Wednesday, October 26, 2011

22 weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: around 11 inches and between 12.7-20.8oz

Gender: It's a girl....Westin Kate

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Weight Gain: So after going to the fair two times last week I have decided to wait and weigh myself next week!! So I am not sure!

Movement: I have been feeling her so much more this past week. Still feeling her down low (which explains the constant need to be in the bathroom!)
Sleep: This has been a little better lately :)

Symptoms: still have lovely acid reflux and the back pain has started this week-I am really showing now so I know this has something to do with this back pain/cramping. A little short of breath at times too!!

What I miss: Not too much, maybe sleeping on my stomach!
Cravings: None really

What I am looking forward to: Getting past the 24 week mark!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fair Pictures!!

This is what happens when you eat one of his fried oreos!!

Busy Weekend!!

We have had a busy past few days. It was crazy but we had a lot of fun too!! Thursday we went to the fair with our couple friends to celebrate Josh's bday a few days late. We did a lot of eating and walking around and had so much fun with everyone. Friday we decided to take Wade to the fair. He was SO excited and was talking about the fair all week. Wade and I rode the bus together and met Josh there. Wade did great on the bus and we had a fun time looking at the animals while we waited for Josh to get there. Surprisingly it was a good time to didn't get really crowded until close to 7pm. Wade had such a great time this year. He LOVED all the rides and even rode the bigger kids rides. He rode most of them by himself but the roller coaster's and bigger rides Josh rode with him. He smiled and laughed the entire time. He almost cried because he could not ride the big log water ride. He was too little...this kid has no fear at all. He loved the petting zoo too; he was so excited that he got to feed the animals. I took so many pictures and I know I am going to have a hard time picking which one's to post.

We had one melt down and it was actually so funny we took a picture of him. He wanted a "surprise" so we got him some fried oreos. Well when you buy them you get 6 oreos. Those of you who know me know that I would NEVER give Wade that much sugar. So I took one and ate it and gave him the rest to hold. Well you would had thought that someone was cutting his arm off he cried so loud. We had a 5-10 min crying spell and then it was fine. Of course he ended up only eating half of one and gave them back to me. I knew he would do that; but he did not want anyone to touch his oreo's.

Josh played the whack a mole game before we headed home and he won. Wade was so excited and thought that he "won" the prize. He got a cute giraffe and it has been his best buddy since then. He named him Pokey?? We didn't get home until after 930p and wade was so tired. He says "we got back to the fair tomorrow?" I had to break the news to him that it would be next year before we go back.

Saturday we had Wade's Fall Fest at his preschool. We tried to put him down for a early nap but because he slept until 9am he just played in his room! So we went to the Fall Fest without a nap and he did great. He had so much fun playing the games and doing the bouncy slides/toys. My parents and Ashley and Zach went with us and Wade was so excited to show them his school. He dressed as a football player Saturday because it was way too hot for his T-Rex costume. Hopefully it will be cooler on Halloween so he can wear it. We were all worn out on Sunday but it was a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So someone in our household is going through detox this week. This little someone is 2.5 years old and we are going to call it "grandparent detox!" Now first let me say we are so grateful to my parents for taking such great care of Wade this past weekend. With that said let me say that he must not have wanted or needed anything all weekend. I am pretty sure he picked what they did, where they went and what they ate all weekend. So it is now detox time and it has been a trying few days. We have had some good moments but we have had some really bad one's too. He has been crying about anything that does not go his way (this is not my child...he never cries) I think it has been a combination of being overly tired and spoiled rotten.

I think it was harder on me too because Josh had to travel Monday night for work so it was just Wade and I until last night. Oh what fun it was for Josh when he got home. He looked at me like "who is this kid?" I will say this morning was so much better while getting ready for school. It was the first morning we haven't had to do time out or get a spanking. Wade just thinks everything is funny and laughs while getting in trouble! Hopefully by the end of the week we will have our well behaved (for the most part) child back.

He did say some things last night that were really funny, well not at the time but now it is funny. We stopped by mom and dad's house to show them his Halloween costume. Well of course once we got home he did not want to be the orange dinosaur but he wanted to be the green one. We had a 15 minute crying spell over this one and once he calmed down Josh actually ran back to target to get the green one. What happens next...he didn't want the green one after Josh brought it home. Oh if you could have seen Josh's face when Wade says "I don't want any of them!" My mom said it made her night just watching Josh trying not to loose it!

Well then it was time to go and our sweet child says randomly "I don't like my home!" I had to try so hard not to laugh out loud at him. We said what did you say? He says "I don't like my home I want to stay here." Then he proceeds to tell us "I don't like you guys anymore!" I was thinking that this didn't start until middle school. Josh says "well it looks like he is staying at Mimi and Pops forever!!" Of course Wade was trying his best to spend the night with them again (because there are very few rules) but we made him come home with us. When we got home we had another melt down about milk and once that was over he was fine.

Josh was reading to him while I went walking with my neighbor and Wade says, "I got you a baseball but I can't find it." All wade wanted to get for Josh's birthday was a green baseball. Well I did the best I could and found a neon yellow softball and Wade was so excited to give it to him. We forgot on Sunday night but I found it last night and Wade was so happy to give it to Josh. He was so proud that he picked out a present for his daddy. Here are a couple of pictures from Josh's birthday night at my parents house.

Mountain Pictures

Monday, October 17, 2011

Josh's Birthday Weekend!

We took a long weekend trip to the mountains for Josh's big 30th birthday! Josh and I left on Thursday around lunch time. We had the best time. The first night it was just us so we went to Boone for a little bit and then went to this tiny town called West Jefferson for dinner. We were thinking that is was going to be similar to downtown Apex but boy were we wrong. It was a teeny downtown and everything was pretty much closed by 6pm. However we did find a really good pizza place for dinner. We went back to our cabin after dinner to relax. We LOVED our cabin but it was WAY out there. About 30min from anything. We had horrible cell phone service but we did have tv and internet which was nice. It was actually sort of creepy the first night because it was storming and our cabin sits on 190 acres so there was not anything around. Luckily we had a alarm system to make me feel better!

Friday we got up and went hiking. It was so great but boy was I worn out. I was a 4 mile hike and some of the steps about killed me. Luckily I made it all the way to the top. The way down was a breeze but going up was a different story. After hiking we went back and had leftover pizza by the fire and watched tv before we took naps. It was such a great afternoon. Our friends the Nicholson's and the Brogden's got there on Friday afternoon. We were so excited to see them. We showed them around and then headed to Boone for some Mellow Mushroom and grocery shopping. We got back and started playing games. While playing games we heard this knock on the window and saw two faces looking in. We screamed at first but the realized it was Erin and Britt. They surprised us and decided to come last minute. We were so excited to see them. We are so thankful for great friends who came to celebrate Josh's birthday with us.

Saturday the girls went shopping in Blowing Rock and the guys played golf all day. We were so tired because we stayed up until almost 3am Friday night. Once the guys got back that evening we got ready and headed out to dinner for Josh's birthday. We went to this little hole in the wall place called Canyons but it was so fun and good. Those are the best restaurants!! We were so tired when we got home from dinner that we only made it one hour and then we were all ready for bed. We are getting too old to stay up as late as we did Friday night.

Sunday was Josh's big 3-0!! We all cooked breakfast and then the boys went outside to play football and the girls went on a little hike around the property. It was almost 70 degrees and sunny. This is the best time of year to go because it is so pretty and the weather is just perfect. We hated to leave on Sunday but we are so thankful for a great weekend. A big thanks to my parents for watching Wade for us too! We stopped in Winston on the way home and got to see Josh's family and have a quick early dinner. It was so nice to see everyone, especially since it was Josh's actual birthday. We all had a great dinner and then we headed back to get Wade. I was really ready to see him. Mom did a cookie cake for Josh and gave him his presents. Wade was so excited... when we got there and said "Happy Birthday Daddy."  It made Josh's night so special because before bed he kissed him and told him happy birthday again. Its the little things like this that mean so much! I am so glad we decided to go. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend and a nice little getaway for us. It may be the last time we have a weekend away before Westin Kate comes!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I know you probably won't read this but we love you so much and are so proud of you. Its hard to believe you are 30!! I really can't believe we were 23 when we met; its crazy that it was 7 years ago this month that we started dating. Where has the time gone? So glad you had a great birthday weekend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I love this age (well most of it!) Wade says the funniest things and Josh and I are constantly laughing or telling each other something that he said. I have been writing a lot of these things down and find little papers all over the house. So finally I am getting them down in the blog. This is one of those post's that you may want to just skip is mostly just for us and our blog book!

Wade so excited to be walking on his tip toes!
  • "I'm sorry for crying mommy"
  • "ECU = Go Pirates"
  • Thanks for putting medicine on my foot, it feels better!"
  • "guys talking"
  • "where are you?"
  • "what do you got?"
  • "lets get back to work mommy"
  • "my mommy pops me with a brown spoon"
  • "you listen to me" (he said this while grabbing my face one day- pretty sure I have said this before!"
  • "their regular house?" (he says this sometimes when we tell him we are going to mom and dad's house, he calls their houses...regular house and lake house)
  • "trust me on this one!" (this was my favorite...he said this when he was talking about Josh telling him something)
  • "exactly, you got it" (talking about stopping at the red light)
  • "that's like a meatball" (TMI-talking about a boogie on his finger!)
  • "God loves me so I can do anything at church"
  • "hello boobie" (to the nice little girl at school he was meeting)
  • "that girl had a pop tart with sprinkles on it"
  • "you have to take care of me, I have a boo boo on my foot" (one day when I wasn't paying attention to him!)
  • "ECU pirates are not pink they are purple" (talking about my sweatshirt)
  • "baby Westin would like that" (talking about a barbie commercial)
  • "thats what I was talking about"
  • "I want a piece of bite of it!" (he always says this when he wants something sweet!!)
  • "is that a diving board?" (bless him, he said this when Josh got the ironing board out...Josh told him its ok I know you have never seen your mom use it!!)
  • "have a good day"
  • "maybe we can go get some food tonight?"
  • "your the bug man" (I love when he says this...its when I wear a gray tshirt from our church, I guess I look like our bug man!)

The other day we took him to Evelyn's soccer game and he was so cute. He would yell "go Evelyn." Well at the end of the game he says "tell you something Evelyn, good job!" Well she didn't say anything when he said this so Wade says "say thank you!!" We all laughed so hard.

Josh and went on a date night this weekend. When we dropped him off at mom's he was so excited and when we told him bye he said the sweetest thing. All we said was "bye Wade" and he says "Love you guys!" It was so sweet it almost made me cry. We didn't tell him we loved him he just said it himself. I wish I could have that sweet voice on video saying it.

The other day we were running late on the way to school and I drove through a red light and said "crap." Wade says, "whats wrong mommy?" I told him what I did and my 2.5 year old says, "green means go, yellow means slow down, and red means stop mommy!" I told him I was sorry and I would always try to stop at red lights. He is so going to be on safety patrol one day (if they still have that at school!)

Wade was crying tonight at bedtime and I asked why he was crying? He says, "my tummy hurts" and I said why does your tummy hurt? He then says, "because I'm sick" so I said, why are you sick? He says "because I want you :)" He was so trying to get me to stay in his room!!

Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday we took Wade to the pumpkin patch. We had a really good time. They had a corn maze (which he loved!), a hayride and then they had some kids riding toys, a slide, swings, and a few other little things. They even had some donkey's and a pig. Wade really enjoyed the hayride- we didn't do one last year but I am so glad we did one this year. We even picked out two pumpkins to bring home. I look forward to fun stuff like this all year.

 October is by far my favorite month of the year. I love the weather and all the fun Fall activities. It is getting so much fun now that wade really understands things. Seeing the excitement on his little face makes it so much fun. I can't wait for Halloween this year. Halloween is not my favorite Holiday but I do enjoy it more now that he gets to dress up and have fun. We always do a couple of Fall Festivals each year. One is at our church and one is at the church I grew up at and they are both so much fun. This year he will get to wear his costume multiple times because he also has a school party and a school festival as well. Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch.