Sunday, November 17, 2013


I am trying not to let a month (or two!!) go by without blogging. I still won't have any pictures yet since life has been crazy and I am SO behind on pictures etc. One day I will get it all together. One day many years from now :)

The kids had a great Halloween and have really been enjoying this Fall weather. Wade was Batman this year and WK was a cupcake. She was so proud of herself and her little bucket. Wade says Halloween is his most favorite time of the year because of the candy. WK was a big fan as well. We made it downtown this year and walked around for there "trick or treat" day. All the stores pass out candy to the kids. My kids loved it but it was actually really crowded this year. It was so nice though that we got to walk downtown from our house. We also took them trick or treating to our old street and it was so good to see all of our old neighbors. WK tried to walk right into our old house- it made us a little sad. We have really missed our neighbors so it was great to see them some. The kids were worn out by 8pm but they had a great time.

Wade is finishing up soccer and actually starts basketball this week. He like soccer but I would not say he loved it. Bless his sweet heart he is not aggressive at all. He is great with the ball and can dribble so well but he will NOT go after the ball or try to take it away from anyone. He is such a sweet spirit and doesn't think it would be "nice" to take the ball away. Oh Josh just hates this, ha ha!! He would rather just wait for the ball to come to him! He is excited for basketball and is excited that he is playing with his best friend Chase. We are going to try soccer again in the Spring but we are doing it with the Town because he is finally old enough. I think he will like it better because it is outside this time.

WK well she is just Westin-Kate and she should have been a boy she is so crazy. My mom found her up on the island in the kitchen this week. She climbed the bar stool and got up there all alone. My mom calls her a "walking tornado" and that is pretty much the truth. This child pretty much destroys every room every day. She is still so smiley and sweet (most of the time!!) She is finally getting a little more hair and I don't even want to say it but it looks like it is curling up on the sides and around the back. It is a dirty blond color. She has much darker hair than Wade. Wade was white blond and curly but now he has lost his curls and his is turning much darker too. Its funny because I always wanted her to have blue eyes like Wade because I always wanted blue eyes growing up :) I have to admit though I LOVE her big brown eyes. She may not have much hair but she has these great big brown eyes that are so sweet.

The house is still a work in progress. Things have been moving pretty fast. We finally found an electrician and we decided to have the entire house re-wired to get rid of all the old nob and tooth wiring. It took forever to find someone to do the work but we are so happy with this one. He has 4-5 guys that work for him and they have all been there working together which makes it go so much faster. It is pretty expensive but it is so worth it to us to have it up to code and have all new switches and outlets. Once they are finished we will finish with the wall and painting and then start on the floors and kitchen. The kitchen is all gutted and we have ordered our cabinets and counter tops. We can't wait to see it finished. We had a ton of landscaping done and it is a huge dirty mess but it looks so much better having all those old bushes and weeds pulled. We even found a really big stone patio under all the yard mess. We were pretty excited about that because now we have a place for our table and for a fire pit. We still don't know when we will finally get into the house but we are hoping by January at the latest. We added to our fence and now it goes almost all around our yard. We just have a  small part in the front yard to fence in. We can't wait to see the finished project one day. It may be years from now but hopefully it will all be worth it!!

And last but not least baby Hayes is here. Ashley had sweet Hayes early Friday morning. She actually worked all day and went in after work and they sent her home and told her she wasn't in labor. Well she proved them wrong because she came back in and had a baby in less than two hours. She did it natural because she labored at home so long she didn't have time for her epidural when she finally came back in. He is so cute and so quiet. I know he may not always be this way but the child has not cried for more than 5 seconds total. He is the most content baby I have ever been around.  He is really cute and looks so different than my kids. He is little and skinny and has a lot of hair. Mine were both chubby and big with hardly any hair. I am trying not to be a baby hog but he is so sweet you just want to cuddle him all the time. Hoping he stays this quiet for them all the time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I felt like I needed to dedicate an entire post on this subject. I have NEVER in my ENTIRE life seen so much stuff in one house except on TV on the show Hoarders. I feel like our life the past months could have been a reality show. We never imagined that buying this great big house would mean we had to move the older couple out and deal with EVERYTHING else that they left for us. Every room was full and every closet was full. Every barn and shed (all 5 of them) were full. I mean floor to ceiling full in most of them. Boxes and stuff everywhere. I just can't even explain except that it has taken us a month and a half to clean out this house. We could have never ever done it without my parents. They have helped so much!! They have helped with moving everything, cleaning and watching the kids so much. We are so thankful!

We also could not have done it without Mr. Carl and his family/workers. He was the one who did the auction for us and he did so much. I don't think his 30% was nearly enough. It took his guys 3-4 days just to clean out 3 of the sheds/barns. Pictures don't even do it justice but I will tell you we are on our 5th dumpster and these are HUGE 40 ft dumpsters and that is just for the "trash." Josh took a large trailer full to Goodwill and we sold a lot at the auction/yard sale. They made a decent amount of money. They got out the best...they didn't have to do any work and still made money, haha. They were the smart one's in all of this. Of course we don't mind helping them because they just can't do it but it was a long long weekend. You just don't know how happy it makes me seeing our yard clean. We had tents and stuff everywhere that entire week.

We also have had a problem with people coming onto the property and trying to take things or even coming into the house. We had to hang a Private sign on the front door to try to keep people out. People have been trying to come in and buy stuff that is not for sale. I think because we had a three day sale there people just thought everything was for sale and that they could just come take things that were in the yard. Thankfully now everything is locked up outside and we head over there every night and lock the house once all the workers leave. We have painted the upstairs and done a lot of the trim work already and the plumbers finished last week. Now we are just trying to find an electrician to re-wire the house so we can finish up the upstairs. This weekend we pretty much got the back room done that we are using for our attic and started moving stuff in there. After we get the upstairs lighting done and the bathroom done we will be all ready to have the floors done and then we can start moving stuff up there. We still have a few inspection type things to get done and I am hoping we can do that this week sometime. We are also working on the kitchen now and that has been the most fun getting to pick all of that out. I can't wait to post some before and after pictures soon!!

Some old one's from our last lake weekend of the Summer!!

Back Again!!!

Well I am going to try this blogging thing again. I am ashamed to admit that my new computer that Josh bought me this past June is still in the box. This weekend we are getting it out I promise. For now I will just try to blog some at work. Honestly though it has been a nice little break from blogging and Facebook. I don't have an I phone (so behind I know!!) so I don't have any internet access now during the day until Josh gets home. I can't believe it has been two months since I last blogged but it has been the craziest two months ever!!! Here is what we have been up to...

We have bought a new house, sold our old house, moved most of our house into storage, moved the rest of our things and ourselves into my parents house, moved an elderly couple into their new house, packed up 1 million items from their old house and tried so hard to find a place for ALL of their stuff. Cleaned our 4 of the 5 sheds/barns at our new house, had an auction/yard sell to get rid of everything they could not cram into their new house, had a baby shower for my sister, went to the fair, celebrated Halloween with a school party, went trick or treating whew I am tired just thinking about how busy this past month has been. Oh we also started renovating our new house which means meeting plumbers, contractors, painters, electricians you name it we have had them in our house!! We just love making ourselves crazy. Even with all this going on we have actually had a lot of fun too. Oh Josh also turned 32 in the midst of this busy October month. We love love Fall and October is my favorite month but I think that for some reason it is also one of our busiest month's too!!

We LOVE our new house. It is our dream house and one day it will be so worth it. Right now it is still a little overwhelming but slowly it is getting there. I am just so thankful that we have finally gotten almost everything out of it that was Ron and Anne's (the elderly couple that we bought it from!) I think we have on more trailer load to take them and we will have it all at their new house. The shed's look amazing-you could not walk into any of the barns/sheds before because they were so full-now they are organized and makes my type A personality happy.

I have seen more "stuff" this past month and a half than I ever care to see. If I see one more box of junk I think I would just scream. It is so fun seeing it empty. We really do love our new house and we will love it more once we are living there. It is going just fine living with my parents but you can imagine moving our entire family into their quiet house has been a big change for everyone. It is just a season and I know in a month or three we will be living there. The kids have really really done well with all the added stress.

Wade is loving school and loves going 5 days a week. He had his little song fest this past week for Halloween and it was so cute. They wore their costumes and sang a few songs for the parents. Wade was Batman this year for Halloween. He is really into Super Hero's still and Ninja Turtles. I was actually shocked that he wasn't a Ninja Turtle but he picked Batman. I was happy with it because we already had the costume. He is so funny at 4.5 year old. We had a 1/2 birthday party for him and he told me "mommy you ruin all the parties!" he told me this because I made him go to bed, Ha! Such a bad mommy! He loves his sister so much and tells her she is the cutest girl ever. He loves sharing a room with her and even today I found him napping in her bed with her. He really doesn't nap much these days but occasionally he will once or twice a week. Wade is at such a great age we can take him anywhere with us and we usually don't have any issues with his behavior. He is so sweet and gets so embarrassed when I want to sit and hug him and kiss on him. He loves to run around our new big yard and climb trees and pretend he is a ninja. He is really fun to watch and still keeps us laughing. He is funny and his sister really takes after him. He LOVES ropes and tying things up and playing on the big dumpsters we have. Gross I know, he is all boy for sure. He has seven girlfriends this year and is very proud of that.

Westin Kate is so cute and so crazy. She is going to be 21 months this week and she is WILD. She is sweet as pie one minute and hugging and kissing and she is saying "bite" and being mean the next minute. We literally laugh at her all the time. She still doesn't like to talk but she can talk. She said "I do it" this week and has started saying "oh me" and "oh Wade" and it is so funny. The other night they were taking a bath and Wade was telling her all about his new boo boo and I heard her say "Oh Me!" Josh and I died laughing. She climbs on everything and falls all the time. She doesn't sit still for one minute and still isn't into TV. She will watch it for a minute if she has a snack but other than that she does not sit down. She has this huge brown eyes and the longest eyelashes and is finally getting some hair. It is coming in think and crazy and maybe a little curly. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be curly like Josh's. Everyone just loves her and makes a big deal over her and sometimes it really makes Wade sad. :( He will say "why didn't they tell me I am so cute!!" She is silly silly and her Sunday school teachers tell us every week that she just "runs the show" in her room. She is sassy and I am pretty sure a little bossy too. We just love her! Our favorite thing that she says is "Mo" "Mo" means "no" and she says it all the time. Its funny because I know she can so the N sound because she calls my mom "NiNi" instead of "Mimi" We always say, "Westin-Kate are you ready to go to bed?" Just to hear her say "Mo!!" She also says "Un-uh" all the time.

I am really going to try harder to keep this up. I do love looking back at our blog books and I really want to document our house transformation on here. Hoping to finally get some picture post done as well. I have a lot of pictures to get on here one day.