Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Time!!

Here are some random around the house pictures that I have been taking of the kids. My last post got a little long (thats what happens when I try to cram three weeks into one posts!!) so I decided to just do another picture post. Here are some of the kids playing and some of WK getting into everything!

They played like this for a good 10 minutes. WK was laughing so hard. Wade almost looks fake in this picture!!

This little girl is eating everything and would rather eat just like a big kid. This is her first time eating an apple. Yesterday she took an entire piece of pizza out of Wade's hand and started going to town on it.

We have gone into her room twice now and she has been sitting up leaned over on the bumper fast asleep. Poor thing is so tired. I wish she would just stop fighting sleep so much. Wade wanted to lay in my office last night in his sleeping bag. I never give in and let him do things like this but I figured why will make him happy and he didn't have school today. It took him a little while to fall asleep but he did while I was on the phone working!

Christmas Fun

Where is the time going? I can't believe we are only 4 days away from Christmas. I blame this busy month on my lack of blogging :) Of course I have so much I want to catch up on because in January I will order my 2012 blog book. We have been busy but having a lot of fun too. Here is what we have been up to:
  • the 2nd weekend in December I took Wade with me to go to Virgina to my mom's side of the family's big Christmas party. My grandma was one of 16 kids so you can imagine that I don't know very many people there. Really just my great aunts and uncles and that is it. We called it a "road trip" to make it sound more fun for Wade.  We rode with my mom and dad and sister all in my mom's car. It actually wasn't so bad-it only took 2 hours and 20 minutes to get there. Wade is a great car rider-he always has been so he did great. We didn't even think about taking WK. She is not a great car rider so she stayed home with Josh. It was the first time I have ever left her all day. We were gone from about 9am-5pm. I missed her but had fun being with just Wade for the day. Wade got to bid in an auction for the first time and got to see Santa again.

     I love this one of Wade's little finger up in the air. He is biding $1 on a stuffed animal at the auction. My grandmother's sister and brothers have an auction every year to raise money for the other reunions. He is getting so independent and big. Today he wanted honey mustard at Bojangles and I asked him to go get it and he was so proud. He did not want me to go up there with him so I just sat and watched and he asked all by himself!!

  • The next week was Josh's procedure. He had it done last Thursday and everything went well. I was worn out after a weekend with the kids. We let him get lots of rest and tried to stay out of the house as much as we could. He rested for two full days and got up Saturday night just in time for us to have some of our couple friends over for a dessert party. It was crazy because I had to work from 4-8p and then everyone came over at 8pm. Josh LOVES having people over and entertaining. So even though it was a crazy weekend for it we had a great time. Of course I didn't take any pictures. a BIG THANKS to my mom and dad and Ashley and Zach for helping me with the kids that weekend. The next day we packed up and headed to Winston for Josh's family's big Christmas party. I was a little worried about Josh being up so much but it actually went well because he got to rest in the car and was only up for a couple of hours. The kids had a blast because it was in the gym of the church. This time of year is always crazy but its nice to get to see family that we don't get to see often. That night when we got home our neighborhood had a sleigh ride for the kids. I left WK with mom because it was raining a little and took Wade. He had a great time.

Here are some pictures from last Sunday at Josh's family's Christmas party. Wade and WK looked so cute in their outfits that Nana got them. We went consignment sale shopping after Thanksgiving and found them some goodies! I love the picture of WK, Papaw, and Lois. Josh's papaw is such a sweet nice man. 

Getting ready for our sleigh ride!!

  • We have been trying to spend some time at home this past week just relaxing at night. The kids have enjoyed playing and staying in their pj's!!! We are all done with shopping as of today. I actually love shopping the weekend before Christmas so I am sure we will go out sometime this weekend even though we really don't need much! Westin Kate is into EVERYTHING. She is pulling up on everything and crawling everywhere. Just yesterday at the park I turned my head for one second and she was climbing the steps. She has never done this before and she just went right on up. I think we may have a climber this time around. I wish I would have had my camera! She fell into the door jam this week and got a nice red mark but thankfully it is all better now. This stage is so busy and so scary. We are getting some gates soon for the steps! She loves to pull the vent up out of the floor downstairs and it is the first thing she crawls to when we put her down. We are still fighting the night time battle with her. Some nights are better than others and she just wakes up once and stays in her bed all night. She still fights us so much when we put her in bed and a couple of times she has fallen asleep sitting up!! Last night was much better and she only cried about 10 minutes when going to sleep and only woke up once at 230am to eat. We are breaking this habit after Christmas but I wanted to get her back in her bed first and then break the eating at night habit. It is not going to be fun!!
  • Wade had his last day of school on Wednesday and had his Christmas party. I was one of the mom's helping with this party and the kids had a great time. They ate, made some crafts and had so much fun doing freeze dance with their jingle bells. I had to take WK and she did great. She loved watching all the big kids.

  • I am off this weekend and we don't have any plans at all except for Sunday night. I can't even tell you how happy this makes me after such a busy couple of days last weekend. Sunday we are doing Christmas with my mom's side of the family. It is just us and my Aunt/Uncle and two cousins-sometimes though it is nice to have a small family on her side. We just buy for the kids so that is nice too!! We don't have church this weekend either because we have a special Christmas Eve service on Monday. So Sunday morning we plan on sleeping in (yea right!!) I do have to work 9a-3p on Christmas Eve this year but it is my only Holiday to work. Thankfully Josh is off all week after today!!!!!! I can't wait to relax and spend some time at home with the kids.

Friday, December 7, 2012

10 Months Old

WK you are 10 months old. You turned 10 months old yesterday 12-6-12!! Literally 2 months away from your first birthday. That is just crazy to me. Next month I have to plan a special little birthday for you. You are still my sweet and smiley girl. Happy 99.9% of the time. Love all people but are starting to get a little bit of separation anxiety when someone holds you that you don't know. Unless they have a pretty necklace on that is. Last week you reached for a lady at church that you didn't know because her necklace was so pretty you just wanted to touch it. Such a girl already! A lot has happened this month for you. Just this past week you started really crawling (not just crawling backwards) and pulling up. Its like it happened over night. Daddy came into your room last week before bed and you were standing in your crib. You started doing this on Tuesday 12-4-12. You are busy and I have to watch you every second because you put everything in your mouth. You also started talking so much more this month; you have the sweetest little raspy voice and you babble all day long. Around 9 months your very first word was "hey" and now you have a second word "dada." You started saying this about a week or so ago. Daddy is so happy. You know how to wave but only do it when you want to and when we say "yay" you wave both of your little arms up and down. You still only have a little bit of hair and only two little bottom teeth. You have slept through the night ONE time now. Actually last night you did it. It was the first night ever that you have not woken up to eat or cry. I was so thankful for a little more sleep. I hope that you keep it up. We love you sweet girl. Happy 10 Month Birthday. Here are some other things you are up to:

  • weighs 20-21lbs
  • probably close to 28 inches
  • wear some 9-12 months and 12 month clothes
  • size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes
  • still nursing....usually now it is just for your first feeding and if you wake up at midnight
  • gets breast milk in a bottle during the day-you drink milk every 4-5 hours

  • eating three solid meals a day- eat a good mix of baby food and table food
  • take 2 good naps each day
  • enjoy playing in your crib before naps/bedtime
  • love Wade and Charlie
  • love bath time so much
  • love to look at books
  • love anything that makes music and lights up
  • are so happy when you are outside
  • can say hey and dada
  • are so silly and love it when people laugh at you
  • will stick your tongue out when we ask "where's your tongue?"
  • don't love going to sleep by yourself (even though you always have!)-you love it when we come back in your room and let you hold our hand while going to sleep.
  • laugh so hard when daddy dances with you
  • have started "dancing" when we sing or turn music on
  • don't really like t.v. yet (much different than your brother at this age) but you will watch Mickey Mouse for about 2 minutes every now and then
  • play really well on the floor until I come into the room and then you want to pull up and climb on me
  • said "hey" and then "dada" tonight when my mom was on the phone. Like she was trying to say Hey Dada! Almost everytime I get on the phone she starts yelling "dada." I think she thinks I am talking to him every time!!
This was the 2nd time she pulled up. I saw her do it and quickly ran to get the camera. She somehow gets under stuff...the little trampoline, Wade's bed!! She is going to keep me on my toes.

We love you so much. You are so fun right now and you make us laugh so much each day. We are so thankful for such a happy and silly girl!!


I guess because I had SO many pictures to post that I forgot to post are some pictures from Wednesday night at Pullen Park. They had a couple of craft type things for the kids. Wade made an ornament and got some reindeer food for Christmas Eve.

This picture always makes me laugh. Poor Josh is riding by himself, poor Claire always has to ride with the kids because this is the fastest carousel in the history of the world and Wade is shooting a web with his hands pretending he is Spider Man. Oh we are so into super hero's these days. That is all he ever wants to play or talk about. We also take all his super hero's everywhere we go!!

Wade playing catch with David. He had so much fun playing with them while we waited forever to get our food. He told me it was so much fun!!

Here are a couple of random pictures from our week. Wade and WK were playing together after naps and this makes me laugh. She is actually pretty good at rolling the ball but this picture makes it look like she is about to take his head off with the football! The next two pictures pretty much sum up our life right now. WK tries to take anything that Wade has :) If he is playing with it than she wants to play with it too!

 This sweet boy actually wanted me to take his picture. He was "resting" before his nap the other day.

This was from the other day when they were playing with my ribbon. I love it because I walked into the room and he was hugging her.

I took the kids to Chick-fil-a yesterday. The Chick-fil-a cows were there and Santa was there and they had a lady doing face painting. She was fantastic and Wade of course wanted to be Hulk so she made him Santa Hulk! Everyone kept asking if he was the Grinch!!