Sunday, August 24, 2014


Dear Kindergartner,

I can't believe that I am even writing this letter to you! I feel like I was just about to have you or that we were just celebrating your 1st and 2nd birthdays at the Lake. How on earth is it time for me to let you go off to school tomorrow?? Wade we love you so much and are so proud of you. You are crazy, silly, loud and oh so funny...not to mention handsome and way smarter than me. I know you are SO ready for this and tonight when we had your back to school pizza party and roasted marshmallows you could barely even contain your excitement. Mommy on the other hand is SO not ready for you to be gone all day.

I am already looking forward to teacher work days and early release days. Tomorrow 8/25/14 is your very first day of school. Its assessment day but you go all day from 845a-335p. Thankfully it is the only day this week that you will go. Friday we go in for an hour or so to "officially" meet your teacher even though we know that you will have Mrs. Enderline (who is your aunt Ashley's best friend!) I feel so much better about you going because she knows you and is going to love you and take care of you there! Your lunch is packed and your snack is packed and your huge book bag is all ready to go. You even got a pizza lunchable because I love you so much (you never get those!)

Not only am I going to miss you so much but WK is really going to miss you. I know she is going to be walking around looking for you tomorrow. You are the BEST big brother. I really never imagined that you could be so sweet and so good to her. She is one lucky girl to have you! I know you will always watch over her and protect her.

 I am hoping and praying that you have the best first day and the best year ever. I am so glad you know a few friends already and can't wait for you to meet more. We love you!! Please be safe and I cannot wait to see you after school and see how your day went. Not sure if I will sleep at all tonight but you were so excited that you went right to sleep at 8pm tonight. Have a great day sweet boy!!

your sad mommy :(

Here are some pictures of the fun things we did the last week-our last full week of Summer break!

Here are some from tonight-we had a pizza party with cookie cake and you roasted a couple of marshmallows. You had the best time!!