Friday, October 19, 2012

Confessional Friday

I saw this on another girls blog and thought it was so cute so here goes:

  • I confess that because of Josh's bday and the fair I have eaten way too much the past two days. Time to get serious again...I am starting shakes for lunch today!!
  • I confess that I am SO over pumping it is not even funny. Trying to make it another month or two and then I am going to be so happy its done
  • I confess that I really need to let my 8 month old cry it out because she still does not sleep more than 6-7 hours at a time but it is so much easier to just feed her than to hear her cry!
  • I confess that we had a great week but I am glad it almost over...we were too busy this week.
  • I confess that this weekend Josh Foltz and I have a date with our attic and attic steps so that we do not look like hoarders anymore.
  • I confess that I hate to cook dinner because I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards. Just keeping it real and being honest
  • I confess that I wanted to pretend I did not know my own child yesterday while waiting in line to get dinner at a fast food place that took 25 minutes-glad you didn't see me on the news looking for a missing child. It almost came to that point
  • I confess that I am over the fact that Westin Kate now hates to sit in her car seat and high chair and that I am really over the fact that she screams and arches her back when I try to snap her in
  • I confess that I am so ready for the weekend so Josh will be home and I will have some help with our lovely children
  • I confess that I held a perfect sweet newborn last night and while I loved every second of it I did not wish one time that I could go back and start over again
  • I confess that I occasionally keep Josh's check book in my car and occasionally pull it out to use from time to time
  • I confess that my sweet husband brought home a gold Michael Kors watch for me last week for no reason...I think I will keep him!!

Happy Friday...We had a great time at the fair (minus one melt down) and I am hoping to get those pictures up soon!!

Beach Pictures take 2!!

Thanks so much to Nana for taking all these pictures for us. Wade did not want to cooperate-another reason I just love age 3 :) These were all taken on Sunday. If you are friends with my mom you may see the big family one on her Christmas cards!!

Beach Pictures!!

Warning...I took too many pictures once again. I just love having them all in our blog book though. These pictures are from Friday and Saturday. Enjoy!!

 Wade was so cute he wanted to sit down and read his little magazine. It is one of those free coupon books you can pick up on the street. He had to get one for him, Peyton and Chase!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We love the month of October at our house. It is by far our favorite month. It seems like it is also one of our busiest months too!! We have been so busy these last couple of weeks. I was going to try to do a blog post for everything we have been up to but I only have about 15 minutes before WK's nap time is over so here goes...
  • Wade finished up swimming lessons and did really well. They were free because we had some points with our gym but I am not sure I would pay for them. I really think Josh could teach him how to swim just as well.
  • We are still trying to all (minus Josh) get over this lovely cold. We feel pretty good but it is just lingering around
  • Thankfully our property manager got everything done in the 9 days and our new tenants are happy and moved in Monday. We are so thankful he got it rented so quickly!!
  • This past weekend we went to the beach for Josh's birthday. We went from Friday to Monday and had a great time. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. My in laws brought my sweet niece Peyton and Wade and her had so much fun and were so cute playing together. I am so thankful they are close in age and love each other so much. My parents went for the weekend too. They stay right down the street from our condo and it was so fun to have everyone there. Wade was over the moon to have both sets of grandparents there all weekend. The kids weren't spoiled at all!! Ashley and Zach were there too at Zach's uncle's place which is just about 10 minutes away. The guys played golf Saturday and we played outside. We had a little cake and ice cream after dinner to celebrate Josh's 31st birthday. Such a great time of year to go to the beach.
  • Yesterday was Josh's actual birthday. Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet husband. We love you and hope you had a great birthday; thanks for all that you do for us!!!! We hope that you had a great day. He had to work all day :( but we ordered his favorite pizza for him when he got home. It was nice to eat at home and not have to cook!! After dinner I surprised him and had some of our friends meet us for yogurt. It was a lot of fun.
  • Tonight we leaving WK with my parents and we are taking Wade to the fair. Wade is so excited and so are we. I couldn't ride anything last year because I was pregnant so I am so excited that I get to ride with Wade this year. He loves rides just like his momma!!
  • Saturday we are finally getting to the pumpkin patch. We already bought ours for the front door but we want to take the kids to play and to do the hay ride. We are just trying to fit it all in in one week  :) We are all going to need a nap on Sunday.
  • I am sure I am forgetting something but this is mostly what we have been up to. We are loving this weather and loving being outside and doing all this fun family stuff. I will get some pictures up soon!!
  • Oh I forgot in my last post that Westin Kate now knows her name and when you call her or say her name she will smile first and then turn her head to look at you. It is the cutest thing! She also is learning the word "no" and when she pulls my hair and I say "no no" she will smile/laugh so big and keep doing it.
  • Yesterday I saw a glimpse into our future...she was being dramatic. Oh welcome to the world of girls. She did not want to sit in her stroller and thought it would be cute to squeal and throw her head back a little bit. Oh trouble is coming!! I am not ready for her to get big.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Things have been a little busy around here. The kids have had a little cold and we have had some issues with our house in Greenville. Long story short we have had some issues with this lady and cutting her grass. Pretty much this was the only issue we had for 10 out of the 12 months she lived there. Well the last two months of her lease she decided not to pay rent either. We thought we were going to have to evict her to get her out but thankfully we didn't have to.

Wade was so proud of himself. He came out of his room at nap time and said "I packed for the lake!" He got his suitcase out of the closet and packed one pair of shorts and one shirt and he was ready to go.

We are SO happy we have a property manager to handle all of this mess. She said she was going to be out two weeks ago but she wasn't. So our property manager emailed her and told her we would be there Friday to help her move out (this was a week after her lease was up.) So mom and dad took Wade to the lake and the three of us headed to Greenville. We got there Friday night and thankfully she was not there. The utilities were off (I am sure she didn't pay the bill) so technically the house was ours again. All the eviction/getting people out of your house rules are insane in NC. Thankfully it didn't come to that. All the neighbors were so excited we were there because they were SO ready for her to move. They have been cutting the front yard and said she was "crazy!!" I am just so thankful she did not trash the house. It was not clean by any means but it could have been a lot worse. Now the back yard....Holy Cow. It was a jungle. I don't know if she ever cut the grass in the back the entire time she lived there. It was almost up to our knees. Once again this is where we love having a property we don't have to worry about cleaning up all this mess.

However the reason we went to Greenville in the first place was because we had a showing at 10am Saturday for new tenants. They knew she was not out completely but were in town that morning. So we got to the house at 7am Saturday to do our best to pick it up a little before the showing. Our property manager found these people and said they were really interested. It needed a ton of cleaning and she had stuff in every room so there was no way with WK there that we were going to get it all done. We basically put all of her stuff in one room and just swept and wiped down the counters etc. We promised them when they got there that we would have it professionally cleaned and that the yard would look very different. I forgot to mention she had a huge POD in our front yard-in the grass of all places?? Thankfully they over looked the mess and the yard and signed a years lease. They seem really nice and I am glad we got to meet them. We have not met the last two tenants. Now PJ- who is the realtor that takes care of everything is busy busy. They want to move into the house in 9 days. I don't know how people rent without having a property manager. It is so nice that he gets everything done for us. The only thing we have to pay for is to have it cleaned. Because she neglected the yard he is charging her for that. Thankfully we get to keep her deposit so we really just didn't get paid for one month. So thankful for new tenants and they may want to stay 2 years which would be wonderful!!!! I took a picture of the yard and will have to put it up here. You wouldn't believe how bad it was.

WK was a trooper while we were there. She was so off schedule but she did great. Thanks to the Nicholson's for letting us sleep over Friday night. And thanks to Erin and Stephen our great friends and neighbors that we miss dearly. Because our power was off I had to pump at their house and WK even got to take a great morning nap over there. We appreciate all the help!!! We are so glad it rented again so quick and so thankful our old tenant has moved out. Here are some pictures from this week. WK looked so cute for church this past Sunday in her little flower bow. I am amazed at how easy it is to only have one child to get ready. We used to think one baby was hard but after having a weekend with just Westin Kate we realized how easy one was!!

All ready for her first Halloween!!!

8 Months Old!!

This past Saturday 10/6/12 Westin Kate turned 8 months old. She is growing WAY too fast. I went shopping for the kids tonight and it about broke my heart that I was shopping in the 12 month section for winter clothes. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she is going to be one this winter. I am not going to have a baby anymore. I told Josh get ready because I am so going to baby her as long as I can. With Wade we took the bottle away at 9 months, the paci at 19 months etc. Not this time around. She is going to be our baby for awhile!!  She has been getting over a cold and now Wade has a cold so needless to say I am just getting around to posting this. Plus we have had some house drama in Greenville (I will save all that for another post!!)

Westin Kate is doing pretty good. She is just a happy girl all the time. We have had some issues with her not wanting to eat and it is driving me crazy. We never had any issues with Wade eating/pooping (tmi I know) but this is where they differ. I don't know if its from her reflux or because she is constipated but the child won't eat. Now in her case looks can be deceiving. She is a big girl but she pretty much weighs about the same as she did a month or two ago. She is not loosing weight but not gaining either. I have to force her most days to take in 4oz every 4 hours. I know newborns who are drinking 4 oz. So she gets only 16oz a day and should have 24oz or more for her age. Therefore I am still doing a 2-3am feed because she will actually nurse and its a good feed. During the day she will hardly ever nurse so now I have a love/hate relationship with the pump.

I don't know how moms do it when they don't breastfeed and just pump. Breastfeeding for me is so much easier and faster AND there are no bottles to wash!!! I think it would be better if I could pump both sides at the same time but one side of my pump is broken . It takes forever to pump one side at the time. I am going to try my hardest to get her to 11 months pumping but I am not making any promises :) She also does not want to eat baby food. I don't know what we are going to do with her. I can get her to eat 3/4 jar for breakfast and one jar at dinner and that is it. I really have to make her eat the entire jar. She would stop at half. Wade was eating three meals a day and eating 1-2 jars at lunch and dinner. I know its different being a girl (I guess) but 1/2 jar doesn't seem like much for a 8 month old. Any suggestions?? I have increased her reflux meds as of today so maybe that will help.

We did a suppository this weekend (will never do that again.) She had stomach cramps/gas for the rest of the night and felt horrible. It did help her use the bathroom but was not worth hearing her cry. I guess because she never ever cries that it just breaks my heart when she does. She goes to the bathroom most days but it is such a small amount. I just hate it for her :( I am trying to add some prune juice to her oatmeal but so far it hasn't helped any. Other than this she is doing great and here is what she is up to:

Clearly she was getting bored with our photo shoot at this point!!

  • weighs around 19lbs; I don't have a clue how long she is
  • wears size 3 diapers and mostly 9 months clothes. Is still wearing some 6 mo and some 12 mo PJ's
  • eats 4oz of breast milk every 4 hours. We give her two oz of formula with breast milk for her night time bottle
  • hates her baby food and only eats two jars a day if that-eats some table food every now and then
  • takes a one hr morning nap and a 2-3 hr afternoon nap (has dropped her evening catnap)
  • sleeps ok...goes down around 8/830p and sleeps until about 3am-eats and goes back to sleep
  • smiles all day long at anyone and everyone
  • loves to hold someone's finger/hand while falling asleep-sometimes we give in and stay with her :)
  • loves sitting in the shopping cart and watching people
  • is sitting well but doesn't want to stay in one spot; she falls over towards her stomach like she is ready to crawl somewhere
  • is really pushing up with her arms and trying to get those knees up to crawl
  • rolls all over the floor and can scoot herself backwards ( I do not want her to crawl yet so I keep putting her back on her little behind!!)
  • just today she grabbed the side of the exersaucer and acted like she wanted to pull up (not ready for this either!!)
  • loves Wade and little kids so much
  • gets so excited when Josh gets home
  • pulls Charlie's hair every time he gets close enough
  • still only has two little bottom teeth
  • pulls her paci out on purpose when you lay her down at night
  • loves anything that plays music or sings
  • laughs so hard when you say "bye bye" and tried to put her little hand up the other day to wave
  • smiles so big when she sees all her hair bows hanging in her room
Westin Kate,
Please stop growing so fast and please start eating better!! I know I can't keep you little but I love this sweet baby age and hate to see it go. Before we know it you are going to be a toddler. You are a busy girl and your brother better watch out once you really start moving because I can tell you are going to be into everything (especially his toys!!) He got mad at you today for taking his new toy and chewing on it. You are sweet as pie but you are sneaky and we are going to have to watch you every minute. Daddy is going to have his hands full too. Tonight I saw him rocking you to sleep (we never do this) because he said you didn't feel good. Pretty sure you are not sick anymore but Daddy just wanted to hold you!!! You have him right where you want him these days. We are so excited about your first trip to the pumpkin patch and about your first Halloween. We are so thankful we get to be your parents!!! Happy 8 Months. I am sorry about your 8 month photo shoot-it was pajama day at our house because it was cold and raining and I didn't want to change you for your pictures.

It's hard to tell in these but she is trying hard to push up and get on her knees

This child is crazy...he is always making us laugh. He thought it would be funny to put WK's sticker on her head.