Friday, April 27, 2012

Family Fun Night!!

We had a great Friday night tonight. We have decided to try to do something fun with the kids either on Friday or Saturday night. We want to get in the habit of doing something fun with our family each week. Most of the time we will try to do it on Friday nights because I work every other Saturday evening. Of course its easy to do now when they are so little and enjoy being with us but we are hoping to continue it over the years!! A lady I work with has "fast food Friday's" with her family and I think it is the cutest idea. They cook every night of the week and then save Friday for going out to eat or getting fast food. They let the boys take turns picking where they eat-her boys are teenagers now and they still get excited about Friday nights.

Tonight we picked Chick-fil-a and took it to the park for a picnic. There is this great park in Cary that we love to go to. They have a park, a nice grass area where you can eat, fountains everywhere, a frozen yogurt place and at night when it gets dark they turn on all the fire pits. It is the neatest place and we go there all the time. The yogurt place is SO good!! Wade was so excited about going on a picnic and getting "ice cream." We made a quick trip to Walmart for some groceries too (Oh how our Friday nights are different these days) Tomorrow I am going to Mebane and taking WK to the outlets and then meeting some girl friends for dinner. Josh and Wade are renting a movie and "camping out" in the playroom in sleeping bags.

WK has her first cold :( I am so thankful that she has been well until now. Wade had a cold at 8 weeks and I am shocked she made it almost 12. It isn't anything bad just a stuffy nose and some eye drainage. She must have passed it to Wade because he woke up from his nap and one of his eyes was watery and had some drainage too. We don't have any plans for Sunday except church and I am so excited to spend the day at home. Hopefully it will be nice so we can spend the day outside. Our preacher has started a sermon series called "Modern Family" and it is SO good. It is a 6-8 week series all about families today and marriage and each week is so relevant. We just love our church so much. Also on the agenda this weekend is cleaning up this house and my car. Adding a second child hasn't been so hard but keeping the house clean and laundry done has been a differnt story!! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Weekend!!

We had a good but busy weekend, they always go by way too fast. Friday night Josh, Zach and our neighbor went to play golf and Ashley came over for a little bit. We had a neighborhood yard sale on Saturday morning but the turnout wasn't very good. So basically we just sat outside and hung out with the neighbors while the kids played. We headed over to my Papaw's house after that because my mom and aunt spent the entire weekend cleaning the house out and getting it ready for the estate sale. We haven't been over there in awhile and it was sad seeing all his clothes and stuff. Yesterday we all went to church, I had a baby shower yesterday afternoon and last night was my first night back to work. I had to go into the office to work. I have not worked in the office in 6 months. I hated to leave WK but it was nice to get out of the house for a few hours. I took a book and some stuff to do but we were SO busy I didn't even have time to do anything but take calls. It made the night go by so fast.

Josh and WK did great together. She pretty much just ate and slept the entire time. He said she didn't cry once and this makes me so happy. I think her Zantac has really kicked in and she is starting to love spending time with Josh!! She has been so cute these past few days. She is smiling and "talking/cooing" so much. She is starting to blow bubbles and it is so sweet. I love how excited she gets...when you put her in her bouncy seat she will just wiggle and kick her little legs like she is trying to run somewhere. She is just a little squirmer. She has also mastered the fake cough. She has been doing this for a week or so but I thought it was real because I just thought she was too young. Today I wasn't paying attention to her when she was on her changing table and she started doing her fake cough. It just makes me laugh so much!! Here are a few recent pictures.

This is not the best picture of her but I wanted to get one of her in Wade's little gown that he wore at the hospital when he was born. I still can't believe he is 3...he was so excited about those big strawberries in the next picture. Its the little things that count!!

I love these pictures of my chubby girl. We were getting ready to leave and she was just laughing away in her car seat!!

Wade had a great time at our yard sale on Saturday and loved playing in this "house" that Josh built him. He would be a happy kid if we just bought him big strawberries and big boxes!! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Also while cleaning up my "draft" posts I found this one that I forgot to post. These are from a few weeks ago!

Wade was so excited bc all the big boys were out to play and the ice cream truck came by. It doesn't get too much better than that for Wade.

This was WK first time going to church. I still laugh at the 3rd picture of Wade and his store bought M&M cookies. His teachers just laughed when I sent them in for his Bday party at school just like that. Most moms make or decorate cookies or cupcakes but having a new baby has been keeping me busy and Wade was just as excited about these!!

Sometimes Wade still likes to nap on his floor? I love it bc he does have two beds in his room. He was too excited about his new sleeping bag. And this little girl is doing so well taking her afternoon nap in her crib. One day I will put her in there at night!!

Interview with Wade-age 3

It is so funny to see how his answers change even after only 6 months. I think I forgot to blog about his stats from the doctors office. He did wonderful at his check up and was such a good boy. He didn't even cry when he got his shot this time. He told me that's because he is three now!! He weighed 37.5 pounds (95%) and was 38.5 inches (64%).

The only "rule" for the interview game is that you are supposed to write down the answer's exactly like they say them!! Also during the interview he told me "hey you take that hair thing down!" This child hates for me to pull my hair up??? Every time I have a pony tail he will tell me this.

What is your name? Wade Harrison Foltz

How old are you? Three (Holds up his three fingers then says "Three")

What is your favorite color? Blue and green and orange

Who is your best friend? Emery, Katelyn, Peyton, Bailey-are my girlfriends and Chase, Jayden, Jack, and Cohen are my boyfriends (Josh loves this one!!)

What is your favorite animal? Tiger

What is your favorite Movie? "Um...hold on I have to go in the playroom for a second to get me a movie!!" In other words...he can't remember!! He came back with Ninja Turtles (which we turned off the one time we watched it bc they said bad words!)

What is your favorite TV show? Bubble Guppies and Peppa Pig

What is your favorite food to eat? Popsicles

What is your favorite special treat? Popsicles- as I ask this question it reminds him that he wants one NOW and starts whining about going to get one...oh how I love his age!!

What is your favorite song to sing? David and Goliath- from his Bible CD

What is your favorite book? Brown Bear Brown Bear... and Polar Bear Polar Bear...

What is your favorite store? Trader Joe's where they have those little carts!!

What games do you like to play? Mario

What do you want to be when you grow up? A daddy

What makes you happy? That daddy gives me a hug

What makes you sad? That daddy don't give me a kiss (have to love his grammer!)

What makes you excited? When we go to the beach and the lake

In other news my 10 week old sweet girl slept 8.5 hours last night!!!!!! Now if I could just go to bed at 830p I would be doing good. She has been so sweet today-I LOVE the itty bitty newborn age because they are so sweet but I am loving how much she is smiling and staying awake to "play." She also took an hour nap in her crib today!! We are making progress-maybe I should just blog more about her not having a schedule!! She also has started poking her little bottom lip out when she starts to cry. It is so cute. Today she noticed the TV for the 1st time and LOVED it. She sat in her swing and watched Mickey Mouse for a good 10-15 min while I got ready!!

Interview- 2.5 yrs old

I found this today when I was cleaning up my blog posts...I want to try to do this each year to see how his answers change. I am going to go ahead and do another one now that he is three!!

What is your name? Wade

 How old are you? 2

What is your favorite color? First its blue then green, red and orange

Who is your best friend? Chase, Jayden, Chloe, Miss Courtney, Mommy and Daddy

What is your favorite animal? Sherbert colored bear (didn't even go there!!), lion and tiger

What is your favorite Movie? Tangled...he has only seen this one time??

What is your favorite TV show? Mi Kai Lan and Dora

What is your favorite food to eat?  Ravioli

What is your favorite special treat? M&M's, gummy bears and sour worms

What is your favorite song to sing? Jingle Bells

What is your favorite book? Quick as a Cricket

What is your favorite store? Candy store

What games do you like to play? toys, customer (making pretend food), rockets with the neighbors (he just did this the other day!!)

He was crying at bedtime when he was looking at a book so I went in and asked what was wrong and he told me "I can't read it....I don't know the words!"

Monday, April 16, 2012

My poor 2nd child...

Oh my sweet 2nd child...bless your heart you do not have a routine and that is just ok!! Basically you have to sleep everywhere...the car seat, the stroller, the park, in my arms (way too much!!) You really don't love other people holding you-this includes your father. This plus side is that my arms should be getting really toned soon. One day you will probably only want daddy and not me and I will be sad. You do have two things going for you and this is why you are so spoiled- 1. you do have reflux and I know how bad that hurts and 2. you are our last baby. So keep on playing these cards and we will probably keep on giving in to you!!

You do have a little bit of a routine most days. I ALWAYS put you in your crib at some point during the afternoon when Wade naps. You do great falling asleep in your bed but your "naps" only last 30-45min in the crib. I am hoping this will change as you get older. You also sleep great in your bassinet at night. I am so thankful for this. We lay you down drowsy but awake (so you can learn to put yourself to sleep.) You do great most nights-some nights you look up at us and thrash around a bit (like someone is hurting you) but then you fall asleep. Your little arm flailing and wiggling around spells only last a minute or two. You don't cry but you do grunt!! This is when I have to put your paci back in 25 usually smile once or twice when it falls out. Some nights you are not so dramatic and you just "talk" and look around and fall asleep. If you do wake up to eat (you still do most nights) you go right back to sleep so well.

But you are only 10 weeks old so...for now we will keep things the way they are!! One day I will have to sleep train but we won't do that until after 16 weeks (hopefully by then we won't need to!) I have to leave you this weekend for the first time and I am already sad/worried about it. I know your daddy will do fine but I am not ready to leave you yet. You will be almost 11 weeks and I have my first shift back at work. It is only for 5 hours but I have never left you more than 2 hours. Thankfully after this shift I don't have to work again for 2 weeks.

On a good note you are doing SO much better in the car. You hardly ever cry in the car seat and I am so thankful for this. You also LOVE the jogging stroller so much better and I actually got a hour walk in this week. I keep waiting for the day when you don't cry when I hand you over to your daddy or to Pops. Pops tries to hold you all the time and bless his heart he never gets too! Daddy gets to hold you some but most of the time you are crying.

Your big brother loves you so much. When you cry he will say "brothers here, brothers right here!" He will also tell me "I think she needs her diaper changed or she needs her paci!!" It is too cute. Sometimes in the car I will hear "Good girl for not crying" and he says it just like I do- it is so funny. Tonight he kissed you and told you how much he loved you-it was so sweet. Occasionally your big brother will pretend he is going to throw something at you-but don't worry he never does he just pretends and then smiles at me to see if I am paying attention!!

We are so thankful for you and love you- it wouldn't matter to us if you never got into a good routine!! We are just enjoying you. Now I would love it if you could space your feedings out a little bit during the day-you want to eat every 2 hours and not a minute after that. But I guess I should not complain since you do sleep so well at night!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Better late than never...I am finally getting our Easter pictures uploaded. Saturday night Wade had a great time decorating Easter eggs. We ordered pizza for dinner and then did our eggs before bed. We had the best weekend at home!!! Sunday was a little hectic getting out the door for church but we made it. Thankfully Wade and WK don't get up until 730ish but it didn't give us much time to see what the Easter Bunny brought and to all get ready to leave by 9am. WK went to the nursery for the first time because I had to serve in the infant room. It didn't really count because I just held her most of the time! We had a wonderful Easter service and then Josh and I both served 2nd service. We came home and had lunch here and then we all took naps. The weather was perfect so we played outside until supper with the neighbors and my family came by to give the kids their Easter goodies. Here are some pictures from our day. We didn't get a family picture because it was just us here in the morning and we didn't want to get dressed back up after naps to take one. Maybe next year!!

We were rushing around on Sunday morning to get ready and both kids needed a bath so they took their 1st bath together. Wade was so exicted to take a bath with his sister.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Fest and the Easter Bunny

Today we took Wade and WK to our church's Easter Fest and to the mall to see the Easter bunny. The weather was perfect and Wade had so much fun. WK did great and pretty much slept the entire time. Wade loved doing the Easter egg hunt and jumping in the bounce houses. His buddy Chase met us there and they had the best time playing together. After we left the Easter Fest we headed to the mall to see the Easter bunny. I was so thankful that the line was really short so we didn't have to wait long. The kids did great and we got cookies afterwards. They both looked so cute dressed in purple!! Here are some pictures from our day.

I thought WK looked so sweet laying on Josh's shoulder while we waited to see the Easter bunny. Its hard to see WK's face with the bunny but Wade looked too cute!!