Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My big girl

I absolutely cannot believe that we are doing a 1st birthday party on Saturday. I took some pictures of WK yesterday. The lighting in these is horrible but I wanted to post them anyways. Some days she just looks like a little 9 month old baby to me and some days I look at her and she looks like a toddler. She loves to clap and dance these days. This girls LOVES music and I am pretty sure we will be signing up for Kinder music in the Fall. I never did this with Wade but I have heard a lot of good things about it and I think she would love it. She is so cute when she dances!! 

Here is our big girl standing. It is a horrible picture but every time I tried to get her to look she wouldn't do it so we took a picture when she wasn't looking. She is standing pretty well alone until she realizes that she is actually doing it...then she quickly puts her hands down and starts crawling. She walks great holding our hands but doesn't really have any interest in walking alone just yet. 

 Here is Miss busy body herself who thinks she is a 2 year old and can jump on the trampoline. Josh called me into the play room last night and she was working so hard to get her little knees up and then she pulls up on the handles and starts bouncing away. Its amazing that this child doesn't keep bruises all over her head. Little monkey is the new name she has acquired over the past few weeks!!

Wade however has been running away from the camera which is why I don't have any pictures of him. He has been having a time with his asthma lately. Most likely due to the fact that it is 20 degrees one day and 70 the next! He had a really bad croupy cough and stridor a few nights ago and it his breathing just hadn't gotten much better 3 days later. His albuterol really wasn't helping so I knew it must be related more to croup/upper airway so I finally gave in and called the doctor and of course they wanted to see him. So this morning we rushed out the door and headed to the doctors. I am so worried about them getting the flu or a virus after being in the office but hopefully we will be ok. Dr. Steele gave us a sample of a steroid (which I knew he needed but when I called yesterday they wouldn't call anything in for me!) and he has to take it for 2 days. I am hoping this will help. He has been playing and acting fine but struggling more when he lays down or settles down. I took him to school after his appt and they said he did great today. I have to work tonight and after that I have to get everything ready for her party. I am trying to do a little each day so I won't get overwhelmed on Saturday morning :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Survived!!

Well we survived Josh being gone for a few days. These little kiddos were so excited to see their Daddy. Wade made him a great "welcome home picture!" Josh got home last Saturday afternoon and that night we took the kids to the nursery and we went and saw the African Children's Choir. It was fantastic. Those kids were precious and had the best attitudes. They shared some sad sad stories about what had happened to them but now with the help of Watoto and God their life's are so much better.

Sunday we packed up and headed to Winston. Josh was so busy from all the rain and snow that he couldn't take Monday off so he just went for the day. We had a great day and Wade loved playing with Nana and Poppy and his cousins. The kids and I spent the night because on Monday Charlie was having his dental surgery. Little dogs are prone to plaque buildup and if you don't brush their teeth it gets really bad. Well I am doing good these days to get my teeth brushed and both kids so you can imagine I am not brushing my dogs teeth!! So he is 5 and has never had it done so it was time. I could have done it at our vet in Cary but it was $300 and at the vet in Davidson County it was $65. I love this area but boy is everything so expensive here. A big big "thanks" to Nana for taking her day off to help me. I could not have done it without you. Kendal had a little belated birthday party for Peyton and Wade was so excited to go. It was at Sweet Frogs and while we were there he says "I just love this place!!" We got back Monday night around 530p and once again the kids were so happy to see Josh. It was the longest they have been away from him in a long time.

I just love these pictures of Wade. My grandma sent this outfit home with my parents a few months ago and when I was Spring cleaning this week I found them in our downstairs closet. This was my dad's baseball outfit when he was little. Wade was so excited that Pops wore this. Pops must have been a little guy because I could barely get the pants buttoned!! It is missing two letters on the front but it is supposed to say DIXIE. I am going to print these off and frame them for Dad and send Grandma some pictures in the mail. Wade was a trooper because it was COLD yesterday when we took these.

And here is TROUBLE!! This kid will do anything for food. Here she is hunting down old cheerios that she dropped under her exersaucer. She is cute but she is a hand full!! The next picture is proof. I found her playing in the dog food yesterday. She got a piece in her mouth but thankfully I got it out before she ate it. She was helping me clean up yesterday and organize the closet!! It is amazing that I get anything done with an almost one year old.

These pictures just melt my heart. Wade has been loving being a brother and loves his sister lately. She was crying when I layed her down today and he did not want her to cry. When I came back in to check on her he had gotten his blanket and climbed in the crib to help her not cry :) He told me "I love my sister" and "I do not want her to grow up!" That one makes me laugh because he must have heard us saying that we wish we could keep her this size and that she wouldn't grow up!! Once she fell asleep I thought for sure he would have gotten out but he literally sat in her crib for 20-30 minutes. Such a sweet brother.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snow Day & Happy Birthday

Well its ironic after my last post talking about 70 degree weather that we actually got a little bit of snow in the same week. That's North Carolina for you!! A little bit barely even describes it. Wade was SO excited when he went to bed and so not impressed when he got up. The front yard was still pretty much green but we did have a little snow/ice on the back deck, play set and trampoline. He went out for a few minutes to play just in case this is all the snow we get. He is already asking when it is going to snow again. Of course I had to dress WK up for a photo op for her 1st snow! Mom's birthday was yesterday...she turned the big 55!! She came over and had breakfast with the kids before school. It was so nice that Wade had a 2 hr delay even though there was no snow!!

Looking at the snow and thinking this is all we got?? Poor Westin Kate could hardly even sit up because her jacket was so puffy!!

We went out to eat last night with some friends/family for Mom's Bday. We went to Apex wings. They have the best wings but we had to wait forever (it seemed) to get a table. We had two babies and a three year old so you know how fun that was!! I LOVE the next picture of Wade...he brought his microphone so he could sing Happy Birthday. He even stood up in the chair. He actually started out singing then got embarrassed and stopped! I am thinking he probably isn't going to have a career in music!

WK wants to be right on top of Wade every minute. It is so sweet because she tries so hard to do what he is doing. He has done GREAT with her lately. He shares so well and (unless it is his very favorite toy at that moment) he has been so patient with her! He is actually really helpful with her and "watches" her for me. This is when I am loving the three year age difference because I can do a few things quickly and leave them playing in the play room-we have that room very baby proofed. He will even move her if she is climbing on things she isn't supposed to. Don't worry mom...I don't leave them long at all and usually I can see what they are doing! I have been so proud of him lately. He loves being a big brother. I guess from having a sister sometimes I wish that WK would have had a sister or vice versa for Wade but then I used to always want a big brother when I was growing up. I know she is going to love having one...I just hope that Wade keeps loving having a sister! Josh says he is really going to love it when she brings all her younger and cute little friends over!! Typical Josh :)

And this little cutie has started claping all the time...she does it mostly when she hears music playing. She will also raise one of her little hands and wave it up and down when music plays. The new thing she has been doing the past couple of weeks is laughing/squealing over and over again. She will copy us if we laugh or if she isn't getting any attention she will just start laughing real loud. It is the cutest thing!! She also has really started doing her "fake cough" more and more. The girl loves some attention. The squealing just kills me because it sounds so girly and something that Wade never did at this age. The not so cute/dramatic thing she is now doing is throwing that sweet head back when she doesn't get her way or want to do something. Oh here is the difference in girls and boys-she is already dramatic!! Wade never threw a fit at this age. It makes it difficult at times to put her in the carseat/stroller. Today she did it when I laid her down in her crib. It was comical because she was laying on her back but because her head was back and she was arching her back was not even touching the crib!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Park Days

We have been having the best weather. It doesn't bother me one bit that it is 70 degrees in January. I would be perfectly happy with weather like this year round. We spent a lot of time playing at the park and even took Wade's training wheels off his little bike. I didn't get any pictures because I was videoing it but he did really well. He was pretty nervous but did it a little bit by himself!! Of course it has been cold and rainy since then so he hasn't had much practice. Maybe we will get to practice some again this weekend. WK is busy at the park. She crawls and climbs everything. I am pretty sure Wade was almost 2 before he was climbing to the top of the playground. WK has mastered this at 11 months. She loves doing it and loves to slide too. We let her go down with Wade for the very first time. Wade loves doing "big brother" things like this.  This weather has me ready for Spring. It will be so fun/crazy because she will be walking. I actually think it is will be easier because I won't be so worried about her crawling around everywhere or breaking my back holding her hands.

And here is little Miss Social butterfly herself in all her glory. She was waving to all the kids at the park. Josh is really hoping this changes before high school. I can just picture her now Miss Chatty Cathy...Josh Foltz is going to have his hands full!!

And of course I had to document this. My sweet husband got tired of looking at our messy pantry and decided it was time to organize it. I secretly wait for it to get this bad because he actually does a better job organizing it than I do. He told me it better look this good when he gets back from his trip :) We did this last Saturday night and laughed about how we must really be in our 30's if this is the highlight of our night. We did rent a movie...we have got to control of our wild side!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Single Mommy

I am playing single mommy for a few days. This is tough work and I have a lot of respect for all those single parents out there. Josh was supposed to leave yesterday but I am so happy he was able to go day late because today is the first day I have really felt better. Thankfully he never got sick. He has been so helpful the past couple of days. He has been busy so his business trip may feel like a little vacation. He really only travels twice a year (I am thankful for this!!) once in Jan and once in July. I dread it for weeks before it happens. Thankfully these two sweet babies keep my busy so it usually goes by fast. We sure will be ready to see him on Saturday afternoon when he gets home.

Wade has been so funny lately and I don't want to forget a few things he has been saying...
  • I am going to be the man of the house when daddy is gone (he and Josh were talking about this last week)
  • my muscles are feeling a little sore (he kept telling us this after being sick last week)
  • I am glad that you appreciate it (he went and got me a ice pack when I hit my let on his bed)
  • After I am in the Ducks class next year I am not going to kindergarten...I am just going to stay home with daddy
  • if someone tells us that God can't hear me all the time they are WRONG
  • God will heal Miss Cathy
I registered Wade for 4 year old preschool (his last year) next year. I can't believe it will be his last year. He will be going 5 days next year. We talked about what happens after preschool and he is not happy. He does not want to go to real school and does not want to leave mommy and daddy all day. He also says he is going to be "too tired to go because he will miss his nap!" Honestly I am not ready to start thinking about him going either. Thankful we have one more year of preschool left. Here is a picture of my sweet boy from right before Christmas-he loves everything about Jake and the Neverland Pirates right now (and Super Hero too)

I can't say enough good things about our church. They are teaching Wade so much. He LOVES Miss Cathy. She is the perfect fit for Wade and I am so thankful for her. His class has small groups and he is in the red group with Miss Cathy. She is such a blessing for us and she loves Wade too!! His sweet face lights up every time he sees her. The other day she was sick and he was about to cry and not go into his room. Thankfully she was back last week and we had one happy boy.

We haven't been up to too much this week.  Happy Birthday this week to Poppy (2 days ago) and Happy Birthday to Mimi on Friday. We love you both very much!! We have been trying to get everything back in order around here since Christmas. We are getting there finally but have some Spring cleaning to do soon with our attic and garage. I am going to do my first consignment sale in March so I have to get things in order for that sometime soon. My goal for the next three days is for Josh to come home to a clean house...we will see how that goes :)  Two weeks ago I helped out in Wade's class for PJ/teddy bear picnic day. We made pancakes and had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of our day and some pictures of Wade. I feel like I take WAY more pictures of WK only because she isnt running away from the camera. So I was happy to get a few of my big boy!! Of course he wore super hero pj's to school :)