Saturday, July 30, 2011

Funny Boy!

So most of you that know me well know that I am always leaving my phone at home or somewhere. Nothing against people that are attached to their phones but that is just not me (it drives Josh crazy that I never have it!) I don't have Facebook or email on it and I know I am WAY behind but I just think it would take time away from Wade during the day if I always had that stuff on my phone.  Wade is only little once and he is way more important to me than having all that stuff on my phone. Don't get me wrong I love FB but getting on at naptime or after he is sleeping just makes me feel better. So please don't take it personal if it takes me a day or two to return a text or phone call; half the time I don't even realize I had a missed call because I leave it at home so much!!

Anyways back to the story...I am working harder on always taking my phone with us in the car because you never know what could happen. It seems like most days I get in the car and have to go back in the house to find my phone. Well two days ago we got in the car to go somewhere and as soon as I got in the car I said "Uggggh" out loud. (I had knocked my water bottle over) Well I hear this sweet little voice in the back seat say "You forgot your phone?" I just about died laughing. Bless his heart my 2 year old already knows my issues with my phone! I told him no I actually had my phone this time and told him "thank you" for helping mommy remember. He was so sweet and says "your welcome!"

Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Week

Well I think Wade is finally feeling better. Josh and I had the stomach bug but Wade has just been complaining of a tummy ache for almost 2 weeks now off and on. One day he is fine and the next day his tummy "is sad!" It has been the strangest thing. He has never gotten sick he just hasn't been his normal self. Monday we went to Monkey Joes and he was in heaven. Tuesday we stayed in our PJ's all day and he was so happy. That is so not Wade, he usually loves to stay busy. We did venture out to Trader Joes for some grocery's.

Wednesday we had a playdate with my best friends from college and their kids. We met at Claire's new house in Rocky Mount and the kids had so much fun. I took a couple of pictures but trying to get all 4 to sit for a picture was pretty funny. Claire fixed us lunch and it was such a fun time.

Thursday we went to splash pad but Wade did not have as much fun as I thought he would. He wanted to stay in the car and watch Toy Story and after about 15 min he says "I ready to go now." He is never like this so I am not sure what has been going on with him. I know it is probably something viral if anything so I haven't called his doctor yet but if it keeps going into next week I may have to call. He has never had a fever or anything but something is just off? Thursday after his nap we met another friend, Ben, at Ebounce and they had a blast. I sometimes think he just gets too hot outisde because he LOVED playing inside. It amazes me that he can climb all the HUGE slides by himself and he loves it. This child has no fear at all.

Today I am all out of sorts because my mom and Wade left for the weekend at 830am. I already miss him so much. I have a CRAZY weekend and mom thought it would be a nice break for Josh to stay home and relax some. Tonight I am going to Burlington for a Girls Night with some of my best girlfriends from ECU that I cheered with. We have not all gotten together since last winter. Tomorrow I have a wedding shower at 1pm and I have to work from 4-8p. Sunday we both have nursery and then I also work Sunday evening. Most weekends are not this crazy so it was a good time for Wade to spend the weekend away. Tomorrow morning we are headed to South Point to try to finish up Wade's big boy room so we can surpise him when he gets home on Sunday. We just need a few more things to finish it all up. It makes me a little sad that he is a little boy and not a baby anymore. He is growing too fast!! Josh was sad about Wade leaving so he took him to Monkey Joes and Target last night while I worked. When they got home they called me outside to "see something" and this is what I saw...

Josh had decided it was time for Wade to have a scooter; Wade was so excited about it!

From the mouth of a two year old!

Here's another one of those posts that probably puts everyone else to sleep but makes this momma so happy. I wish I could write everything down but we would be here all day so here are some of my favorites from this past month.
  • Oh Man! (he said this when I told him we didn't have any more chocolate! He is so my child)
  • Hey baby, its ok baby. (he talks to Charlie this way and it is so sweet. He will bend down and hug him and say this)
  • I do have a lot of options! (I told him one day he had lots of options for toys to play with)
  • I love daddy better!! (He told this to my mom the other day- we both laughed so hard)
  • I'm Mad, your getting ready (this one is great, he was at my moms house and she was getting ready to go to lunch with friends and he was mad she was getting ready and not giving all her attention to him!)
  • Its ok mommy. (We all had a stomach bug and I told him I was sorry I felt bad and we couldn't do anything fun- he was so sweet!)
  • Get to work mommy. (he wanted some boy time with daddy)
  • No problem (he says this quite often these days)
  • Yes I do! (he answers almost every question with this one)
  • You're very welcome
  • That's what I was talking about. ( I didn't understand what he was telling me and finally it clicked and he was getting so mad and then he said this and we both laughed)
  • I being a good listener? (usually he is asking this after he gets in trouble!)
  • You listen to me!! (He grabbed my face the other day and put his face right in front of mine and said this- wonder where he got this from??)
  • I love you mommy. (Usually this is said while I am punishing him, he will come over and hug me and say this-smart boy!)
  • I'm Buzz Light year (his favorite movie at this time), too infenity (how he says it!) and beyond.
  • M is for milk (we were watching TV in bed and Moose asks what else starts with the letter M? Wade held up his sippy cup and said Milk)
Here are a couple of pictures of Wade doing "karate" on the boat last weekend. I love this kid. I couldn't get a good one of his karate kick but it is so funny.

On July 10th we went to my parents to pick up Wade (he went over to play) and when we got there we were shocked...he was pedaling his little bike. He has tried with Josh before but it have never really clicked until now. He was so proud of himself and we were too!

Two nights ago on the 27th we were putting Wade to bed and we both came in to say goodnight and when we walked in his room he had one little leg over the side of his crib and said something about "climbing out" Josh of course wanted him to try it so he stood beside him and our little climber climbed out of his crib. This is the first time he has ever tried this. He hasn't done it since then but we are working on his new room this weekend. I think he is almost ready for a big boy bed!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So much to be thankful for...

I saw this on a blog I read and just wanted to share it with you guys. It just broke my heart and made me SO thankful for a healthy child. I can't imagine loosing a child but I really can't imagine seeing your child in this much pain. I don't know this family but I know they could use your prayers. Reading her blog makes me realize that the little things just don't matter. Here is the link to read about sweet little Trip.

Our Day- Tuesday 7/19/11

So awhile ago I was reading Kelly's Korner Blog and she blogged about what her and her kids did during the day. I thought it was a cute idea so I can look back 5 years from now and remember these fun/crazy toddler days!! So here is what Wade and I did today (this was on Tuesday). We don't always have something to do every day (which is nice) but at least once or twice a week we try to do something fun.

715am: Wade yells "Mommy" a few times from his crib!! We go into our room so I can "sleep" for a few more minutes.

8am: We get out of our bed- bless his heart he knows the rules about us not getting up before 745am. He will say "Once Oso goes off I can get up" I get his milk and let him watch a cartoon in bed with me usually until close to 8am.

8-930am: Wade plays in his playroom/ downstairs and watches TV. Mornings are usually when I let him watch TV (and sometimes after his nap!) We keep all the toys upstairs, which is wonderful, but he keeps his farm downstairs and likes to play while watching TV.

9:30am: We leave for the movies- You can't beat going to the movies for only a dollar. Today we saw Bee Movie which is one of his favorites. He made it an hour and then he was ready to go. He met one of his best buddies, Chase, at the movies today. Here is Wade at the movie!

11am: We left the movies and went to Chick-fil-a to play and meet another friend for a "play date." We love going there because we can eat fast and then our boys can play while we sit and talk. Wade had so much fun in the play place today. (I forgot to take my camera in to get a picture of Wade and Ben playing)

1230pm: We headed home to get ready for nap time. Wade went down at 12:50pm and slept for 3 hours! He was really tired today- most days he sleeps 2 1/2 hours.

4pm: Wade was up from his nap and we watched a video. It was a learning video on counting (that always makes me feel better) and it amazes me that he loved it. I actually fell asleep laying on the couch watching it with him.

430p: Time for a popsicle break. We went outside on the back deck and had popsicles and wade played in his little swimming pool for a little while. (I got a cute picture of this...however I realized his underwear was off so probably not a good idea to share!)

5:30p: Josh gets home from work!! Wade is always so happy and so am I. Normally I would be getting dinner ready but we have been passing this lovely stomach bug around and Wade has been complaining for 2 days that his stomach hurts and today Josh came home with a stomach ache too. So no one wanted dinner so I didn't have to fix anything.

 Josh and Wade play upstairs and Wade even tells me "No mommy, just boys!" I didn't listen and sat down with them and my silly child ran into our room and got Josh in there and said "boys room!" He always makes me laugh. So I happily went and watched some TV.

6:30p: Josh and Wade go outside so Wade can play in his little pool for a little while.

7:30p: Wade watches one TV show before we start getting ready for bedtime- he picks Bubble Guppies (his favorite at the time)

8:15p: We start getting ready for bed- bath, brush teeth, read a few books. Notice Pappy bear helping Wade brush his teeth. He has just started getting attached to his bear recently.

8:30p: Wade cries because it can't be time for bed yet!! However it is bedtime for one special little boy!

We had a great day and Wade was overall pretty good today (that always makes it a better day.) He had a few moments where he wanted something (ex: ice cream) and he wanted it RIGHT THEN. I am working hard on stopping that behavior but I haven't had too much success yet. Then I remember he is 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is going to happen sometimes. I don't mind when he does it at home because I can just walk away from him; however I did think hard about doing that today at Chick-fil-a but decided that probably wouldn't have been the best idea. So after he stopped yelling for ice cream and asked somewhat nicely he got his ice cream cone!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wade finished his first year of VBS and he LOVED it. In fact he loved it so much that he cried when we went to our church today. He didn't want to go there he said but he wanted to go back to VBS at Mrs. Courtney's church!! This shocked me because he normally loves his church. He made some really cute crafts and LOVED music time the best!

Here is Wade Friday morning. (It is a horrible picture but he was being so cute!) He brought his bear and his duck downstairs and sat them at our table. He ran back upstairs and got them some ice cream for them to eat!! He kept going up and down getting them stuff and talking to them!

We were trying to get out of the door and I let Wade climb into the car by himself. I had the garage door closed and I had the keys with me (don't worry he was safe!) I came back outside to check on him and this is what I found. He then tells me that he is going somewhere by himself! You have to love this age!!

Friday night Josh and I got to VBS early so we could video and take pictures of Wade on stage. I am so thankful we did because the video is so so funny. Lets just say this 2 yr old is not shy. He was jumping, clapping and dancing the entire time. He even knew some of the words to the song by Saturday morning.

 This was Friday night at my parents house under their carport...he was worn out from VBS!

Saturday morning I stayed with Wade at VBS to help them out. It was so fun getting to see him interact with other kids. However I think that he was probably better behaved when I was not there!! I loved getting to take a few pictures of him in action. Here he is in his little class room.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Fun

Thankfully it has cooled down some and we have gotten some outside time. This was Wade playing the other day (when he was a sweat ball after 5 min!) He loves to push his wheel barrel like daddy does! He wanted to wear his sunglasses so he could see better.

 Today for playgroup we went to the splash pad/pool. It is so nice because it is all fenced in. There is a splash pad, a baby pool and a big pool. The kids had so much fun. Wade looks like a giant next to sweet Leighton!

This was the best baby pool ever. It is huge and only 10in deep. Wade loved this pool even better than the splash pad which really surprised me.

Here is my big boy before his first night of Vacation Bible School. Mrs. Courtney said he did great and had a blast. This is the first time we have left him anywhere like this for 2 hours or more. He goes to church and the gym all the time but only stays for about an hour. I almost cried leaving him because he is getting so big. He used to have the worst separation anxiety about a year ago and now he says "bye mom" and is waving bye to me before I can even tell him bye. He actually almost cried when we left because he didn't want to go home! He is so excited for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playing catch up

So I think I am finally caught up again. It has taken me forever to do my July 4th posts!!

 Here is a picture of Wade yesterday before his first movie! He was really excited (and being silly.)

And this was too funny not to share. My mom came over yesterday afternoon to play with Wade. Well he wanted to watch TV and I told him "no" because he had already watched a lot. So what does my clever child do...he gets his favorite book and sits it up on the steps and sits in front of it and he tells me "I am watching TV!" I laughed at him and told him that kind of TV was ok with me!!

After watching some "TV" he decided to read some..

And this one just sums up my wide open toddler! He has been so silly the last few days; I think he has cabin fever since we have been inside so much!

Around Here!

Well we have not been up to much this week. One of the main reason's why is because it is too HOT. Not only does Wade look like Josh but he sweats like him too!! My poor child can be outside for 5 min (even at 9am) and his little head is soaken wet with sweat. Once this week he told me "I'm hot!" So he has watched more TV than normal and has pretty much been stuck playing inside. We did have a first this week. Wade went to his first movie. For 9 weeks in the Summer they do $1 movies so we decided to go. We went and saw Shrek Forever After and Wade did pretty good. We made it one hour with him actually sitting down watching but after that he was done. I was just thankful we could sit inside and stay cool. I don't think we are ready to pay for a movie but you can't beat a dollar movie!! He got popcorn and gummies and he was all set. We tried to go back today with friends but because it was the same movie we didn't make it as long so we went to the gym so he could run around. I tried to take a picture with my phone but it was too dark so I will have to take my camera if we go back next week!!

Wade is also going to do VBS this week. We have to miss tonight (it's my dads Birthday!!) so he will go Thursday-Saturday. It is at my good friends church and she is helping in the 2 year old room so I think he will do just great. He loves Mrs. Courtney (we walk with her and her kids every morning and they are in our playgroup!) I hate he has to miss tonight but we have dinner plans to celebrate my dad's birthday. Our church does not do VBS...there are thousands of kids so I think it is honestly just too much work. They have music camp for a week but you have to be in 2nd grade for that one.

I have to work this weekend so we are staying home. I have to say I used to dread working some but now working mostly from home has been wonderful. It is just so nice to walk into my office and work and then turn off the computer and walk upstairs when I am done. I am so thankful for this job!! We have a few things we need to do around here this weekend so I am thankful for a weekend at home. We are going back to the beach next weekend so I need to get laundry all caught up!

Wade is doing great with pottying. Overall most days we are accident free. He is wearing underwear for naps and has not had any accidents in his bed at nap time!! Nighttime we are still doing pull ups because some nights he is dry and other times he is wet.

We are going through what I hope is a phase at bedtime and sometimes nap times. Wade is "scared" he says. A few nights ago he was screaming and after 10 min I went in and he told me he was scared of the "happy feet penguins" and "alligator" in his room??? Today he woke up crying at nap time but I went in and told him he was ok and he went back to sleep. I almost wonder if he is having scary dreams? If so I hope they stop soon so we can all go back to sleeping better.

More pictures!

Here are some more pictures from July 4th weekend!!

This is probably one of my new favorites of Wade...I love his sweet face.

Getting so excited about watching the fireworks

Watching the fireworks on the boat...he would only sit with Ashley!

July 4th, 2011- He loved the decorations at my Aunt's house

July 4th

We had a great July 4th weekend. Wade and I left on Friday and headed to the lake with my mom. It was so hot all weekend but we had great weather. Josh got there on Friday night and we spent Saturday morning on the boat. Wade jumped off the boat for the first time and swam on Saturday and he LOVED it! He actually cried when we made him get back in. We headed to Josh's parents house around nap time on Saturday.  Matt, Kendal, and the kids came over and we all went swimming and then out to eat. We had so much fun with everyone! Dinner is always exciting when you have 4 kids all under the age of 4. They were all really good!!

On Sunday our family, my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and her family all went to "Goat Island." I am not sure why it got this name; everyone says there used to be goats that lived there? Anyways it is this little island in the middle of the lake where everyone goes and beaches their boats and swims. We always take floats and lunch and spend a few hours there. Well Wade was so excited...he kept saying we were "going to the Island." Bless his heart he kept saying it like it was a tropical place! If you like to "people watch" this is the place to go. Everyone is REALLY country and they usually have had a few drinks and you can only imagine. Ashley and Zach got there on Sunday and on Sunday night we took the boat out to go watch fireworks. The water gets really rough because of all the boats so we stayed way back because it can be really scary. Wade loved the fireworks because we could see them but you really could not hear them. He said he liked the "quiet fireworks." We left late Monday night and Wade cried for about 10 minutes about not wanting to go to "Wade's house." He wanted to stay at the lake. It was so nice to spend the weekend with all our families and to have a three day weekend. It is always good when Josh is home on a Monday!!

I took these two from far away with our big lens and I just love these pictures. I especially love the one where he is sitting and putting rocks into his sand bucket.

This was Wade's first time jumping into the lake off the boat and swimming in the middle of the lake. He loved it!

Here he is playing at "Goat Island," he loved playing on the floats.

Wade wanted Ashley to "go swimming" with him.

This picture still makes me laugh. We were all sitting outside and I had just taken Wade's clothes off to get him dressed. Well he had this little American flag toy and started marching and running naked all over the yard with it. I think it made it better that he had on his sandals and nothing else. Of course everyone was laughing so hard and that kept him going even longer. Josh was so embarrased!!

Josh left yesterday (last week) morning for a President's meeting at work. They are in PA from Wed-Fri. I am so thankful he only travels twice a year and that it is only for a couple days at a time. We were so proud of him because this is his first President's meeting. Pretty soon he is going to be the President of the Raleigh branch. This is a big accomplishment!!! They have never had a president that was under 30 years old!