Wednesday, December 28, 2011

32 weeks

Somehow with all the busy Christmas activities I forgot to post a 30 week post. So I am doing my 32 week post a couple of days early. I am so happy to be at 32 weeks and would love to keep her in 4 more weeks. My chance for preterm labor have gone down and I am so happy about that. Last time they checked I was still only 1cm so I think I may just stay that way for awhile. I really want to get to 36 weeks and then after that we are ready for her to come! Watch she will be stubborn and they will have to induce me at 39 weeks. They did tell me because of my history and size of Wade she will  not let me go past 39 weeks. She thinks I will probably go on my own before then (I really hope so!) We are pretty much all ready for her. I don't have a hospital bag packed or anything but the baby stuff is mostly out of the attic and her room is almost done. Tonight I am going to clean out a cabinet in the kitchen for baby stuff. I can't believe we will have her here in a few weeks. The bump sends me emails and I am down to 59 days or less. That is so crazy to me.

How Far Along: 32 weeks (almost-on Saturday!)

Size of baby: 2.5-3.8lbs and 15.2-16.7in long. We know she is on the larger side of the scale. At my 29 week u/s she measured 3lbs 6oz so I am guessing she is over or around 4lbs now!!

Gender: It's a girl....Westin Kate

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Weight Gain: I go back to the doctor tomorrow for my 32 week appt. I am guessing somewhere around 23-25lbs at this point.

Movement: Yes, she tends to move much more at night around 10pm
Sleep: I can sleep ok once I can get into a comfortable position (that's the hard part)

Symptoms: ACID REFLUX- I also feel like my stomach is out of room already. I try to eat just a little bit at a time because if I don't I am miserable.

What I miss: not having a huge stomach; I forgot how hard it is to do easy things like bending over or putting my shoes on.

Cravings: None really

What I am looking forward to: I am so thankful to have made it this far without her coming. I am so glad that on Saturday I will be 32 weeks and at 32 weeks she can stay at the hospital with me and won't have to be transferred to a bigger NICU!! I am also looking forward to getting to 34 weeks!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 23rd, 2011

Last night we had my mom's side of the family Christmas party. We always do Christmas at mom's house. We have such a small family on her side so it is nice to all get together for dinner and presents. We used to draw names and this year we decided to only buy for the kids (Wade and Kayla) and Papaw. It was bittersweet without Papaw here this year; we missed having him with us but I am so glad he is with Grandma for Christmas this year. I know they are celebrating because Grandma LOVED Christmas probably more than anyone I have ever met. Its hard to even imagine what Christmas will be like in Heaven.

Everyone made a casserole and we brought the desserts and it was all so good. Wade of course had a blast opening his presents this year. He got a little greedy (I know its hard to imagine a 2 yr old being greedy) and kept wanting more after he would open one. He also got to open his gifts from Ashley and Zach because they headed back to their house last night. Wade and Westin Kate both got some great stuff. Thanks to everyone for all the goodies!

I love this one of our entire family, I can't remember the last time we got a good one with everyone looking!

This was Wade and Papaw last year at Christmas! I just love this picture of both of them. Its hard to remember Wade being so small.

 Just missing one special person this time!!

This is what happens when it is past bed time and you tell someone that they can't play with mommy's camera!

Christmas Eve Eve and 31 weeks!

I have been really bad about taking pictures lately so we decided last night to try to take a few. Wade is such a little ham these days and wants us to take his picture so he can look at it! Here are a few of him being silly in front of our tree. I wanted to get a couple of him and my big belly too. I haven't taken a belly picture in weeks and boy have I grown. I don't mind being big as long as she is healthy but I wish some of this fluid would go away. My stomach feels so tight all the time and now my hands and fingers have started feeling that way when I move them. Only a few more weeks; I have to keep telling myself this!

And because these two are just alike...Josh and Wade thought these poses were appropriate for my Christmas pictures!!

Santa part 2

My aunt has a in home daycare and every year she always invites Wade to come when Santa comes. She does a party for all of her kids and their parents and we always enjoy going. The Santa that she hires does a great job. He comes in singing, reads a book to the kids, has everyone sit on his lap, and then he always leaves singing Rudolph with the kids. Wade had a great time this year and Wade told Santa he wanted a train track. After playing on Sunday with Nana's train track Wade decided that he wanted a train track instead of a race track. So "Santa" had to make a couple of returns this year; luckily Santa kept his receipts!!!!

Clodfelter Christmas Party

Last Sunday we headed to Winston to go to Josh's family's big Christmas party. Josh's mom has 2 sisters and a brother and then his grandma adopted 5 more children, so total there are 9 brothers and sisters. Last year we started having it at a church's fellowship hall and it is so nice. We have plenty of room and they even bring the toys down from the nursery for the little one's. We had a great meal and a great time catching up with everyone. It is so nice because we only bring presents for Josh's Mamaw and Papaw. Josh's mom always brings something little for her 4 grand kids to open too!! I love it because it is about getting together and spending time together and not about presents.

My parents took Wade to the lake for the first part of the weekend so we could rest some. We met them on Sunday morning to pick him up before the party. It was a nice little break for Josh and I. Wade had not been away overnight since this summer so it was good for all of us!! He did have a accident right as my parents were loading the car to meet us. He fell when running outside and hit his forehead on a stump. He had a nice little knot and bruise. My poor parents were a mess. They couldn't even get it together, they felt so bad. We kept trying to tell them that it happens but they just felt horrible.

I started feeling bad towards the end of the party so I didn't get so many pictures but I did get a few cute one's!! I love this first picture because this is where a certain little 2.5 year old hid his favorite three toys so no one else would play with them! He always picks 2 or 3 toys and gets attached to them and doesn't want to let go of them the entire time.

I love both of their expressions in this picture. Sweet friends and cousins! Aunt Kendal had a good idea and brought silly string for the little one's. They all had so much fun playing with it; Wade even cried at the end because he was all out of silly string.

Nana brought Wade a little something to open and he loves it. He has been playing with his new truck all week. I didn't get one of Mamaw, Papaw and Wade all together but did manage to get one with Wade and Mamaw.

This was our attempt to get a cousin picture this year. However when it was almost 4pm and the three little one's hadn't had a nap you can only imagine how fun it was trying! I love the last picture of Eddie with his hands over his face because it just sums up what we were all feeling at that point!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus Party

Yesterday one of Wade's best buddies, Colton (well Carrie!!) hosted a Happy Birthday Jesus Party. She does one each year and we always have so much fun. Carrie is a brave girl...there were 18 kids there yesterday!! They did a cute craft, had cupcakes and had a story. Wade had so much fun. It is always so fun to watch Wade with his buddies. I am so thankful he has such great friends. I think the mom's have just as much fun getting together as the kids do! Thanks again Carrie for hosting.

School Christmas Party

At Wade's preschool parents sign up to help with one party and then at the end of the year all the parents get to come to the last one. So I signed up to help with the Christmas party. At first I signed us up for the V-Day party and then remembered I will probably have a newborn so I quickly changed it!!

 Luckily one of the other mom's who signed up wanted to do the crafts and decorations so I just did the food (the easy part.) We had a great time and I think the kids all had fun. Wade was so excited that Josh got to come to his class too. They did a cute craft, played a bean bag game, had a story and then had lunch. The kids were so excited because Santa made a special visit to their room earlier that day.

Wade has all of a sudden changed his mind about what he wanted Santa to bring him. His teachers were sweet and made a list for us and on Wade's list was a helicopter?? This was the first we have heard about this so we may be making a special trip to Target to find a toy helicopter. Wade's teachers were so sweet and kept telling us how great Wade does at school. Sometimes it make me laugh because he might be so bad the morning before school and when I pick him up they say how sweet he was all day, go figure!! They also kept telling us how he loves to talk and answer ALL the questions. It is always nice to hear good things from his teachers. Here are some pictures from the party.