Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Well I am happy to say that a month has not gone by this time. Things are fun and busy but we just love this Holiday season. The house is well....taking forever! At this rate I feel like we will be in by Christmas next year. I have to say though even if it is crazy at my parents house it is nice to be there for Christmas and not worrying about decorating. It is a nice break this year and we are able to slow down and enjoy things a little more.

We had a great Thanksgiving and we have so much to be Thankful for. We spent lunch with my parents, sister and her family and my cousin and her daughter. It was fun having a one week old baby around too! Hayes is still so sweet and they are all doing well and I love being an Aunt again. I really miss my niece and nephews that live in Clemmons, NC and it has been nice to have a new nephew just 5 minutes down the road. Josh and I have been loving the fact that we hold him and play with him and give him back when he needs to eat. It is so fun having a little baby around but we are thankful it is not us doing it this time.

We packed up and headed to Winston after lunch time and had the best time with Josh's family. We always do lunch with my side and dinner with his side and it works out so nice. The kids nap in the car so we have a quiet car ride every year. One day they will grow out of those naps and we will be so sad. Wade doesn't nap much at home but he will fall asleep in the car. It was loud and crazy with 5 kids under the age of 6 but it is always fun. Josh's mom cooks the best meal and we just enjoy playing and eating. We put the kids to bed and Josh and I went out shopping. The stores opened up at 8pm this year on Thursday so we shopped from 9p-12a and actually got most of our shopping done. I only have one more present to buy!

Friday and Saturday we spent a lot of time playing and relaxing and visiting the great grandparents. Wade also had his first sleep over at his cousins house. Kendal has been wanting to have him over and he LOVES them especially Peyton and was so excited. We wanted to try it when we were close for the first time in case he did get scared and need us. He did great. Besides his grandparents he has never spent the night anywhere so this was a big deal for us :) I had to leave Saturday afternoon to get to work but Josh and the kids stayed and had a blast. I was SO sad because I missed the train ride with Santa. They took all 5 of the kids to Spencer, NC and they had a train ride with Santa and his elves. Wade loved the hot chocolate and cookies best. I was just glad Josh got a picture of both kids with Santa. The mall did not go well this year our little one did not cooperate and not only that she was HORRIBLE at the picture place and we could not even get one picture of the two of them. So this year the Foltz family will not be sending Christmas cards. She screamed and cried (in her defense she did not feel well) and we couldn't even sit her down with Wade. Wade of course did great and smiled so nicely. I am going to try to take one of them at our new house soon and maybe mail those out??

Mom got her tree up and the kids are loving it. WK is being really good and has not messed with it very much at all. Our elf Jack Frost "Jack" is back and Wade is really excited about him. I just hope we remember to move him!! Wade had a Thanksgiving program at school and they got to pick their own Indian names and you will never guess what he picked...."Steaming Fast Red Fox!!" We just laughed and laughed when he told us his name that he picked. He sang great and we were so proud. He is also having a nativity program and they got to pick their character and our outgoing boy picked Joseph. He looks so cute in his pillow case costume. He is having that next week and we can't wait to go watch. Wade LOVES his sister so much and she has not been very nice to him lately and he was so sad the other day. He asked me "mom can you put her in time out and then give me a hug!" Some days she says "Wade" all day and loves him and some days she does not want him around. She will say "No" and try to hit him. Wade is so sweet and sensitive and Westin Kate is not at all.

WK is talking so much more and saying a lot of things. Today she said "hat on" and she says "oh me" all the time. Sometimes when we tell her "no" she will say "oh me" in the cutest little voice. She actually went poop on the potty today but I think it was an accident. I saw she was getting ready to go and we ran into the bathroom and she did it. She is not a big fan of the potty yet and at 22 months I am not going to push it yet. She says "I stink" when she is wet or dirty and its really funny. She also yells "UN UH" all the time if she doesn't want to do something. Some days though she is as good as gold and I could just eat her up. Then we have other days where I can just imagine what our teenage years are going to be like.

This weekend Wade has his second basketball game and he is pumped. He made 7 baskets at his last game and he was so proud of himself. We also have the downtown Apex tree lighting on Friday night with Santa and the Christmas parade on Saturday. We love that we can sit on our front porch this year and watch the parade. Sunday is the tour of homes and Dad and I are going to go. They have asked us to do it next year so I wanted to go this year and see the houses. Its a busy weekend but such a fun one. Christmas is so fun when you have two little kiddos to enjoy it with. I promise I am putting pictures up soon!