Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday Day!!

Wade had a great birthday party and birthday. We have playgroup every Thursday and this year his birthday was on a Thursday so it just made sense to do a little playgroup party. With our Disney trip coming up (tomorrow!!) I didn't want to do anything huge. The park was the original plan but you know how that NC sleet can sneak up on you in April :( Who would have thought?? So we moved the party inside at the very last minute. The kids didn't care as long as there were cupcakes and a place to run around. Of course it was Ninja Turtle themed and he got lots of great new Ninja stuff. WK had a lot of fun too and wore her big bow for the celebration!! Josh even managed to stop by for a bit.

For dinner we headed to Pizza Inn (Wade's choice!) and Donatello had to come along for the ride.

We came back to our house after dinner so Wade could open his presents from Mimi and Pops and so he could show them all his new stuff. Of course sister thinks she is big and wants to get in and play with the boys. Wade started feeling bad while we were eating but thankfully it was just some gas pains. Probably from all the "healthy" food he ate that day.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Today is Wade's 4th Birthday! Ugh he is growing up so quickly. I have to say though 3 was the hardest age we have had so far so I am a little excited to see 4!! Honestly he has never been really bad but he definitely tried testing us and not listening as well when her turned three. Even though 3 wasn't always easy it was a funny age. It seemed like everything he said was funny or something that would make us laugh.

Wade however is SO excited about being 4 today. He could hardly wait to wake up this morning because of his birthday. Almost all of his friends have already turned 4 (or 5) so he was ready too. This morning he woke up with the biggest smile on his face. I got him a big blueberry muffin for breakfast and he sat and ate and watched Ninja Turtles. After breakfast we read a book and then he watched a little bit of Lorax while I got ready.

His birthday party was scheduled for 10:30 am at the park but the weather did not cooperate. It was raining off and on and pretty cool too. So we changed plans last minute and met at our church at their indoor play place. Wade was SO sweet this morning and said "as long as there is a playground/friends I don't care where we go Mom!!" Ah I could have eaten him up when he said that :)  Wade had a great time playing with his friends and eating cupcakes and opening gifts. It was a great party. Some of us left church and went to Chick-fil-a for lunch.

I am praying that its nothing but Wade was not acting himself when we were there and said that his stomach was hurting. I really hope that it is just from the huge muffin and the cupcake. I really don't want a stomach bug in Disney. The kids are napping now and then we are heading out to dinner.

Here is what you are up to at age 4:

weighs- 41.5 lbs

height-39 inches

shoe- 11-12 shoe

clothes- 4T-5T

Loves to eat and is a good eater-of course he would pick fruit over veggies still

Still only drinks milk and water-we have tried apple juice, lemonade and even some Tea and he doesn't like any of it-occasionally though he does drink a glass or two of OJ. Will drink a fruit punch juice box occasionally.

Takes a nap almost every day still and sleeps 11 hours at night

Loves to watch movies/TV-is really into Ninja Turtles and Disney Jr (Jake etc)-Also loves Peppa Pig

Loves school and church so much

LOVES being a big brother and is SO sweet to his sister-he takes great care of her!!

Loves to do anything outside-playing at the park and riding his bike are his favorites

Loves reading books and coloring

Loves everything Ninja Turtle and Super Hero

Would wear PJ's 24/7 if we let him

Started his first sport-T-ball this past week

Is so independent and goes potty mostly by himself and gets dressed and ready all by himself!!

Happy Happy birthday sweet boy. We love you so much and are so proud of you. You are SO funny and full of life (and energy!!) We are so thankful for you and can't wait to watch you grow up. You are sweet and shy at times and wild and crazy other times. You are just like you Daddy and want to be just like him when you grow up. You are so much fun and we hope that you have the best birthday. We have a little surprise Disney trip planned for you next week and cannot wait to tell you all about it. Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Here are some random Iphone pictures. These first few are from Dad's camping day at school. Wade and Josh had a great time together!

The kids LOVE it when I work because that is usually when they get to go out to eat!!

One tired little girl...

We took this one a couple of weeks ago before church. You can tell in the next picture that she missed her morning nap at church...she was worn out by 1245p :)

A few more random pictures

Tomorrow is a BIG day at our house because my favorite little boy is turning 4. Not sure how four years has gone by already. He went to sleep so fast tonight because he could not wait to wake up and "be 4!!" We are having a little playgroup birthday party at the park tomorrow and then going out to Pizza for dinner (Wade's choice of course!) with my moms side of the family. He still has no idea about Disney. We are going to tell him on Saturday. I am going to try to get his birthday posts done tomorrow and his little yearly video interview. I can't wait to see how much he has changed since we did it last year. I have to go back and watch it to see what questions I asked. 

Easter 2013

Saturday night after dinner we got everything ready and dyed our Easter Eggs. WK sat and ate a bed time snack and just watched Josh and Wade. Josh always helps with the eggs and I am always the one with the camera. This years eggs turned out much better than last year because I actually had vinegar to help with the colors BUT by the time we started I realized all I had was the organic brown eggs that we eat. They worked ok but I think next year I will just buy the regular white eggs :)

Sunday morning Wade woke up first (as always) and could not even wait to get downstairs. So...we let WK sleep until 830am and we let Wade go ahead at 745am and see his basket. He liked everything but he was thrilled to see his chocolate bunny. He was so excited that we let him eat half of it for breakfast before church. 

Here is WK seeing her basket for the first time. She liked the pink and yellow basket straw the best!!!

It was raining Sunday morning so we took our pictures on the swing. I took a lot because we could never get them both to look or smile at the same time.

Here is WK and Hadley-She is our good friends baby. They were playing at church while we were packing up.

We had Easter dinner over at my parents house. We 
tried for a family picture but you can imagine how that went.