Sunday, January 31, 2010

Catching Up

Well it feels like forever since I have been able to sit down and blog. We were so glad when Josh finally got back in town. I am so glad my husband does not have to travel much for work. Wade is still sick but is much better. He still has a cough that has lasted 2 weeks and still occasionally a runny nose. He had bronchitis and was put on Zythromycin for 5 days. It seemed like we were finally ear infection free and then we had to have another antibiotic... but at least it seemed to help. We are just so ready for spring to get here. Here are some pictures from our snow day yesterday. Wade wasn't crazy about being outside so he mostly stayed in at my parents house. We went over there to hang out for the day. Ashley was in town so Dad grilled some burgers and chicken and we watched some movies on TV. Josh and I did get to go sledding yesterday afternoon and had so much fun. We were soaking wet when we got back. I was supposed to go to work but didn't have to go in. I am going to try to get there today to get a few hours in.

Ready to play

All bundled up

Looking out at the snow
Wade is doing so well standing up while holding on these days. He isn't quite pulling up by himself but he is so close. He is talking so much and almost crawling. He will do one or two little crawls and then fall down. The most he has done is 3 crawls. I am afraid he is going to be moving all around here pretty soon. I can't believe he will be 10 months old on Thursday. We have started the sleep training all over again and it seems to be going ok. Two nights ago he cried for one hour before falling asleep. Last night he was in bed at 7:40pm and I didn't hear him until 1am. He must have cried less than 30 min because I feel asleep and usually I cannot sleep if he is screaming. He didn't wake up until 5:30am to eat and the Josh laid him back down and he slept until 8am. So... we are getting there. It has been the hardest transition getting him back in his bed but I know we are going to be so glad when we do. Secretly I miss him laying between us but I know he needs to be in his own room. He is so sweet though when he was in our bed he would stretch one arm out to touch me and then reach his other arm over to Josh!!! Last week he wouldn't even sleep in our bed he was so sick we had to take turns walking him and rocking him because he couldn't breath laying down. It was a long week! Thank goodness we are getting closer to sleeping all night again.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hurry up Saturday!

Well I have learned that being a single mom is harder than I ever thought. This is the first time Josh has left overnight since Wade was born. I am so thankful that his job does not require him to travel. He does have a mid year meeting once a year and that is where he is now. It is from Wed-Sat and in my opinion that is way too long! I had planned to get together with some of my best girlfriends from our old bible study in Greenville today for brunch and then spend the night with Melissa and Tyler because her husband is out of town as well. Well... Wade is sick again, so we didn't make it. He has the worst cough and runny nose and is so pitiful. I am just thankful we have tubes because I just know this would have turned into an ear infection like all the other colds have done. He was even throwing up today from all the mucus and drainage. Despite not feeling well he has been the sweetest and best baby. He has not even cried the last two days and I know he can't feel well. Today he did the cutest thing. He "talks" to Josh everyday on the phone when Josh is at work and he has been doing it more the last couple of days since he is gone. Well I think he is really missing him because today in our room he was looking at Josh's picture on the wall and just smiling and saying Dada. Its so cute because now he knows what Dada means and is not just saying it because its easy to say. Well the phone rang tonight and I did not answer it because it was a sale's call so it just kept ringing. Well Wade kept looking at the phone and looking a me like please answer it. Then after a few rings he started saying Dada, Dada, Dada. He thought it was Josh!!! Precious. Of course I then tried to call Josh but they were at dinner so Wade didn't get to talk to him before he went to bed tonight.

So here is the million dollar question... Our pediatrician wants us to give Wade benadryl for 10 nights before bed to see if it will help him sleep. Well I tried it and it does work pretty well, except he is coughing so much and that is waking him up. At my job we don't recommend it before age 4. But at this point I was willing to try anything to help with sleep. I just hate that I am giving my child medicine to help him sleep???? Any suggestions?

Get together!

Hugging Katelyn (run Katelyn)

Wade, Drew and Katelyn

Playing with their laptops

Last Thursday I went back to Greenville for the day. It was so good to see everyone. I had an ornament exchange with 3 of my best friends from nursing school. They are the reason I survived school. We studied together all the time and even had a little bit of fun along the way. We have all stayed so close even though we don't all live in the same town anymore. These girls were 3 of my bridesmaids as well. We have gotten together at least 3 times a year since nursing school. We try to get together more but those are our set times to get together. We have grown quite a bit since 2004. Erin has a 3yo and a 4wk old. I had Wade and then Claire had Katelyn just 2 months after Wade was born. We waited to do our ornament exchange until after Christmas so we could get to meet Graham, Erin's new baby. We had a great time and all the kids enjoyed playing together. Graham slept a lot, and the other kids made a huge mess in Erin's house!! I got some really cute pictures! We were never able to get one of all 4 kids at the same time but that's ok. Thanks guys for a great time and can't wait to get together again. I am so glad we are still such great friends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

9 month check up

Wade had his 9 month well child appt. today. He seems to be very healthy and right on schedule with his milestones. He was so cute today he would wave to everyone who came into the room. The entire time the doctor was talking he would just stare at her and say "hun" over and over again like he was listening to her. I am hoping he was listening to her when she said "just let him cry and do not go into his room" This is much easier said than done. Some nights he will sleep and some he will just cry every hour. He cried a lot last night. I am just hoping it gets better soon so we will all get some sleep. He goes down great around 8pm but he does not stay asleep?? So I am going to try not to go in tonight. I will probably make it 30 min or so then I will have to calm him down some. I was shocked when he got weighed today. He was 27 3/4 inches long which was in the 45%. His head was also in the 45% (can't remember what that was). His weight... 19 lbs (25%). He has Always been in the 50-90% for weight. He isn't crawling but he is busy moving more and she mentioned you usually see a slow down in weight around this age. I was sure he was over 20lbs. The good news... his ears were clear!!! I knew that they should be now that we have tubes but it was good to finally hear "clear." So our fingers are crossed for tonight. He is napping now and is doing great. So lets just hope it continues at bedtime. Oh he is finally eating some table food too. I have not tried cheerios yet but he is doing great with puffs. She told me to go ahead and try some banana's or a cracker/bread. I can't wait until we don't have to buy baby food anymore!

It is so funny because I have lots of people who will ask me "when are you having another one?" I usually respond... another what? Because I just know that they don't mean another baby? I still have a baby. I am sure my face says it all when they ask. I guess now that he is getting closer to being 1 people think its time?? I am on the 4 year plan. Josh would like another one sooner than that so we will have to comprimise. Hopefully God will give us another child one day and it will happen as easily as it did with Wade. For now I am so content with my baby and just want a few years to enjoy him. Plus I still feel like I have a newborn because of the lack of sleep, so I need a couple of years of sleeping through the night.

Monday, January 4, 2010

9 months old!

Almost impossible to keep him still for a picture"talking" to us

showing off those abs

looking at Josh My baby is 9 months old today. He is not a baby anymore. This was by far the hardest month to take a picture because he is now into everything! He is getting so busy these days. He is so much fun and we have just enjoyed every minute of this past 9 months. (Even all the crying and being awake at night when his ears hurt) Today I was looking at him while he was in his high chair and he just looked like a little boy. Its hard to believe he will be 1 in just 3 months. Here is what he is up to:
-he weighs around 21 lbs, I have no clue how tall he is we will find out next week when we go to the MD
-he still is wearing size 3 diapers
-he wears mostly 12 month clothes but can wear some 9 and 18months clothes as well
-he is really starting to get some hair; it is a blonde/dirty blonde color
-he is still nursing and has never had formula (however I am feeling like soon I am going to start weaning him)
-he loves his vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and cereal and hates everything with texture or anything solid (even puff's)
-he loves his water and is getting pretty good with his sippy cup
-his schedule is so messed up these days due to him being sick but hopefully after tomorrow we will be better
-he naps pretty good but does not sleep in his bed at night. he screams like you are cutting his arms and legs off if you lay him down even after he is fast asleep(we are hoping this will end after they put tubes in)
-he had his first major accident- he fell off our bed on Sunday and landed on the wood floor on his knees and head. It was just the worst day of our lives. He only cried for a second and once Josh picked him up he smiled and started clapping. God protected him so much because he doesn't even have a scratch or bump on his face or legs.
-he is having his first surgery tomorrow for his ears
-he has had 5 ear infections since October
-he loves to clap his hands when you say "yeah" today he heard someone say "Yeah" on TV and he started clapping
-he will sometimes lift his arms in the air when you say "touchdown"
-he is standing up while holding on the things but does not crawl or pull up
-he has no interest in crawling he just rolls everywhere and gets what he needs that way
-he loves to walk while holding on to our fingers
-he waves "bye bye"
-he talks all the time and "Dada" is still his favorite word

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking back in 09'

Our sweet new baby- April 09
Wade at the Lake in July

This time last year- 24 weeks pregnant

May 2009

4 months old

Thought these were some cute old pictures. So I am learning all about blogging but still can't figure out how to arrange pictures in a different order once they are downloaded to the post?? Any suggestions?

A few more Christmas Pictures

Opening presents at Ashley's houseOur big boy standing up

Worn out from Christmas

Thanks Nana for the Chair

Wade's new recliner from Josh