Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I can't believe it is vacation time! Besides Christmas, Summer vacation is my favorite time of the year. I was a little sad yesterday about leaving Wade but today has been better and I am getting excited. I always hate leaving him but I know he will be just fine and it is good for all of us. I truly feel like it is good for him to get a little break from us and it is always good for Josh and I to get away together. I need to say a big "Thanks" to my parents and Ashley & Zach for watching Wade for us.  It is so nice to not have to worry while we are gone. However we may have a little monster child when we get back. Wade usually gets his way when he is with them!!! I will have lots of pictures to share when we get back.

Wade is getting a special pizza dinner and is going on a trip to Monkey Joe's with Josh tonight. I have a quick meeting for Thirty-One so Josh is going to take Wade to play!! We may even let Wade stay up a little late tonight just because!! I was going to let him stay up a little late last night but we spent 3 hours at the pool yesterday afternoon and by 8:30p he was done!!!! He actually said "leave room mommy" when I was standing by his bed last night. He always makes me laugh!

We have a little swimmer on our hands. I found his little ear plugs and he went to town. He was jumping off the side by himself and going all the way under. Of course it scares me to death. He even "swims" to the ladder by himself. Thanks to my great friend Erin we found the perfect swimmy float. It is called "Puddle Jumpers" and it is FANTASTIC! I will have to take a picture because he looks so cute in it. I got it from Target and he can jump in and it pops him right back up and it holds him up so he can float or swim alone. I was talking to mom and looked up and my little swimmer had gone and lifted the rope and was out in the deeper end just smiling away. I could not believe that way my 2 year old; I am telling you he has no fear. I nicely lectured (I am sure they love that!) my parents about him and the lake water. It just scares me that he would possibly jump in or walk right on out in the lake. I know they raised me but that's my sweet baby!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picking Strawberry's

Wade and I had a first this week...Monday we went to pick strawberry's! Yes I know it is strange that I will be 30 and have never done this but I don't eat strawberry's!!! I know that is strange too; its funny because Josh doesn't like them either. However our sweet little boy loves them. I am so glad he is a good eater and not as picky as I am. I am so glad we went when we did because it was the last day to pick them for the season. We had a great time. It was really hot and after we found about 5 wade says "all done!" So we picked a few more and got a watermelon and headed home. He loved that he could run around on their little dirt roads and he love the little basket he used. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love Sunday's!

We have had the best day today. I love our family time on the weekends so much!! It is so nice to have Josh at home to help. We went to church this morning but poor Wade had to stay home because he had a fever last night. I told him we were going and he said "I go church," I felt so bad telling him he couldn't go. He stayed with Mimi (thank you) and I think they had a good time. Josh and I "adopted/sponsered" a child so he could go to summer camp so we really needed to drop of his camp supplies. The message today was fantastic and it was about "Bad things happening to good people." I love our church so much and love that we leave every Sunday feeling like we got so much out of the sermon. Wade is thankfully feeling better but he is still not back to his normal self. He is not eating very much still and has been a little more whinny today. Hopefully after today he will be back to his normal happy self!

After church we packed up for our first family pool day. We had so much fun playing at the pool. Wade loved having daddy there because I do not get into that cold water yet. Wade was trying to push Josh in from the minute we got there. We also learned that he is fearless because he would leap off the side into the deep in. He loved it!! We put his life jacket on so he would go under (because of his ears) and he had a blast jumping in over and over again. I sometimes wish he would have a teeny bit of fear but I am SO glad he is not scared of the water! We came home for Josh and Wade to nap and I went back to actually lay out in a chair by myself and it was heavenly!! I took a book and I think I could have stayed all day; I keep telling myself only 3 more days and we can do this for 5 days in Jamaica!!!!!!! Here are some pictures from our day.

One of my favorite things about living in our neighborhood is that we can walk to the pool!

Wade and Daddy "getting used to the water!"
He's ready...he kept saying "get in Daddy"
 Our brave boy jumping into the deep in!!

 Playing with Daddy and our neighbor Matthew...who Wade adores!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flying by!!

I don't know about you guys but I really feel like time is just flying by these days. This week has just flown by for us...I feel like it was just Monday and now it is the weekend again! We had a  pretty good week but for some reason I did not take any pictures or have anything interesting to blog about. Josh and I started our Xyngular- detox and cleanse and I have to say we both feel great. It is a 8 day cleanse (we are only on day 3 today) and it pretty much cleanses your body from carbs and sugar. We have been eating a ton of protein and drinking our lovely shakes. You get to take some pills as well and I love them- they are full of vitamins and minerals and I truly feel great. It is an all natural/organic program and it is fantastic!! I am going eat what I want to on our trip this week but after that I am going to do at least 4 more days of this program because it works so well. I have lost 3 lbs in 2 days and I am happy with that!!

Wade has started not feeling well and started running a fever yesterday. He was so pitiful and kept saying "take care of me mommy!" I just felt so bad for him. He still doesn't feel great but I think he is better than yesterday. He has not gotten sick at all but just complains of his "tummy hurting." I hate that he is sick but I would much rather him feel bad now since we are home than next weekend when we are in Jamaica. We leave Thursday and I can't believe it is here already. I am so excited to get away for 5 days but will miss my sweet boy so much. He has just been so funny and precious the last few days. We have these perfect days and then we have his "2 year old days!!" Overall he is FANTASTIC but sometimes we just have those days where I look at him and wonder who's child is this? I have to give a lot of credit to my friends who have kids 2 years apart....I think they are super mom's because this can be such a busy busy age. I can't wait to have a little newborn one day but I just can't imagine having one while Wade is 2!!!

I found another list in my planner and this will bore you but I have to blog about this stuff that he is saying:
  • "Its not raining outside!!"- I think it has rained so much that he gets excited when he looks out and sees sunshine
  • "what you doing?"
  • "that's our old home, whats in there?"
  • "I'm tired too!"- He said this in the car after I yawned the other day
  • "I have an idea...get a surprise!"- then he told me he wanted a mermaid??
  • "Don't say that...just say whoa!"- he said this when I said "Whoa Nelly" the other day- I guess he didn't like that.
  • "good job Daddy/Mommy"- he says this when he sees us go potty and then he claps for us. 
  • "go mommy go" "good job"- he is so sweet when I am running- he encourages me!
  • "hurt your feelings?"- He said this to my mom after he hit her!!
  • "stop that right now!"
  • "boo boo band"- also known as a band aid
  • "rub my back right there"
  • "rock and roll mommy"- he heard this on Barney
  • "went there with Mimi"- he remembered we went to the ENT last time with Mimi
  • "He's a nurse" -I told him no he is a doctor-then he said... "he's like a nurse!!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I forgot...

Here are a couple more funny things he has said lately. I write everything down and just found another list!
  • "there's Bojangles (can you tell this is his favorite!) lets get dirty rice and biscuit!"
  • "I go buffet" We have no idea about this one...he must have heard someone say buffet?
  • "I want all" I dislike this one...he yells this sometimes when he wants more snack than what we gave him!
  • "you can do it" He said this when he wanted me to get out of bed the other morning...I needed some encouraging!
  • "I peed on floor" Yes he went to the potty by himself and then the next time he went on the floor!
  • "nice to meet you" He loves to say this and shake people's hands
  • "be right back"
  •  "cry mommy" He loves for me to pretend to cry; then he says "don't feel better mommy; go to the doctor." I think he is trying to say feel better so you don't have to go to the doctor!!
  • "here boy"-when trying to give Charlie his food "cookie"- this one makes me laugh so much. This is what my dad says to the dogs and now Wade will say them to Charlie. He loves to yell "cookie" when trying to get him inside!!
  • "daddy's head a circle"
  • "Where's Winter?" (his girlfriend at the gym) "Winter be there?" He pointed out tonight that her skin is a different color...this is the first time he has ever said this.
And just because I thought these were cute...all of his favorite things are in his bed, he is currently sleeping with his real drumsticks. He borrowed the "sunglass" from the Brogden kids and he loves it. I think we need to get him one. We told him it was a magnifying glass but I guess he likes sunglass better.
    No this is not child abuse...this is what happens when you dump Charlies water bowl out on the floor for the third time; you get to clean it up yourself!!

The things he says....

Warning most of you will not want to read this because it will bore you. Or if you are trying to fall asleep you may want to read it!! This is one of those post for us so we can remember the funny things our child is saying/doing. Daily he is cracking us up and I feel like I can't write things down fast enough.
  • "oh man"
  • "thanks"
  • "I big boy, daddy big boy, mommy big girl"
  • "I want a bitamin (vitamin)" He loves his gummy vitamins
  • "Wade's 2; Daddy's 4!!" This one made me laugh out loud.
  • "whats that guy doing?" He said this a little too loud while we were walking and a guy walking was doing arm circles while he walked!!
  • "Don't bark at that TV Charlie!" "Thats Wade's TV"
  • "not that song" He is a little picky in the car and only wants his favorite songs to come on!
  • "I go there one day" or "I go there tomorrow" when he wants to do something.
  • "thats my favorite" or "it's my favorite" He says this about church (that was a first!), songs, books, food and now letters...C, G, and Q are his favorite letters that he carries around.
  • "be careful Daddy"-when he saw Josh driving fast on the highway
  • singing his ABC's- even at Bojangles for everyone
  • pointing out letters- he will see letters and say "there's B for Boy" or "there's P for Penguin"
  • he has amazed me and has learned all his letters and can recognize and name almost all of them
  • he got mad the other day because we were spelling C-A-T and he told me "T is not for cat its for Tiger!" So we will wait to start working on things like that until he is older. He didn't understand that T can be in both words!! I owe this all to my wonderul Melissa and Doug ABC puzzle.
  • "there's Pet Store"
  • "there's sandwich" also known as Panera!! He saw my Panera cup on the island at home and said "sandwich cup"
  • This one blew me away- we were sitting behind a car and there was a little Carolina Hurricanes hockey decal and he says "there's hockey!"
  • He has been telling us he is scared at night-mostly of thunder- so a couple of times when we check on him he has leaned over and turned his big light on before falling asleep!!
  • When I told him I was going to Greenville he says "I go and see Katelyn, Drew and... whats that other baby's name?" I told him Gray and he says "yeah Gray!"
  • He wanted "dirty rice" from Bojangles for breakfast the other day and I told him it was too early. So he says "how bout clean rice!!!" This one really made me laugh!
  • "I want boberry biscuit" We don't eat at Bojangles as much as it seems!! We do go almost every Monday morning before storytime!
  • "He's mean" He told me this today and pointed to the little boy in the gym...I was glad his mom wasn't there yet.
  • "That's mommy's bag" He gets so worried every time we see a Thirty-One bag that he thinks is mine!
  • "There's hogs in the water" We went running this morning around the reservoir and he says this and I couldn't figure out what he meant...then I saw the logs!!
  • Today he asked "why" for the first time...Oh I hope asking why all the time is not coming yet; he asked this when I told him he was getting his hair cut today

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend. Friday we just stayed home and relaxed and it was heavenly. Josh and I rented a movie and watched it when wade went to sleep. Sometimes it is so nice to just be at home. Saturday morning we went with my parents to Chucky Cheese. They had the Brogden kids because their dad got married and mom kept them while he went on their honeymoon. Wade just loves these kids and they all had so much fun playing. We told wade on Friday we were going and he was so excited that he talked about it all day. Chucky Cheese even came out this time and wade got to give him some high-5's. Of course I didn't take my camera with me!!

It was easy getting him to leave Chucky Cheese because...Nana and Poppy were coming and were there when we got home. Wade was one happy little boy. He kept saying "going to Nana/Poppy's house!!" I don't think he understood until we got home that they were at our house. He also kept saying "going Hawaii" (I wish we were) because Nana and Poppy just got back from Hawaii and brought all of us a surprise. I love my new yoga mat flip flops- Thanks Nana!!!!!! We had a great day and I am so glad we all got to spend the day together. Here a few pictures from their visit.

Wade's first time playing in the rain puddles!!

Wade was thinking he would just go home with Nana & Poppy!!

Sunday I left early to head to Greenville to judge ECU's cheerleading tryouts. I had so much fun seeing everyone in Greenville and catching up. It made me miss coaching just a little bit!! Wade did WONDERFUL at church again and I was so proud of him. Josh said he RAN into his class and they had to grab him to put his number on him. When Josh picked him up they told him that he loved everything. I am so happy he loves his 2 year old room so much. Ashley and Zach stopped by Sunday afternoon on their way home from the beach. Wade was pretty excited to see them. He loves them so much. We had such a nice weekend and I was so happy I didn't have to work any!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 Year Old Pictures!

We had Wade's pictures taken in April and he did great. I think they turned out really cute. We used his dinosaurs and his golf clubs because I always want to remember two of his favorite things at this age. I put a lot of them on facebook but here are a few of my favorites!!! They do make me a little sad because he officially looks like a little boy and not a baby....can you please stop growing up so fast! Oh and yes I am growing his hair out (much to my grandad's dismay!) Everytime we go over there he says "when are you getting that boy a haircut?" I just smile and tell him we are going for a Justin Beiber type hairstyle! I just love the longer shaggy look on Wade and I can't cut those precious curls. I may trim it a little just because it is getting so hot but I don't want to cut it short for awhile.

Picture Updates

Here are a few random pictures from the last week or so. I am trying hard to get all caught up again!! Sometimes I feel like taking a blogging break but then I look at my two blog books and it is so wonderful to have this "scrapbook" of our lives;  it may be a little time consuming but it is so worth it.

My sweet boy on Easter...I just love this one of him!

 Wade and Josh at Peak Fest this past our little town!

This was us at the park on Mother's Day after church, this was the best one we could get...someone didn't want his picture taken!!

We have had so much fun in our new house. Wade just loves all the kids and most nights we are doing this. They have started playing kick ball almost every night and they big kids are so sweet to let Wade play with them. He loves it and never wants to come inside.

Wade and Sarah taking a little break. She is 15 months old and is so sweet. Wade wants to touch her or hug her all the time!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!! We had are really good day today. It stinks that I have to work now but I am so thankful that I work evenings and got to spend almost the entire day with him. In a couple of weeks I am getting set up from home and I can't wait. I will still have to come in some but not as much as I do now (which I only work every other weekend so it really isn't that bad.) Wade gave me the best present ever today. We were sitting at my moms and he was playing and walked up and hugged me for no reason. Josh saw him and said "you love mommy" and I hear this sweet voice say " I love her!" Oh I just squeezed him so hard and kissed him. I love that sweet boy!

We went to church today and it was a "special" day at church because Wade moved up to the 2yr old room. We have been talking about changing rooms and all he would say is "mommy and daddy be right back!" I was a little nervous that he may cry but he did wonderful. He was so excited because we have a under the sea theme in Kid City and it is so cool back there. He just kept looking around at everything and smiling. He walked right in and waved bye to us. I was so proud of him. When we went back to pick him up I was thinking that they were going to tell me he cried some. Boy was I wrong...what a great Mother's Day present!! They told me they could not believe how well he did and that they love him. One teacher said she asked "who is this kid that is walking around smiling and waving to everyone!" I am telling you Wade is now turning into this little social butterfly. Last night he was yelling "kids kids" "friends" to the neighborhood kids playing in the cul-ti-sac. Here is the part that shocked me the most. This afternoon he asked if we could go to church. Is this my same child who used to cry all the way to church? He even colored me this wonderful Mother's Day card today. I have to say I think he needed some structure; he may have been getting bored in his old nursery class. He told us they played ring around the roses and ate pretzels today too!! I love that he can tell us what he does now. I am so thankful for our children's ministry at church; it is amazing.

We went to lunch and to the park after church and then went home to nap and relax. We had a great day. Happy Mother's Day to everyone and especially to our wonderful Moms!! I took a few pictures today and I will post those soon.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


We have had a great week and weekend. We really haven't had a lot going on besides finishing up some housework and playing outside. We had our first "party" last night and we had a great time. I didn't take any pictures because we were too busy laughing the entire time. Our couple friends came over to cook out around 730p...the next time I looked 1:00am and we are all still having a blast. We have not done that in a long time! I just love these girls and guys so much; we try to do something every few weeks or at least once a month and next month is our couple's beach trip!!  My stomach was actually sore from laughing so hard (and from my body pump class!) Wade was so funny...I told him our friends were coming over and he looked at me and said "my friends coming too!" I told him "well we will see." I told him baby Luke was coming but he is only 8 weeks old so he couldn't really play!! Well I was wrong. While we were waiting for our friends to get there we were outside playing and all of Wade's friends came over to play in our front yard. The three older girls and the little boy next door wanted to play and Wade was so excited. I guess he was right after all!!

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom and Mother-in-law!!! You guys are the BEST and we appreciate everything you do for us. I hope you both have a great day.

We don't have a lot planned for Mother's Day tomorrow. We try to keep our Sunday's pretty low key. We will go to church  and then we are getting brunch/lunch with mom before it is family nap time!! We always take naps on Sunday and it is just lovely. I have to work tonight and tomorrow night so we will be hanging out at home this weekend. I told Josh the only thing I want for Mother's Day is a relaxing day and a clean kitchen...and maybe a new outfit or two for our trip. I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day!

It is countdown time to our Jamaica trip. We are about 2.5 weeks away. I can't wait...I am always sad to leave my sweet boy but once I see that beach and blue water I will be just fine. I have to say I am not quite as sad as I was last year. I think it is because he is older and understands so much more. I told him this week that Mommy and Daddy were going on a airplane for a special trip and my sweet boy says "I go airplane one day too!" At that moment I wanted to take him with me but I know it is always so fun for Josh and I to get away for a few days and just relax. I think it makes us better parents. Not to mention we get some great quality time with our friends The Nicholson's. We always have so much fun with them!

Wade has been cracking us up again. One reason I love this age so much is because he is saying so many funny things. Sometimes he will say something and Josh and I will look at each other like "did he really just say that?" We had to go to the ENT last week and he talked the entire time. One tube is out and one tube is still functioning so hopefully we will not have too many ear infections coming our way. He actually made many friends in the waiting room and as we are being called back they were so funny and were saying "bye Wade." Oh my social butterfly! Even the nurse and the doctor both asked me if he talks like this all the time...yes he does and this is why I am worn out some days!! I will have to do a entire post on some of the funny things he has said lately.