Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We have had a pretty busy week, trying to get ready for Halloween. Wade has been wide open all week and has not even had any candy yet!! He has managed to fall off the couch onto his head while him and Josh were doing "headstands" and managed to fall into the arm of the couch onto his nose while playing "attack mommy." Wade now loves trying to do a handstand and will put his head down on the floor and try to lift a leg and a arm. He also loves to play a game called "attack" (Josh taught him!) where he will sit on one end of the couch and I will pretend not to know what he is doing and he will say "attack mommy" and then he proceeds to jump on me. He loves it and will just laugh and laugh. He is starting to want his way more and more but has not had a full blown fall in the floor fit yet. He likes to do stuff himself and if I grab onto his arm or sit next to him too close he will say "moos moos" which means "move." We are working on those nice manners and sometime I can get him to say "moos please." He also mastered climbing on the couch this week and getting in and out of the bathtub by himself. I walked by the bathroom yesterday and saw two little legs up in the air and a body climbing upside down into the tub. Luckily there was no water in the tub. I let him play for a bit and somehow he managed to get out by himself because he came walking out into the den and said "ade did it." He gets a special surprise today from Target because he has been doing so great at cleaning up his toys and today he even took his granola bar wrapper and put it into the trash can. I didn't know what he was saying but he kept trying to tell me something and was saying "trash" "trash" and then he showed me the wrapper. Oh he can be such a sweet child at times!! He has learned if he smiles at us he gets attention or it makes us laugh. Last night he was sitting on the couch watching tv and every few minutes he would look over at me and give me this huge cheesy smile and wait for me to laugh. Oh I just love that kid!!

I hope everyone has a Happy (and safe) Halloween. We have a crazy busy weekend planned but I can't wait. Tonight is the Fun Fest at our church and they are having rides, games, bouncy toys, food, etc. We are going with some of our friends and Wade is going to be a green dragon this year. It is a "chubby" dragon costume that I found at Old Navy and he just looks precious in it. After we leave church we are meeting my family at Jackastor's for my Aunt's birthday. I have to work from 8a-12n tomorrow and then after Wade's nap we are heading downtown for dinner and all the stores are passing out candy for the kids and they are having a costume judging contest at the fire station. We are going with Andrea and her family and then we are all heading to Jenna and Jared's house with some of our other couple friends for a wig party. We aren't dressing up but everyone has to wear a wig. Sunday we are going to go to church and just relaxing before heading to Apex Baptist (my old church) for their Fall Festival tomorrow night. We love going there each year too and I am so glad it is on a different night as our church's. They have the same type things for the kids and they play games and win candy. I am so glad Wade will get to wear his costume three times!! Oh I am so glad I waited to buy it as well. Everyone kept telling me I better hurry up and get Wade a costume and I just waited until this week to do so. Boy am I glad because they were originally $25 at Old Navy and this week it was marked down to $10!! One day probably weeks from now I will finally be able to post some pictures!! Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wade slept in his bed from 8pm last night until 730am this morning and did not wake up once crying!!! Making a note of this so I can remember it just in case it does not happen again for a long time. I did wake up once or twice just because I am so used to getting up these days!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Decision

So I have been going back and forth for the past three or so weeks about Wade's school. Today I decided it was time to go ahead and take him out of school. I was really torn about this but his teacher agreed that emotionally he is just not ready. She said if we really needed him to be there that was one thing but if we didn't she felt like it was stressing him out and he was not enjoying it. I had to agree. Actually the last three weeks he has regressed and cried more and more. Last week they said he cried the entire morning and this week they called me after an hour and a half. His class is only one day a week and only last 2 hrs and 45 min and I just don't think it is worth it. I really don't love paying for it either when I have had to pick him up early almost every time. I loved his teachers and loved the little projects they did so it did makes me sad that he is not going anymore but seeing my sweet boy so upset and pretty much having to drag him into the building just isn't worth it at this age. Not to mention he has stayed sick since we started. So we will keep doing the gym and church and I just hope as he gets older this separation issue will go away. I called Josh and told him we will have to go to Kindergarten with him!! I know I should enjoy this stage where he wants to be with me all of the time (well most of the time.)

Here is the best part of the day... my mom came over when I got back from picking him up and we headed to the mall to get some shoes for some kids our church is sponsoring this winter. Well I told Wade we were going to go with Mimi to the mall in her car and he was so excited when she got here. When I got in the car he immediately starts screaming "No mommy" "No mommy" "mommy home" "mommy home"... he wanted me to stay home and he wanted to go in Mimi's car without me.We both just laughed. I have to pick him up from school but once I do I can't even ride in the car to go to the mall with him!! I guess its a good thing that he does so well staying with his grandparents and does not cry for us at all when we leave him there with them!!

Pumpkin Patch

We have been so busy this past month we have not even had a free day to take Wade to the pumpkin patch. We took him with us to help Ashley pick out her pumpkin before her wedding but we were only there for a few minutes. This year we did not make it to the big pumpkin patch with the hayrides and slides and stuff but we did stop by a cute pumpkin farm at a local church. We told Wade yesterday morning that if he was a good boy at church we would take him to get a big pumpkin. We have been meaning to get a big pumpkin to go by our front door. I just knew that Wade would not make it in church because we have not been at all in the past month. He actually did better than I thought. He did cry off and on but they were able to keep him the entire time. Yesterday was his first day in the older walker class and I think it helped having some fun toys to play with.

We all went out to eat lunch and then we headed to the pumpkin farm. Wade had a blast running around and "picking" out his pumpkin. He loved walking around and touching all the pumpkins. It was funny because he was always picking out the "bumpy" or "not so pretty" pumpkins. He really wanted to bring one of those home. I got so many cute pictures that I can't wait to post. Now if I can just find my little man a Halloween costume!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

NC State Fair

Even though Wade has not been feeling great the past few days we decided to take him to the fair on Saturday. He hasn't been sick (fever, cough or anything) but just hasn't been completely back to normal. He has just been more fussy and has a little bit of a runny nose. Ashley and Zach came into town late Friday night and we headed over to mom and dad's to pick them up Saturday morning to go to the fair. The weather was perfect and Wade had a blast. He would say "no" when we asked him about riding the kiddy rides but we just got on them anyway and he LOVED them. His favorite was the monster truck ride and the worm that bounced around in circles. I rode the worm with him and it actually made me dizzy and went pretty fast for a kiddy ride but he laughed the entire time! He did most of the rides minus the kiddy roller coaster (too jerky) and a couple others. He loved all the slides but his favorite part of the fair by far was the pony ride and his hot dog (he loves them). He was smiling and laughing the entire time and loved rubbing the pony. Bless his sweet heart he even said "gitty up, gitty up" the entire time.

Josh and I went by ourselves last week and I have to say it is much more relaxing going without the stroller and a toddler but it was a lot of fun taking Wade. Next time we will take Wade during the week (when it is not so crowded) and not on the last Saturday of the fair. We did not take him last year because of all the swine flu and because he was too little to do anything. He had such a great time and I can't wait for next year when he will be big enough to ride the rides by himself!! That was the worst part for me...having to get my big self on these teeny tiny rides. I got so many cute pictures and can't wait to post them when I finally get my computer back.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wade's Playdate

Since I will not have my computer to upload pictures for a few weeks, I figured I could still blog while at work...when it is slow!! That way all I have to do is upload the pictures instead of having tons of blogs to catch up on. This past Thursday Wade had a fun day with Katelyn!! Claire's mom had to go in for a procedure at Wake Med (thankfully she is doing well) and Wade and I got to spend the day with Katelyn. Katelyn was so good and didn't even cry at all when Claire left. I think it helped that we just got to see them last week. She asked for her "mama" a few times but was a such a sweet girl. Wade and her played so well together and I even managed to survive two toddlers. Actually it was really easy, I think that having twins would be so tough the first year but after that it is nice for them to have someone to play with. Wade did so well sharing his toys...I was so proud of him. We even headed out to the park for playgroup and they had a good time. Wade started whining to leave and to go night night (very unusual) and then fell asleep in my lap (super unusual.) Well he sleep for 25 minutes or so and then started feeling warm when we were leaving. I think he may have picked up a 12 hr bug because the next day he was ok other than being irritable. He does have this little light pink rash too which makes me think it is viral or I am wondering if his two year molars are coming in because he is also drooling like crazy. We are back to not sleeping well again!! I told Josh last night we really should think about having another baby sometime in the near future because it seems like we sure are up a lot at night!! (Don't get too excited we are not quite ready yet!) Here are some sweet pictures of the little one's playing.

Claire was so sweet to buy us all dinner and we had pizza from Downtown Apex and it was great. After they left we all went back downtown to Cupcakes and Cashmere. It was so much fun. They had cupcakes in every store and appetizers at the old train station. They also had wine and champagne in the stores and all the stores were having sales. We were not one of the lucky one's who were able to find some hidden jewelry and this really upset Josh. He just knew he was going to find something. Even though Wade did not feel well he loved tasting the cupcakes and watching the huge bubble maker they had. They were also playing great music and it was a great time for everyone. I just love our little town. Next weekend they are having a Halloween costume contest and all the stores are passing out candy to the kids. I think its a great way for the kids to get to wear their costumes twice. I am the bad mom who has not gotten mine a costume yet, I am working on that this week!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I forgot...

I can't believe I forgot this. See if I don't blog about this stuff I will never remember it. However this was the highlight of my day. Every time we are getting ready to leave to go somewhere in the mornings I tell Wade lets clean up his toys. Sometime we even sing the clean up song but for some reason I am the only one cleaning up?? Yesterday we were heading out to meet some friends and I said Wade we have to clean up your balls in the office before we leave. (Not sure why I even say anything anymore and don't just do it myself.) I was in the kitchen cleaning up and as I walk down the hall I heard something... "clean up" "clean up" and sure enough my wild man was in the office picking up all of his balls and putting them in his bucket. He has about 30 balls and he cleaned up every single one and sang while he did it. I think they must sing that song at school too. I grabbed the video and got most of it on camera. I made a huge deal about it and he was so proud of himself!

Here is a picture of Wade and some of his balls, he loves dumping out his huge bucket and watching the balls roll all over the house!

Wade updates

Warning this is a boring post about the funny things my child does and says. Wade has been cracking me up lately. I know I will never remember all the funny things he says and I wish I could video him all day all the time but that is not realistic either!! So this is the next best thing... writing it down. This may be my last post for a few weeks because when wade decided to dump water on my new computer it messed the mouse pad up so I am sending it off to have it fixed. I have my old one but it takes so long to do anything on it I will probably just wait.

Wade started saying "no like it" about the gym last week and this weekend he out did himself. Mom was putting his pj's on Friday night and he started saying "ade no like it" "ade no like it." Mom just looked at him and said you are too little to be picky about what you wear!! Its amazing how fast they get an opinion on things. He also did this Sunday at Josh's house for everyone to witness.

Wade loves exploring Josh's parents house and in there office they have three money jars on top of some furniture and wade kept going in there and saying "that that that" and pointing to the money. He wanted "that that that" and then when asking what he needed he would say "money" Poppy was nice and gave wade some money for his piggy bank and wade was so happy. He would just crack up with his Nana because she would ask "what does wade need" and he would say "that that that" and when Josh's mom would say "you can't have that that that" he would just die laughing. It was the cutest thing.

Sunday when we were leaving we headed to Josh's grandma's house before leaving. Wade was excited to see "mamaw."  On the way to her house I got a book out for Wade to look at. Well I am so glad I had two witnesses in the car because I could not believe what he did next. He has memorized half of the book and was acting like he was reading the book. I have to video it. It is called Baby's Day (thanks Carrie). Wade will say "Shine Baby" (Rise and Shine Baby), "you go" (off you go), "do today?" (what do you want to do today), "come play" (come and play), "a mess" (home again what a mess.) I know we read it a lot but I was so proud of him for learning the book. He has also memorized Nick Jr. and Sunday night they were talking about the letter M and Moose says what starts with M and sure enough Wade speaks up and says "moon" I know some people disagree with TV but I swear my child has learned so much from watching some tv. People always ask what we do to get him to talk so much and I swear it is from reading to him, talking to him, and letting him watch tv.

Yesterday wade decided he would be funny and started doing this fake cry in the car when we pulled up to the gym. When I would turn around and look at him crying he would bust out laughing. I think he was hoping we wouldn't have to go if he pretended to cry!! When I picked him up he was dancing watching mickey mouse. Needless to say I think he was just fine. He also called us "mom" and "dad" all day and would laugh when I would correct him by saying "mommy."

He was so excited to see an ambulance go by yesterday and I tried to explain to him that they were going to go help somebody. About 5 minutes later I heard this sweet voice say "elp somebody." He was talking about the ambulance all night and how they were helping somebody!

Well I spoke to soon on his 18 month post because he started his first few little "fits" this week. It is mostly when he does not get his way he will stomp his little feet and move his arms. Josh and I both just laugh at him and ignore him. I am still waiting for him to throw himself in the floor...stay tuned I am sure that is coming soon!! I have to say I love traveling but after three weekends of travel (beach, wedding, & Winston) I am so glad to say we are thrilled to be home for the next month. I think the next time we have to travel is going to be Thanksgiving. I will be ready by then to get away. We are so happy to get to get back to church FINALLY. I know Wade is going to have a hard time because it has been over a month since we have been there. Hopefully going for 4 weeks in a row will help some. It is so nice to just relax at home for the next few weekend. We are going to the fair and the pumpkin patch this weekend with Ashley and Zach. I will have a lot of blogging to catch up on when I get my computer back! On a good note Wade is pretty much back to his old sleeping habits (thank goodness) I really think traveling so much had a lot to do with it. He will still wake up every now and then and say "momma's bed", "rock", "couch."  He cracks me up he will name everything he can think of to get us to come get him. Overall he is doing so much better and we are so glad. Last night he didn't even want to read hardly he just kept saying "night night" and walked over to his crib. He was fast asleep by 815p.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday Weekend and 10 year class reunion

After a great time at dinner Friday night Josh and I came home "alone." Wade has spent the night with my parents before but it has always been when we were out of town somewhere. It was so strange to come home and not see our sweet boy in his bed. It was a nice treat because we got to sleep in until 830am. We met my parents at Bojangles (Josh's choice) for his birthday breakfast. We had a great breakfast and then went back to get Wade's things and head to Winston. We got to Winston a little before lunch time and had a great day with Josh's parents. We did some shopping and relaxed some and then had to get ready for another date night!!! Josh's parents kept Wade for us while we went to his class reunion. It was at the Fox and Hound and we had a really good time. I only knew a few people but everyone was so nice and friendly. We were really spoiled to have two nights out in a row. Thanks to our wonderful parents for babysitting. I know Wade had a blast.

Sunday we were pretty lazy most of the morning. Matt and Kendal and the kids came over for a birthday lunch and we all had a great time hanging out while the kids played. The boys are getting so big! Josh's mom cooked a great lunch for all of us and we had Josh's favorite "Dewey's" cake for dessert. We spent some time outside too because the weather was so nice. Thanks to everyone for making Josh's birthday weekend so great.

Here are my favorite two toddlers getting ready for a wagon ride with Nana. They had a blast. I just love how they play together and "talk" to each other about things. It will be so fun next fall when the twins are running around playing with the "big cousins." Speaking of big I think by the next time we see them Wade might out weigh Peyton. He is only 2 lbs behind her now and she is getting ready to turn 3. Another funny note my sister was 25lbs in 4 year old preschool and Wade is 26lbs at one and a half!

I just love this picture because I remember how sweet Peyton was and the cute question she was asking Wade. Before this she had just asked if the 2 inches of water in the creek had dolphins or mermaids in it!! On the way back to "Nana's" house she looked at Wade and lifted her foot up and says "Do you like my shoes Wade?" We just died laughing at her. Such a girl... and Wade just looked at her and stared.

 Wade loves to be outside and really loves it at Nana and Poppy's because they have a huge back yard with a pool and basket ball pad. Not to mention their two dogs. Wade loves the "big dogs" and calls one "Alex" (which is her name) and the other one "big dog" (his name is shadow but Wade can't always remember that one so big dog works too) I decided I was tired of running after Wade so we put him in the big dog pen and he loved it.  Don't worry we didn't do anything illegal like leave him in there alone!! Wouldn't that be nice sometimes though to have a huge gate to keep kids in one spot!!!