Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Solid Foods!!

I think I am finally caught up on posts!! Here are some pictures of Westin Kate eating carrots for the first time!! She seems to really like them. I think I am going to try peas next.

Look at all that blond hair coming in!! I can't wait to see what she looks like with hair. Josh does some work in Mebane at the outlets and came home with two really cute Polo outfits for her. I think she looks so sweet in the stripped one. We have used the Bumbo so much more this time around. Wade didn't like it but I am so glad I saved it. She does great in it.

She likes to hold things in her hand when she is falling asleep. She either wants another paci, her lovey or your finger.


Of course I am behind on blogging again so I figured I would do a little catch up post of what we have been up to...
  • Last week we met some friends in Rocky Mount at the Children's Museum and we had a great day
  • Wade finished up bible school a couple of weeks ago and has asked almost every day if he can go back!!
  • We had some work done to our house (which we love!!)-pictures coming soon
  • I finally cleaned up our room and my closet which was horrendous
  • We had a tree in our backyard split (it was a huge branch) and it took 2 nights to get it down
  • WK tried carrots for the first time on 7/28/12 (one week shy of 6 months)
  • WK is not sleeping well and is driving me a little crazy-not sure if its a growth spurt or teething or what??
  • Wade has always been a "daddy's boy" but these past two weeks it has been out of control-he cries if Josh tries to do anything without him
  • He has been extra sensitive lately and will say "I don't want you to be mad at me" when he gets in trouble.
  • I have been doing some meal planning and have actually been cooking some!
  • I am trying to get WK on a new schedule now that I have added a vegetable for dinner but we haven't quite figured it out yet. She used to get oatmeal for dinner, I am getting ready to try oatmeal for breakfast and a veggie for dinner. Wade was already eating 3 meals at this point but she is no where near that and it is ok with me.
  • I am going to attempt to make some baby food soon-it was much easier with one child :)
  • WK is trying to sit for short periods of time by herself
  • She started rolling from stomach to back about 2 weeks ago and I forgot to blog about it!! She has been rolling the other way for months now
  • She loves to lift her legs in the air now and try to grab her feet. She is so silly.

Here are some pictures from Wade at Bible school. He was just too cute during his performance.

Here are the kids looking in the water at the animals at the Children's Museum. The lady brought a snake out and the kids got to go up and touch it. Erin got to meet WK for the first time too!!

Wade said something last week that really scared us. Thankfully nothing happened to him but it did alarm us and made us worry a little. I put him in his room for nap and about 10 minutes later he started really crying so I went in there and he said "I don't want to go to Heaven" of course I said "what did you say?" He said "God told me I was going to Heaven," "God was on a cloud." I tried not to freak out and tried to ask him questions but he was upset. He said that he was going "tomorrow" and then he said he was going when he was "9." Great so now I just have to worry for the next 6 years!! It made me feel better the other day because he said "daddy told me I am going to heaven." I am hoping that he is just really starting to understand about heaven and maybe it scared him a little? I am hoping and praying he isn't going anytime soon. He also told me "I don't want to leave mommy and daddy" and he said "I don't want to get old and go to Heaven." So I am just not sure what to think. Now he says "I don't want to talk about it" so I have just left it alone for now. Later when he is ready to talk about it I am going to try to explain to him that Heaven is a good place and not a scary place. Now for happy thoughts...here are some more pictures!!

This big tree branch took up almost our entire back yard. Here are the pictures of the work we did in our house. We FINALLY got our wainscoting up in the dinning room and foyer, we changed out the white rails in the banister, and we added board and batten in the downstairs bathroom....now we just need to paint it all!! I had him add a little molding around this cabinet because I am going to paint it with chalkboard paint for the kids to play on!!

Sweet Summertime

I took a little unexpected blog break. We have been enjoying this summer so much. I do not love hot weather but I love all the fun things about Summer. We have been at the pool quite a bit and enjoyed playing outside until almost dark. Two weekends ago we went to the lake and Winston and I completely forgot to blog about that. We spend all day Saturday at the lake and had a great and relaxing day. Sunday we headed to Winston and spent all day at Josh's parents pool. Wade had a BLAST and started swimming better under water and even jumped off the side (without someone catching him!!) and the diving board. He jumped in over and over again. One time he scared us and jumped in without his puddle jumper. Thankfully we were sitting right there and Josh jumped in and grabbed him. I am sure he would have come back up but we didn't want to take any chances! He did great holding his breath. I took some pictures on Saturday of WK and they may be my favorite one's that I have of her. I just love the one's with her in this sweet outfit. We put WK in a float for the first time but she didn't love it for too long Wade also got to do a sparkler and hold a frog for the first time. Warning this is picture overload!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This week has been crazy busy. Josh said the other night; "I feel like we are always rushing!" and I couldn't have agreed more. This week has been extra hectic because Wade is in bible school at night and it is about 15 min away so we have just been running around crazy. Josh and I have also been to the chiropractor two times this week and that is in Holly Springs which is the opposite way of bible school. We had a birthday party last night and tonight we have a get together with Josh's bible study group and their wives-its like see how many things you can fit into one week!! We are going to the lake late Friday night and I can't wait to relax all day Saturday!!

I have been having back issues (probably from lifting my big girl all the time!!) and Josh always has tension in his neck from driving so much for work. So we decided to try the chiropractor and I have to say I LOVE IT. I have only been twice but I plan to go a couple times next week then hopefully just once a week after that and down the road once a month. You have to go a lot at first when you start getting adjusted then it slows down. After going twice I am already waking up feeling better. My back and neck crack so much when he adjusts me it sounds crazy.

Today we had playgroup at the pool and I finally took my big camera and got a few pictures. Wade is doing great at the pool. He is jumping off by himself and really trying to swim under water some. He is such a big boy. He and his best buddy Chase have really gotten brave over the last two weeks. They are such great friends and it is so sweet. I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday...I am so ready for the weekend after this crazy week.

Everybody always tells me that Wade looks just like Josh. Well I have to say after seeing this picture that he is his Father's son!! He loves his goggles and I think he looks pretty cute in them especially when they fog up!!! I tried to get a picture of him going under water but only got one of him dipping his face in it.

Of course I had to add one of WK. She does great taking her morning nap at the pool. I usually get her wet first and then lay her down. That way she is so hot napping in her stroller.