Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things I don't want to forget!!

This is one of those post's that you will want to skip right over. I write down the funny things the kids say and I would love to have it in our blog books so we can look back and laugh one day! Here is what Westin-Kate has been saying...

(some of these are old!!)
21 months- "I do it!"
"I want momma!"

22 months-"uh-oh" (she said this a lot!)
"where's Josh?"
"hold baby" (talking about Hayes)

2 years old-
"WADE stop talking I counting!" (this was one of my favorites-she was so serious!)
"that's beautiful!" (talking about my hair one day and our house one day haha)
"Wade did that...."
"Go Aunt E's house morrow?"
"I do it!" (while crossing her little arms)
"Charlie hush!"
"I want regular ones-nuggets" (I had been getting them grilled nuggets if we ate out and she was telling me she wanted the regular good fried ones haha)
"I not..." (I not go peeschool today!)
"I not a baby!" "I a big girl"

A few months ago she was drawing a picture of circles and I asked what it was and she said "I drawing moles!" I have a mole on my lip that she always asks about and bless her she started drawing moles. It was so funny!

Wade- 4 years old
"I need to listen to my songs like whistle baby" (he must have been riding with Josh that day)
"you were about last today!" (in carpool)
"I'm sick-I blessed you so many times today"

5 years old-
"now that I am 5 do I go to college next year?"
After his first week of K he asked- "Am I in 1st grade now?"
Talking to Poppy he said "I don't think my mommy and daddy would want me to say that!" ( I was proud of him that day haha)
"I almost had a heart attack riding up that hill"
"I pooped and burped and now feel much better!" (oh the things boys say!)

5.5 years old-
This was SO funny. Mom was over and she was telling Wade she didn't have a good day and he says... "Me either... because of you know (he was pointing at me haha) then he says, "she wouldn't have been so cranky if she didn't fall down the stairs!" We both died laughing!

I know there are so many more funny things that they say I just have to remember to write them all down!!

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