Friday, February 18, 2011

House update!

To say the least this week has been CRAZY!  We have been so busy but in a good way. I am in the middle of my first Thirty-One Catalog party and trying to learn all that and then we have been trying to get everything done on the new house as well. Thank you to all my great friends and family who have helped me get started in this new business. Thank you so much for ordering stuff, I know you will love it all!

We had our inspections done this week and we have gotten all of our paperwork together for the loan. I feel like I have signed my life away on all those papers. Thank goodness this was not last week when I felt so bad! As far as I know we had the appraisal today and we should hear back about that early next week. So...all we are waiting on is hearing back from the seller's about what they will/will not fix from the inspection. Overall it was a really good report so we are hoping they will fix it all!!

Happy belated Birthday to my wonderful Mother-in-Law (her birthday was yesterday!) I was hoping to post this yesterday but I just ran out of time. We hope you had a great birthday and we can't wait to see you guys soon. Thanks for all you do for us and Wade! We can't wait to show you guys the new house.

Wade has been cracking me up these last two days. Here is what he has been saying:
"Mom, where's Charlie?"
"Mom, where's Mimi?... go get her"
"Play park"- he has been loving this weather as well

He has learned a new trick (from my mom) mom is a orthodontist hygienist and uses mouth wash ALL the time. Well wade loves to watch her "swish" and spit it out for some reason. Yesterday he started "swishing" with his milk- yes lovely I know, and spiting it out on his clothes. He thinks it is the funniest thing in the entire world. He did have to get in trouble today after changing his clothes for the third time!!

Today in the car he almost made me cry. I was driving and not talking to him and the music was off so it was really quiet. All of a sudden I hear, "Jesus loves me I know the Bible tells me so!" He was singing it so well. Oh it just made me so proud that my not quite 2 year old has learned this song. I am so happy we listen to our bible songs everyday (even if I do miss my radio every now and then)

Bless his little heart my child is a child of routine and structure. It is just my personality and its how I function. We mostly have the same schedule most every day and at bedtime. Well I guess tonight something was not right and he was not wanting to go to sleep until we fixed the problem. We put him to bed and a minute or two later I hear, "Mom" (that is all he calls me now?) then I hear it again "Mom" "Mom" so after the fourth or fifth time I decided to make sure nothing was wrong. I go into his room and he is sitting up in bed looking at his feet. He looks up at me and says "Mom need socks" and points to his feet. We always as part of our bedtime routine put his PJ's on and then tell him he needs his socks on so his little feet don't get cold. Well it was so warm today I didn't think he needed his socks tonight...well I guess he did because the minute we put them on he smiled and then went right to sleep!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My little Valentine!

We had a pretty uneventful V-Day yesterday. Josh and I aren't really into Valentines and we do not even get cards for each other. We got Wade a book and a little "boots" stuffed animal. That was the excitement of our day...watching him open his surprises. Since my birthday is so close to V-Day we hardly ever go out or celebrate. Mom and I actually went to a WW meeting and then the guys grilled out and we ate over at my parents house. Here are a few cute pictures of our sweet boy!! Hope everyone had a great Valentines.

Wade has been cracking me up over the past few days. This may bore some of you but I want to always remember these cute sayings:
-"remember punkins mom?" We were laying in my bed about 715am and I was pretending to sleep while wade was catching away and he randomly said this?? I guess he saw a pumpkin or remembered them. He likes to call us mom and dad these days
-"popsicle mom"
-"I proud you sweet boy" This just melted my heart today, he said this when I was putting him in the car after leaving the park. I guess I have said this when he was being good? He makes me laugh!
-"Here birds!" Today he was getting out of the car and did not want his last apple so he was trying to give it to the birds. He was holding it straight up in the air trying to get them to come down and get it!!

Wade was in his high chair today having his snack and I was looking at my Thirty-One catalog trying to learn everything. Well I guess he wanted to talk and he randomly says: "Charlie got boo boo" I was thinking he must have done something ugly to poor Charlie. I asked him "how did he get a boo boo?" Wade says "Pops came home- got boo boo" I started laughing and asked what pops did to charlie and wade looks at me and says "kick him" and he kicked his little leg in the air like he was kicking something!! I have a strange feeling that my dad did not kick Charlie but that maybe Wade did and he wanted to blame someone else? Oh that boy!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our first 5K!

We packed up and headed to Greenville for part of the weekend. We were going Thursday night but since we put an offer on the house we had to sign everything before we left for Greenville. Josh had two vacation days left so he used one of them on Friday. We headed down on Friday morning and had the best day. We stopped by the hospital to see all of my old work friends, ate a great lunch with the Nicholson's, and then went by to see our great friends and old neighbor's. Stephen wasn't home but we got to see Erin and the boys and Wade had so much fun playing with Drew. We miss living two doors down from them so much. We are hoping we have great neighbors when we move because we had the best neighbors in Greenville!

We stayed with Carrie and Brandon and had a blast as always. The boys had so much fun playing together. Thanks to our husbands who kept the boys so Carrie and I could do a little shopping and meet Jen and Stephanie for dinner. I miss these girls so much and we had a great dinner/girl time at Winslow's!!

We got up early Saturday and got ready for our first 5K. Now I had felt that I prepared well for this but of course something happened last week to my ankle. I can't remember the last time I had an injury until now. I don't know if it was from body attack or zumba but somehow I injured it? On Friday this lovely bruise showed up with a little swelling and it started hurting when I walked. Somehow I was able to run the entire race and Carrie and I even finished in 32 minutes!! We were pretty happy about that. Today my ankle is black and blue but hopefully it will start getting better soon. Running probably wasn't the best thing for it!!

Josh and Brandon did great too. Josh pushed wade in the stroller (which is a lot harder than you would think) and finished in the top 100. He finished in 28 minutes. Here is a funny story. When Carrie and I were finishing we were thinking the boys would be there to cheer us on. Well we were wrong; we didn't see them anywhere. Then we saw them coming out of the gym with food. We were a little irritated that they didn't wait for us. Then they told us the truth and we laughed. They said "we thought we had plenty of time to grab a water and food and get back to see you guys finish!" Oh ye of little faith, so what that translated to was  "I can't believe you guys were able to run that fast and finish only a few minutes behind your handsome and athletic husbands!!" Oh those boys.

Wade was so good and so excited about the race. It was really cold but he was bundled up and didn't seem to mind. If you ask him what he did he will say "run a race" he was so sweet and thought that he ran too!

Back from the dead!!

So I have played catch up today and done quite a few posts. I don't know what was going on last week but I had an "off" week. It was the strangest thing. I pretty much had a constant headache all week, some vision issue's and felt like I was in a "fog." I don't know if it is some strange virus but I was just out of it. I do feel better today and only have a slight headache. I did make an appointment at the eye doctor to see if that has something to do with it. I have not been in almost 2 years.

One of my best friends even said "you are alive" after I finally called her back! Maybe it was a virus or maybe the stress of the house situation. Could be that I started a new job with Thirty-One and that has been a little overwhelming  trying to learn things while taking care of a toddler! On that note if anyone wants anything or wants to have a party please let me know. Thanks to all my great friends who are helping me get this started.

Poor wade has been ignored some this week and I have felt so bad. I just did not have the energy to "play." He has been so good and did so well playing by himself. I know what some of you are I am not pregant!!! We have actually put that on hold for a little while. We are really just enjoying Wade and want to get settled in our new house before we start thinking about that again. Moving is stressful enough and I don't want to have all that stress while being pregnant. As of right now we have not decided when we will try again but we are thinking sometime after Wade's birthday.

That is another thing I need to get going on...planning a birthday party for my sweet boy. As of today he wants an Elmo party. It changes from Elmo, Mickey Mouse or Pirates on a daily bases. Once I order his birthday shirt it is a done deal so I was trying to wait to the last minute to decide!!

House Hunting

It feels like this process has taken months but actually exactly one week after loosing the first house we put an offer on another house. We looked last Sunday and a couple of nights last week and really didn't find anything we like except one house. Last Tuesday Kay showed us a house that we really liked. We wanted to bring my parents back to see it so on Wednesday we all went back. They loved it to. The only thing we were hesitant about is the neighborhood was a little farther from everything we love like the gym, target, and our favorite fast food-Chick-fil-a!! Now when I say a little farther most people would laugh because it is only about 3-4 miles away from our house now so it is really not far at all. We had just been looking at neighborhoods that were walking distance from the gym and shopping. Of course this house was priced a little too higher than we wanted to spend. I think seeing how big the other house was and knowing how cheap it was for this area was really hard to get over.

The part that means the most to us was the inside. We LOVE the inside. It has everything we need. It has a downstairs office for me, a playroom (bonus) room for wade, and a walk up third floor for Josh. (that will be our project down the road because it is not finished yet.) I am excited about the pantry and the big laundry room with a folding shelf!!

I think my most favorite part about this house is that we have a flat front and back yard and the back yard is already fenced in. I never thought I would be so excited about a flat driveway and yard but everything else we saw had either a horrible driveway or a horrible back yard. This one even has a basketball goal and the boys are ecstatic! The other reason I think this was meant to be over the other house is that our new house is in a CUL-TI-SAC!! This would have never matter to me before kids but now it is so important. We are on a quiet side street in a cul-ti-sac. Wade is going to have so much fun being able to ride his little bike around. We can't wait to sit on our new front porch and watch him. We have already seen 3 or 4 kids playing in the cul-ti-sac! Another perk to this house is that we can walk to the pool and the park. We now just have to pray that the inspection and appraisal go ok and then it is a done deal!!

We went back Wednesday with my parents but didn't decide to put an offer in until Thursday night. We wanted to really think about it but Thursday we decided we didn't want to loose this one. Good thing we did because it has been showing like crazy. It has shown twice even after they accepted our offer. We found out on Friday afternoon that they accepted it. We had to counter a couple of times and we ended up paying about 5,000 more than we had wanted to but we felt like we couldn't loose this one over $5,000. We do have to paint most of the rooms (they just re-painted but choose horrible colors!) But other than painting and hanging a few light fixtures it is pretty much move in ready. We are closing in 30 days and we are so excited.

House Drama

So after hearing that we had to put down $61,000 in order to build we decided not build and started our house hunt again! Thankfully the owner of that house decided to give us back the 10,000 we put down as a deposit. He did spend the money (we knew he did!!) so he is giving it back in 2,500 dollar increments. However we don't care how we get it at this point.

So one of our family friends is our realtor. My parents love remodeling and flipping houses and have moved close to 20 times since I have been born. No that is not an exaggeration...that is why our realtor is now a family friend. She has helped them many times. Growing up the longest we every stayed in one house was 6 years. I think they have been in there house now that long and my dad is already getting the itch to move again!! Anyways we called Kay and she was really excited to help.

Long story short we looked for a couple of weeks and on my birthday found a house we wanted to put an offer on. We loved it but it did need some work. The only things we did not love was that it was on a busy street, had a laundry closet not a room and did not have a pantry in the kitchen. We decided we would probably not find everything we wanted in our price range and overall really did love the house. So we gave her our verbal offer and she was going to get the paper work ready to do later. We had my bday dinner and the house had been on the market almost a year so we were not to worried. Boy were we wrong. My dad walked into my birthday dinner a few hours later. (I though something had happened to wade and almost panicked when I saw dad) He felt bad interrupting but said Kay has been trying to call us because they have another offer on the house. You have got to be kidding me. That house has sat empty for almost 300 days and today they get two offers. Before we could tell her to go in at full price (it was priced so cheap for this area) she called back and said they just accepted the other offer. We were pretty disappointed but we decided it must not have been the house for us. It helped having all our great friends around to cheer us up. Fast forward almost two weeks and now we are really happy it worked the way it did.

Better late than never! (Surprise part 2)

 This is way over due...thanks to my great husband and friends for a wonderful birthday weekend. A big thanks to our parents for helping with Wade both nights! Wade spent the night with my parents Friday night and we picked him up Saturday morning. We spent some time with him on Saturday and then Josh's parents came into town. Wade was so happy to see them. They kept him at our house Saturday night while we had a night away. All I knew was to pack a bag. Josh told me all kind of things that we were going to do but we didn't do any of them. We ended up at the Renaissance hotel at North Hills around 5pm on Saturday. It is the most wonderful hotel. It was so pretty. Not to mention right in the middle of all the fabulous shops at North Hills. Our favorite part was the 20 inch tv behind the mirror in the bathroom so you can watch tv while you shower!

We hung out for a bit and then got ready to go out to eat. It was funny because there are so many nice restaurants out there but we choose Five Guys. We had just had a really nice dinner the night before so Five Guys was perfect. After we ate we did a little shopping and got Wade's Valentine's present. They have a Learning Express store out there and it is one of my favorites for kids stuff. We only shopped a little bit and then we were ready to go back to our room to relax. We put our pj's on and rented a movie. Oh it was fantastic. We were in bed watching a movie by 830pm. We watched "Love the One Your With" and it was so cute. My wonderful in laws let us sleep in until close to 10am!! Thanks again to everyone who made this weekend so special.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Great Surprise- Part 1

So I kind of knew Josh was up to something because his phone kept ringing yesterday, Erin had called Josh randomly this week and yesterday he acted like he was up to something. He got off early (we went house shopping-it was dramatic so will save that for its on post) anyways he got home at 230p and gave me my present. I was so excited he got me and new fire/waterproof safe. They are expensive and I have been asking for a new one for awhile now. Our old one is way too small. I keep a lot of picture CD's, wedding stuff, passports, SS cards and stuff like that in it. Now I have so much room for all of the picture CD I make of Wade's pictures!! So I was one happy girl. We went house hunting for a couple of hours and then came back home to get ready for our dinner. I was doing something on the computer and Wade brought me this cute little box wrapped in black and white polka dot paper with a big pink bow on it. Well if you LOVE Bailey's like I do then you know that is their paper. I was shocked. We usually don't do gifts for Bday's. I had a little surprise party for Josh's but did not get him a thing. Anyways Wade says "Happy Birfday Mommy" and gave me the box. Josh swears this was from Wade. When I opened it I almost fell over. The ring is GORGEOUS and HUGE. This was a big surprise for sure, I was really happy with just getting the safe!!  It is purple of course because that is my birthstone and ECU's color. I love it. Josh is the best at picking out gifts. Here is my new favorite ring (besides my diamond.) It is not a great picture but it will do.

So after getting ready we headed over to my parents to take Wade for the night. My mom had a few gifts for me and a cake. I haven't blogged about Weight Watchers yet but I am doing it and have lost 5lbs this month so I am working really hard on not eating that stuff so I only got a little bite but it was good. Here are a couple of pictures of us at my parents house.

Well Josh really out did himself (with the help of Erin.) When we got to the restaurant the hostess said "oh for the party upstairs" So it kind of gave it away a little but that is ok. It was a great surprise because I thought there may have been a couple of people but when I walked into the private room at Peak City Grill (one of my favorite places to eat in downtown Apex) there were 13 of our closest friends. I was so surprised. I am so thankful for my great husband to plan something fun like this and for my great friends who helped him. They even got me a little cake that all 15 of us shared. We had a blast and stayed until 11pm just talking. Thanks again to EVERYONE who made my birthday so special. It means a lot to me. I will put more pictures up on facebook but here are a couple.

 My sweet friend Erin who helped Josh plan everything and who got this cute cake!


So today (yesterday!) starts my last year in my 20's. That is so hard to believe. I feel like I should still be 21!! Its hard to believe that wade is 22 months old today, so we are celebrating birthdays around here!! We are going to go to the gym, get some lunch, take a nap, and then go house hunting tomorrow afternoon. Wade is spending the night with my parents tomorrow night because my sweet husband has something planned? He won't tell me anything except it involves reservations for somewhere. I think he had to tell me that so I wouldn't leave the house in sweats!!

Here is what wild man is up to:
-Weighs 29lbs
-35inches tall
-7.5W shoe
-24mo-2T clothes
-size 5 diapers
-eats pretty much everything and eats all the time (still does not love veggies but corn and potatoes are two he will eat!)
-takes a 2-3hr nap daily
-sleeps 11-12hrs at night but has been waking up crying at some point during the night? (however last night was MUCH better and he slept from 9p-9a and only cried for about 25 min around 430am)
-talks so much I could never list it all on here...repeats EVERYTHING and says mostly phrases or sentences
-sings some of his bible songs and kid songs
-can count to 13, sings most of the ABC's, knows colors, most shapes, all animals and animal sounds
-laughs all the time
-loves Charlie so much
-loves to play basketball/soccer and loves being outside
-loves his little cars and trucks (still loves big trucks and school buses)
-loves wanting to color
-LOVES tv and his movies and will sit and watch forever if we let him
-loves it when one of us gets hurt and says ouch...he laughs so hard it makes me laugh
-runs everywhere and can really jump and get both feet off the ground
-is so good at eating with utensils (he has been doing this for awhile but lately he does not make a mess!!)
-loves to read and take a bath
-loves popsicles
-loves the gym daycare and has not cried any this past month in church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-says "get nuggets" when we drive by "chik-al-a"
-loves the bank and getting his hair cut b/c he gets a "sucker"

I know there is so much cute stuff he is doing that I am forgetting but this is a lot of it. Today he melted my heart...he was crying when I put him down for his nap. After about 10 min I went in there because he usually doesn't cry for his naps. He looked at me and said "mommy sing" and I said "sing what wade?" and he said "sing Jesus." Oh it was so sweet. Sometimes I sing "Jesus loves me" at night to him when he is going to sleep and sure enough I started singing it and he laid right down and went to sleep. I could have eaten him up!! He also told me this week, "well looks like a ball" when I told him one of his toy foods was not a ball. Oh I just wanted to grab that sweet face and squeeze him. He was right it was shaped like a ball.

If I could freeze time I would. We LOVE how much fun you are at this age. You are so sweet and kind and have the best little personality. Sometimes I can't wait for you to grow and get big but most days I just want to keep you right where you are. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the little boy you are becoming and we love you very much!!
Love, Mommy

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Present!

If everyone had forgotten my birthday and I did not get one thing I still would be the happiest person because of my sweet boy! My first present was he slept ALL night in his bed without waking up once and crying!! Hallelujah! At 6am he heard Josh getting up and leaving and woke up. He didn't start crying but I heard his little voice saying "sing mommy" "sing mommy."

So I went to get him (I do not mind at all if he gets in my bed at 6am-since some of my friends kids get up that early. I just don't want him in there before then!) He got in bed and of course smiled and layed right beside me. He always takes his little arm and wraps it around my neck when he is trying to go back to sleep. Well Josh got out of the shower and came in and sat on the bed with us and told wade to tell mommy happy birthday. So with his sweet little arm around my neck he looks at me and says "Happy Birfday Mommy" I could have almost cried it was so sweet. Then he says "Happy Birfday Wade" and we all laughed. Josh said tell mommy you love her and he says "loves you." Oh it was the best present ever. Then we went back to sleep until almost 8am!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"its beautiful"

Wade cracked me up today while we were waiting in line at the bank. I hit my head being retarded trying to stick my head out the door to put my check in the bank thing. Anyways I said "ouch now I am going to have a headache!" Well I hear my little parrot in the background say "headache" (I was thankful I didn't say anything ugly.) So a few minutes later he says "headache" again and I said "Wade do you have a headache?"

He says "no, its beautiful" well I was a little confused and said "whats beautiful?" and my sweet thing answers "Wade's head." I have to agree that it is beautiful. Why he related the two I do not know, but I guess his head did not hurt!!


There are a few questions I am going to ask God one day...this week the question would be: Why does my husband have to have restless leg syndrome? Now don't get me wrong I love him to pieces but I do not love his shaky leg. Some nights are ok and I can fall asleep without the "twitching" bothering me but other nights it feels like he just put a quarter in one of those vibrating beds at a cheap motel!! (Just kidding about asking God but oh I do wonder about these!)

Now here is the new question that has surfaced this month...why all of a sudden in 2011 has Josh learned to snore? I have learned to deal with his leg issues but this one is about to kill me. I am going on night 3 of not sleeping well. Why did he not snore the first 3 1/2 years of marriage? This is the best part. I got home from work last night at 1140pm. It WAS quiet in our house. No snoring, wade was sleeping and I was excited to sleep. Well there must be some kind of alarm between Josh and Wade announcing that I am home. I didn't even finish getting my teeth brushed and I hear have got to be kidding me. A freight train must be going through our bedroom. No...just Josh snoring!! I know he can't help it but I wish he could. Well once the train started up the baby started up. I just can't win. Wade is sleeping HORRIBLY lately. He goes down at 815p but wakes up screaming around 12-1am???? If we let him cry it out it is over an hour usually. So last night Josh was sweet and got on the couch with him. We are really trying to keep him out of our bed. I have to say I didn't like the idea of them on the couch but how nice was it to have some sleep without the snoring!!

I guess we must have been tired lately because poor wade had not had a bath in two days. I though Josh was giving him one and he thought I had been doing it. Needless to say he is in the bath now and is on his way to being clean again! One day we will laugh about all this. One day when Josh doesn't snore anymore and wade is a teenager and I am trying to get him out of bed at noon. I told Josh we can't afford a 5 bedroom house and even though separate bedrooms sounds great some nights we are stuck together in the same room!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loved this weather

We had such great weather this weekend. I am so tired of being cold and stuck inside so it was great to get outside. I think Wade went to the park 2 or 3 times and played outside as much as he could! I took him to the park last Friday but forgot my camera. He had a blast. What a difference a year makes. Early spring time last year he wasn't even walking by himself and I was having to hold those sweet little hands (while my back broke from bending over) to help him walk. Once he learned to walk and climb I still had to stay right behind him at the park because I was also afraid he would fall. Well not this year...I got to sit on the bench and watch him play. It was heavenly. He wanted me to catch him once or twice when he first started sliding again but after a couple of times he did great. He kept saying "Wade did it" when he would climb up and slide down. He was so proud of himself. Here are a couple pictures of the boys playing "soccer," I had to make them come inside to eat lunch and take a nap.

Wade is just growing and talking so much these days. He really understands most things but the potty thing is still not clicking (and its ok because I think he is still really too young.) I think it is so cute, he will run in there and sit on his potty with his clothes on and yell "popsicle, pee pee on potty." Bless his sweet heart he thinks if he sits on it he is going "pee pee" and that he gets a popsicle. We do try to take his clothes off sometimes when he wants to but we are not really pushing potty training yet. I have been told by lots of people to wait until 27 months to start. 

If this isn't little Josh I don't know what is...last night wade wanted his hoodie on while we were inside? He loves to wear hats and hoodies. Anyways he found my headphones and got so excited and tried to put them in his ears like he was listening to music. Oh he made us just laugh so hard!
The things he is saying these days are just cracking me up. Here are a few of his favorite saying:
-Wade did it
-"Comes next...I don't know?"q (referring to nick jr)
-"I know it" (he says this all the time when I ask him something)
-"Wade play outside" (we heard this a lot this weekend)
-"Hang on Mommy" -he said this in the kitchen last week, I almost died when he said it. I must say hang on Wade way too much apparently. I said come get in your highchair and that's when he said "hang on mommy."
-trying to sing Happy Birthday and Ring around the Roses
-"Sit tight daddy"- I did not hear this but Josh called me at work to tell me this one. I have no clue where he heard that from?
-And my favorite from this past week was "Hurry up Ashey (can't say the L yet), Bojangles." If you know Ashley you know she eats there all the time and she took wade twice this weekend. I guess he wanted to go back!