Friday, September 28, 2012

End of the week random's

There is no explanation for this picture. Josh called me into Wade's room during nap time last weekend and this is what I saw. This is typical Wade...he was sleeping like this!! Wade asked me last week if he could sing "Whistle Baby" at school. I told him that wasn't a good idea. So then he asked if he could sing "Wrap you up" a county song. I don't listen to country but I guess Josh and him do!! He also knows the words and lets just say most of them are not age appropriate.

I never bring my camera to the park so Wednesday Wade was out of school and I decided to take it. We spent a few hours at the park and had the best time. We love this park best!! Here are a couple with Wade and his "brother" Chase. His "real brother" in case you were wondering!! I love their sweet and silly friendship.

It has been really cool in the mornings so I have had to keep her in a sleeper and once she takes her morning nap at the park I change her into something cooler. She is so ready to get down and move too. I love this group picture of Wade and his buddies. Poor Chloe is out numbered by boys in this picture.

Finally remembered to take some pictures of our finished products. Josh did a great job painting our chalk board. We also (Josh) painted the top of our half bath. We went with a grey blue that my sister used in her laundry room and I really like it. I love that we are almost all done updating the house!

These two little lovebugs make me smile. Wade got a hair cut today and it looks so cute. I will take some picture this weekend. Hopefully I will keep up with blogging. We have a big week coming up because Wade will be 3.5 and Westin Kate will be 8 months. My babies are growing way too fast :(

Love this time of year!!

We have been loving this weather. Sometimes I think I could do without Spring, Summer and Winter and just enjoy Fall weather year round. I love the cool mornings and the nice afternoons. We have been spending so much time playing at the park and it has been wonderful. Wade is LOVING school and everyday that he is not there he is asking to go. Part of this may have to do with Morgan and Brooke. I sure do hear those names a lot!!! Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a 13 year old and not a 3.5 year old. Here are some cute things he has said about them.

"Morgan and me smiled at each other and then I shared my toy with her!!" I was so proud of him. Then he tells me "I don't play with M anymore because he smells bad," "his hair smelled bad when we were in line!" Oh this child kills me.

"When I am a little older, like five or something, I am going to take Brooke on a date to Bojangles!" I told him I would drive them and he says "Parents don't go on dates with you." "I won't be scared when I am five."

 I told him he couldn't date or drive when he is five and he says "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a bike with another seat and another handle bar." Pretty sure he wants a double bike so they can go alone on their date. Um when did we learn the word "cool?"

He even picked a flower the other day and said he was going to take it to Brooke. Aren't we a little young to already be doing this??

Here are some pictures. Westin Kate has been doing great and loves playing with her feet and her toys. She has also found her hands and is so intrigued by them. She will hold them in front of her little face and just stare at them. I just love that she is getting to wear some of her Fall clothes. She looked too cute in her jeans the other day.

This is how we spend a lot of our time if we are inside. They both love to play in the playroom after their naps.

Oh and this was happy Wade before his first swim lesson. I just knew he was going to do great.  WRONG!! He threw the biggest crying fit he has ever done. He was really scared and would not get in the water. After a good 10-12 minutes of screaming and crying and two bathroom trips later we finally got him in the water. We were those parents who told the nice big guy to pick him up screaming and "carry him to the deep end" I knew once they got him in he would be fine. Parent of the year here!! His sweet teacher was too nice to make him get in.

These are not great pictures but notice the nice black guy in the water...he is the one who carried Wade out there. Of course he swam great and his teacher was SHOCKED that he wasn't scared once he got out there. We have been one other time since the "episode" and he did wonderful. He loves Miss Mallory now and got right in the water with her. We may even get her number in case we ever need a babysitter!! He has two more lessons with her.

My sweet child who is always smiling. Have I mentioned that she is the happiest and sweetest baby in the whole world (well at least to me!!) She was supporting the Pirates last week against UNC. Of course we wish the outcome would have been better. Poor little thing is sick this week and I just hate it. It hasn't been anything but a stuffy nose but today she woke up with a bad cough. It sounds pitiful. Thankfully she is sleeping pretty good and not coughing to often. I am ready for her to feel better. Wade my stubborn  sweet 3.5 year old would not stand with WK and take a picture; so I took one of him anyways and I love it even if he wouldn't cooperate!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture Dump #2

Here are just some random pictures from Josh's phone. I always forget to add these to the blog. Some are from the beach, our Labor Day lake trip and some are just random. They are kinda blurry but I wanted to stick them on her for our next blog book!! I have no idea why some are small and some are big-they are all from the same phone. The one of Wade sleeping makes me laugh. I went into his room and he had pulled down his costume from last year and had it on!

Picture Dump #1

Well I finally went back and added WK's 7 month pictures to her post. Here are a few more from the last week or two. I love these of them in their towels but could not get them both to look at me...I tried everything and a certain 3 yr old would not cooperate :)

I love this one of Wade and Ashley. It is from Ashley's birthday party. The one below of Wade and WK in the kitchen is my new favorite of them. I love that they are both looking and smiling-that may not happen again for a long time!! WK is laughing in the one where her little head is leaning forward. She is such a funny girl.

This big boy went to school last week with his shoes on the wrong feet. His sweet teacher felt so bad because she noticed it and then got busy and forgot to switch them. I guess it didn't bother him too bad.

I have noticed that Westin is more "advanced" than Wade was with her motor skills. She is already grabbing puffs with her fingers and putting them in her mouth. She LOVES them and has started eating a little bit of table food too. Wade choked so bad with puffs and did not do well with table food until he was close to 9 months.

Wade and I made our first batch of pumpkin muffins this past weekend. He loves them and they are so easy to make. He is already asking for another batch. Josh painted our half bath and painted Wade a chalkboard this weekend and Wade wanted to help with the tape. He loves helping his daddy. He has also been working hard on writing his last name and is so close to doing it. He still needs a little help with the "Z." He is so excited that he can write Wade Foltz!!!