Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1st ER visit

Sorry this is an extremely long post! So here is how the rest of the weekend went. Sunday we stayed home from church because Wade had a runny nose and cough. We did not sleep much Saturday night so we were all tired and cranky. We took lunch over to my parents house but Wade only lasted 15 min because he was so tired. So we came home for a nap. I had to work at 6pm and mom and dad had taken Wade over to my papaw's house for a visit while Josh got some stuff done around here. I didn't call Josh from work because I figured he was sleeping since we were all so tired. Actually Wade went to bed at 8pm and woke up crying at 930pm. I got home at 1130pm and poor Josh was worn out. I took Wade back to our room so Josh could go to sleep on the couch (again!) Once we were sitting on our bed I noticed he was breathing fast and loud. I quickly grabbed my stethoscope and counted his breathing. Well he had some lovely crackles in his lungs and was breathing 50-60 times a minute. (normal for his age is under 40) So I began to think we should take him in but decided to call the nurse line first. Sure enough they wanted to see him and said he would tire out breathing that fast. So at 12am we packed up and headed to the ER.
I forgot my camera but here is my sweet boy's ID band. Luckily the small stand-alone ER in Apex was dead and we got right in. Wade did have a fever and the doctor heard some Ronchi in his lungs as well. So Wade got a breathing treatment. Wade screamed the entire time we had to hold the mask to his face. Bless his heart he kept saying "out" and pointing to the door. Well the albuterol only made it worse; it made him jittery and upset. Not to mention they took his temperature rectally and she put that thermometer so far in his bottom it took everything I had to keep my mouth shut. There was no need for all that. He was pitiful. Well after the breathing treatment we went for a chest xray and Josh stayed with Wade. They had to put him in this contraption device to take the xray. Well long story short the sweet xray tech gave us a warm blanket and Wade laid on my chest and slept for a few minutes. The nurses called him "strong willed" because he literally cried almost the entire 2.5 hours we were there. We were in and out by 220am and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. I did not expect this... he had only been sick for one day? Plus not to mention it is summer time and you usually see this in the winter.

They loaded Wade down with motrin, a neb treatment, a dose of augmentin, and a zythromycin loading dose. So no surprise when 3-4 hours later he started vomiting. He has never had that much medicine at one time. He was so thirsty and kept asking for "wawa" (water) but every time we gave him some he got sick. We literally went through our entire linen closet. They also sent him home with an inhaler and two antibiotics. Meanwhile I have been getting over a sinus infection that I took a Z-pack for. Well Monday morning I felt like I was going to die- the Z pack did not work. My ears and throat hurt so bad and the lack of sleep was not helping. I called my doctor and luckily they were able to call in another antibiotic for me to try. Oh and now Josh has a sore throat. When it rains it pours! I ended up calling my mother in law for her advice (who should be a doctor because she knows so much about everything!) I hope after nursing as long as she has that I will be a wealth of knowledge as well. I thought he was given too much medicine in the ER and did not think he needed to be on two antibiotics and a inhaler. Well she agreed and had a great idea to take him in to see his doctor. So that is what we did. When our doctor walked in he says... "Are you here about the Pneumonia Wade does not have" I just knew it... bless the ER MD's heart. He was just too young but super nice! He miss diagnosed the xray. The radiologist confirmed it was not pneumonia. So we left the office with a diagnosis of bronchitis and he say only to keep Wade on the Z pack and not to use the inhaler or Augmentin. Boy am I glad I went back in. So now Wade has a horrible cough but feels better than Josh and I.

Thank you Thank you to my mom who has taken care of Wade yesterday and today so I could rest. She also took a lot of our laundry and I am so grateful!!! Poor Josh has been working even though he does not feel well. We have not slept much at all the last three nights but hopefully everyone is on their way to recovering. Wade took a 4 hr nap today which was great for both of us!

Weekend Recap

The first part of our weekend was great...Ashley was here on Friday so Mom, Ashley, Wade and I stayed busy running errands and doing wedding stuff. Ashley actually got a lot accomplished so it was a very productive day! Friday night Josh, Wade and I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's and had a great time. I have to say we are very lucky that Wade loves to eat because he is always so good at restuarants. Josh would say he has to be because his mom does not cook so that is all he knows! However last week we only ate out once!! Friday night Mom and Ashley came over at 9pm so Josh and I could go out with some friends for a little bit. We went over to one of our couple friends houses and all hung out. Wade woke up at 9pm right before we left and would not go back to sleep. Mom called at 11pm and of course he was still awake but was now getting fussy. I just thought he was teething. Finally we got him to lay down in our bed but he did not sleep great.

Saturday morning we got up early and dropped Wade off at my parents. Josh and I headed to Greenville to meet with our realtor and put the house on the market. Wade still had his lovely runny nose but again I thought it was from his teeth. Everything went well in Greenville and we were so thankful to get our house listed. We have had rentor in it and lets just say we are ready to sell! (and we will never rent again-not a good 1st time experience.) We had a great lunch with Carrie and Brandon and their boys and then stopped by to see Nickie and Brooks and sweet baby Cole before we headed back home. It was so hot and so nice not to have to drag Wade around for a short day trip. We got back and Josh did some yardwork and then we headed over to Andrea's parents house for a pool party with our friends. We cooked out and had so much fun. We even put all the boys down to bed and got to stay until 11pm. Wade woke up coughing so I knew he was probably coming down with something. Here are some pictures from the pool party.

Braden, Caleb and Wade- waiting patiently to go swiming. Little Braden was already on his way in!

Jenna, Erin and I. These are some of our sweet friends. We are so glad we got to know these guys and their husbands when we moved back. The next picture is what the guys did the entire time... relaxed in the pool. Josh, Wade and Britt hanging out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wade & Josh

So I could not get the video of Wade talking to upload. It says it would take 104 min. I guess because it was 6 min long? So here is what goes on at our house when Daddy is home. Never a dull moment around here!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I have to say Wade surprises me daily with something new he does or says. I wish I could take credit for him being so funny/smart but I think he gets this from his dad. Josh and I could not be more opposite. He would die if he knew I was posting about this. Believe it or not Josh is very smart... he may not act like it but don't let him fool you! He graduated #2 in his class at ECU. I think he had one B the entire 6 years he was in school. He was that nerdy straight A student. Me... I don't know if I ever saw an A in nursing school, maybe one or two before nursing school if any. I was very content with my B/C average that I got. So needless to say I think Wade may turn out more like Josh than me! The only thing I can somewhat take credit for is actually something I learned from one of my best friends Carrie. She had one of the smartest one year old's I had ever seen. I remember he was at our house when I was pregnant with Wade and he was just talking away. I told her I have never heard a one year old talk that much and asked did she work with him? She told me she just "talks" to him all the time even from the day he was born and that he watched TV!!! So when Wade was born I started "talking" to him about everything. We talked about the weather, what we are going to do for the day, what is on TV etc. I also let him watch some TV each day. I have to say I really think it worked because he talks all the time. People will stop and talk to us in stores and they always ask if he is 2 years old. When I tell them he is 15 months they are shocked because he is saying so much. Of course he also wants to wave and talk to everyone we see so we meet lots of "friends" when we are out doing things. So here's the point of all this...

We were looking at wedding pictures the other day and Wade came over and started pointing at people. Well this did not surprise me but what he did next shocked me. He named everyone in our family. I just sat there and stared at him. I have it on video and hopefully I will figure out how to post it soon. He named: Momma, Dadda, Ash, Zach, Papaw, Mimi, Pops, Nana, Poppy, Mema, and Grandaddy. I know I just sat there with my mouth wide open. I have never worked with him on our families names. Some of these people he does not see that often either. I have to admit I was really proud of him. Wade loves to point to his eyes, ears, nose and mouth and he also loves to point to ours and Charlie's. We are working on being nice when pointing to people's eyes. His other new words lately are: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, yummy, thunder, boom, golf club and kick it. I am not so proud of kick it and I have no idea where he learned this from. Today Josh's parents and I were all sitting in the den and Wade was over by the glass front door. Well a few minutes later he proceeds to kick the door and says "kick it." We all hated to laugh and that only made it worse but it was pretty funny. Who knows where the kid picked that up from? I can't imagine what he is going to learn when he goes to school one day!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Staying Busy!

It amazes me how busy things can be around here... I never knew how busy a stay at home mom could be! I guess I never thought I would "run out of time" to get stuff done. Oh was I wrong. I can't imagine what it will be like in a few years when our kids actually have to go somewhere ex: ball practice. I have to say I am loving every minute of it. Wade and I have a lot of fun together. Here are some pictures of a typical day at the Foltz house.

Wade always pulls the books off of his shelf at least once a day, I am not sure why I keep picking them up. I love it when I am looking for him and I find him in his room reading. I just hear that sweet voice "trying" to read and it just makes me smile. He has just started doing this by himself the last couple of weeks. Before he would bring me books to read and now he wants to read them himself.

There is always play time also know as destroy the house time! Wade is loving his new golf set Josh got him a few weeks ago. This is him attempting to hit the golf ball. He is actually pretty good but sadly he would rather hit the TV or Charlie rather than the ball. Wade gets his golf clubs taken away at least once a day for hiting something he is not supposed to!!!

Usually after taking his clubs away you can find him doing something else he is not supposed to. Just look at that sneaky little grin on his face. He knows not to stand in his chair and the entire time he is standing he will say "no, down" meaning "no Wade sit down." Knowing he is supposed to be sitting and doing it is two totally different things. He also likes to point to the candle on the chest and say "hot." I have had to move the candle over because he will always try to grab it. Poor Charlie just doesn't have a chance anymore. Usually by this point in the day it is time to eat and nap. Oh how I look forward to nap time some days; but I am so excited to see him when he gets up!

I try to take him somewhere once or twice a week to do something fun. We either try to do a playdate, the library or the pool/park. Last week we met Carrie and Kelly and their kids at Monkey Joe's. I just love those girls and even though I was running around chasing wild man it was still good to catch up and talk. Wade had a blast. I had to buy socks because he was still a little bit young to slide and jump without help. Of course he did not think so and he was wide open the entire time. I was worn out and sweating most of the time. It was a great workout carrying him up those steep ladder things to get to the slides. He would laugh at me the entire time; I would say don't move or we are both going to fall off this thing. He would just crack up! Here are some pictures of him playing. We can't wait to go back with Josh.

I love the next three pictures... this was Wade trying to do it himself. He could not climb up the incline to get inside and he would just slide off and land on his back. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. I got a little worried that he was going to get hurt but he just had a blast. It was so worth the $5 to go there for a couple of hours.

This is how he landed every time, flat on his back. He would also run and trip over the mats and fall and start laughing. Only one time did he fall and bump his nose and he was pitiful. Needless to say he got over it pretty fast and kept right on playing. I love him laughing with his mouth wide open, he just cracks me up!

We almost always go to the gym in the afternoon around 4pm. Wade is doing so much better and only cries for a few minutes when I drop him off. One day I will take my camera in there to get a picture of him playing. I love coming back to get him and walking in and seeing him playing and not crying. I think the girls may think I am crazy if I start taking pictures. Actually they may understand because we never thought the day would come when he would be happy in there! Maybe I will go early one day and see if I can get a few before they get there.

We are so excited when 530p rolls around because we know "Daddy" will be home any minute. Wade just loves this time of day and usually they go outside while I get dinner ready. Here is Josh and Wade playing outside one day after Josh got home from work. They found Wade's first caterpillar and he was so excited to show me. Wade and I have a lot of fun but I am not sure if it compares to the fun he has when Josh gets home. You will either find them outside playing or inside playing blocks or wrestling!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th- continued

Finally I am getting around to finishing our July 4th post. We had a really fun time celebrating the 4th. We went with my family to a cookout... we did not know the people who were having it but my parents did. It was a huge party with a band and everything. We had a good time but we didn't get to relax much because their lot is somewhat on a hill that slopes down into the lake so we were all taking turns chasing wild man most of the time. He was only still for the 10 minutes when he was eating supper. We didn't stay too long because Wade was getting sleepy but as we were walking to the golf cart to go back home they started the fire works so we did stay a few more minutes and let Wade watch. He loved them and he was amazed. I wish I would have had my camera so I could have taken a picture of his face. He kept saying boom after each firework.

Here are the pictures of us tubing. I think we have a water boy on our hands. He had so much fun. We are excited to go back sometime in August!

I love this one of Wade... he is doing his version of the peace sign. Josh has taught him to say peace (for ex. when leaving instead of saying byebye). So now Wade will say "pease" and hold up his little fingers!

This one is my all time favorite. I love Wade and Ashley laughing and the water splashing around them with the boat in the background. This picture makes me smile.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 4th- part 2

Well we had a great time at the Lake. We of course ate too much and mostly played outside all weekend. It was so nice to get to stay until Monday. Wade is in heaven at the lake and spends all of his time playing outside unless he is sleeping. He loves his little pool, riding the boat and golf cart and he even tried tubbing this time. He loved it! We tried it in the small tube the first time but did not get very far because there was not enough room for Josh and Wade so we were worried they may fall out. So we borrowed my unckle's big tube and all three of us rode. It was so good to just relax and not do too much. Josh and I even got a nap or two during the day when Wade napped. We really enjoyed riding the boat to the marina each day for lunch or a snack. I of course to too many pictures. Wade built his first sand castle with Josh! We can't wait to take him to the beach because the sand will work much better than it does at the lake. He loves sticks these day and had so much fun walking around the beach area and picking up sticks to put in our pile for the bond fire. Here are a few of our pictures. I will have to do another post of the tubbing pictures, we just took too many and they turned out so cute.

I love this picture... notice the sippy cup in the background. This proves that Wade gets whatever he wants when Pops is around. He wanted to only drink out of Pops cup so of course that is what he did!

July 4th- part 1

Well we started off our July 4th weekend by heading to Winston to see Josh's family. Josh was able to get off a little earlier so we made it there for dinner and ate over at Matt and Kendal's. It was so nice to see everyone. We have not seen Peyton or the babies since April so it was good to catch up. The boys are doing well and are over 10lbs now. Wade is finally big enough to "play" with Peyton and they had a good time playing on her new swingset. She was so cute and says "wade come to the park and play." She calls it the park! Here are so pictures from our visit. We headed to the lake that night around bedtime. We had a great visit! Here are a couple of pictures of the kids playing outside.

Here is sweet Nolan... he was so cute and just smiling when I went in to pick him up. I did not get a good picture of Rylan but there are a couple of all of us playing on the floor. Wade loved the babies and wanted to "ticka" (tickle) them. He is so sweet with babies it makes me excited that one day (a long time from now) he is going to be a great big brother!

Monday, July 5, 2010

15 Months Old- update

 Finally here are Wade's 15 month pictures from July 4th. He would only be still if he had his toys in his hand! We went to the doctor today and everything looks great. He is 23.5lbs (45%) and 31 1/4in. (50%). I was thinking he would have been higher in weight percentile than height so he surprised me. She was impressed with his vocabulary (he talked the entire time) mostly saying "momma" and "out" and pointing to the door! He did say granola bar when he saw the wrapper in my bag and the NP (which we love) says he is talking like an 18mo old should talk. We had been thinking he was talking a lot for his age so it was nice to hear it from her. He got two shots and he was just pitiful after that pointing to his "boo boo." She also says he is doing a lot of teething. (his molars are still coming in and she thought his incisior's looked like they would be here soon!) We are loading up on some tylenol tonight!

I was planning on posting this yesterday but with all of the July 4th fun going on I ran out of time. Yesterday my sweet boy turned 15 months old. It is hard to believe. Even harder to believe it is already July. Fall is going to be here before we know it. (which is ok for me... Fall is my favorite time of year!) I will have to post Wade's 15 month picture tomorrow but here is what he is up to:

-weighs around 23lbs
-over 30 inches (not too sure about this one either!)
-wears size 3-4 diapers
-wears 12-18 month clothes
-takes one 2.5-3 hour nap a day
-sleeps 11-12 hours at night
-eats pretty much everything, eats his veggies with spaghetti sauce on them
-loves to dip foods and says "dip it"
-loves being outside and now says "out" and points to the door
-loves the pool, lake etc but does not like the bath as much as he used to? (does not want to sit down in the water)
-running everywhere (he is so fast these days)
-climbing onto everything
-still loves balls, lawn mowers, tractors, & big trucks the best
-talks all day long and is even putting 2 words together (thank you, more please, my dada, my momma, bye bye dada.
-loves to give "knuckles" and wave to everyone
-still has some separation anxiety and cries when we leave him but is doing better
-loves to show his muscles and grunt when doing it
-loves to say "dunk" and pretends to dunk the ball
-has started spinning in circles and falling down
-falls down on the floor to get attention
-last month he came up to me and gave me my first hug and kiss (I almost cried)
-loves to give big hugs (snuggles)
-pretends to sneeze if he hears anyone sneeze
-mastered drinking out of a straw last month
-has all four molars (they started coming in after his birthday and are almost all in)
-loves to sing- wheels on the bus (he says round and round), twinkle twinkle, ABC's, this little light, and the numbers jump song
-tries to jump and hop
-put on Josh's flip flops last week and tried to walk around
-loves to read and loves taking all the books off his book shelf at least once a day!

I know I am forgetting things; I try to write stuff down as he does things so I can blog about them all. I know it is a lot to post but I love looking back in our first blog book at all his milestones. Its hard to remember all the cute things he is doing so posting them is a way to do that.  Another funny thing he does is: I always ask him when we are in the car if he can "feel the air?" I guess I always put my hand up in the air to see if I can feel the air going back to him. Well now when I say can you see the air; when I look back he has his little arm up in the air trying to feel it. He is just so precious to us and I love how he is changing each day. This age is busy busy but it is so much fun. I literally laugh at him every day. I just can't imagine what he will be up to a month from now. He is changing so much each day. It makes me sad that he is growing up so fast but I am so thankful I get to spend all my days with this sweet little boy.