Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well it officially feels like Summer is here with school being out and the weather being so hot. Things have been so busy but we have been having lots of fun too. Wade has had two birthday parties in the past week and they were both so fun. One for Kate (from school) and one for Katelyn (Claire's little girl). They both turned 3 and were too cute!! Today our playgroup went to Splash pad and we had a great time. WK did great and even took a couple of naps in her stroller while we played. I am so thankful for our playgroup. We have been meeting once a week for almost 2 years now. I think Wade was around 18 months old when we started meeting. I think that the moms have just as much fun as the kids. I hate it for Wade next year because all of his boy friends will be in preschool on Thursday mornings. I guess he will just have to start playing with the girls!!

This weekend is busy for us. Friday night we are going to a piano bar for a private party. Ashley and Zach are coming over to keep both kids-yikes!! I know they will do fine but I am nervous to leave WK. Saturday morning is Papaw's Estate sale. It doesn't seem like he is really gone much less that he has been gone for 6 months. I am taking some baby clothes to try to sell. Saturday night mom and dad are watching the kids so we can go celebrate our sweet friend Jenna's birthday. I can't believe we have two date nights-that is so rare for us. Hopefully we will get a couple of runs in and maybe some pool time. We are just loving that it is Summer time!! I have been doing couch to 5K and today I ran 2.2 miles. It has been a slow process but I am glad I am slowly getting back into running again. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Memorial Weekend 2012

Well so much for updating the blog while I was at the beach!! We had a great time and I am so glad we went. When we saw the weather we were a little hesitant but it was so nice every day. We hardly had a cloud in the sky. We left around 7pm Friday night and drove about 45 min and then stopped for a late dinner and to feed WK. It worked out well because after our stop they both slept the rest of the way. Wade was so excited he could barely contain himself.

We spent all day Saturday on the beach. We were afraid it was going to be our only nice day so we let Wade skip his nap and just play all day. He had a blast. He is at the perfect age for the beach. It was so much harder this year because of my sweet WK. I was so worried about her getting burnt even under the umbrella. She did sleep in a little beach tent for her morning naps and that worked well. We would just take turns in the afternoon with her. I do not want to rush her growing up but I am excited for next Summer when she is running around with Wade!! We stayed on the beach all day and then went to dinner to Zaxbsy's for dinner. Sunday was windy but really nice too. We played most of the day and then went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and then over to Barefoot to let Wade ride the Carousel. We had a great time and it was so nice to have Poppy and Nana there too to help with the kids. Josh and I even took a walk on the beach alone one night to the spot where we got engaged-6 years ago (almost). We laughed because we both felt so strange walking without pushing strollers!! Oh how things have changed in the last 6 years.

We hated to leave Monday. Wade was pitiful and kept asking why we had to go home. He LOVES the beach so much. We just did the pool on Monday so we wouldn't get all sandy. Traffic was horrible and it took us over 5 hours to get home. We did stop in Wilmington to walk around and get lunch/ice cream and that was a lot of fun. It was nice to break the trip up some with little one's. Wade is perfect in the car (he always has been) and WK did really good but she just doesn't like the car seat when she is awake. Thankfully she only cried for about 15 min the entire trip. She slept great each night and I am so thankful for that. When we got home Wade was so sad. I found him sitting on the steps with his head down and he said he was so sad that we left the beach and he was going to "sit and wait for the beach." The next morning he woke up and said "I don't feel very good" when I asked what was wrong he said "I am not at the beach" :) We can't wait to go back again-hopefully some time in June or July. We are going for an entire week in August hopefully and I know Wade is going to be in heaven!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Great Year!!

Monday was Wade's last day of preschool. He was so sad about this...he has had a great year. He made some great friends and had WONDERFUL teachers. Wade kept saying, "that is so sad, only one more day of school!" He went to school normally and then all the moms/dads came at 11:00am for a picnic at the playground. I am so glad we just happened to find this school last year. All of the moms get along great and so do the kids. We are even going to meet once a week at the park so the kids can stay together. There are 6 of them that will be moving on to the Frogs class next year. Wade is so happy his friends will be in his class again. I can't wait for 3 yr old preschool too because I have heard Fantastic things about his teachers. Here are some pictures of his last day. Just for fun this is a picture of Wade on the first day of school and a picture on the last day!!! You can tell the first picture was at the end of the summer with his tan skin and blonde blonde hair.

This is Emory one of Wade's "girlfriends" they can always be found together!!

This is Wade's other best buddy Liam. We are sad Liam won't be in the same class next year :(  The next picture is of Wade's wonderful teachers. He has loved them so much and I loved that they had 3 teachers for only 11 kids.

We are SO excited that we are off to the beach today. Of course I will take way too many pictures because this is WK first beach trip. I am going to try to blog some while we are there since I will have some help :) We are going and Josh's parents will be there and we can't wait to spend 3 days on the beach. Wade can barely contain himself he is so excited.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Fun

Yesterday we went to the neighborhood pool for the first time this year. Our pool opened the first weekend in May but we knew the water would be too cold then. I went for a run and then Josh stayed with the kids (while they both napped for 2 hours!!) so I could lay out for a little bit. It was so nice to just sit for an hour and a half. My sister and Zach went so we just sat and talked. It was hot but overcast but I was so pale I actually got some sun.

Josh brought both kids after their naps. We didn't put WK in her bathing suit but Ashley (mean Aunt Ashley) did stick her feet in a couple of times. The first time she cried but after that she did ok. It took Wade a little bit to warm up to the cold water but before long he was in. I can't believe how tall he looked compared to last year. I love going to the pool and can't wait for this Summer. Wade is at a perfect age but WK is still a little bit too little for the float. They have this wonderful covered area so I am hoping she can take her morning nap under there some!!

Picking Strawberries

Wade and I went to pick strawberries on Friday. Its funny because Josh and I don't like strawberries (strange I know!!) but Wade loves them. We left WK with my mom so I could just take Wade. I am trying hard to do stuff with just Wade every now and then so he will feel special. He has done great with WK but I feel like she takes up so much of my time right now that he gets ignored much more than he used to. So we had a special "date" to pick strawberries. We met his best buddies there and they all had a great time. It seems like we were just doing this last year.

This is Wade picking strawberries last year :( He has grown up so much this past year!

I forgot to post this sweet picture...this is Kari one of my very best friends (Kelly's) sister. Kari has recently moved here and is a new hair stylist and she came over and cut Wade and Josh's hair. She did a great job and it was so nice of her to come to us...we felt special!!

Lake/Mother's Day-pictures!!

My grandparents and WK

Lake pictures

Mother's Day 2012

Lake Trip/Mother's Day

Well once again I am way behind on posting. We have been so busy (but a good busy.) Two weekends ago we traveled to the lake for the first time with WK. It was actually our first time traveling with her-I can't believe we stayed home for 3 months!! My mom and the kids and I left on Friday around 4pm and headed to Thomasville to see my Grandparents and dad's side of the family. Their house is only about 15 min away from the lake and almost all of my dad's family lives on one street so when you go you get to see everyone. It is really nice to only make one stop and see the most of the family; especially when traveling with little one's. Wade loves it because they all have big yards and he can run and play. My grandma and aunt both have little dogs and Wade ran and chased those dogs and played for 2 hours. He was in heaven!! I was so happy that WK got to meet everyone and see my grandma again.

WK did great in the car and only got fussy the last 10 minutes of the trip when she got hungry. She is such a angel baby; I just can't get over how easy she is. She is just so fun to be around!! We got down to the lake around 8pm and Wade was SO excited. He loves it there and kept saying " we don't have to go back home today... right Daddy?" We love it too...once we got there Friday we did not get back into our car until Sunday when we left. We take the boat everywhere and just enjoy being lazy. We spent the day Saturday taking the boat to the Marina for lunch, taking naps, and then taking the boat back out again for dinner. We ate at this cute little seafood restaurant across the street from the Marina. Westin Kate loved the boat (it put her right to sleep) and she rode the golf cart for the first time.

Wade of course went to bed late every night (he always stays up late at the lake.) WK is a wonderful sleeper and she slept from 9pm-5am both nights then ate and went back to sleep until 9am. My mom (who never just laid us down awake) was shocked each night because around 9pm we would just lay her down and she puts herself to sleep and never makes a sound. She is just precious. Wade took much longer to put himself to sleep when he was little-we had quite a few nights of crying it out with him!!

Mother's Day was Sunday and WK and I slept in until 9am. We played at the lake that morning and then packed up to head home. Wade was not happy about leaving but he was SO happy when we told him we were going to see Nana, Poppy and Peyton. We went to Josh's Mamaw/Papaw's house for lunch and it was so nice. WK got to meet everyone for the first time and all the kids had so much fun playing. They have lots of land and cows and horse's across the street. Wade had a blast playing with his cousins and seeing the animals. We also got to go see Josh's other Mamaw who has moved into an assisted living place. I am so glad she got to meet WK too. We didn't stay long there because the kids were so loud-you can't help it when you have five kids all 4 and under in a smaller room!! I think she enjoyed watching them run around. We went back to Josh's parents for just a little bit before heading home. We had a great weekend away and got to see so many people. Of course I forgot how much you have to pack for a newborn and when we got home our house looked like a tornado had gone through it. It was a great Mother's Day and I am so glad we got to see both of our moms too!!  I took WAY too many pictures and will do a picture post soon.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Picture Post

Last Saturday we took the kids (that still sounds strange) to Downtown Apex's Peak Fest. I have been going for so many years and it is something I always look forward to. They have so many cute booths and great food. Since we are doing our diet I only had a snow cone but it was a great one. All the fried food looked so good!! I bought WK some hair bows of course and a really cute ribbon type thing that attaches to strollers and high chairs so she cant throw her sippy cup or snack bowl down. It was so hot so we didn't stay too long but we had a great time.

Cinco De Mayo!!

Sweet girl

I thought Westin Kate looked so cute on Sunday in her white sundress and her monogrammed bloomers. Oh having a girl is going to get me in trouble!! We love lazy Sunday afternoons...Wade woke up and wanted to watch tv and Josh and WK just kept on sleeping!!