Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Weekend-Part 2

So we headed down to Sunset on Friday around dinner time and met all of our friends at The Boundary House. It is a wonderful restaurant down at Calabash. We had a huge table for all 14 of sweet baby Luke!! Dinner was fantastic and we had a great time all catching up. It has been over a month since we had all been together. We headed back to Andrea's parents house after dinner to relax and play games. We always have game nights and as usual we laughed all night. The guys are all crazy and we just laugh at them the majority of the time! It is so nice all the guys love hanging out as much as the girls do. We stayed up too late!! 4 couples stayed with us and 3 couples stayed at the other house. It is so nice that both their parents have places in the same neighborhood. We spent the entire day on the beach Saturday and stayed in and ate pizza and played more games Saturday night. We played some card games, catch phrase, but my favorite one was Charades. I have never laughed so hard! We got up on Sunday and had breakfast with everyone and then Josh and I headed back to his parent's place to spend some time with them and Wade. Thanks so much to my wonderful mother and father in law for taking such great care of Wade for us. He loved it so much and had a great time. It was so nice for us just to get away and relax and not have to worry; we knew Wade and Peyton were having a blast too. Also thank you so much for keeping him on schedule and working on pottying!! Wade did great and did not have any accident's until we got there on Sunday!!

There are no words for these two boys...Josh and Britt!

Britt, Kyle, and Josh- we love these guys. Josh is so thankful for them (they are all in a Friday morning bible study together and I am in one with their wives on Wednesday nights!!)

These boys "played" all day long!

 This is us playing a dice game called Three was so much fun!

This picture makes me laugh so much; Josh kept taking pictures of us and telling us "one more" and little did we know the boys had lined up behind us and "mooned" the camera! You can kind of see them starting to walk over in this one. I won't share that picture though!!

Beach Weekend- Part 1

We had the best time this past weekend. Josh took off Friday and we headed down to N. Myrtle on Thursdy night. Wade was SO excited. He kept asking all week "go beach right now?" Friday the three of us spent the day together and it was so much fun. We spent the morning on the beach and Wade was fearless and loved the water. We wore him out and we came in for lunch and he and Josh took a 3 hr nap!!! I spent some time laying out and it was great. Josh's parents and Peyton got there Friday evening and Wade was so excited to see them. They took Wade and Peyton out to eat and Josh and I headed down to Sunset for a weekend with our friends. Here are some pictures of our day on Friday...I took way too many!!!

 Wade kept saying he was "skating," he loved standing there when the water was pulling back!

He laughed so hard when he and Josh were "jumping waves"

 We took this exact picture last year and it is crazy how much he has changed in the last year.

 These two were so excited because they were leaving to go out to eat with Nana & Poppy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Potty Trained!!

I honestly was dreading potty training...I just though diapers would be easier!! However I was wrong and it is wonderful!! Wade is completely potty trained and is doing great. It has been over 3 days and he has not even had an accident. We are so proud of our big boy. He is even wearing underwear at nap time. I need to start doing it at night because he is always dry but I am just trying to use up the last pack of diapers and pull ups first.

Here are a few pictures of Josh and Wade on Father's Day. Of course the one that turned out best is blurry. It is so hard to get a 26 month old to pose for a picture. He is being so silly in most of them.

We are heading to the beach Thursday and I can't wait. We are going to stay with Josh's parents Thursday night and then on Friday evening we are heading to Sunset to stay with our couple friends. Two of their parents have houses close to each other so all 14 of us are going!! We have not all hung out in a long time so we are excited to see everyone. It seems like everyone is so busy during the Summer. Josh's parent's are going to keep Wade for us for the rest of the weekend so we can go hang out with our friends. Wade is SO excited and has been asking every morning if we are going to the beach today. He can't wait to spend the weekend with Nana and Poppy!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Smart!!

So I think my child may be too smart for his own good sometimes. I can't believe I forgot to blog about this. Last weekend we were trying to get out the door for the lake. My mom was putting a pull-up on Wade and I heard her kind of raise her voice and tell him "stop wade don't do that." I was in the other room and I knew it must be bad because she NEVER tells him this. I yelled "whats he doing?" and then I hear my mom just bust out laughing. She could barely talk she was laughing so hard. A minute later she tells me that when I yelled "whats he doing?" Wade whispered "say nothing Mimi!"  How did he know to tell her to say nothing; he just kills me. I found out he was pulling Charlie by the leg. It amazes me that he was smart enough to whisper and to tell her to "say nothing" so he wouldn't get in trouble. I just could not punish him after that one; he made me laugh.

I know Josh doesn't read this much but just in case he does...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! You are the best dad and Wade is one lucky little boy. He loves you so much and he is so proud that you are his dad. He calls you his "best friend" and I know he wants to be just like you one day. Thanks for being such a great dad (and husband.) You teach him so much, love him so much, and you are his favorite to play with. Thanks for everything you do!! We love you!

I hope everyone is having a great Father's Day weekend. Wade and I are letting Josh sleep in tomorrow and we are taking him to lunch after church (his pick!!) We gave him some special "daddy time" today while we went to run errands and play at the park. I hate I have to work tomorrow night but I am thankful I get to spend the day with my boys. Happy Father's Day to my dad and my Father in Law- you guys don't read this I know but I wanted to tell you we think you are great and we are so lucky to have you both as our dads!!

From the mouth of a 2 year old!

So here is another one of those boring post so we can remember these funny things that Wade says. I laugh everyday at something. I wish I could write them all down!! Here are a few that I have written down.
  • "I like boobies"- he said this to me randomly
  • " Do you have boobies?" He asked this to the overweight man at the pool!
  • "rub my back, my backs not small" He said this one night when Josh wasn't rubbing all of his back before bed!
  • "Sweet dreams Daddy"
  • "I make it better mommy"- then he kissed me!!  "feel better mommy?" He is just too precious
  • "Mimi's a bad boy girl"- He loves to tell my mom this. I think because I say "bad boy" sometimes that he likes to call her that but he has to add the word girl in there!!
  • "pops sugar" Yes I know how redneck this sounds but my dad thinks it is so funny to hear him say this. He will say "no mimi that's pops sugar!" and then gives my dad a kiss.
  • "that would be perfect!" Wade was playing in my car and he wanted to sit in the back seat (not his car seat) and he said..that would be perfect!
  • "its a witch" he was drawing me a picture and told me it was a witch. I found out later that my mom drew a witch with him one day. I was starting to get a complex thinking he was calling me one!!
  • "you still mad mommy?" I felt so bad when he said this. I had been yelling at him that morning because he WAS NOT listening.
  • "mommy's going to hit me"- Hope this one doesn't get me arrested!! I can count on one hand the number of times I have spanked him...I threaten him a lot with the spoon when he is acting out and I was calling his name today and he wasn't listening so I came upstairs and he yells this out to Josh!!!!!
  • "your tummy hurt mommy?" I was laying in the floor the other day because I was so tired and I guess he thought I was sick. He is so sweet!
  • "I pee pee in the woods!"
  • "I have spider man underwear on" he said this as he was showing the strangers in the restaurant his underwear...he is really proud.
  • "I'm a crazy boy/ I'm a cute boy"
  • "Happy Anniversary" He told us this when we got back from dinner the other night. My mom was shocked b/c she said she only told him one time that we went out to eat for our Anniversary.
  • "We're at Target?" Oh this is so my child...he asked this when we pulled up to Panky's-the little hole in the wall place to eat at the lake. I said no we are a long ways away from a Target!!
  • "what's your name lady?" I told him that was not the polite way to ask that question!
  • "that's my right foot" He has learned his left from his right and he loves to tell us which way we are turning or which foot is right or left.
I just love this kid so much. He is so funny and way too smart. He remembers everything! He is pretty much completely potty trained and is doing great. He is staying dry during naps and almost every night. He has just amazed me with this! I was dreading doing this and he really has done it himself with just a little help.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Great Weekend-Part 2

Don't you just love it when you plan something and it works out perfectly? Well that was my goal for Sunday and it actually worked!! I knew we would be heading to Josh's parents house around nap time but I also knew that it was only a 35min car ride and one little boy would wake up once we got there and he would be irritable for only sleeping 30min or less! Saturday he fell asleep so easily on the boat so I though maybe we could take the boat out before heading to their house on Sunday and maybe he would fall asleep again. We went to the Marina for one last lunch and on the way back Wade went right to sleep. We rode around for about 15 min to make sure he was really asleep. We already had the car loaded so we just put him right in and headed to Winston. Its amazing that I get excited about little things like this. He had a hour nap and he woke up so happy to see Nana and Poppy.

I knew we would be swimming and playing all afternoon and that is why I wanted him to sleep some. This child is so sweet unless he is really tired. Matt and Kendal and the kids came over and we all went swimming. I love that Josh's parents have a pool. Wade is going to love going to his grandparents house's! We had the best time. Wade LOVED the slide and even did it one time by himself. He is just so brave. He jumped off the diving board but was not too sure about doing that by himself yet. I had to hold his hands and place him in the water off the end of it. Peyton and Wade played so well together and it was so good to see everyone. We enjoyed some popsicles and then Nana took the big kids on a wagon ride and the 4 of us got to sit and talk. We can't wait to go back again. Here are some pictures of us playing at the pool. The boys are getting so big too. I didn't get a picture of both of them but I did get one with Poppy and Rylan.

A Great Weekend- part 1

We had the best weekend. Even though potty training was going on we had a lot of fun. We got to the lake around 5pm on Friday and once we got there we took the boat to the Marina for dinner. I LOVE the lake so much and this is by far my favorite part. It is a short 10 minute boat ride and the marina has a restarant attached to it and we love eating there. We went three times this weekend! Saturday we all went to breakfast at another little hole in the wall place called Panky's. After breakfast the girls went shopping and the boys took Wade back to go swimming. When I say shopping I mean a stand alone Belk's, Food Lion or Walmart. Oh it is so much different than Apex and I love it. There is a little strip mall with a few stores and that is it. We spent a lot of time on the boat, playing in the water, and riding Jet Ski's. Wade rode a few times with Josh and he had a blast. He kept telling him to go faster (they were going WAY too fast as it was!) Saturday night we went to Cook's with Zach's parents. Cook's is another place you must visit if you ever go to High Rock Lake. It is a BBQ place and it is really good. Wade went pee pee on the potty there and I was so proud. Beside's the pool this is the only place he had ever gone. He did the funniest thing...we had to wait our turn (which I was a little worried about!) and when the older lady came out of the stall Wade clapped and told her "good job." I just love this kid.  Here are some pictures of our lake trip:

 So here is Wade's new thing...he wants a towel wrapped around him when he is tired? I don't know where this came from. It started this Summer so I am thinking it is because I wrap him this way after the pool. It can be 90 degrees outside and if he is tired he cries for his towel?? He wants one on a night too when he goes to bed. He is always doing something like this that makes us laugh. He goes through these phases where he is attached to things!!

I love this picture of Josh and Wade. Don't worry we do have a inside shower at the lake but it is so much more fun to take one outside!!