Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Sadly I have not blogged in forever but because of my love for Fall I decided to jump on board and blog and do a little Fall home tour. Thankfully the travel business has been keeping me so busy but I do miss blogging so here goes! 

These two are so excited for Fall (they take after their mama on that!) We live in a 116 year old house and Fall is my favorite to decorate for! I need to get a front door picture soon :) 

A little Fall fun in our old wheel barrel that we keep by the front porch! 

Its hard to see in our entry way we have our little family of four pumpkins by the steps.

 Then looking back down the hallway I added a few fall things.

My mom found this old dough bowl for me and I love changing it out for different seasons. This is our dining room.

The only thing we restored in our kitchen were these butler pantry cabinets. Probably one of my favorite things in our house!

 Love the little touches of color in our white kitchen. 

I added a little cotton in our living room and some fall stuff too.

Happy Fall to everyone. Hoping to get a new blog post up soon about the kids!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life: a 4 year old and a 7 year old!!

So every now and then I get the idea to come back to this little blog and give an update. It won't be often haha but occasionally. For life right now Instagram and chat books are working much better than blogging. Lets me real its just easier and quicker and kids are busy these days.

Westin-Kate turned 4 this past February. She is so big now and it is so sad. She is girly but so tough. She is one I do not have to worry about ever! Fierce is a great way to describe her. She is sweet as can be and she hardly ever gets in trouble. She LOVES her babies, jewelry, dress up, painting nails, gymnastics, dance, and playing outside. She finally is a better sleeper (not perfect) but better.

She has crazy/beautiful curly hair. She is around the 60% for her height and weight. She does dance once a week and gymnastics once a week and is in preschool three days a week. Next year she will be in school 5 mornings a week.

She knows all her letters, numbers and is so smart (she takes after her brother and daddy haha.) She writes her name so well and loves to write and draw. She LOVES coloring and anything to do with art. I hope she always loves this. She also loves it when we read to her.

She still has eczema which drives her crazy (and me.) We will have good months and bad months for her flare ups. Almost all of her spots are on her little legs. She has been doing great since speech ended quite a few months ago. She is still very shy and doesn't like to talk at school or in front of people she doesn't know well.

She learned to ride her back without training wheels right before she turned 4. It is so funny because she looks so little riding and we get stopped all the time when we ride downtown because people are shocked she can ride a bike.