011 blog book last night. Blog2print is doing 15% off for a couple of days so I took advantage of it. They don't offer coupons too often so I was excited to get their email. Blogging does take some time but every time I look at my blog books I am SO thankful that I have this keepsake for our family. I LOVE my books and even looked at them yesterday.

WK wasn't napping well yesterday so I wanted to look back and see what Wade was doing at 4 months old. Sure enough Wade was doing the same thing-taking these short one hour naps. So I kept reading and it wasn't until 6-7 months that he got on a good nap schedule. I did notice however that he was sleeping better at night than her. Last night she did pretty good went to bed at 845p. I woke her at 1130 to feed her and then she slept until 5am. That is the best she has done lately. I am thinking we may be adding some rice cereal soon-my big girl is hungry!

I love that I can just look back and see what Wade was up to at 4 months old-it seems so long ago. I hardly ever blog about Wade's schedule but I know when she is 3 and he is 6 (that is so strange!!) I won't remember what he was doing at age 3. Of course this is our Summer schedule-things will be different when school starts.  This post will be boring for most-it is just a way for me to look back in a few years and see what he was up to! So here goes:

Wade's Schedule:

730am-Wake up time (I hear his little voice coming into our room-some days if he is really tired he will sleep until 8/815am- but most days its 730am)
745-8am- Breakfast time/Cartoon time-since WK sleeps much later I usually get him breakfast and we all lay and watch tv
8-930am- Usually he will watch one show and then he is ready to go in the playroom. He does a great job of playing/watching TV while I get up and pick up the house. We try to do something together like read a book/puzzle while she is still sleeping. We also get dressed and ready for the day.
930-10am-We are usually heading out the door around this time each day. We almost always do something in the mornings. Either the park, pool or library. Sometimes we just go for a walk. Twice a week we meet friends for play dates and pretty much every day we play with Courtney's kids.
10am-1230p-This is our "play" time each day. I either pack his lunch for the day or I pick us up something on the way home. We try to head home between 1230-1p so we can get ready for naps
1-130p-Wade goes down for his nap (so thankful he still naps great!!) He normally sleeps 2-3 hours. He may not fall asleep right away but he does great staying in his room until he does
4pm- Wade is usually up by 4pm every day. Some days if he is really tired or doesn't go down until 2pm he will sleep until 430p. We almost always have a snack or popsicle after nap time.
4-530p- This is the longest part of our day!! We usually play in the playroom or outside and sometimes if Wade didn't watch too much TV earlier he will watch something while I am getting dinner ready (if I cook that day!!!!!)
530p-Daddy's home!! This is probably Wade's (and my) favorite part of the day. If we are staying home we usually eat dinner by 6pm. Sometimes we go for a run, to the pool, the park etc. A lot of times we just play outside in the yard after dinner.
730-8p-Time for us to head inside to get ready for bed-take baths/brush teeth etc.
815p-Book/Story time-Wade LOVES for Josh to tell him his bedtime stories or ready books. He always "negotiates" how many books/stories. I will always hear "2 stories and 2 books!!" Except for Monday nights Josh pretty much always does bed time.
830p- Bed Time!! Of course some nights we get home late or play a little late but we really try to have everything done by 830p. Summer time makes it hard because it is so nice outside and we always hate coming inside. Once school starts back we will be more strict about bed time. We love Wade but it is so nice to close his door at 830p and have some time for ourselves. He does great and stays in his room all night. I probably shouldn't even say this but Wade has NEVER come into our room during the night. Every once in awhile he will have a bad dream and wake up and call for us but he never gets up.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Five years and a Lake trip!!

We had a great weekend away with our friends. It was crazy with 14 of us and a baby in one little house but we had a blast. Everyone just loves WK and she loved all the attention!! She did great and we were so proud of her. I think she cried for maybe 10 minutes the entire three days we were there. She still isn't napping great (she takes one hr cat naps all day) so that made it a little hard but she pretty much napped anywhere. Some days the pack n play, the pontoon boat or even just out on the dock!! We pretty much relaxed outside all weekend and went out to dinner on Saturday night. We are so thankful for our sweet friends.

So there is one thing that I have always loved about Josh. Well two...he likes to shop and he really isn't into hunting and fishing. Its not that he wouldn't do it but it is just not something he chooses to do often. So with that said....Here is "Josh's 1st fish!" No one could believe it but it really was the 1st fish he has caught (unless he caught one when he was little and doesn't remember) He was proud of his fish. 

Josh and I also celebrated 5 years on Saturday. It was neat that our 5 year anniversary was on a Saturday. It was fun to think back to what we were doing 5 years ago-it seems like it was just yesterday. It amazes me that we have been married and lived together for 5 years and been together almost 7 years. I guess time flies when you are having fun!!! Josh was SO SWEET and got me a BEAUTIFUL David Yurman ring (another gorgeous one) We should have stock in Bailey's and David Yurman. This is one of his newer rings and it is so pretty!! He also shocked me and got me a 5 hour day at The Umpstead; which is the most amazing hotel and spa in Cary. I can't even imagine 5 hours away much less 5 hours away while being pampered. Have I mentioned how great my husband is!! Nana be prepared for a phone call soon-ha ha. I asked Josh if he was going to keep the kids for the 5 hours I am gone and he mentioned he may just call his mom and see if she wants to come spend the day here. I have never had more than one treatment at a time and this package includes-sugar body scrub, facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, and lunch with a glass of champagne. I may never leave!!!

 This is us on our 5 year anniversary-June 9th, 2012!!

I just love this picture of her. I know I am biased but I think she is the cutest "little" thing. She reminds me of a gerber baby or a cabbage patch doll!! This was her cute new polo dress that Josh bought for her-he has good taste!!  I love the next picture too-this girl will sleep anywhere.

So were weren't supposed to do anniversary presents (even though 5 years is special) but I wanted to do a little something for Josh too. He wanted a new driver but since it cost more than I make in 2 weeks it seemed silly for me to put it on my CC. I always hate putting things on my credit card because Josh pays that bill. So I told him just to go ahead and buy that for himself. I have been saving my CC points up and got Josh a gift card to Dicks so he could get some new sunglasses. I felt bad because it wasn't very much but I wanted to give him something that he didn't actually pay for :) But don't worry I have a little surprise for him for Father's Day. Its not a gift but just something I think he will enjoy!! I will share details soon-pretty sure he NEVER reads this blog but just in case I will wait.

Josh did get a "welcome home present" last night from Wade. After jumping on the trampoline with Wade we came inside and Wade started saying his stomach hurt. He always says this after he gets back from my parents because he eats whatever he wants :) So I did not think anything of it until...he threw up ALL over Josh. I mean all over him. He even had to cut his shirt off-thankfully it was a service roofing tshirt!! I have never seen so much throw up from him. Thankfully he felt better afterwards and only got sick one time early this morning. I am so thankful he wasn't throwing up all night. I hate seeing him sick and I couldn't even really be around him bc I am trying to keep her away (if that's possible!!) Today he does have a fever and has been sleeping the past 2.5 hours on the couch. Josh stayed home this morning and I am so thankful he did. Poor thing only got about 2-3 hours of sleep last night.

Holding her bottle by herself for the 1st time. I was so proud of her because this is a heavy glass bottle! She was also happy to be back in her crib last night.

WK also decided last night that she would start rolling over. I am so not ready for this. Wade didn't roll over until he was 6 months old so she seems so young to me. Both Wade and WK rolled over from their back to their stomach's first. She also started trying to hold her bottle by herself this weekend. I need her to stop growing up so fast. We had a talk and I explained to her she is only 4 months old and doesn't need to be doing all this already :) I put her on her back for bed and when I left the room and came back this is what I found.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mini Vacation

Josh and I are so excited because tomorrow we are leaving for a long weekend getaway!! WK will be tagging along with us but Wade will be staying with Mimi and Pops for the weekend. We are going to Lake Gaston with our couple friends. We started this tradition last year and we all went to the beach. We are so blessed to have such a great group of friends. There are 7 couples total so it tends to get a little crazy with all 14 of us!! Basically we eat, sleep, lay out, laugh and play games all weekend-and maybe enjoy a glass of wine or two. This year won't be quite as relaxing for me because of WK but it will still be fun. We are leaving early tomorrow morning because the guys are playing golf while the girls "float" in the sun. That's the best part about our group of friends. The guys love hanging out together just as much as the girls do. Now that we have two sweet babies we don't get to see everyone as much as we would like. The girls have "girls night" once a month and we usually do something as a big group at least once a month. We all live about 5-10 min away from each other which is nice too. Wade is excited because he is going to the lake too.

Wade has been saying the funniest things this week. A couple of days ago I heard him in the playroom singing, "I am super Wade and I am super cool!" Then yesterday he tells me "I am cute you know...Daddy tells me this." Oh he makes me laugh so much.

Today we were riding in the car and he says "I have hair on my leg," I thought he meant a hair so I told him to wipe it off. He then says "No, the hair like daddy has on his legs" I guess the sun was shining in his window and he noticed the blond hairs on his legs, haha.  He is at a challenging age but such a funny and cute one.

Wade also likes to say things about me breastfeeding. He says "you have the biggest boobies I have ever seen!" When Josh asked him how many boobies he has seen he said "20." Well if you know my husband you know he was very proud of that answer!! He also told me today "You have the biggest flat boobies" and "I have to tell Pops that WK eats out of your boobies" I told him Pops already knows this so there is no reason to tell him. He also asked me "Why doesn't Nana have milk in her boobies" -he wanted Nana to feed WK one day at the beach!!

I am excited to get away but I know I will miss Wade so much. He hasn't been away from us in three days in a long time. I know he will have a blast though and will get lots of attention.

4 Months Old

Well another month has gone by and Westin Kate was 4 months old yesterday. I just can't believe it. I am going to have a 6 month old before I know it. It is so sad because this month I feel like she has really lost that newborn/little baby look and now looks like a big girl. She is still the sweetest, easiest baby. Some days I just look at her and wonder how we got so blessed to have such a sweet baby. She hardly ever cries-actually can't remember the last time she really cried. Every now and then when she doesn't want to be in the car seat she will cry but other than that she is always so happy. She loves to look around and see what is going on and she does not want to lay back anymore. I used to always lay her back on a pillow propped up but now she pulls that little head up and wants to sit like a big girl. She loves Wade so much and always smiles at him. Here are some things that she is up to:

  • around 14.5lbs-we go to the doctor on the 15th- I have no idea how long she is
  • wears mostly 3-6 months but can wear some 6 months clothes
  • size 2 diapers
  • eats well every 2-3 hours- she usually does a 3-3.5hr stretch after her 730am feeding and then after that she eats every 2-2.5 hours until bedtime
  • At night she eats around 8-9pm (some nights I dream feed at 11p), wakes up around 445/5am eats, wakes up at 730am eats and then sleeps until 9am!!!!!
  • She still naps a lot...10am-one hr nap,  around 1230/1p-one hr nap (she wakes up to eat then goes back to sleep for 1-2 hours), still takes a 30-40 min nap around dinner time. Bedtime- 830-9p.  This girl likes to sleep.
  • has started grabbing things...including my hair.
  • We have entered the "everything goes in my mouth stage" and loves to keep her hands in there
  • I think she is going to get some little bottom teeth soon
  • smiles so big when you talk to her and has started to "chuckle" some.
  • has really started to notice table food-I think one more month and then I am going to start rice cereal-I will probably wait until 6 months for baby food
  • is "talking" more and more and she is going to be loud like her brother!!
  • sat in the bumbo and exersaucer for the first time this past week
  • has had her first lake and beach trip
  • is doing much better in the car-she only cries if it is close to eating time
  • still on her reflux medicine
  • naps in her crib and goes down at night in her crib- I still move her to the pack n play when we go to bed -I am keeping her with us one more month-since she is our last little baby :) Actually once we buy a baby monitor we may move her
  • usually loves going for walks/run in the jogging stroller
  • has stayed in the church nursery two times and has done great
  • wants to be in her bed when she is tired and has never cried when going to sleep- I can't believe this one. With Wade we had to do the "cry it out" quite a bit but WK just goes to sleep wonderfully.
  • has the cutest cheeks and the chubbiest arms and legs-I just love how chubby she is!
  • has dimples just like her  brother and daddy
  • loves anything that lights up or plays music
  • is so close to rolling over-has done it once but that was just a fluke. She is so wiggle and moves all over her bed without rolling over.
  • loves to pull her paci out of her mouth and has gotten in back in once!

1st time in her exersaucer...I had just changed her clothes so I didnt have an outfit downstairs but we did have a hairbow!! We love you sweet girl and can't believe how big you are getting. You are so sweet and so much fun to be around!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here are a few random pictures from the past week or so. I think we may have another early teether. Everything is going in her mouth and she is trying so hard to rub things on those bottom gums. Wade had his first teeth by 5 months and I think she may too!

Wade had a blast at our first splash pad trip. He loved playing with the big red gun type thing that sprayed!!

WK's first time in her Bumbo. Her chubby legs barely fit. They get stuck when I pull her out just like her brother's did!! She also tried out the exersaucer this week. I will upload those pictures soon. She seems to really like them both.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Beach Pictures!

So I am finally getting around to posting our Memorial trip/WK's first beach trip pictures. Of course I took a ton-I can tell she is not going to have as many pictures as Wade did (we went a little crazy) but I do want her to quite a few-poor 2nd child!! We will do the same amount of professional one's-NB, 3,6,9,12 but it is hard for me to take as many now that we have two little one's.

Wade was about to burst with excitement in this picture-it was right before we went down to the beach that first morning. WK's bathing suit was the very first thing we bought when we found out she was a girl (at 15 weeks.) We took that over to my mom's house and Josh wrapped it up in a bag and handed it to her. I will never forget telling her-she thought for sure it was another boy because when I called her after the u/s and told her the HR was the same as Wade's she assumed that meant boy!! I was planning to do the same thing with Nana BUT my cute husband was so excited and told them on the beach before I even got down there.

I took this picture with Josh's phone and I just love it. It makes me smile.

Love my "big" girl-Josh always says "big girls need love too!!" (He is just joking when he says this-don't want to offend anyone-he used to laugh and tell me this when I was HUGE pregnant!)