Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here are a few more house pictures that I promised. Hopefully next week we will finish our furniture shopping and then we can unpack the last few tupperware containers that have our china in them. Then I can take a dinning room picture.  Josh has done a GREAT job on our looks so good. I need to take a picture since it is so neat and organized.

Thankfully bedtime is getting a little bit better and Wade has been asleep before 9pm the last two nights. He has said the absolute funniest things this week but I will save all those for another post.

I have to brag about my husband a little bit. I have had such a busy week; Tuesday I had a meeting for Thirty-One, Wednesday I had to work, and tonight we had our monthly girls Bunco night. I am so thankful for such a great husband who works so hard all day and then comes home and has the best attitude and helps with wade. Most weeks are not like this at all. I try really hard to only have one night away from home during the week and that is usually because I am working. So a big "thanks" to my wonderful husband for being such a huge help.

I had to work last month (which was our first time playing) when we had Bunco so tonight was my first time playing and we had so much fun. I am so thankful for such great girlfriends. I even won $15!! We all put $5 in to play and then you have three winners at the end. I can't wait to play again next month. I love that Wade put these glasses on upside down and then tells me "I'm cool dude"

So Wade sort of has two rooms. This is mainly because I am lazy and did not want to set up our guest room double bed just to take it down six months from now. No we are not pregnant I just know I can't keep Wade in a crib forever! I am so not ready for him to be able to get out of bed and since he is not trying to crawl out of the crib we are going to leave him in it until he is at least 2.5. So we set the nursery furniture up in what will one day be the "baby's" room and we bought two twin beds for Wade's new big boy room. I found the cutest pirate bedding for the beds and can't wait to set them up once we buy the mattresses. Wade's room has the cutest shell light. It will come down if we have another boy one day but if we have a girl I will leave it for sure. We are going to take down the other "girly" light in his big boy room and put a ceiling fan up for him since he is so hot natured.

This is his playroom and I love this room. I am so glad we painted it this light blue. I also did our half bath this color. We put our old couch up here and have really enjoyed watching movies in here. Now we just need some pictures for this room. I am having a hard time with this one because I don't know what type of pictures you hang in a playroom?
 This is the view of the den if you are standing in the kitchen. The den is my least favorite room because of the way we have to arrange the furniture. We were so limited because the cable hook up is in one corner and we only have two walls to put furniture on because of the three glass windows/door that leads out to the deck. It works for now but I am always brainstorming with other ideas for this room. There is just not a lot of room for people to sit in there. I wish I could squeeze one more chair in somehow?

Playgroup Party

Today we had Wade's little playgroup birthday. I originally had planned to have it at the park but because of the lovely weather we moved it to Wade's other favorite place "Chick-fil-a." I have to say it worked out great and we love it there. Everyone was so helpful and they even gave wade a little fireman cow with a balloon!! We missed having Erin and Leighton there (they are out of town) and Wade's other friend Ben has a sick mommy :( The kids had a great time. Wade, Braden and Colton enjoyed playing in the play area and having a cupcake and some chex mix!! The little ones: Noah, Caroline and Sadler got to sit out with the mommies and enjoy talking!! I can't believe I  forgot to get a picture of the three little ones. Wade was so excited about his Elmo party and kept coming out of the play area asking for his "Elmo Birthday." Thanks to everyone who came...we had a great time. Here are a couple of pictures from the party.

I used one of my cute new Thirty-One bags for Wade's little party favors. Since he is having Elmo themed parties I got some little Elmo coloring books and tied a ribbon around them and added a lollipop! 

 Here is my big boy being silly. He was saying "cheese" in this picture!! I ordered his little shirt from Etsy and I love it. Oh and I am promoting Thirty-One in this picture too...I love my little bag that stays on our steps; I use it for stuff that needs to go upstairs.

This one makes me laugh because it is so age appropriate!! My almost two year old sweet child was making sure Braden knew this was his toy and was saying "thats mines!"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Here are some random pictures of last week/weekend. I am so behind on blogging and trying to get caught up before Wade's birthday parties! I am doing a little "friends" party on Thursday morning since most of Wade's friends live here and won't be able to make it to the lake for his party. The only bad thing is that I planned to have his friends party and the park on Thursday and now it is going to be in the 40's and raining. Since we don't have a kitchen or dinning room table yet we won't be having the party here so last minute I have had to move it to Chick-fil-a. This was not my first choice by any means but it will work just fine. Wade loves the play place and I called today and they have no problem with us bringing in food and having a little party.

I just love these pictures. This was last week and Wade all of a sudden wanted to take Charlie for a walk. He has never asked to do this before. He kept asking (almost demanding) that he walk Charlie. So after getting him under control and hearing him say "please" we went for a walk!

This picture makes me smile and it makes me sad. Wade really looks like a big boy in this picture. I know I can't keep him "little" but oh how I wish time would slow down. Monday I will have a 2 year old!!

Josh's parents and Ashley and Zach came this past weekend and we had a great time. We did a little house shopping, went out to eat and even made a trip to Wade's favorite place...Monkey Joe's!! Here are a few of the pictures I took of Wade playing. "Monkey Joe" even came out for a visit and Wade loved him. I thought he was going to be scared but he wanted to touch and hug him.

Home Sweet Home!

Here are some pictures of our new house, I have only taken a couple!! I need to take some of the upstairs too! I absolutely love it. The painters painted almost every room. We have switched out all of the light fixtures and now we just need to do the faucets and door nobs.

I just love this picture of wade "helping" Josh put his crib together! Wade will still talk about how he helped his daddy!! Here are Wade and I the first night at the new house...excuse the way I  look we had been moving all day. Josh was finishing putting his crib up so I rocked Wade on our new swing.

I love the outside just as much as the inside. We looked at a lot of houses and after spending some time playing at our new house we have realized how nice a flat yard/driveway is. We looked at a lot of houses that had steep driveways or backyards and I have to say with small kids a flat yard has been fantastic. A cul-ti-sac is a must as well. We have already spent so much time playing in it. Wade has just worn himself out every night. Here are some pictures of Wade playing. We love the basketball goal and the boys have had so much fun playing at night. I am so glad we are moving after the time change because we have been outside until almost 8pm every night.

I will have to take more pictures once we get our new furniture. We still have a lot to do but we are getting there. Josh and I have worked really hard to get everything organized and updated...however our master bath and the third floor are not going to get finished right way. We will get to those eventually!! Here are a couple pictures of Wade and his friends...Wade's buddy Braden and his family came over for a visit last week. Braden's mom and I have been friends for 24 years...that really makes me sound old! The second picture is of Wade's new friends in the neighborhood; he just loves all the older girls that live near us.

Around here!

Well things have been a little hectic around here to say the least. With moving, cleaning out the old house, and planning two birthday parties I am worn out! On a good note we are all unpacked!! It is not all perfect by all means but it is unpacked. We still need to work on the garage and still need our tables and a book shelf!! Wade is doing great except for bedtime. I am sure this is normal when you move a toddler but I am hoping it is temporary because bedtime is a nightmare! Naptime is great but bedtime takes about an hour and is filled with lots of tears. Last night he actually told me "I'm scared" and I felt so bad for him. I know he will love this house but it is hard when he is used to the old one. We have to drive past it some and he will say "how bout old house?" He is talking non-stop from the minute he wakes us until he is asleep! Here are some of the funny things he is saying and doing:
  • giving us random kisses (which we love) and kissed Leighton on the cheek last week at playgroup!
  • I can't believe he said this...we were all three riding bikes and we have really been working with him on looking for cars, well I guess Josh and I did not stop and look because he says "mom/dad look for cars!!!"
  • "hey girls, play beanbags" Oh how Josh loves this one! He said this to the neighborhood girls
  • "bye guys, bye girls"
  • hurry up daddy (josh was in the grocery store and we were waiting in the car)
  • "whoa nelly and whoa mommy" (I was driving when he said this...I guess he was scared!)
  • "that's mines" (according to him everything is his!)
  • "Im a big boy" (he said this when he was walking down the steps by himself, he is not supposed to do this)
  • I'm two!
  • "wade's new tv" (Josh bought us a new tv for the playroom and according to wade it is his!)
  • he has a new love for his "squishy dinosaurs" that Josh bought him from Target. They have now replaced all his stuffed animals in his bed and he LOVES them.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're here!

Well we have officially moved!! We were planning to move everything this weekend but poor wade was so confused with us going back and forth we decided to move everything on Wednesday instead. Oh it was a HUGE mess and thankfully it is getting much better. My "to do list" is still a page long but we are making progress. It is amazing how fast you can fill up a house. I don't think we will ever own a house with enough closet space!! I will do a post soon once we get the internet working with some pictures. Wade's poor birthday party is going to be thrown together so last minute ( not typical of my personality!) I can't believe it is next weekend. My parents have been amazing with all of their help and my wonderful in-laws are coming this weekend along with Ashley and Zach to help. I am so thankful to have people to entertain wade. Last time we moved he was only 3 months old and Oh my this time is much harder with him being almost 2. However we LOVE it and can't wait for you guys to come see us!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catch Up

So here are three posts in one...I have been behind on taking pictures and posting because of the new house. Wade had a really cute St. Patty's Day shirt on earlier and I forgot to take his picture!! The painters finished today and I LOVE how the colors turned out. Now we just have to get all the new lights hung and get some furniture and we should be ready to get moved in. We are going to try to get a lot done this weekend since it is supposed to be nice. Wade LOVES it there and loves all the kids. He already knows a lot of their names and wants them to all come play every time we go over there. Today he had three "older" girls (probably 1st-3rd grade) and two boys that are six and three playing in the front yard. I wish I would have had my camera. They would play for a bit then they would all get on their bikes and take off down into the cul-ti-sac. He is never going to want to come inside anymore!! I am so thankful we found this house. I love that there are so many kids and that we live on a quite safe street so the kids can run wild!!

This is the picture I used for Wade's 2nd Birthday invitation!! I can't even believe that I have already sent them out. We are having a family party at the lake again this year. I decided to do a little "friends" party the Thursday before his birthday in Apex and then I am doing his family party the day before his actual birthday. After much debate between Mickey Mouse and Elmo Wade finally decided he wanted to have an Elmo party!!

 Here are just a few random pictures that I took a week or so ago. I just love how culry his hair is when he wakes up from his naps! The second picture is him showing us how strong he is. He loves to show his muscles!! He also loves to be like his Daddy; he loves wearing Josh's hats.

We took Wade to his 2nd Hurricane's game last week. We went with our good friends Erin and Britt and had such a great time. Wade had a blast and did pretty well. He wanted to walk around a little more this year so I had to take him out a couple of times to run around. Josh bought him the cutest little Jersey! We will have to go back again soon!

So we made the mistake of showing Wade a spider that was on his wall the other night. I said "ewww spider" and had Josh come kill it. Well wade is still talking about it and says "Daddy killed it!" (we have to tell people it was only a spider!) and then he says "spider scare me." He wasn't upset about Josh killing it but bless his heart he is worried that the spider is going to get him. Every time we go in there he talks about that spider! On a good note wade has been sleeping like a champ. We go through phases where he wakes up crying at night but for awhile now he has not been doing that!!!!!!!!!!!! However the time change has messed him up this week and he has been going to bed much later than normal. So our goal for the weekend is to get him back to his 830p bedtime. It has been nice though because he will sleep until almost 9am.

Funny boy!

Maybe it is because he is my child but I think wade is sooo funny. This is one of those post that will be boring for most but funny for us.
  • "Hear that noise?" He says this ALL the time and I wish I had it on video because when he says it it is so country it kills me. He says it so fast too.
  • This one melts my heart- I told him I loved him in the car a couple of days ago and all of a sudden I hear "I love you too mom!" Oh I wanted to cry.
  • He is so compassionate he must not be my child- he was so worried about Charlie yesterday when he went to the vet. He asked about him all day and kept wanting to go get him
  • We left Lowes the other day and someone had a Pirate decal on their car, he must have seen it because he says "Pirate's" then he said "arrrgh" and finally he said "Go pirates" and did a little fist pump and put his arm up in the air and made a fist. Josh taught him this and we had one proud daddy when I told him this.
  • This caused Daddy not to be proud however...I turned on tv two days ago and basketball was on and I hear "Go Tarheels." My dad taught him this and thought this was sooo funny when I told him!
  • I must say "thats nasty" way too much because wade saw a pile of trash on the floor and said "eww thats nasty" he is also started to say "eww thats old milk"
  • I was driving too fast the other day and had to kind of slam on brakes; wade quickly reminded me of this when he said... "whoa too fast mom!"
  • However he always ask for me to "go fast" and the other day I pulled out and had to go fast and I hear "Go mom, Go mom" and he was kind of singing it. It was so funny!!!
  • I laughed so hard at this one. I was watching Desperate Housewives (he was playing and not paying attention most of the time.) The one time he decided to watch he says "Daddy naked on TV" I am pretty sure I laughed and turned it off at the same time!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tomorrow's the Day!!

So tomorrow is the day that I have been waiting for since we moved to Apex almost two years ago!! Long story short they told us Josh was relocating and we had about 2 weeks to move. So for about 4 months we lived with my parents during the week and went back to Greenville to "our house" on the weekends. This got old pretty fast but we had our house on the market at the time. Someone wanted to rent it out so we decided to do just that. We have been renting it out for the past year and a half. So after we decided to rent our house we moved from my parents house to another house that they own in Apex and we have been renting that from them for the past year and 3 months. We have so many fun memories in this house and we LOVE that it is walking distance to downtown but it is just too small. Half of our stuff has been in storage for the past year and it is time to move! We were too nervous to buy anything last year because we had a renter in our house who never paid on time but now we have WONDERFUL renters and a property manager who handles everything. (If you ever rent your house out please use a property manager it makes life so much better.) Our current renters lease is up in October so until then we are good but we know they only wanted to rent for one year so hopefully someone else will move in shortly after they move out.

Tomorrow is closing and I could not be more excited. I LOVE our new house so much. The best part is it is much bigger and we have room to grow. We have been married almost 4 years and this is our 3rd move. I hate moving and I am so ready to get settled and have a "home" again. I loved our house in Greenville but I love this house even more. I can't wait to sit on our big front porch and watch Wade play in the cul-ti-sac. That is what I look forward to the most. My parents have wade for the weekend and we are thankful. This gives us a lot of time to get some yard work and cleaning done. We are also going to go ahead and set up the laundry room and kitchen (those are the only two rooms we do not have to paint!) I will miss my sweet boy but I know he will have a blast at the lake. He is already talking about riding the golf cart and playing with all his toys at the lake.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Fun!

We have had a great weekend, here's what we have been up to:
  • Friday night we had a cookout. We haven't had friends over too much because our house is small and our wonderful group of couple friends is not small!! However with the weather getting better we had the fire pit going outside and made it an inside/outside party and had a great time. We had 7 of our great couple friends over and we all had a blast. Wade had so much fun before bed playing basketball with the boys!! It is so important to have wonderful girl friends but even better when all the guys are such great friends too. Saturday morning wade woke up and said "see all the people?" I guess he thought they were spending the night.
  • Congrats to two of our couple friends: Kristen and Matthew had baby Luke this morning and Lauren and Dale got engaged this weekend! So happy for you guys.
  • Saturday was spent being lazy and doing some fun house shopping. We hated we didn't get to travel this weekend but we had some stuff that had to get done for our new house. The boys took a 3 hr nap and then mom took wade and Josh and I spent our date night at Lowe's. We bought all of our inside and outside lights (we have to change almost all of them!) and spent way too much money on lights. Everything is just so expensive these days!!
  • Today we went to church, not sure if I mention this enough but I LOVE our church. It is amazing and if anyone is in the Cary/Raleigh area you should check it out. It is called HOPE!! The preacher is the best preacher I have ever heard. Wade did great today and was happy when we dropped him off. He did get hit in the face today and he told us "little boy hit...not nice" I asked if he hit back and he said "No wade cry" LOVE that kid!
  • We had a great lunch at home and played some and now the boys are working on a second 3 hr nap this weekend. We are heading back to Lowe's today to order our new washer and dryer. I am so excited for next week. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and that we close on Friday.
  • Mom and dad are taking Wade to the lake on Friday for us. I am sad because he just went away with Josh last weekend but I know with closing on Friday and us starting to move all of our attic stuff, doing some yard work and me working some it will be much more fun for wade.
  • So I think I am going to try to make this blog public again and take of the privacy setting...hopefully I won't get anymore comments from strange men. If so I will make it private again!

Friday, March 4, 2011

23 Months!

It is hard to believe that in one week I will be sending out Wade's 2nd Birthday invitations! Where has the time gone? There have been so many ages that I LOVED! I remember thinking 6 and 9 months were so fun and 12 months too! I actually really love this age because he is doing so much himself and can talk so well. It helps so much that he can tell us what he wants and needs. Knock on wood he really hasn't had many "fits," I know they may be coming but I could probably count on one hand the number of times he has had a tantrum. He is full of energy all the time and I wouldn't have it any other way! It is so funny because Josh has NEVER  gotten upset with wade- I mean ever. However I have learned something new about Josh...he does not like whining! I love this about him because I can't stand it either. Wade has learned real quick that he isn't getting very far when he whines (with either of us!) He is all boy for sure and loves to get dirty and play and dig in the dirt , loves it when we see big trucks or construction stuff, and loves to kick the soccer ball or play basketball. His new favorite saying is "hear that noise" anytime he hears something. It makes me laugh. Yesterday I almost died because he says "hear that noise...wade pooped!" What a boy thing to say!!! Here is what he is up to:

 I love this picture so much. We took this last night. Wade was crying because Josh wasn't playing basketball the way Wade wanted him to so Wade went and hid behind the chair so we wouldn't see him cry!

-weighs 30.5lbs- I have no clue how tall he is but is getting close to 35-36 inches!
-sleeps around 11 hours at night- still likes to wake up once during the night but usually goes right back to sleep
-takes a nap everyday and is always ready by 1pm for nap....he sleeps great and usually 2-3 hours
-LOVES to eat but would rather eat his snack food than meats and veggies. LOVES all fruit!
-drinks milk and water all the time and gets a little bit of juice here and there
-loves the park and playing soccer outside
-loves to read and look at books
-knows how to count to 15, most of his ABC's, sings all his bible songs, knows colors & animals.
-we have just started working on his letters and he knows about 5 or 6 letters from his ABC puzzle
-knows his first and last name and it is so funny to hear him say "Foltz"
-would probably rather stay with his grandparents if we let him; we love that we can leave him with both our parents and he is perfectly happy!
-loves Charlie but is still a little too rough with him
-does not cry anymore when we take him to church!! He has been doing so well the last few months with this one.
-Does so well eating with his forks and spoons and doesn't even make a mess anymore
-LOVES popsicles and wakes up asking for one
-Loves TV/movies and would watch it all day if we let him
-is still really sensitive and cries if someone pushes or hits him (even if it didn't hurt)
-loves to say "I'm ok" when he falls down
-I hear "how bout," "one more time," "look mom" and "mommy help you" (he says you but means me!)multiple times a day
-has started telling us he needs his diaper changed but hasn't really shown too much interest in potty training (I have decided not to push it now but I want him potty trained no later than 2.5- I think this is a good age!)

This is an idea I got from Kelly's Korner and Wade loved it! I put ice and water in one bowl and he moved the ice cubes over to the red bowl with the slotted spoon! It kept him busy for a 30 minutes!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

One week away

Well I am excited to say that on Friday we will be one week away from closing. It is so exciting but a little overwhelming as well. My to-do list is growing by the minute! Start packing is going to be number one on our list!! Luckily we have another week before we move because the painters need about 7 days to re-paint almost the entire house. So while they are painting we are going to get all the yard work done, get some flowes planted, and start cleaning the windows. We are going to move slowly over a week or two. We are hoping to be sleeping there by the end of the month. As crazy as it sounds I am going to really miss our cozy little house. We have had a lot of fun living in this house and it really feels like home. I know we will love the new one too.

Wade has once again been cracking us up this week. I just can't get over how much he is talking. Sunday he says to Josh "I need coffee" this was out of no where and the funny thing is neither of us drink coffee. He must have heard someone say it.

Today Josh came home from work and put a tie on because he had a lunch meeting and needed to dress up a little! Well I said to wade "Daddy looks good doesn't he?" Well Wade did not respond but a couple of hours later Wade wanted something to eat and went and grabbed his bib and pulled it over his head. While I was getting his food I see him walk over to the mirror and I hear "Wade look good" I almost died laughing at that sweet boy. Yes he did look so good in his Mickey Mouse bib!!

My mom told me tonight that yesteday Wade and my dad were "fighting" or "wrestling" and Wade is a little sensitive at times and I guess he thought my dad was being too rough because he said "Pops Wade a baby." I guess he thought he wouldn't be so rough on him if he pretended to be a baby!

I am so excited because I just ordered my 2010 blog book! They finally gave a discount for 15% off so I went ahead and took it because they have not done a discount in a long time. I can't wait to have my second book!!

Beach Pictures

Wade had a blast at the beach with his Daddy, Nana & Poppy. They played on the beach, fed the seagulls, went to the aquarium, and went out to eat some! He was such a Daddy's boy on Sunday afternoon when he got home! He even asked a couple of times if he could "go beach," I think he is ready to go back. I am hoping I get to go this time!! Here are some of the pictures from their weekend away.