Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wade Harrison

On April 4th, 2014 Wade turned 5- insert tears... I was fine with 4 but 5 has been hard. I think because he graduated preschool in May and is heading to Kindergarten in just a couple of months. He was SO excited about turning 5 and would ask almost daily if it was close to his bday. Since 5 is a pretty big birthday we decided to let him pick- he could have a big party at a bounce place or go to Great Wolf Lodge. Well thank heavens he picked the trip. (we are a little behind in going but working on that now!) He had been playing soccer every Saturday and we haven't had the chance to get away.

So we did a family party for him at his favorite pizza place in downtown Apex and then walked back home and opened presents here. We also did a little park party with a few of  his favorite friends. I think he had a great birthday!! The day before his birthday WK had her MMO so Wade and I went on a little date to get a bagel and then I surprised him with a trip to defy gravity-an indoor trampoline place. We had the best time-he wore me out. He picked out a lemon cake from whole foods and he was so cute-he said I am really sorry if no one likes lemon cake but its my favorite and since its my birthday I really want it. Good thing we all love lemon flavored cake and oh my whole foods has the best cakes!! Not sure why I am just learning this.

Preschool ending was hard for me. I know he is ready for kindergarten but I am not ready. He has been home with me for a long time and we are going to miss him. He however is going to the same school I went to and he is going to be a walker just like I was!!  I love that they are growing up on the same street that I did-never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen.

Here are some pictures of my favorite 5 year old!!

Josh went and got balloons and put them all over the house the night before his birthday!!

Friend party at the park!

This child will still nap when he is really tired-he has napped quite a bit this Summer

His new Razor scooter!!!!!

He loves her so much :)

This one makes me sad-He had the BEST teachers and we really miss them already

He turned 5 and one month later he pulled his tooth out- he has pulled two out now

Here is what else he is up to:
  • weighed 51lbs at his check up (and was so brave and didn't cry when getting shots!)
  • was 45 inches tall (he was 93% for weight and 82% for height)
  • sleeps great and sleeps 10-11 hours every night
  • will nap if he is really tired but doesn't most days
  • loves anything super hero or ninja turtle
  • loves his baby sister
  • did not want to go to Kindergarten but for some reason in the last 2 weeks he is SO excited about it!
  • LOVES soccer-played for the town of Apex and loved it so much
  • loves to play with his dad in the front yard
  • is so silly and has so much energy
  • loves to draw pictures
  • working really hard on spelling some words and has even read a word or two
  • is doing some math and loves doing his Kindergarten work book in the afternoons
  • has lost 2 teeth now
  • loves to sing and make up rhyming songs (thanks Mimi!!)
  • is on swim team for the first time and is really starting to enjoy it-we had our first meet last Tuesday-he is best a free stroke and breast stroke. We need to work on back stroke ;)
  • loves to pretend he is a super hero and fight and hit things (such a boy thing??)
  • he loved preschool and was really sad when it was all over-he misses his friends!

I am sure I am missing a bunch on this guy too but he really is a good kid. We just love this silly, kind, wild and funny boy. We are so proud of you Wade Harrison and I know you are going to do great next year. We love you and can't believe you are 5 years old.

Back again!!

Ok I am back...the idea of a house blog was a really fun idea but in the crazy busy life that we are living it just won't work right now. So...I finally feel like I have a little time to blog and I don't have time to blog about house and kid things and so I choose the kids! One day when the kids are older and not doing and saying cute things then I will go back and blog all about renovating a 100 year old house! So I am not going to go back months and try to catch up I am going to just start here. I did want to blog about WK turning 2 though-somehow with her turning 2 and us finishing the house the same month it just didn't happen :) Oh and I now have a computer set up so that makes life a little easier when blogging.

February 6th, 2014 my wild but sweet girl turned 2! I still can't believe she is going on 2.5 soon. Life just goes so fast once you have kids. Now it is completely not normal to have a kids birthday in a Mexican restaurant but work with me on this one. We had packed a lot up at my moms house-had a lot left in storage and were finishing up our house so our options were limited. Plus its too cold for the park in February. One day when she asks I will explain all of this to her.

I must have used Josh's phone for her birthday pictures. However just picture a nice Mexican place a little girl in a sweet Minnie mouse dress and a Minnie mouse themed party/cake and you get the picture. She had a great time and that's what it is all about!! Here are a few of her right around the time she turned two.

Playing Super hero's in her smocked dress!

Ready for the snow

I was trying to unpack some boxes and I look over and see yogurt ALL OVER HER! Typical WK :)

And oh no please don't tell this child "No" or she may lay down wherever she is and do this. This however is much more preferred than trying to bite the gym daycare teacher who dare put her in time out for hitting a little girl yesterday!

Here you have it...Westin Kate at her finest. Pouty face and arms crossed but yes just look Daddy got her ice cream. She has him right where she wants him. Not only is she the baby but being a little girl with curly hair and big brown eyes=trouble!! We waited a LONG time-like years for hair so now that its curly it was worth the wait.


Here is what she is up to at the age of 2:
  • weighs 27 lbs
  • 33 inches tall
  • wears size 6 wide shoe
  • size 2T clothes
  • takes one nap 2-3 hours each afternoon
  • sleeps better at night but most nights still gets up once asking for water or looking for her paci
  • funny funny girl
  • loves being outside and getting dirty
  • loves her cousin Hayes so much
  • mean and sweet all at the same time
  • got potty trained at 27 months and has done fabulous with this
  • can count to 10
  • loves to sing/music
  • loves to read
  • doesn't talk near as well as Wade did but she is really starting to talk more and more and has said some sentences here and there
  • falls and bumps her head at least once a week- the child ALWAYS has a bruise on her head
  • loves MMO and goes once a week on Thursdays
  • hates the gym daycare
  • loves church
  • knows some of her letter and will occasionally sing her ABC's
  • knows all of her colors and a lot of shapes
  • LOVES Dora and Minnie Mouse
  • is a Daddy's girl
  • sleeps in the bed with her big brother- he drives her crazy but is her best friend
  • loves to drive poor Charlie dog crazy
  • loves to swing and swim-she is fearless and will put her face and head under the water
I know there are so many things I am forgetting but we just love this funny/crazy child. Most days by 5pm when Josh gets home the first words he hears are "hear you go!" as I am handing her over to her daddy. She is oh so cute but she makes me tired. Now at almost 2.5 I am almost seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She is starting to get a tad easier and actually does sit and play well. Girls are much much calmer than boys but having a big brother has made this one wild. We always joke that we don't have to worry about her or Wade because WK will take care of them. She is not afraid of anything and even though it drives me crazy at the same time I love this about her. We love you wild woman!!