Thursday, February 14, 2013


I can't believe that I just did 6 posts in one day. Talk about being behind. Here are a few pictures from Josh's phone of the kids. Happy Valentines Day today!! I will save that post for tomorrow :) These are a few more pictures from the party...

We love Waverly Place and go there all the time. They have places to eat, our favorite yogurt place called Menchies and Spider park. The kids LOVE the park and love looking at all the fountains and fire pits. The water changes color at night and it is so fun for them. We always meet friends there in the Summer.

Josh loves to take the kids to Dick's when I am working. Wade loves it too!!

These are two old pictures and I can't remember if I already posted them?? WK wasn't feeling well so Wade decided he would try to help her feel better :)

One year old post

Finally I think I have finished all her birthday posts. I have been way behind on blogging. I decided to go ahead and get them all done since WK is playing so well by herself in the playroom. I will add her percentiles in next week! Here are some of her stats...

  • weighs around 21 lbs...She weighed 20.5 lbs in the office and was in the 29th%
  • 28 inches long and bless her she was only in the 14th%
  • wears mostly 12-18 month clothes 
  • size 3 diapers but we are doing 4's at night and now at naps so we are moving up soon
  • size 2-3 shoe (really needs a 2 for length but her foot is so chubby we sometimes go up!)
  • eats all table food and is on whole milk (only nurses once early in the morning-we plan on stopping this soon now that I have weaned her at night)
  • is a really good eater and actually likes veggies more that most fruit-loves baby food fruit and fruit pouches though
  • is sleeping so much better-still wakes up once anywhere from 12-3am but if we just give her the paci and pat her bottom for a minute she goes right back to sleep until 530am
  • nurses at 530am and then goes back to bed until 7-30am
  • takes 2 naps a day but we are working on dropping the morning one soon
  • plays really well by herself
  • has 4 teeth and two more coming in
  • her top right middle tooth and the one beside it are FINALLY coming in. Soon she will have all 4 on the top and two on the bottom
  • her gums look swollen all over so I think she has a lot of teething going on
  • really likes her paci still but goes to sleep almost every day without it in 
  • still has not gotten attached to a blanket or lovey even though I keep trying to get her to like one
  • can stand by herself for a few seconds but really has no interest in walking just yet
  • has big brown eyes and very little blond/brown hair (however I keep seeing pieces sticking up so we do have hope!)
  • still takes a bottle every now and then at night after naps but is getting so great with sippy cups and can drink from a straw
  • LOVES remotes, cell phones, the Ipad and my computer (pretty much anything she should not have!)
  • loves to open drawers and cabinets and pull things out!


In the midst of all the craziness and birthday fun for Westin Kate I had a birthday too and turned 31. I am still not even sure how that happened either. I still feel like I am 25 or younger. Clearly I am not!! I had a good birthday. Wade went to school and then mom kept WK while Josh, Wade and I went to Moe's for lunch. It was nice seeing Josh twice that week for lunch. My birthday is just 2 days before WK's. Its a little crazy right now but I have a friend who told me that her mom and her have birthdays in the same week and they love it  now. They do spa days and fun trips together for their birthday's. That makes me excited and I had never thought about it that way before.

Mom and Dad cooked dinner that night and my mom's side of the family came over since they live in the area. We had a great dinner and then Mom and Dad watched the kids while we went to small group. We ended the night watching The Bachelor together and it was a great night. Josh let me pick out my own birthday gift and I went to Moon and Lola and got a cute cute necklace. It is gold and it has a big "S" charm and two little "w" charms. I love it!! Here is a picture from my birthday dinner at Mom's house. And if you are wondering why Wade's head is blurry it is because we can't keep this child still for a second to take a picture. This is our fun but crazy real life :)

February 6th, 2013

On Westin Kate's 1st birthday I tried to take pictures of everything we did so I would have a little "day in the life" post so I could look back years from now and see exactly what we did on her birthday. So here goes...

We started out with a little breakfast and some play time at home before we headed out to take Wade to school.

This is a daily event at our house...crawling away as fast as you can and heading for the stairs!! You can see in a couple of pictures down from here that she has mastered the stairs. Going up that is! She also played some with Wade and with her balloons from her party.

Time for school! We came home after school and she helped me put some clothes away in her closet and then it was time for her morning nap. She loves to sit and play in her bed or look at her books for a few minutes before going to sleep.

After her morning nap we played some in the playroom and drank a little milk :) We met Josh for lunch at Subway so he could see the birthday girl!  After lunch we did a little shopping in Walmart that took WAY too long because I had these sweet babies with me. Then it was time to come home for naps.

After their afternoon nap we decided to go on a little bike ride to the park. Westin Kate thinks she is a big girl now that she gets to ride her bike. She loves to wave to everyone while we are walking.

After playing for a little bit we headed back home to have dinner with my family. My mom was sick and could not come. She was so sad because she is hardly ever sick but was actually pretty sick and did not want to spread germs to the birthday girl (or anyone else!) While we were waiting on the food to cook Ashley and I dressed WK up for her 12 month old birthday pictures. We also had one of my old dresses from my 1st birthday and so we got some pictures of her wearing it on her birthday. I can't believe how good the dress looks considering it is 30 years old!!

My big girl wearing my old dress!! This is her favorite place to stand and play and I pray that when they installed these rails that they put them in good. 

Time for some birthday dinner. Josh grilled for us and we had some veggies too!

I love this picture of our crazy and busy one year old...I guess she was done eating :)

Daddy with the birthday girl. She got a little birthday treat. Girl scout cookies. They were the peanut butter one's so we let her have PB for the first time. Thankfully she did fine with it.

Here she is opening her birthday presents that we saved for her. We saved a few little goodies so she could open some on her actual birthday. 

It was a great day. I hope that she had a great birthday. We did baths and then bed and I forgot to take pictures doing that. I was worn out from our busy day.