Monday, September 28, 2009

Here are some of Wade's new pictures! Thankfully I found my camera.
Practicing sitting up
Enjoying his oatmeal

1st time eating vegetables (carrots)

Tummy Time

Bath time (wade's favorite time)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Weekend

Friday night Josh and Wade had guys night and I went out with the girls. Carrie, Kelly, Andrea and I met at Carrie's house and then headed to Southpointe for dinner and dessert. We had a blast. Thanks girls for such a fun time. We are going to try to do this once a month. Thanks to our husbands for baby sitting all the boys as well. We finally made it back to Greenville on Saturday for the first time since we moved. It was such a busy day we had so much to do but it was a great day. We headed into town early that morning and went by the hospital to see the girls and let them see Wade. It was so good to see everyone, I really miss those girls. Then we took Wade tailgating for the first time. Some of Josh's friends were there so we stopped by to see them. Of course this would be the week I would loose my camera so I didn't get to take any pictures. We didn't stay for the game because we were not sure how Wade would do so we decided to watch it on TV instead. After tailgating we headed to UBE to get Wade some ECU outfits because he has grown out of all his pirate things. We had to go by our house to pick up our grill and a lamp that we were not able to fit into the moving truck. It was so strange to drive into our old neighborhood. It felt like we have not lived there in months. It was sad because it just didn't feel like "home" anymore. After getting our things we headed to Jennifer and Jamie's to see baby Micah. He was so sweet and little. I can't even remember Wade being that size. It seems like forever ago. I can't believe he will be 6 months this weekend. We were so glad we got to go visit with them. We really miss them. After that we headed to the Nicholson's to watch the game and have dinner. We had the best time visiting with them. Tanner and Stokes are so cute and sweet and Wade had the best time watching Tanner. It was great to relax at their house after a busy day. We ordered pizza and Carrie was too sweet to make cookies for dessert. We are so lucky to have such great friends. It was so good to see everyone. We headed home around 7:30pm and Wade was exhausted. He was the best baby all day. He was in and out of the car and visiting with everyone and even missed most of his naps. We could not ask for a better traveler. We had such a great time going back for the day. We are hoping to get back for at least one football game. I wish I would have been able to take some pictures... hopefully I will find it this week.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oatmeal and Vegetables

After our doctors appointment and talking to the nurse I decided we would try new foods on Friday. I was pretty sure Wade would do just fine and enjoy eating and sure enough he has done great. He loves oatmeal and carrots so much. It seems most days he wants more... he makes the cutest sounds like he is saying yum while eating. It sounds like "mmmmm" I took some cute pictures with carrots all over his face and will try to get those up soon. We have had a busy weekend and Wade has a stuffy and runny nose so we have not been sleeping great. He has a hard time breathing while sucking his paci but he loves his paci at night. It is pitiful because he doesn't understand why he can't breathe through his nose. He just looks at you like please help me. It just breaks our heart to see him struggle. It is not as bad as his first cold so I am not sure whether he has my horrible allergies and its from the weather changing or if it is another cold. I knew when I started keeping a toddler that she would be bringing germs home from pre-school. I guess if he was in daycare it would be the same way? Last night was better he went to be at 7:45pm and we did not hear him until 5am. Of course we decided to have a huge yard sale Saturday morning so that did not help in the lack of sleep. But it was good we all needed to get rid of things and get organized. Wade loved the yard sale. We put his little chair outside with us and he had the best time watching all the people come and go. After the yard sale we watched the ECU game and were not too happy about it. Hopefully we will start playing better. Josh says it was due to the fact that Wade was wearing a Carolina blue outfit... I really did not even think about it when I got him dressed yesterday. It is really hard to find anything purple now that we are living in Apex. There is red and blue and that is about it. Last night the boys stayed home while mom and I went to a wedding. It was nice to get dressed up and get out of the house. It seems like getting dressed up is something I hardly ever do these days. I am working on that but it is so much easier to just put jeans and a t-shirt on! Aunt Ashley came into town so I know Wade was not lacking any attention last night. Josh and dad were pretty excited to stay home and watch football. Josh and I have been joking with mom and dad and telling them one day when we have another baby we will have to move back in because we have gotten used to having all this help with childcare. There are not many benefits to moving back home but this is one of them. It is great to have help with Wade. Today has been one of those wonderful Fall days. This is by far my favorite time of the year. We visited Hope Community Church again today and we really enjoyed it. The pastor is wonderful and really great to listen to. We miss Covenant and all of our friends there but we feel like Hope may be the place for us. We are still going to visit some other churches and pray about it but we really like it there. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Big Boy!

Today I had to take Wade to the doctor for his shots. We decided to separate his shots so he only gets one or two at a time which means he has to go once each month. Today the nurse was talking about how big he was for 5 1/2 months so we decided to weigh him just for fun. He normally wouldn't have a weight check etc until 6 months. However we were both interested and sure enough he is a big boy... 18lbs. I think he may out weigh some toddlers. We didn't check his length but Josh and I are going to measure him tonight. The nurse told me I could go ahead and start giving him more solids. I was telling her is waking up at 5am now and is starving. So... either tonight or tomorrow we are going to start vegetable's and try oatmeal. We have just been giving him rice cereal once a day and that is just not enough for him. I am sure it will go well because he loves to eat. He also did something new today... he rolled over! I was really excited for him; we knew he would eventually do it but his legs are so chubby it has just taken him longer than most. He rolled from his back to his side while he was sleeping and when I went to wake him up from his nap (we had to go somewhere) he turned over to his stomach. It makes me nervous because he was still really sleepy and got stuck on his arm so I helped him a little. I am so proud of him I just hope he does not do it at night while he is sleeping. I know there is nothing I can do to stop him once he starts rolling but I just feel so much better with him sleeping on his back. He also has two teeth now. I can't believe how fast he is growing. One tooth is half way in and the other one has just come through and is starting to show. It is so cute. I will try to get a picture of it but he doesn't like to move his tongue so you can see it. I will post some new pictures soon. I want to get some of him eating vegetables and of his little teeth.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The past few days

Dancing with Daddy at the birthday party

Wade & Daddy

Wade & Mommy

Ready for Target

Wade & Katelyn

We have been busy the last few days. We have had a good time though. Wednesday I got together with Erin, Claire, Natalie and our kids and we met for lunch at cheesecake factory. Of course we did not get any pictures during lunch. These are my best friends from nursing school and we always get together at least twice a year to celebrate birthdays. We usually try to see each other more than that if possible. Claire and Katelyn came into town a little earlier and we got her and Wade together to "play." Katelyn is 3 months old. It has been really fun having babies so close in age. They were so good. We got some cute pictures of them prior to lunch. Lunch was great and it was so nice to catch up with everyone.

Friday we didn't do too much. When Josh got home we all went out to eat and then took Wade to target. Then just hung out and went to bed. Wade was tired and asleep by 7:30pm. I had forgotten what it was like getting up in the middle of the night but I realized last night how tiring it was. Wade is teething and he was so pitiful last night. He was up every few hours and just grabbing at his mouth. I tried tylenol and that seemed to help some. At 4:30am I put him in bed with us and he cried a little more then eventually fell asleep. We were tired but felt so bad for him. One tooth has popped up and the other one beside it is so close. We are so thankful that we have a good sleeper. I am tired... lets hope tonight goes better!

Today we took Wade to Caleb's birthday party. He is Andrea's little boy. Andrea and I have been friends since Kindergarten. It was Wade's first time going to a birthday party. He did really well and seemed to enjoy it. They had a guy there that sang kids songs and he loved listening and watching all the big kids dance. Josh dressed him in his little long sleeved polo shirt and rolled his sleeves up like he wears his... it was so cute. I will put some pictures up. Tomorrow we are going to visit a new church in the area. Since we are leaving here all the time now we knew it was time to find a new church. We LOVED our church in Greenville and we hope we will find one here we love just as much. We are taking Wade to the nursery for the first time tomorrow and I am already nervous about it. I know he will probably do better than I will. This is our first time ever leaving him anywhere except with the grandparents or Ashley. I know we will be in the same building but it still makes me nervous. I just hope he doesn't pick up any germs and get sick. I think he will probably do just fine. Here are some cute pictures from the last few days.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Here are some pictures from this weekend. We had a great time at the lake. We went down on Sunday morning and came home late today. We rode the boat, ate too much, (not helping my 7lb weight loss) celebrated Ashley's 22nd Birthday, and just relaxed. Wade started doing something new; he puts his hands together and hits his bottom lip. We could not figure out what he was doing. Well last night he just started screaming like something was hurting him and he did not eat well. I wasn't getting too concerned but today he did the same thing. Tapping his lip with his hands then around nap time screamed again for about 5 minutes. Well I decided to check out his mouth where he has been messing with it and sure enough a little top of his first tooth has come through. It is so cute! The tooth beside that is well on its way also. You can just barely see the top corners but you can feel them. No wonder he was acting a little fussy. I know it has to hurt. This afternoon we gave him some tylenol and this evening he has been great. I can't believe how good he was all weekend considering he was teething. He even slept great last night sleeping in a different place. He went to bed late around 9pm ate at 6am and then slept until 9am. We are so proud of him. He really only fussed for about 5 minutes each time but it was so out of character I knew something was going on. I am just glad he is not getting sick. I can't wait to see how cute it is going to look once it is all the way out. Any suggestions for helping with the pain? He still seems so young getting his first tooth.
Also Congrats to Jennifer and Jamie- Micah James is here!!! We cannot wait to meet him. He is so sweet.
Oh I forgot to mention I am sad to say I think Wade's 1st word is going to be "Da Da." He is "talking" so much these days and he says it so plain and clear (Josh loves it). We are working on Mommy.
Getting ready for our boat ride!
Our sweet angel

Driving the boat

Here we go (his jacket is way too big)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gameday- Go Pirates!!

5 Months Old
Go Pirates!!

Beat App.

1st time swinging

He loved it

Well this year is a little different now that Wade is here. Today is the first ECU football game that I have missed in the last 8 years. It does seem strange not being in Greenville on gameday but I would not trade it for anything. Wade and I took some 5 month pictures and I talked with him about the game and how next year we will be taking him. It is too hot for him to go to a 12:00 game. Maybe we will try to take him in October? Josh did get to go, he was really excited because he played soccer at App his freshman year, but of course he is going for ECU! Here are some pictures from our photoshoot. Oh... the reason he is not wearing an ECU outfit is because they are now too small. We will be going to get him some more next time we head to Greenville.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Here are some of our favorite pictures from August!!

Wade's new room

Meet the Pirates

Playing... love that sweet face

We have story time each night- he loves to read

1st time eating rice cereal 4 1/2 months old

5 Months

Where does the time go... my little boy is 5 months old today. It is so hard to believe it. He has brought so much joy and happiness to us and we are so thankful everyday that he is here. Here is what he is up to these days:
-he takes at least two naps a day (usually 3) and goes to bed between 7:30 and 8pm.
-he sleeps around 11 hours then eats and almost every day goes back to sleep for another hour.
-he is a big boy- I held him today on the scale and he was 17.5lbs
-he is wearing size 3 diapers
-he wears some 3-6 months clothes but is starting to wear his 6-9 months more
-he LOVES to be outside; swinging, rocking, or going for a stroller ride
-he loves anything to do with water; baths, swimming etc
-he "talks" all the time- cooing, smiling, sometimes squealing. He also makes a lion sound and has started spitting or blowing bubbles and sticking out his tongue and then laughing (we wonder where he gets that from)
-he is such a boy... he loves trucks, tractors, going to watch Pops softball games, etc
-he is still not rolling over, he has done it once on the bed but he was already on his side. He can get all the way on his side then he gives up... his legs are just too chubby
-he is holding his head and chest up great on his tummy but still does not love tummy time
-he can sit up with just a little help and now sits in the shopping carts and high chairs at restaurants if he is not too sleepy
-he has the sweetest personality and is so laid back we just love him so much
-his favorite time of the days is the mornings- he is such a morning person

We're Moved!

Well last weekend we packed up everything and got moved. It was a busy and hot weekend but we all survived. It was so nice to have so much help. "Thank You" to my parents, Josh's parents, Melissa and Braden and Stephen for helping us. We could have never done it without you all. Wade was such a trooper. He was so good. He just loved watching everyone stay busy going in and out of the house to load the truck. We had to have two moving trucks and we still loaded down our cars and our parents. It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated in a little over 2 years. Of course I could not find my camera most of the time but we did get a little on video. I wish you could have seen the three of us the last night. Josh and slept on the air mattress on the floor and Wade slept beside us on his play mat with a couple of blankets to make it softer. Amazingly he still slept great. We were sad to leave on Sunday but ready to start our new adventure. We were even sadder about coming to Apex to unload everything into storage and my parents house. Thanks again to my parents and Ashley and Zach for helping with that. Mom and dad already had the little truck unloaded when we got home. It was so nice!! So for now everything is in storage until we decide what to do. It is so funny when I see people I know they always ask where we moved to. You should see their faces when I say mom and dad's house. The next question is... what does your husband do or are you still working? LOL. No I am not still working and yes Josh does have a job and he does very well. That is the only way I get to stay home with Wade. Everything just happened in two weeks and it is too fast to make a decision. Plus... we are renting our house and we want to see how that goes before we jump into two mortgages. We will probably rent from my parents and when we do sell our house then we will buy something. We are learning that it is the little things that matter in life and surprisingly enough we have all been really happy staying here. Don't get me wrong we will be excited when the day comes that we have our own house again. Ashley likes to make fun of us now that she has her own place, she says we are like teenage parents who had to move back home. We told her we will move in with her next when mom and dad get tired of us.